The Villainess Is Threatened by the Heroine to “Bully” Her, or the Cat Will Pay chapter 6

The condemnation event is over, and our lives continue

Sisfort snapped his fingers.

–that moment.

The wind blew and his body was wrapped in a glittering light.

A cheer goes up in the hall.

The sight of the particles of light flying was so beautiful that I suddenly shouted, “Wow!”.

However, after seeing what appeared after the light shattered, in another sense, I asked, “Wow!?”

“Sis, Sisfort!? Eh, why!?”

What emerged from the light was my favorite fluffy black tabby cat.

It’s been close to me for five years, it’s important to me…

“Ku, black tabby cat…?!”

It was a normal cat with a normal clear face.

My thoughts can’t catch up, I forget to breathe, and my eyes are glued to my cat.

From where did such a wind came? And did it blow black tabby cat here?

The cat walked around me in a cool way, as if it were a star.

” Eh!? Sisfort?!! Black tabby cat…!? Why, why?”

“I like cats!”

The cat spoke! With the voice of Sisfort…!

I felt that the conversation made no sense, but I couldn’t make ends of it.

I was so shocked that I forgot how to move and I was just stiff, standing in place, amazed.

The cat-Sisfort continues to speak to Luluna.

“It was annoying having to support your chase, your trying to kill me. I think the words “b*tchy cat!! Idiotic cat!! Stupid cat!! Dirty cat!!” are not a baron’s daughter good manner teachings, and above all…”

Sisfort, with an unprecedented, refreshing voice, said surprising things.

“–Let’s burn you down!– she was yelling at me, and chasing after me with fire in her hands at night, that was truly annoying. A lady breaks the curfew, exits the dormitory, attacks me in my sleep, and compels me to be castrated… It seems that she has special hobbies and not those of a maiden.”

I was scared.

It’s the first time I heard that such a thing happened.

Maybe Sisfort isn’t telling a lie.

It seems that Luluna was chasing around the cat, spitting out rants and trying to do cruel things.

–I suppose, but.

Now that she’s known to have been chasing around a human adult male, her behavior is entirely that of a bizarre slut.

Immediately after being told that, Luluna had no idea if she looked red or blue.

The sweat that springs up falls into the dress and creates spots.

The make-up sweat had mottled her white wedding dress.

Luluna shook her head, squeezing her mouth.

She is murmuring something.

“…Why…Why is this world…treating me so…I’m a heroine…This wasn’t in the story’s plot… Because the cat is a background character… At that time… I missed this event…? Wait… I wonder if… what…?”

Sebastian yelled at Sisfort as he looked at Luluna, who looked strange.

Even though they were so attracted for a while, there is a heartless distance between the two now.

“You can’t insult Luluna!”


Sisfort was once again enveloped in magical light and returned to being a young handsome lord.

In the shimmering light, he continues to speak to Sebastian with a voice graver than before.

“You, who have continued to insult your fiancée, Merusha, for five years… has the gall to say now that. In an eye-opening manner, you have indulged in cheating with your lover, in front of your fiancée and in public, and in the end, let your fiancee enter the evening venue today alone and be ashamed. It’s not from a sane person to break the engagement in front of a large number of people and even after being scolded for having an affair, make a number out of shaming further your rightful fiancée.”

Is Sisfort angry for my sake?

I suddenly ended up as shocked as before.

Immediately afterwards, I reconsider.

…No, it was the second time, he spoke like this.

This is the second time he has been angry.

When Sebastian was about to raise his hand against me, he stood in front of me and was angry.

He always has a clear face and shows his emotions.

It feels strange to me, but it’s kind of crazy that I’ve been involved with him without knowing and that makes him feel that way.

What is this incomparable comfort?

Something full in my chest, tickling, warm, restless…

Sebastian is with a half-open mouth to say something back.

Sisfort faced me as soon as the story was over.

He holds out his hand as if nothing had happened.

“Thank you for waiting. Let’s go.”

“Oh, yeah, yes…!”

I took his hand and walked out with him.

Aristocrats watching the series of weird events play, paved the way for us, and their voices could be heard.

“I saw something good! Great party! Thank you!”

“Be happy!”

“I thought that was a stray cat, and I ignored it, but was it Sisfort? By any means please let the time retrocede.”

“I liked your laughter a lot Merusha!”

I felt like I was told something strange.

Sebastian and Luluna, who were left behind on the stage, also seemed to be receiving the roar of applauses from the aristocrats.

“Castration… You’re a big woman. I’m scared…”

“I can’t believe you use fire on cats… I wonder how brutal you can be.”

“That two people made the Duke of Heins angry. It looks like their future is going to be tough.”

“You said they got married. Haha, her husband is in danger of being castrated from now on!”

After getting out of the crowd, he and I went out to the balcony.

The sun had already set, and the sky was covered with dark blue colors.

The voices of the people from the venue became a little distant, and the clear air of the night quietly surrounds us.

I don’t know what to talk about.

As soon as I was alone with him, I was nervous.

When I think about it, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would one day be alone with this man after I grew up seeing him as a cat.

Needless to say, the reason is even more astounding.

He told me he was so confused as to what to do when all this madness started.

He bowed quickly.

