The Villainess Is Threatened by the Heroine to “Bully” Her, or the Cat Will Pay chapter 3

I couldn’t do it. The big event “Push me down the stairs”

I had a stomach ache every day, but finally, I was three months away from graduation.

However, I have now received the highest difficulty bullying order.

I read the usual paper given to me by Luluna and sweated in cold.

In summary, this was written.

“Push me down the stairs and lightly sprain my leg.”

No matter how much this is ordered to be an act, I can’t do it.

There is even a polite statement saying, “I won’t tolerate any serious injury.”

How should the person who pushes down other control the degree of injury to the victim?

I can only say that I should do my best with very little power.

That’s what I want to say, but in the last sentence I held my head.

“If you make a mistake, you will immediately be able to appreciate the miserable appearance of your cute cat.”

I groaned as I sat down at my desk in my dorm room.

(What should I do… If do it wrong and she gets hurt… I’ll cross the line… This is an injury incident we’re talking about too, rather than harassment.)

I’m sure her graduation is approaching, and she needs urgently to completely make Sebastian fall for her.

After all, Sebastian is still engaged with me.

This is probably due to his lame nature.

Sebastian has a habit of leaving problems to the last minute.

He is a man who finishes his long-term vacation homework on the final day.

Even if Luluna urged him to abandon his engagement with me and get engaged to her, Sebastian will leave it to the last minute of the last day, or when he’s already at the altar getting married.

She muttered a threatening sentence to me. “You must not fail” when she handed the order.

“So she needs another big event at the end, right?”

Maybe she’s been a criminal before becoming the Baron’s daughter and needs a terminate reason to break our engagement, if she’s injured… and I’m the culprit… our engagement will definitely be cancelled and she’ll set fire to Sebastian’s last asylum. He won’t have any other alternative than getting engaged to her.

That’s the conclusion I reached while looking at the directives.

(Extraordinarily light sprain… Can she go down the stairs in three steps…? No, but an injury is an injury…)

No matter if I worry or not, I won’t get a good answer.

Eventually, I had to decide on what to do, and the day of the event had arrived.


Push down the stairs, the day of that event.

The place is the central stairs of the school.

The most prominent place with the largest stairs.

I look for Luluna and Sebastian who are on the second floor.

Bright pinkish-blonde hair and beautifully arranged brown hair…

(Ah, is it… a lie…?)

The place where they were standing was on the central staircase, with large stained glass shining in their hands.

If she falls from that height, Luluna will do a considerable trajectory.

(Muh, it’s impossible…! That’s impossible! Is that child really so dangerously motivated??)

While sweating in cold and looking at them from below, I suddenly met Luluna’s eyes.

Do it as soon as possible! Was her face with a frosty smile saying?

That smile is completely my trauma.

I walked towards her, touching my heart, which was throbbing.

I go up the stairs and head towards where she’s standing.

The light from the stained glass is beautiful.

The light through the colored glass casts a lively shadow on the staircase.

Am I going to create an incident in such a beautiful place…?

About ten more steps to reach her.

She would roll down the stairs if I touch her at this point.

Three more steps.


I stopped there.

(… after all…I can’t do this…I can’t…)

When they noticed I was approaching, Sebastian had a look of discomfort.

“What? Merusha. Did you come to bully Luluna again with such a gloomy look? Go away! The air becomes muddy when you are near us.”

Sebastian’s hatred is always the same.

I’m already used to it, and I’m no longer hurt.

I smile like a lady and say hello.

“I’m sorry. I just passed by. Can you open the way?”

Saying so, I leave the spot.

From the back, I felt I could hear Luluna’s voice, but I didn’t look back.

–No, I couldn’t look back.

Her faces, which looked like we were passing each other, were so scary.

I walked down the stairs and exit the hall.

For the first time, I ran away from the bullying plan.

But it had come to the point where he would be graduating in the next three months.

(But it can’t be helped! That’s really impossible…! That’s right! Cat! cat-chan…! What do I do!)

With today’s failed event, Luluna’ll probably be really go cat-catching.

In the last two years or so, I’ve understood her personality more than enough.

That face is hers definitely.

Though I was impatient, and failed today’s act on impulse, I thought about taking future measures.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m suspended from school or have to pay a fine.

I have no choice but to hide the cat in my room in the dormitory.

As soon as I thought that, I jumped into the dormitory, grabbed a large cloth bag and ran to the church.

I’m sorry, but I have no choice but to pack you, Mr. cat, in a bag and bring you to my room.

When I arrive out of breath, I speak to an old priest at the entrance.

“Ah! Cat… Hmm! Did you see a black cat?! I’m looking for it! Before she comes… I must be quick!”

The elder priest replied in a calm voice, to calm me, as I was in panic.

“Keep the calm. If it’s a cat you look for, it must be in the chapel. “

“Thank you! Excuse me…!”

I hurry and aim for the back of the church.

As I went into the chapel running, the young priest opened his eyes slightly.

His surprised expression today is strange as he always has a clear face. It’s unusual. But now is not the time to care for such.

I ask him.

“Did you see a black tabby cat?!”

“It was here a while ago, but it went away.”

“Is that so…”

I was disappointed… but the words of the priest made sense.

(I wonder if it’s better to leave the class today and search around…)

I was stopped by the young priest as I was trying to run out of the chapel.

“What’s wrong with you running away in such a hurry? What about the cat?”

“No, um…”

I was stupid.

But I reconsider immediately.

I think this priest will cooperate with me, if I explain the situation—

Somehow, I thought so.

