The Villainess Is Threatened by the Heroine to “Bully” Her, or the Cat Will Pay chapter 2

It is hard to bully the heroine… Only the cat heals my heart

After playing with the black stray cat for a while at the entrance of the church in the school back garden, I proceeded to the chapel.

I shake my head, while making sure there are no priests around, and confess in a whisper.

“Today, I said that Lulu-sama’s uniform was “smelly” in front of many people… Even though it was her instruction, it was still abusive language I used. I’m sorry…”

After that, the cat next to me cried.

The timing was as if I was being comforted, so I couldn’t help but smile.

“Thank you. I will do my best so that you can be safe Mr. Cat, relax. If Luluna goes after you, please escape at full speed.”


He gave me a reply again.

I laughed softly, and stroked its fluffy head.

This cat is always wandering around the school.

“That stray cat looks weird!”, “Unfriendly cat!”, “It’s a black cat, how dirty!” Whatever the people say, the wind blows and sends it away.

It’s a mysterious cat that looks dignified.

I loved such a black tabby cat.

Maybe I was a little longing for having a cat like that.

I like this little one, I wish I could have a cool face and defend him from Sebastian and Luluna without worrying or cowardly regretting my acts…

(…Every time I see them, my stomach hurts…I’m sorry Mr. cat…)

As I was thinking about it, a person other than the usual priest who is an old man came into the chapel.

A middle-aged female nun with a gentle look.

She said me in a soft voice.

“It’s about time for lunch”

“Ah, I’m sorry. It was such a time…”

I stand up while holding my stomach down.

Finally, I stroked the cat and ended today’s confession.


Ten days later.

The villainess is in the dining room, while the heroine Luluna was being bullied by her.

“Kah! What are you doing, Ms. Merusha?!”

At the same time as Luluna shrill screams, the lunch plate she had in her hand was overturned.

The food spattered and made her uniform very dirty.

Of course, there’s Sebastian on her side, witnessing all my crimes.

It’s the perfect timing. But this is stupid and sad… and I’m not happy about this…

I look down at Luluna and speak the lines with a lot of emotion.

“Oh, Luluna! Why are making such a scandal? I couldn’t see you at all. Even though you’re the daughter of an aristocrat, you don’t have too much presence for your status. Can you hate me for it?”

If anything, I feel that it is too plain…

I have been told to say so, so I cannot help it.

Yes, all the lines for me and her are fixed.

Not only the lines, but where, at what timing, what kind of action, and with what kind of expression should be used, are specified in a horrifyingly detailed manner.

Luluna prepares a variety of situations to the extent that my imagination isn’t enough to guess from where such ideas come from.
Beforehand, I was given a piece of paper on which everything was written down in detail, and I desperately remembered it and followed accordingly.

I’m desperate every time she sets a scene for me to act, because even a few mistakes can make her feel bad and that puts in risk the cat’s life.

The concentration needed when you have to learn in a short time is not the same as when studying for exams… it’s a lot more difficult.

(Oops, I shouldn’t be vague… um, the next line…)

I shake Luluna’s uniform with force, so as to wipe the food fallen on her.

The jacket and long skirt go up and down.

“Oh my, your uniform is drinking soup.”

“Merusha… You’re terrible… Even though this uniform was given by my father…”

“Merusha! Apologize to Luluna…!”

Sebastian yelled at me, while holding Luluna who had her eyes wet with tears just about to fall down.
(I apologize…! Ah, already… I’m sorry for the meal wasted on this act…)

I’m the one who wants to cry, but I can endure all for Mr. kitty, I’m ready to become an actress.

“Oh hoh hoh! Isn’t this uniform expensive for a rising Baron? Ah, sorry.”

“Merusha, you…!!!”

“Stop it, Sebastian! I’m okay…! Because I didn’t behave like an aristocrat, I made Merusha angry… I’m the bad one!”

At the same time Luluna stops Sebastian, and her tears fall down.

