The Villainess Is Threatened by the Heroine to “Bully” Her, or the Cat Will Pay chapter 1

Threatened by the heroine I became a villainess

“Merusha, please do whatever you want! But don’t approach her anymore!!”

My fiancé gazed at me and yelled.

In the middle of the academy corridor.

A large street where boys and girls with classes and homework come and go without stop.

The name of the lord who is yelling is Sebastian Smith.

He is the second son of the Earl family.

My name was Merucha Arnor.

I’m the same status as him, we both came from an Earl House.

We got engaged when we were ten years old and now we’re both eighteen years old. The same age.

Sebastian shook his neat brown hair, shrugged his face and yelled at me.

“I will not forgive you if you harass Luluna any more!”

On the other hand, continuing with my villainess role, I was playing with my long blonde hair and laughed loudly.

“Is it harassment? I only said to this woman that her uniform was stinky! “

The woman I called “this woman” is Luluna Wellboat. Also 18 years old.

Somehow she seems now a petite woman… and… she’s crying in my fiancé’s arms, Sebastian’s arms.

Her fluffy red lips and bright blonde-pink hair makes her look cute.

She has a lovely appearance like a small animal.

Sebastian hugs Luluna’s shoulders and speaks to her in a soft voice.

“Luluna calm down. Don’t worry about what Merusha says. You always have a sweet and good scent.”

“Sebastian…I’m sorry…I again… disturbed your relationship with your fiancée, Merusha…”

“It’s not true. She’s short-minded. Let’s go to the dinning room. It’s a waste to spend time in a place like this.”

My fiance Sebastian walked away, holding Luluna’s shoulder.

At the end, they glanced at me again, but soon turned around as I started laughing again.

“Oh-ho-ho-ho! Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho…-ho-ho-ho…ha…”

When Sebastian and Luluna disappeared, I finally stopped laughing.

And I sighed grandly.

(Luluna-sama, she was hugged by Sebastian, and she had a satisfied look… It looks like she’s doing well… I hope I won’t be threatened for a while…)

I leave the hallway fast so that I can escape from the eyes around me.

“Ah, I’m embarrassed… I can’t get used to that laughter I have to make… no matter how many times I try…”

Yes, that laughter is just acting.

Or rather, everything is acting.

–Me, Merucha Arnor is being forced to act as a bully.

By none other than Luluna herself…

I walk through the corridor and go outside.

Through the green garden, I headed for a small temple in the corner of the school grounds.

There is no student in the temple, and it is quiet.

The priest is one elderly man. I’m relaxing on the outside bench.

There are usually two more priests in the temple, but it seems they are not here today.

This temple is attached to the academy as a place for students to pray.

However, it is a place that is completely unrelated to the students.

Whenever I come here, I can’t find any other students.

And the priests are relaxed spending their time in the temple.

This is a great place when I want to be alone.

–And I found a fluffy furball on the floor near the entrance of the temple.

It’s a black chubby cat.

“Oh, cat Hello. I wonder how is your mood today.”

I crouch down and touch the cat.

The cat has clear eyes, and my hand is stroking its back.

“You’re fluffier today. There’s a big difference from the clumsy me….”

I comb the cat’s fur while talking.

The lying cat has a cool face even if I touch its belly.

This cat has been familiar with me since I was 13 years old when I entered this academy.

Stroking his fluffy fur is very relaxing.

So, when I feel uncomfortable, I come here to stroke him and replenish my energy.

While stroking the cat vaguely today, I pondered about Luluna and Sebastian.

The reason why I’m bullying Luluna in the first place goes back to two years ago.

Two years ago, they knew each other at the school halfway.

The aristocratic school is a school for children aged from 13 to 18 and is a place where children of aristocrats mainly devote themselves to study.

Of course, I and Sebastian, who both came from an Earl family, were promised to each other at the age of thirteen.

This school is a dormitory system, which makes it difficult for parents to see the students while they are at school.

So the students-especially the boys-would tend to do everything they can’t do in presence of their parents, but Sebastian seemed to be quiet, as was the case in the past.

On the other hand, I was an engaged woman, but because I had a strange personality (I was humble), I was not in any social group in my school.

— It seems that he has been incorporated into the social circles.

Luluna, who enrolled mid-year, immediately seduced my fiancé, Sebastian, as if she had aimed at him.

Probably because my presence is weak.

Luluna is not a venerable family lady, but seems to be a merchant’s daughter who recently became a baron.

The rising Baron family seems to have been rushing to connect with the son of a good family.

And above all, it seems that Sebastian’s looks were good, and her feelings were inflamed.

I didn’t know her thoughts, so I was really carefree.

No, rather than carelessness, I was obediently spending my days studying without being concerned about love.

By the time I noticed, Sebastian was loving Luluna and spending a lot of time with her.

“You are a serious and boring woman. It’s a lot more fun to spend time with her.”

I still remember the day when I received those shocking words.

(-But I’m the one who’s engaged to him… Luluna is like a youth affair.)

I told myself.

Love is a play because of their youth.

I thought that was the relationship between Luluna and Sebastian, so I closed my eyes about their relationship.

However, though.

One day, half a year after Luluna entered the academy.

Suddenly I was summoned to the backyard by her and said something unexpected.

“Hey, Merusha! Please give me Sebastian!”

“… ?”