“I’m sorry I was silent about this and let you suffer unnecessarily. Me being a priest was a disguise made as a rule for highly advanced students to be monitoring school and protecting it. I couldn’t openly intervene in students’ affairs or confrontations… She… manipulated you and that made me feel painful.”

“No, that’s okay. I was surprised…only. Was the black tabby cat really you?”

“Yes, I’ve always been by your side.”

I was affirmed that everything was true, but I was still nervous.

I remember what I used to do and started to sweat cold. I patted him, stroked his back, gave him half-eaten ham, stroked his fluffy tummy.

At the same time, a fever was rising on my face.

“Um…I’m sorry…I mean… I’ve done a lot of crazy things…?”

“No, I don’t mind. I was against being a cat to protect school at first…. But when I thought about it, I was able to experience something that I couldn’t obtain if not.”

He has a somewhat contemplative look.

Stop it, don’t remember anything more.

My face seems to ignite…

I fell into the railing of the balcony and groaned.

He also leans on the railing next to me.

And spoke in a soft voice.

“The five years I have spent with you have been full of fun and painful moments. Because you had a fiancé, I had to hide everything. Today, I really truly could enjoy with you and tell you everything. All this time… I’ve been really angry at him, and was going to bury him… So it has been difficult.”

I raised my face and looked up at him.

He had a cool face as usual.

However, I feel like his eyes are shaking.

When he corrected his posture, he stood in front of me.

He stared straight into my eyes and said gently.

“About what you said before… I love you, and I want to continue to be with you. Let’s continue to build memories together. Please, stay with me.”

By the time I finished listening to his words, my eyes were covered in tears.

It was like a reply to the words I spoke to the black tabby cat…that day…

Did my love for five years reach him properly?

“…I didn’t think that I would get a solid reply from you. At that moment… my idea was adopting my cute partner to be with it always.”

I answered him without worrying about the tears spilling.

“I know. You’re so kind and warm, and I’ve always loved you for keeping close to me and being my only company. Five years ago…and from now on too.”

When I answered to this with a quivering voice, he locked me in his arms with force.

“From now on, I will love you very much.”

He kissed my cheek and said so.

Our faces had a sweet smile.


After a half-year engagement, I, Merusha, and Sisfort have married.

On that day, when I went home and told my parents about the marriage request after breaking my engagement, both of them ended up fainting.

Suddenly, something strange happened to me, and it was no wonder that I ended having a relationship with the Duke.

There are five cats in his mansion and I love them very much.

Occasionally, a clear black tabby cat mixes in.

When I find it, I pat it softly, stroke its fluffy hair, and hug it.

Otherwise, the black tabby cat will be jealous.

It’s awkward because my sullen cat wants all my attention.

That’s why I love the black tabby cat and love it every day.

Then there is another gossip circulating around, seems that Sebastian and Luluna separated in about two months.

After all being said at the party and the conclusive evidence, their love seemed to be dead.

The stage drama that happened in the middle of the party that night drew attention over them for the social parties that followed.

A little bit of a muddy story of love or a bizarre affair seems to say the gossip.

It seems that Luluna has strange nicknames such as “Miss Cruelty” and “Miss Two-timing”, and Sebastian’s parents who are ashamed of this, forced him to divorce.

And about Sebastian, there are widespread rumors talking about him among the aristocrats.

It’s a rumor that Sebastian can’t have children and can’t marry.

It seems to be the result of the cruel known facts that Luluna tried to do to the cat. Having lost two women in a short period of time and the strange name of Luluna being circulating in the streets, helped it too.

I also heard a rumor that “He can’t have children because what couldn’t be done with the cat, was done to him when they separated. So the second son of the Earl’s family seems to be rejected by the females if he seeks a marriage.”

Of course, it’s not true, but as rumors are transmitted, they will be altered in a weird way.

That “condemnation graduation party” and “the days of the villainous daughter and the heroine” are still being humorously talked to among the aristocrats.

Will it be the second time for Luluna and the third time for Sebastian, to look for a partner?

“No one knows about their future.”

My husband said with a clear face next to me.

The Villainess Is Threatened by the Heroine to “Bully” Her, or the Cat Will Pay

The Villainess Is Threatened by the Heroine to “Bully” Her, or the Cat Will Pay

Heroine Honnin kara "Ijime" wo Suru you Kyouhaku Sareteiru Akuyaku Reijou wa, Kyou mo Shonbori to Neko wo Mederu, ヒロイン本人から「いじめ」をするよう脅迫されている悪役令嬢は、今日もしょんぼりと猫を愛でる
Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
The protagonist, Merucha, is an ordinary noble lady with a fiancé.Both attending the same aristocratic school.However, a woman who claims to be the heroine suddenly appeared and forced her to become a bully, saying, “I want to capture your fiancé, so bully me!”“If you don’t obey, the cute cat will pay for it.”From that day on, Merusha became a villain, and her days of bullying the heroine started, all events according to the heroine’s instructions.“How silly, I’m too embarrassed… I have to bully the heroine because of a stray cat… “Merusha doesn’t have friends.Only a cat and a priest she can talk to … and her fiancé… she would gladly gift him to the heroine.The cat is more important!


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