The Villainess Pushed Everything on the Mob Character ss2

Alicia's Remorse

“Sister, please stop this nonsense!”

It was the day after the kidnapping incident that Wilfred, my brother who was two years younger than me, begged me to stop.

My name is Alicia Nottenger.

I am the eldest daughter of a long-standing ducal family, with unfussy parents and a dependable younger brother.

With gorgeous strawberry-blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes, I was the first child of the Duke’s family, and I was spoiled rotten.

When I was thirteen years old, I remembered my previous life. At a tea party hosted by the Queen, I was invited as the Crown Prince’s unofficial fiancee. The moment I saw his beautiful golden hair, a huge amount of information surged into my head like a magical lightbulb.

I remembered a cute girl surrounded by handsome men was displayed on a screen and I thought in a stupor,

‘Oh, this is an otome game…’

As soon as I thought that, I became overwhelmed and fainted.

My actions had been quick since I remembered my previous life.

After all I was Alicia Nottenger, the villainess in this otome game.

If the protagonist follows the Crown Prince’s route or the Harem Route, I as a villainess will have my engagement broken off without question and punished to live in a monastery for the rest of my life.

I was reborn with a golden spoon in the Duchy, so I would hate living such a bitter life.

I must somehow avoid the position of the villainess no matter what.

So what made me a villainess?

The answer was simple: being the Crown Prince’s fiancee and a hindrance to the heroine.

My situation was unreasonable, but fortunately, I have not yet decided to be his fiancee.

In other words, I can avoid my fate.

So I decided to take action immediately to avoid the monastery route.

The workaround was simple and sweet. In short, I should get excluded from the list of candidates for the Crown Prince’s fiancée.

Fortunately, I just collapsed at a tea party, so I was able to leave for health reasons. My only concern was my parents who, puzzled by their daughter’s unusual behavior, offered to refuse the Royal Family.

Thus, I was safely excluded as the Crown Prince’s prospective fiancee and succeeded in avoiding being sent to the monastery.

Now that my problems were solved, I decided to try my hand at reincarnated isekai cliches.

Now that I’ve been reborn in a different world, there were so many things I wanted to try, like a cultural revolution that uses so-called cheat knowledge.

Since this was an otome game, I never felt any inconveniences, but it was still not enough when I thought about my life in modern Japan.

So I tried to develop businesses as much as I wanted using the knowledge I read in novels.

Salt, distilled liquor, yeast, soap, beauty treatments, etc.

I tried everything I thought of by imitating the main character of reincarnation novels. Every time I came up with an idea, my father was moved and people around me praised me. I was so happy with the compliments that I started businesses one after another.

However, the various things I tried after referring to those novels somehow didn’t work out like they had.

Some businesses have done well at first; however, after a few months, everything went downhill fast. There were also a lot of projects that didn’t go well from the start.

Most novels take about five lines for this and I realized I was overwhelmingly short of knowledge to supplement it.

The main characters of those novels succeeded. How did they know so much?

It’s weird… How did everyone do so well?

Did they have technical knowledge or memory cheats?

In the first place, it’s difficult without using magic…

Ten consecutive failures made me uneasy, but for some reason, the businesses we gave up and sold to other aristocrats have flourished.

In other words, the direction was correct.

Perhaps they just didn’t suit me. I guess there’s something wrong with compatibility.

All right, let’s continue to do our best!

It was my mother and little brother Wilfred who came to me with sad looks on their faces.

“What’s wrong for the both of you to look like that?”

“I have something to tell you sister.”

The documents Wilfred handed to me, which he then explained, described the financial situation of our house.

The most glaring trend was our decreasing assets in recent years.

“B-by any chance…”

“Yes, Alicia. Our Duchy is in this situation because of the debts you have started.”


“Your ideas are wonderful, but would it be about time you looked at reality?”

The two of them said they had been cleaning up after my father and me.

The only business I thought was going well was the clothing business.

However, I was told that my mother and brother were running the business. My mother modified my eccentric designs, and my brother was in charge of purchasing, distributing, and cataloguing the fabrics.

Thanks to them, only the clothing business was successful, but if I continued to start my own business, we’ll finally be bankrupt.

“Father made a request to His Majesty.”

“What was it?”

“He asked the Marquis of Birmingham to trade his salt business with our spring business.”

“No way that’s true?!”

“It is… I’m already so ashamed and embarrassed…”

Besides that, my father even asked me to be His Highness’s fiancee.

As expected, he was scolded by His Majesty, who said he would pretend this never happened. However, it seems that Father was complaining to others so now our family was in a state of disgrace.

“That’s why Alicia. I’m sorry, but please give up your future business.”


“I want you to understand that we are at our limits.”

“I understand. Please forgive my selfishness.”

Since then, I have only helped with the clothing business. Just by wearing a dress and going to tea parties, our sales will increase. Sadly, doing nothing seemed to serve the Duchy the best.

Then one day after another tea party, I looked out of my carriage window and saw a beastfolk child carrying luggages on his back.

