The Villainess Is Threatened by the Heroine to “Bully” Her, or the Cat Will Pay chapter 5

The villainous daughter is about to cancel her engagement…

“Listen everyone! At this time today, I, Sebastian Smith, decided to cancel his engagement with Merusha Arnor and marry Luluna Wellbot! Let’s be one from now on Luluna! Let’s take a marriage oath now here!”

Immediately, the roaring voices around him became more intense like a storm.

It’s so big the noise that I don’t even know who is speaking what.

Maybe everyone in the venue is saying something.

In such noise, my chest was strangely quiet.

–Oh, right. Finally, we’re done.

Only these words came to my mind.

Right now, showing my back to the two who seemed to be getting married at the party, I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths.

I looked back slowly and looked at them.

Sebastian and Luluna are in the middle of an oath kiss.

However, even when I saw such a scene, my face and heart were cool.

Somehow, it feels as if that black tabby cat has taught me how to act.

When I suddenly thought about such a thing, I couldn’t help thinking about these two stupid people so much that I could smile.

Can we finally become strangers?

When I thought so, it was refreshing.

(One page of my youth has become messy if I look at it…well, this may be good for putting an end to this mess)

With a cool smile, I speak to them.

“I, Merusha, accept the cancellation of the engagement. And congratulations on your marriage, Sebastian, Luluna. I sincerely congratulate you! Good luck! Be happy, good friends! “

Towards the end, everyone took my words as if a villainess with hatred was spouting her declaration of war.

At this moment, when I smiled, I might have been seen as the most villainous girl ever.

…I didn’t laugh this time, I just only smiled.

Sebastian shows a proud smile, while Luluna is entwined in his arm, smiling as if proud.

That’s it.

From now on I’m busy integrating with the wall.

The moment when I tried to turn back.

Suddenly, a man came up.

The man stopped in front of me, in the middle of the stage set by the crowd.

The bluish white costume shines well on the slender, tall back.

Smooth black hair, golden eyes, and a coolly dressed appearance??…

“…Ah? Priest?”

Standing with a clear face was that young male priest.

At the same time as my deafening voice, he kneeled on the floor.

“I would like to say present myself again. I am Sisfort Heins. Please be aware that what I say to you from now on is personal, I’m not a priest.”

Unresponsive, he took my hand, scooping up, and said with a clear face.

“I, Sisfort, am really pleased with Ms. Merusha. I want to request your hand in marriage. Please accept the engagement Ms. Merusha. I’m sorry to call you out like this.”

Do you want to…!!??

Hello?!! What??!

I had plenty of air, but it was as if it wasn’t enough for me to breath.

The roar of the aristocrats, which flooded the hall, stopped in a moment.

It’s a quiet moment that doesn’t make it look like a party venue.

Despite spending a lot of time, the next thing that came out of my mouth was a nonsensical sound.

“…To…? what………eh…?”

He skips my funny words and continues.

“Your hands who love the little life are warm, and your gentle heart is irreplaceable and beautiful.”


–What’s this all about suddenly? Maybe he really loved cats?

“For the five years you were in school, I have always been fascinated by your innocent love for the life of the trivial little animals, and your caring for it as if it were a jewel.”

“Five years…?”

–We started to greet each other, just recently not?

When I couldn’t hide my surprise, the groans around me gradually returned.

“Heins isn’t that unreachable high status noble house with ties with the royal family…!? “

“Sisfort is the fourth son…I wonder why a person of the Duke family will be at a school party.”

“Maybe there are other important nobles at this party! We must make sure to greet everyone present…!”

The voices of the aristocrats flow freely into my ears.

At the same time, the information about him becomes clear…

The fourth son of the Heins Duke family, masters at defense of the country. A high status nobility person who disguises as a priest, and is a master… super strong.

For the time being, I was able to understand that there was something out of the ordinary about him.

He knelt down, holding my hand, and looking up at me with a straight look.

Anyway, I have to do something about this situation.

I calmed myself down and called on him.

“Um, priest, excuse me… Mr. Heins, why don’t we go to a quiet place?”

“Please call my name, not my family name. Let’s go.”

He stood up and escorted me in a beautiful manner.

Is it because of the color of his outfit or his manners that I feel the coolness of his movements?

When he took my hand and started walking, I could hear a bright voice yelling loudly, “Kyaaaaa!”, “Wooow! Mr. Sisfort!!!”

He’s completely a favorite of the aristocrats.

Following the cancellation of the engagement, a marriage is requested. What a gossip day today!

My parents are likely to turn me over to ask when I return.

–And then.

Sebastian and Luluna, who had been completely ignored, spoke loudly.

“Merusha! Immediately after your engagement is broken, it seems a little immodest to have an engagement with another man!”

“Merusha, can you care about others a little more?! Engagement should be done at home! How is it a noble lady like you comes here to show off and celebrate?!”

