The Villainess Detective, On The Case Of The Broken Engagement Murder chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

The Kingdom Of Fazan, Royal Castle (18:00)

It had been raining for more than two hours. It may have been fitting weather for such a significant day.

And what made it so notorious, were the events playing out right now.

At a noble’s social event, his blonde hair shaking, Prince Chris suddenly declared:

“Millia: regrettably, I am breaking my engagement with you.”

At such a sudden, dramatic declaration, the Duke’s daughter Lady Millia stared at the crown prince. Did things come to pass after all? Where did she make a mistake? She was getting desperate.

This is the world of the game she used to play in her previous life. She was a 25-year-old woman who’d reincarnated as its villainess. With her previous life’s knowledge, she tried to topple her Ruin Flag. She was kind to her friends and became a noble lady beloved by her constituents. However, it seems that some mysterious corrective power wanted to ensure Millia’s ruin.

The harder she worked, the more events that weren’t in the original game happened, and the deeper the relationship grew between the game’s Heroine and the Crown Prince. And on the other hand, the distance between Millia and the Crown Prince widened.

“Millia, I sentence you to deportation…” Chris said.

And the moment he tried to declare Millia’s ruination…

“It’s an emergency!”

The guards rushed into the banquet hall in a panic.

“What’s wrong? You’re bothering me,” Chris said, frustrated as he turns his attention to the guards.

“Forgive us. But, it’s important,” one of them said. “Just earlier, the body of the Viscount’s daughter Lady Anne was discovered!”

“What?!!” Chris cried.

It turned out the game’s Heroine and the prince’s paramour, Lady Anne, daughter of a Viscount, was found in a miserable state in the royal castle’s courtyard. By that time, the rain had already stopped.

Her body was soaked by the sudden downpour. Her supposedly beautiful pink hair has been soiled with blood and mud. The blood was also already dry.

Millia calmly analyzed that the direct cause of death was a brain contusion, caused by a powerful blow to the head with some sort of blunt instrument. She may not have even realized she was being killed, as she was struck by a single blow while her guard was down.

The murder weapon could not be found. The suspect may have removed it from the scene. In addition, the rain camouflaged their fleeing footsteps.

“This is so frustrating,” Millia sighed. Because the murdered woman was the Prince’s paramour. Millia’s romantic rival. She was Suspect #1, considering he and her were already on the verge of breaking their engagement. “She was overwhelmed by her hatred of her fiance’s paramour and sought satisfaction.” It was a story that was simple and everyone could understand.

Prince Chris weeps at the body of his paramour.

Then, when he suddenly stood up, he turned to Millia and his shoulders began to shake.

“Why, why did you kill her?” he asked. “Because of your grudge from your engagement being abandoned? You bitch. I’m going to kill you. I’m going to carve you up with my Ice magic!”

Prince Chris was one of the few users of Ice magic. In this world, magical powers were classified into Ice, Lightning, Wind, Fire, Life, and Darkness. For example, Millia was a Life mage and was good at recovery magic. However, she could not handle Dark magic well, which was its polar opposite attribute.

“With all due respect, Your Highness, I did not kill her,” Millia said.

“Are you really going to say that?” Chris replied. “That’s what all murderers claim.”

“It’s physically impossible,” Millia said. “Me, killing her…”

“What are you talking about?” Chris snapped.

“Don’t you know?” Millia asked. “She was killed before it rained, that is, more than 2 hours ago, yes?”

“So what does that have to do with this?!” Chris roared.

“I was having my dress and make-up done in time to prepare for the party, with my handmaid Maria,” Millia said. “Additionally, although the announcement of our broken engagement was a bit out of left field, this was meant to be our graduation party, wasn’t it? So, before the event, I was proofreading your speech’s manuscript with His Excellency, the Prime Minister. If you include that, I have an alibi for more than 6 hours.”

“Then, why do you know that Anne died before it rained?!!” Chris said. “That’s proof that you’re the culprit.”

“Understood,” Milia said. “I implore you, take a quick look around her…”

“What for?!!” Chris yelled.

“For example, the ground beneath Lady Anne’s body is too solid if it were exposed to the rain,” Millia said. “Other areas are muddier but not directly around her. And again, it was raining. If she was killed during the downpour, she would have had fewer bloodstains in her hair as they would have been washed away. But, the strands are caked with dried blood. Which means that she was killed and left here, and after a while, it began to rain.”

“Grr…” Chris growled.

Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to let the matter go.

“Did you understand all that?” Millia asked.

“But if you didn’t do it directly and asked someone else to do it in your stead, it would be possible you’re the mastermind, wouldn’t it?” Chris said. “Your father would make that quite easy.”

There was no denying that. But she thought it was unlikely.

“There wasn’t such an event in the game. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d be a detective again since I died and reincarnated in this world,” she mused to herself, smiling.

It’s been an hour since the body was discovered.

The party guests were held at the venue.

Ultimately, there wasn’t any progress made on the deportation. It seemed Prince Chris had no jurisdiction over the matter in the first place, so it may have been impossible to have it acted upon.