The couple who seemed to be married to each other didn’t have anything, but the child was the only one with luggage.

I hurriedly stopped the carriage, pushed the boy into the carriage, ignoring the couple who tried to stop me, and brought him home.

He looked surprised, but by the time he arrived at my house, he had started crying and begging to be sent home.

I felt sorry for him, and I swore to him that I would go to the neighboring country and send him to his parents…

“I’m sorry…”

“It’s fine because you seem to be reflecting on yourself and the family doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it, but I hope this doesn’t happen again in the future.”

“Yes, I’m really sorry.”

I had no choice but to apologize for my stupid misunderstanding.

As far as everyone was concerned, I was 100% a kidnapper. I was not punished after apologizing sincerely, but this matter will also be reported to the Royal Family.

“Sister… I asked you not to do anything like that…”

“I’m sorry, Will…”

When he heard the whole story, my brother Wilfred burst into tears.

It seemed that my brother had something else to say about my attitude towards beastfolk.

“Do you know what beastfolks say about you, sister? They call you a slut. A slut!”

“A slut?!”

“That’s right! I heard you followed after beastfolk to stroke them and begged for them to transform in front of you! That’s shamefully asking them to take off their clothes in public!”


“But what?! Are you okay having a stranger pat your hair or ask you to strip?”


“Then don’t force others! Every time I meet a beastfolk in a deal, you become a topic of conversation! How much shame do you think I endured each time I was told a shameful thing?”

I didn’t know you had to take off your clothes to transform.

In the novels, everyone experienced mofumofu in the arms of their transformed lovers after two lines!

Or they would take a ride on the back of their transformed lover!

But if you think about it carefully, they’re naked……

Oh no…

I wonder what I was dreaming of.

Even in this magical world, clothes don’t disappear or appear. That would defy common sense.

After all, mofumofu fantasies are only fantasies.

I was excited because they never existed in my previous life, but I don’t want to be patted all of a sudden.

I am a slut… I’m so ashamed…

After seeing my brother beg me in tears, I’ve been living a really quiet and proper life ever since.

………Recently I noticed something weird.

Am I being avoided?

…Especially by men…

I talked to my fellow noble ladies at school, tea parties and evening parties, but men don’t even pretend to talk to me at all.

No, rather it seemed that they scoot to the opposite direction.

I used to think they were reserved around me as a duke’s daughter, but this was definitely not true.

I was clearly being avoided…

Wilfred’s words then came to mind.

‘My sister is rumored to be a slut at school!’

Right, I’m doomed!

I’m really doomed!

If I look around, I’ll find only those who already have a fiance. I was the only noble lady who didn’t have a fiance!

I was so relieved at stopping myself from becoming the Crown Prince’s fiancee that I totally forgot.

The marriageable age in this world is 18, and now I’m 17 years-old.

Forget about getting a fiance, I wasn’t close with anyone of the opposite sex. On the contrary, there were no men left over that had an acceptable status.

Alright let’s marry mofumofu in the neighboring country!…… but I was banned from traveling across the border.

This was because of my dangerously filthy remarks and the recent kidnapping scandal.

I’m doomed… orz

I wasn’t in a hurry because I’m still a teenager and didn’t get married in my previous life, but if I keep going on like this, I’ll be completely late…

If this was the case, I wish I had been engaged to His Highness…

I honestly didn’t know the heroine was that bad!

I was surprised when I found out that this was instead the other cliche for the villainess: the Doting Route.

His Highness seemed to really like Emilia, his fiancee, and they already have a reputation for being a perfect couple.

It was a shame to think that it was originally my position…

But it was true that she was forced to take the Crown Princess position, and I can’t ask her to take over now.

Ah~ Even so, His Highness was beautiful today.

With his golden hair and glittering, emerald eyes, I sighed enraptured just by looking at him up close.

But Emilia, who was always looking at such a prince at close range, always spoke to His Highness with composure.

I get nervous and jumpy just by being close, so once I got the chance to talk to her, I asked her,

“Isn’t Lady Emilia nervous when you’re speaking to His Highness?”

“Am I nervous?”

“Yes, because His Highness is very handsome…”

“His Highness, indeed, has a very beautiful appearance. I was nervous at first, too.”

“Even Lady Emilia is nervous…”

“Yes, but I’m tired of seeing him at school every day… let’s say I’m used to it…”

Emilia hurriedly tried to correct her words, but I heard her loud and clear.

I see. You’re tired of it, huh?

Well, lords in the past have said that they get tired of beautiful women within three days, but to be honest, I really want to see him to the point where I get bored.

I envy you so much.

Honestly, Emilia really was indifferent to His Highness.

She spent her time calmly at school without getting carried away by his appearance.

Rather, it seemed that His Highness clung to Emilia whenever he had time.

‘Maybe there’s someone else she likes…’

There was a reason why I came to that conclusion. First of all, since I resigned, His Highness’s fiancee wasn’t decided for a while. This was apparently because the Marquis of Birmingham opposed their engagement.