This person is the one who cares for cats.

As promised, I received a solid report that the cat is doing well.

And above all, he like cats.

I took the paper out of my jacket pocket and showed it to him.

“That…a friend who hates cats might get wild with the black tabby cat… I got a letter…”

The paper is Luluna’s directive.

Most of the content is the acting instructions on bullying her, so I hid most of it content as much as possible so that he could see only the text about the cat.

But it was taken away quickly.

Well, if he sees it, it won’t make sense to him, most likely he will take it as a joke.

He takes the paper and reads with a straight face.

“I see. So, let’s search for the cat and put it in a protective barrier. I’m good at that kind of thing.”

I opened my eyes and suddenly looked up at him.

“Is that true? Is that barrier able to support the attack of strong fire?”

“Yes. It can support any level of fire or temperature. I know what students are taught here so I also know what is the level of attacks students are capable of, and I’m sure there will be no problems.”

Hearing the priest’s answer, I fell down on the floor.
Somehow, I was so relieved that I started crying.

I wonder if I should have talked to this person from the beginning.

The priest reached out to me, and helped me get up.

And with a cool voice, he said.

“Resting time has almost ended. I’ll find the cat, so you go to class.”

It’s the worst if I skip it. I’ll have to repeat the year… so I rushed to the classroom building.

He seems to be a serious person; he will do as he promised.

While rushing to class, I met Luluna who was standing at the door with a smile.

She spoke to me but I ignored her neatly and opened the notebook for the lesson.

No more worrying.


Since then, I have been completely treated as air by Luluna.

Even if I’m in front of her, she treats me like I don’t exist.

Of course, there are no greetings and no such bullying orders.

The days when I wasn’t forced to bully her were really comfortable and peaceful.

Studying has also been very successful.

But everything went away too fast.

After all, I had no friends at all…

A few friends, became zero after I became the villainess.

Well, of course.

Even I, if there was a woman laughing while bullying others, I’d run away with all my might.

And I was completely alone in the classroom because Sebastian was taken along with my friends.

I had nobody to play with or talk to, so that naturally increased my study time.

I’m lonely, but originally I’m not the type of person who wants to have flashy relationships.

So, I may be happy if I didn’t suffer a fatal injury.

What I’m most worried about right now is the actions of Luluna and Sebastian.

Upon certifying me as air, Luna started to seek him everywhere.

I haven’t seen any decisive acts from her side, but I often see them in a place that seems to be a garden, with a nice atmosphere around them.

Maybe they’re showing off to me, rather than me casually seeing it.

Do they really love each other?

In public they hug, kiss, get close and call each other’s names…

(Still, he’s still my fiance, he’s… weird… why hasn’t he broken the engagement?)

My feelings for Sebastian have completely cooled down in the last two years.

But still, I’m his fiancé, per our family’s arrangements.

Given the ties of our houses, I must marry him.

Most of the children of the aristocrats have political marriages.

If the compatibility is good, it will lead to love later, but in many cases it does not.

It is because of these things that I am in a free school era where they can fool around all they want out of their parents’ eyes.

Even if it’s hard for me to get accustomed to these things, that’s the shining page of their youth.

That is the aesthetics of the nobles who live in this world.

(…My youth is easy… it’s focus is… no longer be stupid…)

I sit on the bench in the courtyard and chew the sandwich while looking far away.

I could see Luluna and Sebastian in the distance.

Keeping faces close to each other as usual

Next to me is the usual black tabby cat.

It is said that the priest has given it protection so no one dares hurt it, and even when Luluna is there, I can stroke it proudly.

This cat seems to have become a protected one in the school. It might be the strongest cat in the world right now.

I pulled the ham out of the sandwich, put it in the palm of my hand and presented it to the cat.

The cat eats quickly after looking around.

Perhaps he was wary of the ham being caught by a bird. Though he always had a clear face, he seemed to be unusually restless. How cute!

I laugh and stroke the back of the cat.

“The best thing I did when I entered this school was to have met you. Thank you for staying with me for 5 years since I was 13.”

Whether I was tired of studying, the exam was near or I didn’t approve, my fiance caused me pain by cheating, or I was forced to bully and my stomach hurts because of it, this cat always was at my side.

We were close together and it gave me kindness and warmth.

“I love you with all my heart. Even after graduating, I will do my best to be with you.”

The cat screamed meow.

The Villainess Is Threatened by the Heroine to “Bully” Her, or the Cat Will Pay

The Villainess Is Threatened by the Heroine to “Bully” Her, or the Cat Will Pay

Heroine Honnin kara "Ijime" wo Suru you Kyouhaku Sareteiru Akuyaku Reijou wa, Kyou mo Shonbori to Neko wo Mederu, ヒロイン本人から「いじめ」をするよう脅迫されている悪役令嬢は、今日もしょんぼりと猫を愛でる
Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
The protagonist, Merucha, is an ordinary noble lady with a fiancé.Both attending the same aristocratic school.However, a woman who claims to be the heroine suddenly appeared and forced her to become a bully, saying, “I want to capture your fiancé, so bully me!”“If you don’t obey, the cute cat will pay for it.”From that day on, Merusha became a villain, and her days of bullying the heroine started, all events according to the heroine’s instructions.“How silly, I’m too embarrassed… I have to bully the heroine because of a stray cat… “Merusha doesn’t have friends.Only a cat and a priest she can talk to … and her fiancé… she would gladly gift him to the heroine.The cat is more important!


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