The guards conducted an ongoing investigation. From a guard Millia was acquainted with, she heard that the culprit was still unknown. However, in terms of suspects, there was one person that had come up.

It was the Second Prince Lutz, Prince Chris’s half-brother.

Prinze Lutz seemed to have been close to Lady Anne even before Prince Chris was introduced to her. Millia was certain he was also a Capture Target in the game.

However, as soon as Lady Anne met Prince Chris, she seemed to have cut off Prinze Lutz entirely and switched her attention to his older half-brother.

Afterward, Prince Lutz seemed to be a bit of a stalker, sticking close to Lady Anne.

They also knew that Prince Lutz had sneaked out in the middle of the party. The pants of his trousers were filthy with mud. Additionally, the Head Maid of the royal palace had witnessed him running through the courtyard then away from there.

Taken as a whole, he was the most suspicious suspect. It seemed the guards running the investigation thought so, as well.

“This is ridiculous, isn’t it?” shakily said Lady Grace, Lady Millia’s classmate and best friend, as she stood by her side.

She was a rather quiet woman. She was on good terms with Lady Millia but rarely seen talking to the rest of her social circle.

“Indeed,” Millia said. “What did you think of Lady Anne, Grace?”

“It’s nothing good,” Grace replied. “Actually, I should have told you before all this happened. I couldn’t, because I thought it might hurt you.”

“What couldn’t you say?” Millia asked.

“Alright,” Grace replied. “Honestly, I heard it being whispered about. It seems that Lady Anne had been telling Prince Chris that you’ve been bullying her at every possible opportunity. But it’s strange. If you listen to her stories, she told His Highness you harassed her while you and I were out shopping or having tea together…”

“Is that so…?” Millia asked.

It seemed the Heroine wasn’t the sane and delicate beauty of the game, she was more like an attractive villain.

“So, two days ago, I told Prince Chris. I gathered up my courage,” Grace said. “‘Lady Millia hasn’t done any of that. Lady Anne is filling you with lies.’ And I told him about the times when you supposedly harassed Lady Anne. I gave you your alibi, that you were spending time with me… but His Highness was skeptical—it seems he couldn’t believe my claims because he was planning to declare your engagement broken at this party. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.”

“That’s not true at all,” Millia said. “You were courageous for my sake. I’m happy enough to hear that. Thank you, Grace.”

“Uuh,” Grace moaned. “But, maybe that woman really should have died, right? She was trying to steal both of His Highnesses.”

Seeing her friend be so indignant for her sake energized Millia. If she solved this case, they may be able to live happily after.

And then Millia met up with Maria. Maria was her handmaid of 5 years, who had been serving Millia since she was little. Maria was originally a low-ranking aristocrat, taken into service with the Duke’s family after her House fell. Although it was a master-servant relationship, Maria is more of an older sister to Millia, teaching her about etiquette and helping her with her studies.

“I commend your enduring all that, Miss,” Maria said. “If you would permit it, I would like to strike His Highness several times over.”

“It’s alright, Maria,” Millia said. “For the moment, it seems the threat of deportation is gone.”

“In truth, there is something I haven’t told you, Miss,” Maria said.

“What is it?” Millia asked.

“Yes, my family’s House was deceived and ruined by Lady Anne’s family,” Maria said.

“What do you mean?!” Maria cried.

Maria explained that the Viscount had borrowed money from them then ran with it, under the pretenses of making special arrangements with the royal family. As a result, many lower aristocrats than them lost their livelihoods and their Houses fell. There were a great number of people with a grudge against the Viscount. His Majesty, the King, seemed to have been on the alert.

“Yes, thank you for telling me,” Millia said. “The more I investigate, the worse the rumors that surface.”

With this, Millia gradually became aware she was the victim. She didn’t know this story because she kept as far away as possible from Lady Anne and the Capture Targets, to prevent Flags from being raised.

“She was so sane and reasonable in the game,” Millia muttered to herself. “Perhaps my reincarnation has changed the direction of this world. Maybe it’s fate trying to correct itself. Maybe the role of the Villainess has been transferred to her.”

In the end, Millia sits in a chair and bangs her head against her desk. She put her hands together, stared at the void, and endlessly muttered to herself. Those were her habits from her previous life.

The missing murder weapon. The traces of the criminal were washed away with the rain. Prince Lutz was witnessed fleeing the scene. The dark rumors about the victim and her family, deceivers both. And the assault that happened during the preparations for the party.

“You’re the only one that can get yourself out of this mess, alright?”

After quoting one of her most respected detectives, Millia asked Maria to gather all the parties involved.

It was time to finish this…

“Is it true that you’ve found the culprit, Lady Millia?” asked the Knight Captain, surprised.

“Yes, of course,” Millia said. “Once I figured out, the case turned out to be simple.”

“What are you talking about?!” Chris shouted. “The criminal is probably Lutz or you, upset after your engagement was broken! I have no idea what you’re saying.”