Sebastian hugged her shoulders and put out a handkerchief to wipe her eyes.

She decided on the last line with which to end this act.

“Now, have a good lunchtime Luluna— Hahahaha!”

While laughing, I quickly exit the dining room.

When I got out to the hallway, I ran out with all my might.

Because tears were about to fall.

(That handkerchief…I gave it to him on his birthday last year…)

It took me half-day to decide which color would look good with Sebastian.

A handkerchief is not supposed to be used to wipe the tears of a cheating partner.

Rather than being sad

I run to the temple and rush into the chapel.

At the entrance, the old priest calls to me worried, but I want to conclude today’s greeting with only a bow.

I’m sorry, but I can’t afford to talk to people right now…

I slipped in and looked for a place without people.

” I just wasted my meal…I messed up Luluna’s uniform and the floor of the dining room. I’m really… sorry.”

From behind a pot, the usual black tabby cat appeared.

I cried and threw myself on the floor, just asking the cat to let me stroke his back.

Thankfully, I was more energetic after touching its fluffy stomach.

“…It’s okay. I’m still a villain, I can do my best…”


The cat’s fur was still fluffy and warm today.

I carelessly stroked the cat for a while, and then suddenly noticed the paper coming out of my jacket pocket.

This paper is a directive given by Luluna.

I didn’t have much time this time to practice my lines, so I had to confirm my performance at the last minute.

I forgot that this was stuck in my pocket.

“I can’t burn it… it’s far from the incinerator… I wonder how will I do to eat lunch now.”

I look at the paper I took out.

And then, the cat jumped and robbed me of the paper.

“Ah! Hey! No, give it back! She will hurt you if I don’t do as she said! That paper is important to keep you safe!”

I chased Mr. kitty in a hurry, but the cat ran away.

Please don’t let her know this blunder…

I once again wished for this to end.


Ten days went by after that happened again.

A new scene took place today.


The place is a corner of the school grounds.

On the banks of a pond in a garden full of colorful flowers.

I rushed and pushed Luluna into the pond.

With a loud noise, Luluna fell into the pond.

The splash of water suddenly went up unexpectedly, and even watered me.

I wonder if the momentum was too good.

I was worried and looked into the pond.

Then she immediately started with her lines.

Good, it looks like she approved my acting.

“Why, why…? Merucha… Why do this…?! I’ve done something again for you to be angry at me…?”

“Oh ho ho! I’m sorry! I was just in a hurry, so I bumped into you… An accident… just an accident… Ouch!!”

When I tried to keep up my usual laughter and keep on speaking, Sebastian pulled me off my shoulder with force.

“I’m telling you to leave Luluna alone…!”

Sebastian raises his hand and is about to slap me.

Oh, this is bad… I’ll be beaten this time…!

The moment when I suddenly shrug–


The black tabby cat flew away with a threatening voice that broke the air.

The cat rushed into Sebastian’s shoes and he was shocked and out of balance.

“Wow! What is this cat doing!! ??Ah…”

Once again, a big splash came. It was Sebastian turn now.

(Well, I’m sorry…! No way, this is happening… What should I do? What should I do after this…!?)

When I saw Sebastian and Luluna, they were staring at the cat and me with eyes of extreme hate.

I scream a little and hug the cat at my feet.

“Um, sorry sorry!!”

With the cat held in my arms, I ran away at full speed.

Suddenly when I took it into my arms, I was surprised to see that the cat was stiff.

I run out of breath and run to the back of the school building.

I wondered if it would be okay around here, so I release the cat from my arms.

“I’m sorry, I made you scared… the two of them fell into the pond, I’m sure they’re angry now, so you’ll be hiding in the church instead of wandering for a while!”

The cat squealed meow, and with a sad expression, he escaped into the plants.

Seeing it off, I breathe in relief.

(Well… I can’t help it… I failed… Let’s go back and change clothes)

I dragged my feet while trying to dry off my wet skirt and stepped into the dorm.

