The Villainess of the Mary Sue Novel chapter 1

Transmigrating to Mary Sue’s World!

“Hiss … My head hurts ….” She sat up while holding her head, and wondering how her body reacted. She was just a bit sleepy due to insufficient blood supply in her brain, it shouldn’t be this painful, right?

But when he opened his eyes, he was shocked.

The gorgeous room that looks like it belonged to a princess, with a bed that is so unbelievably big, and a stranger at the door who was holding a knife and was full of murder intent towards her, all indicate one thing —— Her ordinary life, which like a stagnant water, now has changed, whether like a small stone that being thrown in or a pack of seasoning that sprinkled, all has

Wait a second.

“A stranger at the door who was holding a knife and was full of murder intent towards her”?

The next second, with the sound of the wind, she subconsciously tilted her head, wiped her face carelessly and the nail at the wall behind her and scared him into cold sweat.

Then, that man jumped onto her bed while holding the knife in his hand, and pierced her with fierce eyes. She wore a nightgown (nightdress?) and rolled to the side, dodging this attack by all means, and subconsciously said to that man:

“Big brother, who are you? Is there any grudge between us… huh?”

When he opened his mouth, it was not a familiar voice, but a clear and pleasant voice like a lark. He was stunned for a while, then lowered his head and looked at the bundle in her chest. He sadly determined one thing.

He had transmigrated ….

So it’s this big ….

At this moment, that man heard her words, didn’t know what happened, but it was better if he didn’t hear it, because as soon as he heard it, his eyes almost turned blood red. It was as if he went crazy, he rushed at her while swaying the knife. She panickedly rolled and crawled out of bed, then shouted, “Help!”

No one responded.

​​Her heart became cold, and like a cat, she fluttered to escape the killer’s third attack. Suddenly, there was a door slamming sound.

There’s hope! She ran towards the door with joy, while throwing everything she could reach at the killer to hinder him. At this time, the killer also heard the slamming sound of the door and moved a lot faster, which made her even more sure that someone on the outside is the person who would rescue her!

At last, she touched the door handle and unlocked the door. When she opened the door, she saw a man in dishevelled clothes. The man was relieved when he saw her. Then his expression changed when he saw the killer behind her. He grabbed her white arm and pulled her out of there.

“Miss, be careful!”

With that, she narrowly escaped the killer’s knife. The sharp knife cut her nightdress, and she felt a chill in her back. The next moment, the man kicked the killer to the ground. She didn’t know what happened after that, because at this time, a flood of memories suddenly poured into her head, and she fainted when she couldn’t bear it. But because of this, she knew her name, which is Mo Yanqiu.


​​“Miss, the investigation results are out. The killer is an employee of the hotel. He was angry and wanted to kill you because you moved him from his original job position ….”

In the best hospital in H City, Mo Yanqiu was lying on the bed and quietly listening to the report of the man who saved her — and who is also her personal attendant, Horton.

“Miss, what should we do with the killer?” Horton asked.

“Just handle it according to the law.” Mo Yanqiu’s cold voice sounded. “Horton, you go back first, I want to be alone.”

“Yes, Miss.”

After hearing that, ​​Horton bowed and went out. Mo Yanqiu was the only one left in that huge private ward. Then Mo Yanqiu stretched out her slender white hand to cover the upper half of her face.


After accepting the memory of the original body owner, she could figure out what kind of wicked world this is.

This country is called the Dragon kingdom, and herself is the eldest daughter of the Mo family, the largest family in the Dragon Kingdom, Mo Yanqiu!

Doesn’t that sound awesome? Is there an illusion of being the main character? However, the problem lies in the fact that Mo Yanqiu has a half sister, Mo Lishang, who is a 15-year-old monster that  started to speak at the age of one, read at the age of two, learn eight languages at the age of three, and become a doctor of a famous university at the age of eight. She also has two best friends of the same enchanting level, Su Yingxue from the Su family of the second family and An Tianqin from the An family of the third

And what did Mo Yanqiu do?

She is the villain girl in a supporting role who always picks fights against Mo Lishang.

Did you think it was only that?

Of course not!

​​Mo Yanqiu dares to bet her head with the devil, that the three of them must have something to do with the first, second and third killer in this world!

Moreover, she already offended this cheapskate sister very much.

How should she play?

Play what!

The only advantage she has is EQ, but it is better than nothing in front of the aura of the protagonist

Thinking of this, Mo Yanqiu secretly sighed.

What should she do in this future life of hers?

Just then, a ringing sound sounded in her head, and a mechanical sound was heard:

“​​Distributing the compensation rewards. Randomly drawing ….”

This is… Mo Yanqiu immediately became excited. Is this her trump card?

Has the time for her to turn over finally come?

In the next second, Mo Yanqiu’s smile froze.

​​“Congratulations to the user for winning the personality – Ace Pilot.”

“Unlock the next personality after collecting 10,000 hate points.”

“The reward has been issued, till next time.”




The Villainess of the Mary Sue Novel

The Villainess of the Mary Sue Novel

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese
Loner Mo Yanqiu transmigrated into the world of Mary Sue. However, he found himself in a girl’s body; a villainous supporting actress who always lost to the protagonist. She was even looked down by the protagonist’s sister, slammed as the traitor who wanted to kill her own sister to get the admiration of their father. With no ability, and just a system which was also unreliable, how would she survive? Moreover, the opening scene started from the confrontation with the protagonist.


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