The Villainess Pushed Everything on the Mob Character chapter 3

Chapter 3

In the end, two months have passed and there were no talks about the cancellation of my engagement with His Highness. In other words, it will continue.

And the spring business that Alicia let go of was bought by Count Carrel.

The iron ore mine in Count Carrel’s territory was thriving. When he heard about the spring project, he said he would like to buy it.

I thought this was finally the end of the matter, but Alicia caused another problem again.

“I could never have imagined she would try to kidnap a beastfolk child…”

“What was her reason?”

“She said she wanted to protect the child who was being forced into manual labor.”

But the truth seemed to be completely different.

She seemed to have taken the child away while he was helping his adoptive parents, a peddler and his wife, without explaining anything.

She said it was illegal to use beastfolk children for manual labor.

However, the child kept insisting that that wasn’t the case and ended up seeking the guards for protection, saying that he was kidnapped from his parents.

The case was solved safely after reuniting with the peddler couple who were crying and desperately looking for him.

I wish that were the case ……….

When it was discovered that the kidnapper was from the Duke’s family, the guards’ headache only just started.

‘Well it’s strange that a human couple has a beastfold child! They were definitely exploiting him!’

Alicia insisted, but of course the truth was different.

One day, a peddler and his wife found a carriage attacked by a wild animal in a forest near their neighborhood. Unfortunately, everyone in the carriage was dead, but only one beastfolk boy, who happened to escape into the woods, was alive.

After that, the couple raised the boy as their own son and went on a peddling trip together.

According to the boy, it seemed that he had been preciously raised.

‘There’s nothing wrong with carrying heavy wares to give back to your parents!’ The boy insisted while crying, and the guards’ station was soon overwhelmed with tears.

“Lady Alicia seems to like beastfolks like Prince Alberto.”

“I concur. I had already contacted Alberto thinking about finding someone for her to marry in that country, but he turned me down spectacularly…”

“Well now…”

“She certainly loves beastfolks, but she seems to look down on them at the same time.”

“…Come to think of it, Lady Alicia keeps making incomprehensible claims that ‘discrimination is not good.'”

“Yes, it’s true that there are jobs that you can and can’t get, but it’s simply screening for qualifications instead of discrimination against race. It’s just a matter of ability, including physique differences, but for some reason she won’t understand it. To put it bluntly, her insistence that they should be protected is taken as her looking down on them.”

She says she loves mofumofu, but they are not pets.

In a sense, it was reverse discrimination to give preferential treatment to beastfolk like that.

She was the one drawing the line between humans and beastfolks.

“Alberto told me she should never leave the country.”

“To that extent…”

When aristocrats cross the country, they must have a permit. It was like a passport in my previous life.

For the time being, it seems that she will not be able to get permission to travel.

“Domestic issues aside, it’s going to develop into an international scandal if she causes problems in other countries.”

“That’s true.”

But what on earth does she really want to do?

Recently, I heard that the Duke of Nottenger had told her of her family’s poverty, and that she had finally given up on starting a new business.

I wondered if she simply ran out of ideas, but she has been too quiet lately after the countless uproars she caused.

However, this time the Royal Family seems to have scolded her a lot, and for a while she seems to be focusing hard on their clothing business.

“I believe after witnessing the misery of the child she kidnapped, she’s been quiet.”

“It would be nice if that was the case.”

It had been three weeks since I last heard about her from His Highness.

It seemed true that she reflected on herself, and these days, she had been acting like a proper noblewoman and was socializing hard at evening parties.

But the only problem was that she kept on staring at me and His Highness.

She would do things that could be taken the wrong way like make eye contact with His Highness and quickly look away with a faint smile.

As expected, when it continued many times, people around her began to notice it, and rumors started circulating.

Rumors like Alicia was aiming for the Crown Prince.

Thanks to that, those around me have been rather noisy lately, but to be honest, I wanted to say that if you were aiming for it, please go ahead…

It was a heavy burden for me to be a princess. Even if I drink tea like this in the Royal Palace, I still feel out of place and can’t stand it.

But I can never say such a thing.

For if I spoke a little about it, the Crown Prince’s mood would somehow fall below zero.

He said that if I kept talking about breaking our engagement one more time, he’ll register our marriage immediately after my graduation.

Apparently, he doesn’t like Alicia that much.

Then I started considering another noblewoman for him, but I’ve been careful not to say it these days because if I do, his mood will drop once again.