It didn’t make sense, so I opened my eyes and didn’t answer anything.

“Because Sebastian will definitely be happier with me! It’s fun when I’m with him and my dad wants it!”

“What are you talking about?”

It didn’t make sense to me.

Why do I have to take a decision for my cheating partner?

No, it’s not exactly accurate because we’re not married… Still, the bad story of our separation will spread if I reject him, and that will affect me.

“Well, why are you so obsessed with my fiancé’s name? There are many other options better than him.”

“… Me and Sebastian love each other… I wonder why I shouldn’t be with him then? It’s awful…”

Luluna’s eyes were moist.

It’s funny because I didn’t say anything to her in the first place.

I was terrified and could not even say anything back.

But Luluna said something weird.

“…I thought that I should try to resolve it peacefully… But if Merusha-sama is mean, I’ll try my best not to lose!-Yes, I’ll cancel your engagement with Sebastian. You can be sure of it!”

“Wow!? Sebastian isn’t stupid enough to easily break a house-to-house engagement!… Maybe. Without a good reason, and even if he does, our houses won’t be convinced of it!”


Unfortunately, to say the least, Sebastian is not a very loyal nor intelligent to take decisions…

I take one big sigh and leave her.

“… Well, if you’re done talking to me, I’m leaving…”

This kid is a little weird, was my first impression.

It was decided that we should not be involved so much, but I suddenly stopped by the next words she spoke.

“Then you should make everyone convinced! Merusha, bully me!”

“Why is that…? Isn’t it impossible to do such a thing?”

“Merusha, do you like cats? Won’t you be lonely if it disappears?”

I felt that Luluna’s voice suddenly became cold.

Looking back in amazement, I saw her continue.

“I don’t like cats at all, so I’m not sad at all if it’s gone! Ah, but you seem to like it, not Merusha? So won’t you cry if it disappears?”

“What are you talking about…?”

Despite her cold voice, she turns back to her cute smiley side.

“There is a black cat wandering around the Academy. If this… is not important for you, please don’t listen to me. I look like this, but I’m pretty powerful, I’m good with fire. It’s a cat, so maybe it can be burn crisp in an instant!”

“That kind of thing… It can’t be forgiven! I will tell my teacher that I was threatened…!

I tried to run.

However, she set sparks at my feet.


I couldn’t scream and stood still.

“Huh? Isn’t only attacks for defense? Isn’t Merusha good at attacks? Or are you only good at studying?”

“Ju, it is a violation of school rules to use attacks outside of class…!”

“But this is because Merusha-sama is mean.-Ah! It’s there! The black cat is coming toward us!”

Looking beyond her line of sight, the cat was walking looking at me.

Luluna smiles, turning her hand towards the cat, trying to throw fire at it.

“What will you do Merusha? It’s a pity that I was told by the teacher that it’s just a stray cat.”

“Wait! I understand! I understand…! I’ll do what you say, so stop being violent!”

I cried in a screaming voice, and she answered with a smiley face.

“Then, from today, Merusha is a villainess, and I’m a heroine who can’t endure your bullying. Thank you!”

She left me stunned as she returned to the school walking like a lady on her heels.

When I walked away, I heard some screaming, but it was something I didn’t understand.

“Finally, Merusha will help me! If I’m not bullied, me, the heroine can’t capture my beloved Sebastian. I’m glad that the cat is only a part of the background, it doesn’t affect the sequence of events.”

Thus, the days of me and her “bullying play” have begun.

Of course, I also considered consulting this with my parents and teachers.

But I thought…

As Luluna said, I was afraid of being treated as “one that can’t defend herself”

A cat is in danger and she didn’t attack, she cannot handle anything.

It seemed difficult to block Luluna’s tactics using the power of my house.

Basically, within the aristocratic academy, there is a rule that the power of a house is invalid.

This is because the family is linked to the hierarchical relationship in the kingdom.

Both students and teachers are not allowed to intervene at power problems. That is the policy of the school.

In addition, pets are strictly prohibited in the dormitories.

In my parents’ house, my younger brother has a weak constitution, so pets are also strictly prohibited there too.

I won’t be able to hide it or keep it.

That’s why I decided to “get through the trouble with her by myself”.

The Villainess Is Threatened by the Heroine to “Bully” Her, or the Cat Will Pay

The Villainess Is Threatened by the Heroine to “Bully” Her, or the Cat Will Pay

Heroine Honnin kara "Ijime" wo Suru you Kyouhaku Sareteiru Akuyaku Reijou wa, Kyou mo Shonbori to Neko wo Mederu, ヒロイン本人から「いじめ」をするよう脅迫されている悪役令嬢は、今日もしょんぼりと猫を愛でる
Score 8.2
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
The protagonist, Merucha, is an ordinary noble lady with a fiancé.Both attending the same aristocratic school.However, a woman who claims to be the heroine suddenly appeared and forced her to become a bully, saying, “I want to capture your fiancé, so bully me!”“If you don’t obey, the cute cat will pay for it.”From that day on, Merusha became a villain, and her days of bullying the heroine started, all events according to the heroine’s instructions.“How silly, I’m too embarrassed… I have to bully the heroine because of a stray cat… “Merusha doesn’t have friends.Only a cat and a priest she can talk to … and her fiancé… she would gladly gift him to the heroine.The cat is more important!


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