That evening I went to the church.

The cat didn’t show up on the following days, perhaps because he understood my words and is hiding from Luluna and Sebastian.

As usual, he may be asleep in the back of the church.
I enter the church, look around, and proceed to the inner chapel.

There was no cat anywhere.

I wondered if Luluna might have caught it, but in the look in her eyes, it didn’t seem like that.

After class, I confirmed it with Luluna for a moment, she was just staring as usual, nothing had changed.

I’m sure about it, because if she had captured the cat, she’d be laughing if she sees me.

It is strange to be relieved when being stared at.

I already know her personality.

Looking around for the cat, I walk around and return to the entrance of the church.

On the bench outside, a young male priest was sitting and reading a book.

There are three persons in the church today, an old man, a middle-aged woman, and this man.

The oldest priest is most often seen, followed by the nun.

And I haven’t really seen often this young priest.

He is tall and has a clean, priest-like appearance.

Black hair and sharp golden eyes which are a little scary.

He is always expressionless, and coupled with his neat appearance, he gives a cold impression.

Even if I see him once in a while, we haven’t exchanged greetings until now because I don’t want to approach him.

But today, I’m more concerned about the whereabouts of Mr. black cat. It’s not time to be shy.

I decided to talk to him to ask if he had seen Mr. black cat around the church.

“…Sir, sir, I’m sorry for disturbing your reading… Well, didn’t you see a black tabby cat that is always in the church?”
The priest raised his face from the book and answered me.

“No, I haven’t seen it.”

“Oh, yes… Thank you. I’m sorry.”

The conversation ended smoothly.

The cat doesn’t seem to be here. Is it hiding in another place?

Mr. black cat may have a place other than the church where it takes refuge.

I’m a little worried, but I can’t search until I find Mr. black cat in this large site, so I should give up today and go home.

(Let’s come back to the church again tomorrow morning…)

When I thought so and tried to return, the young priest suddenly spoke to me.

“Does that cat have any use?”

“No, I just…”
The priest stares at my face.

After some thoughtful gesture, he spoke again.

“Take care. I’ll let you know when I see it.”

“Eh… thank you. Thank you for your kindness.”

“No. I like cats too.”

I took a breath.

I thought he was a person with a difficult atmosphere to talk to, but surprisingly his voice was very gentle and soft.

Above all, I was surprised to hear he likes cats.

Besides, it’s very reliable to know that the priests care about me.

If there’re priests who like cats… as they are kind and do charity, even stray cats will be taken good care of.

Salute the priest again and leave the church.

Next time we meet; I’ll say hello to that priest.

Apologizing for my rudeness, I walked back to the dormitory.

The next day, the cat walked around the school with its usual clear face.

I should be worried about it, but when it makes a clear face like this, I lose my momentum.

I couldn’t help but smile at the sullen cat.

The Villainess Is Threatened by the Heroine to “Bully” Her, or the Cat Will Pay

The Villainess Is Threatened by the Heroine to “Bully” Her, or the Cat Will Pay

Heroine Honnin kara "Ijime" wo Suru you Kyouhaku Sareteiru Akuyaku Reijou wa, Kyou mo Shonbori to Neko wo Mederu, ヒロイン本人から「いじめ」をするよう脅迫されている悪役令嬢は、今日もしょんぼりと猫を愛でる
Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
The protagonist, Merucha, is an ordinary noble lady with a fiancé.Both attending the same aristocratic school.However, a woman who claims to be the heroine suddenly appeared and forced her to become a bully, saying, “I want to capture your fiancé, so bully me!”“If you don’t obey, the cute cat will pay for it.”From that day on, Merusha became a villain, and her days of bullying the heroine started, all events according to the heroine’s instructions.“How silly, I’m too embarrassed… I have to bully the heroine because of a stray cat… “Merusha doesn’t have friends.Only a cat and a priest she can talk to … and her fiancé… she would gladly gift him to the heroine.The cat is more important!


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