But what I don’t understand right now is Alicia.

At first, I thought she wanted to complain about the businesses she gave up to me.

However, after observing her for a while, she repeatedly acted in a way that seemed like she liked Prince Gilbert.

I thought it only appeared that way because of the malicious speculations around me, but her eyes towards the Crown Prince were that of a maiden in love.

Well, His Highness is very handsome.

Even if I included my previous life, there is no doubt that he is the most handsome man I’ve ever seen.

But what is she doing now after she refused his engagement?

I can’t help but believe she wants to approach me so she can be his fiancee.

But besides that, is she done with mofumofu?

“By the way, I’ve been seeing her at the academy a lot lately. How about you?”

“She’s been stealing glances at me like before, but nothing new in particular…”

These days, she was almost like a stalker.

Of course, I didn’t want to get involved with her, so I’ve been putting up with it, but it was a little depressing.

“Your Highness, may I say something to you?”

“You may…”

“Why don’t you take the time to talk to her? You might find it surprisingly enjoyable.”

“Hmm, don’t you care if she and I were to talk?”

Uh oh, I screwed up.

Apparently, I stepped on another landmine again.

His smiling expression suddenly turned frosty.

His beautiful emerald-green eyes narrowed as he glared at me reproachfully.


“Yes, sir.”

“I know you’re not happy about marrying me, but I have a limit to my patience.”

“I-I didn’t mean to…”

It seemed that he had found out that I was not interested in our engagement.

I was surprised because I was being very careful about it.

“What do you think will happen if you and I cancel our engagement?”


Naturally, many noble ladies, including Alicia, will compete for the Crown Prince’s favor.

I kinda want to see that happen.

“For Your Highness’s sake, you should marry a more beautiful noblewoman than me…”

I tried recommending a more beautiful noblewoman to Prince Gilbert, but for some reason, the air emanating from him kept getting colder and darker.

“Are you serious about that, Emmy?”


“Well, just as you say, I’m sure there’ll be enough noblewomen around for me to pick and choose.”

“Th-that’s right…”

“But that’s not all that’ll happen. Others flocking to me means others will flock to you too.”

“No way…”

If our engagement breaks down, no matter how innocent I am, I will become damaged goods.

Although our society doesn’t care about women getting married late, there are still many people who want to avoid it.

“The Marquis of Birmingham is quite wealthy. Every business you’ve started recently has been incredibly successful.”

“If you think about it, my success is all thanks to Lady Alicia,”

“And you’re doing well in the academy, and you’re perfect in appearance.”

“There are many others who are just as beautiful…”

As I spoke, I could see that the air around the Crown Prince was getting heavier.

I still don’t know how I touched his nerve.

I mean, why was he so bothered by this…

“If I let you go, I wonder how many men will flock to you?”

“Your Highness thinks too much…”

“Ah…… my insides are boiling when I imagine you enjoying your life with another man while I’m stuck suffering from the pressure of ruling a country…”

“Y-Your Highness…”

His words gradually became disturbing.

His eyes looked so dark and murky that I couldn’t find the usual Prince Gilbert.

His lips were smiling frighteningly, but the dark flames in his eyes were trembling.


I looked away in horror.

When the maids and knights noticed my gaze, they all shook their heads.

You deserve it…

I felt like I heard the voices of all the people in the room.

“Y-Your Highness Gilbert…”


“I think it’s about time I left today…”

“Are you going home?”

“Yes, sir.”

I’d like to consult with my brother about this as soon as possible.

But His Highness spoke slowly, as if ignoring my feelings.

“Arnold, Emilia is going to live here from today onwards, so please contact the Marquis of Birmingham as soon as possible.”

“Your Highness?!”

“And Notte, immediately prepare her room.”

“Your Highness! Please wait!”

Ignoring my cry, His Highness gave instructions one after another.

Obeying his orders, servants and maids left the room one after another. They were so fast, it was completely useless.

“Your Highness?! What are you thinking?”

“I’m only thinking about you.”

“…Your Highness…”

“I’ve always known that you don’t want to be a princess. That’s why I kept putting up with this. It’s not good to tie you to something you don’t want……. but I can’t anymore. As I said before, just imagining you smiling at another man makes me want to kill him.”

It took a long time for the Crown Prince to decide on his fiance because Alicia, who was his top candidate, refused.