What I can think of from there was that Emilia may have had another fiance.

If Emilia had an unwanted engagement, wouldn’t I have a chance?

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to talk to Emilia ever since, but she is the future queen.

She was always surrounded by maids and bodyguards and was rarely alone.

One day, however, while I was in a state of anxiety, I saw Emilia resting alone in a gazebo in the school garden. Unfortunately, the maid was with her, but I couldn’t find her bodyguard at first glance.

If that’s the case, I should have no problem ‘coincidentally’ meeting her and talk to her.

When I came to that conclusion, I walked cautiously toward the back of the gazebo. As I approached, she seemed to have received some report from her maid.

“His Highness doesn’t seem to have anyone he likes.”

“No, His Highness has one lady he has in his heart!”

“Really? Who is this lady?”

“I don’t like to talk about rumors.”

“Oh… that’s too bad…”

After repeatedly checking with the maid, Emilia muttered with a look of great disappointment. I wasn’t the only one surprised by that.

“My lady? Did you happen to have a fight with His Highness?”

“No, that’s not the case. But the title of the Crown Prince’s fiancee is heavy on me…”

“The queen’s education is hard, isn’t it?”

“Exactly. So if there’s another suitable lady, I’ll push her… No, I’d like to give up a position that’s not appropriate for me. Or if he likes someone else, I’d like to cheer him on, even if she’s a commoner.”

“……I see. But I don’t think there’s anyone more suitable for His Highness than you! Please be confident, my lady!”


Contrary to the maid’s enthusiasm, Emilia’s face was still filled with anxiety. I heard a few irreverent words here and there, but it seemed Emilia wasn’t happy about her engagement.

In other words, I still had a chance.

Wouldn’t Emilia be happy to give up if I came forward here?

“Lady Emilia…”

“What are you doing here, Miss Nottenger?”

“Y-Your Highness?”

Just as I was about to speak to Emilia, I heard a very displeased voice right behind me. When I looked back in a hurry, I saw a dazzlingly handsome man looking down at me with a slight frown.

“What do you need from Emilia?”

“No, no… you know… I just happened to see her, so I was thinking of saying hello.”

“Is that so? Unfortunately, we have to go to the castle now. If you’re not in a hurry, could you do it next time?”

“O-of course.”

“Thank you,”

With a bewitching smile on his face, His Highness left with Emilia.

Emilia looked a little surprised seeing me with His Highness, but her expression changed only at first, and after that she acted as usual. Unlike me, who was red and flustered, her facial muscles were no different.

This was the moment I realized Emilia’s greatness.

After that time, I tried to contact Emilia, but the guards around her were getting stronger and stricter. Soon, it was time for our graduation party and I still hadn’t gotten the chance to talk to her.

‘I have to talk to Emilia soon…’

I could tell that Emilia’s expression was sinking day by day. It may be because of the rumor that they will get married soon after graduation. For Emilia’s sake, I was no longer in a situation where I could choose my means.

I had no choice but to bet on the graduation party that didn’t allow maids or bodyguards.

So on the day of the graduation party, I gathered the courage to talk to Emilia.

His Highness was next to her, but there was no time to hesitate. Rather, I thought it would be nice if the Crown Prince would reconsider the matter of me being his fiancee.

But reality wasn’t that sweet…

“Miss Alicia, will you stop denying our relationship with strange speculations?”

The moment he said that with a smile so beautiful I swore I saw sparkle effects, I realized something.

I knew this face.

This face, which had a ridiculously beautiful smile but with no warmth at all, was the one I saw in the CG of the ‘Yandere Crown Prince End’ which was released only in the special edition.

At that time, I thought it was a reward rather than a bad end, but this was impossible.

It was too scary to be on the receiving end of his hatred, because His Highness was the prince of this country. As one of the most powerful men here, he could do anything to one or two mere noble ladies.

Oh, am I doomed?

Is this the monastery route?

No, no, I can still run away now, right?

Can I run away~~?!

When I glanced at Emilia who stood next to him, her already white face was even more pale. I guess she already noticed His Highness’s extraordinary state. Maybe it was because she was aware of this that she tried to hand over her fiancee status to someone else.

But I don’t think she can do it anymore.

On the game’s strategy site, the Bad End was said to be impossible to escape once the Crown Prince became serious.


I’m sorry for pushing you to this, Emilia!!

I’m sorry, but I’ll run away!

And your Highness Gilbert!

I will never disturb your relationship with Emilia, so please ignore me!

I’m really sorry for disturbing your relationship!!!

The Villainess Pushed Everything on the Mob Character

The Villainess Pushed Everything on the Mob Character

Tensei Akuyaku Reijou ni Outaishi wo Oshitsukerareta Mob Reijou desu, 転生悪役令嬢に王太子を押し付けられたモブ令嬢です
Score 7.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Emilia was chosen as the Crown Prince’s fiancee because of the villainess, who regained her past life’s memories…However, the ex-villainess has failed every reincarnation cliche, so Emilia and the Crown Prince have been busy wiping her ass.


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