At their voices, Sisfort stopped.

I rush to call him out.

“Sorry, Mr. Sisfort! He was my fiancé and… he’s not a friend of mine, um, please don’t be rude Sebastian…!”

I said with a big voice, but Sisfort… looked straight into my eyes and replied with a flat voice.

“Yes, they lack courtesy. I understand that they are no longer close to you, so I’ll say what I want to say.”


He turned and stared at Sebastian and Luluna with a cold look.

Luluna tried to say something, but sooner, Sisfort spoke.

“Did you say… Luluna Wellbot? What about the childish and shallow act of threatening Merusha to play an idiot-like play to attract her lover? I don’t think that’s a lady’s modest conduct. And what about the threat to burn and kill a little weak animal? Is such barbaric behavior common in the Wellbot Baron family?”

Luluna was coldly examining him with her eyes.

Immediately after that, she gazed at me with a sharp look.

I shrugged off reflexively, but Sisfort came forward and put me behind his back.

Luluna started crying while staring at him.

With a purposely quivering voice, she started to say in answer.

“It’s terrible…! How could you say that I, a member of the Baron’s family, could do such a thing… I can’t do such a thing to a cute little weak animal! I love little animals!”

“-Yeah, I just had this kind of paper. Is this something you wrote?”


Luluna’s words were lightly swallowed, and Sisfort took out a few pieces of paper from his jacket pocket.

The content is read aloud with no expression.

“—Monday date xxx, the place is the cafeteria.

When Sebastian and I walk, Merusha-sama collides with me with force.

(Turn over the lunch plate and stain my uniform)

Then you will scream,

“Oh, Luluna! Did you come? I couldn’t see you at all. Even if you are a noble daughter, you don’t have too much presence? Can’t you hate me for it not?”

It seems that he hates the line where it says what I should do…

As Sisfort read aloud, there were occasional voices from the aristocrats.

“Wow, nostalgic! I was there”

“She laughed so hard, I remember it well. The exchange was also like that. I remember that time…”

“Eh? So that was a play? Why did you guys do that?”

Sysfort spreads the paper one after another and reads it aloud.

” The text around here is intimidating. “

–I’ll burn the cat’s butt and I’ll gift you the ashes.–

” Next, “

–The cat’s tail is too long? Maybe it should be shortened!—

” There is also a sentence like this, “

–If you fail, you’ll be immediately seeing the disastrous appearance of your burnt cute cat, isn’t that a wonderful thing? My order is absolute, please follow it!—

” Should I read them all?”

Luluna was sweating cold.

Sebastian has round eyes.

“Lu, Luluna? Is that bullying play really true?”

“Oh, that’s not the case! That person is a liar! There’s nobody who wants to be bullied!”

Sisfort had a cool face, and he continued.

“That’s right. I wondered if the perfume, tint and special handwriting I’ve got from the paper was yours. Now, let’s turn over to do a handwriting appraisal. I’ll leave it to a fair third party to be the judge.”

“Well, please wait…! It’s the mischief of someone! Such a piece of paper never existed! Someone must have been joking…!”

Luluna’s cold sweat had soaked her entire face.

The adorable makeup that had been perfect was distorted, and the shape of her eyelids was strange.

“Oh, and that! The cat everyone has seen, has always been fine…!!! Nothing has happened to it!”

“Is it right? Avoiding your harm was quite annoying.”


Sisfort snapped his fingers.

–that moment.

The wind blew and his body was wrapped in a glittering light.

A cheer goes up in the hall.

The sight of the particles of light flying was so beautiful that I suddenly shouted, “Wow!”.

However, after seeing what appeared after the light shattered, in another sense, I asked, “Wow!?”

The Villainess Is Threatened by the Heroine to “Bully” Her, or the Cat Will Pay

The Villainess Is Threatened by the Heroine to “Bully” Her, or the Cat Will Pay

Heroine Honnin kara "Ijime" wo Suru you Kyouhaku Sareteiru Akuyaku Reijou wa, Kyou mo Shonbori to Neko wo Mederu, ヒロイン本人から「いじめ」をするよう脅迫されている悪役令嬢は、今日もしょんぼりと猫を愛でる
Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
The protagonist, Merucha, is an ordinary noble lady with a fiancé.Both attending the same aristocratic school.However, a woman who claims to be the heroine suddenly appeared and forced her to become a bully, saying, “I want to capture your fiancé, so bully me!”“If you don’t obey, the cute cat will pay for it.”From that day on, Merusha became a villain, and her days of bullying the heroine started, all events according to the heroine’s instructions.“How silly, I’m too embarrassed… I have to bully the heroine because of a stray cat… “Merusha doesn’t have friends.Only a cat and a priest she can talk to … and her fiancé… she would gladly gift him to the heroine.The cat is more important!


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