No one could match the outstanding Duchy of Nottenger. I thought that was why I was chosen because of our Marquisate of Birmingham’s salt business, but I didn’t think it was by his own decision.

“Hey, Emilia…”


“I don’t want to kill your future husband. Do you understand?”


“See you tomorrow, then. I’ve decided not to hesitate any more.”

Thus I began living in the castle, and was not allowed to return to my house.

I persuaded the Crown Prince not to have our marriage right away but to wait until my graduation. But after all my efforts, Alicia did something again at the graduation party.

“Lady Emilia! I’m sorry I’ve imposed so many things on you!”

“Lady Alicia…”

“I pushed the stressful position of being the Crown Prince’s fiancee onto you even though you hated it……”

Alicia, who shedded tears apologetically, seemed to be reflecting on herself.

But please, wait!

I’m listening to you!

But His Highness is also listening to you!

“I’ve been reflecting on myself ever since. So, if you don’t mind, I’ll take over now.”

“Oh, really…”

I rejoiced for a moment without thinking, but the tightening grip around my waist brought me back to my senses.


A smile that could fascinate anyone.

But his eyes were not smiling at all.

The emerald-green, which was supposed to be beautiful, was murky.

“Well, of course, I’ll be by your side…”

“Yes, I’m glad to hear that.”

His soft smile was like an angel, but for some reason it was so scary that I couldn’t look him in the eye.

And so was Alicia, who was watching His Highness up close.

Her face turned pale the first time she saw this blackened prince.

“Miss Alicia.”


“Will you stop denying our relationship with strange speculations?”

“Please forgive me…”

His Highness pulled me further back as he glanced at Alicia, who apologized with a slight tremor.

“I have something to tell everyone on this new day of departure. Emilia and I have officially set a date for our marriage. I know you’re all busy, but if you don’t mind, please come and attend.”

The hall was filled with excitement in a festive atmosphere of celebration.

Meanwhile, only Alicia and I listened to it blankly.

I mean, the wedding date… I haven’t heard of it…

I’m the one involved, but I haven’t heard of it…

“Emilia… will you give up now?”

I realized that I could no longer resist the smiling prince.

With such a large-scale method of filling the outer moat, there was no way out for me.

No matter what happens in the future, His Highness will not change his fiancee.

All I could do was prepare myself.

But I just realized that I didn’t necessarily hate it.

Even so, how did this happen?

No, there’s no use finding out why anymore.

All this was caused by Alicia, who forced His Highness on me.

“…Before I knew it, he was on the Yandere Route… Oh my gosh, I shouldn’t get involved with him…”


“I-it’s nothing, Lady Emilia! Please be happy with His Highness!”

“No, wait a minute! What did you say?!

Alicia leaves the venue in a hurry after saying such disturbing words.

Wait a minute, Alicia!

What did you just say?


Did you say Yandere?!

Wasn’t this an ordinary otome game?!

“Now, Emilia… It’s about time we went home.”

“Y-your Highness.”

My voice trembled at the bomb that was just dropped just as I had made up my mind.

I don’t think I should give up after hearing that terrifying word ‘yandere’. I can’t ignore it anymore.

“Well… I’d like to spend time with my family today…”

I’d like to consult with them.

And if possible, have them smuggle me out of the country?


“…What is it?”

“Do you think I can wait until marriage with us living in the same castle?”

“Wh-what did you say?”

I had a bad feeling, and my words trembled slightly.

His lips moved close to my ear, and His Highness murmured in a low voice.

“…If you speak too selfishly, I may not be able to wait until our first night…”

There was only one thing he could mean.

I hurriedly corrected what I said earlier.

“I-I would like to celebrate with His Highness on my graduation today…”

“I see, I’m glad to hear that, Emmy. Let’s celebrate together.”

His Highness smiled and chuckled.

I was already doomed to never escape him.

ALICIA! You better remember this!

The Villainess Pushed Everything on the Mob Character

The Villainess Pushed Everything on the Mob Character

Tensei Akuyaku Reijou ni Outaishi wo Oshitsukerareta Mob Reijou desu, 転生悪役令嬢に王太子を押し付けられたモブ令嬢です
Score 7.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Emilia was chosen as the Crown Prince’s fiancee because of the villainess, who regained her past life’s memories…However, the ex-villainess has failed every reincarnation cliche, so Emilia and the Crown Prince have been busy wiping her ass.


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