“That’s not true, Brother,” Lutz said. “Yes, I found Lady Anne’s body, but I just got scared and ran away. It’s obvious that I was acting suspiciously. But, I didn’t kill her. It’s true. Everyone: believe me!!”

But the party guests didn’t trust his words. In fact, many have witnessed Prinze Lutz persistently getting into arguments with Lady Anne.

“Why don’t you believe me?” Lutz asked.

“You should just hurry up and confess, Lutz,” Prince Chris cried as he grabbed his half-brother by the chest and started shaking him. “Where the hell did you hide the murder weapon?!!”

“Why…?” Lutz moaned, shaking his head in despair.

“Your Highness, Chris, unfortunately, His Highness, Lutz, is not the culprit,” Millia said. “He could never have been the culprit.”

“What do you mean?!” Chris cried.

“Prince Lutz’s clothes were not soiled,” Millia said. “The suspect struck the victim’s head with a blunt instrument. It’s normal for blood to come splattering all over their clothes. But, his clothes had no traces of it.”

“I’m certain he was there because of the mud on his trousers,” Chris said. “He could have changed his coat and so on. It’s not proof exonerating Lutz!”

“No, you’ve got it wrong,” Millia said. “If Prince Lutz was the culprit, it’s strange that the hem of his pants was dirty with mud because Lady Anne was attacked before it rained. But, he had plenty on them, which means he must have gone through the courtyard after it had rained and it had gotten extremely muddy, you see? And the witnesses all say that Prinze Lutz hadn’t changed his pants before or after the party.”

Furious, Prince Chris rushed right up to Millia and grabbed her. “If so, who? Who killed her?!”

Millia easily pried him off her. “Please stop playing around, Your Highness.”

“Huh?” Chris asked.

“I already know who it is, you know,” Millia said. “Lady Anne’s true murderer was Prince Chris, you.”

“What do you mean?” Chris asked. “Why am I the perpetrator?! Oh, that’s why, you’re trying to escape. You’re pinning the blame on me before you flee. How obscene!”

“Save it after I tell you my reasoning,” Millia said. “The criminal summoned Lady Anne to the courtyard after noon. Perhaps he told her he wanted to talk about the future, then she would come without hesitation. That is equivalent to him saying he wants to choose Lady Anne as their new fiance after breaking their engagement with me. And it would be difficult for His Highness Lutz to summon her, considering she’s so wary of him.”

“But then you should be able to do that, too,” Chris said. “All you have to do is tell her you’re giving up your position as my fiance to her, so you wished to speak to her alone. Even if you weren’t there at the courtyard, you could have ordered hired assassins to lie in wait. The assassination would have been easy!!”

“I see,” Millia said. “Yes, that’s certainly possible. So, let’s infer the next action, assuming that. The criminal who summoned Anne would get behind her while chatting with her. Then, using the blunt instrument they’d readied, aimed for her head…”

With Maria standing in as the victim, Millia mimed moving around her and attacking Maria from behind.

“That is also a contradiction,” Chris said. “If you have a blunt weapon that could kill someone, they’d be wary from the start. There was no way someone could let their guard down speaking to such a suspicious person! Furthermore, blood would be all over the weapon. If you brought it back to the royal palace, you’d definitely be suspicious, but if you tossed it in the courtyard, it would be found immediately. How do you explain this?”

“It’s easy,” Millia replied. “You make one from scratch.”

“What…?” Chris asked.

“It’s as Your Highness said earlier,” Millia said. ‘“Why, why did you kill her? Because of your grudge from your engagement being abandoned? You bitch. I’m going to kill you. I’m going to carve you up with my Ice magic!’”

Prince Chris’s face turned a deep blue.

“So, you went around behind Lady Anne’s back, used Ice magic to create a lump of it, slammed it into the back of her head, and then the ice block would both shatter to pieces and scatter,” Millia said. “If it’s a small chunk, it would melt over time. Then there would be no traces of the weapon left. After that, you’d change into the clothes you had prepared for the party and attend it without suspicion. You could do it. Your Highness is the star of the event. No one would feel unusual even if you changed into your full outfit after noon. Moreover, if you declared our engagement broken at the party, people would be suspicious of me. You’d be more likely to escape without your crimes being exposed. You could have done it, as you’re one of this world’s few Ice magic users.”


“You might be thinking of making an excuse like this, won’t you? ‘If that’s true, where are the bloodied clothes?’” Millia asked. “This is just speculation, but abandoning them in the courtyard would be too risky. But burning them in the courtyard? If you do that, the smoke would have sped up the discovery of the body. There was also a high risk you would be found while you set the fire. All that aside, Fire magic is the opposite of Ice magic, your specialty. Therefore, you put the bloody clothes in a bag and I believe you’ve kept them in your room where you could keep a close eye over them.”

“… Ugh.”

Prince Chris hung his head, as Millia had thought.

“Come now, say something, Your Highness,” Millia said.

“Yes, you’re right,” Chris said. “I killed her.”

The confession makes the whole venue abuzz.

“Why would you do that…?” Millia said.

“I loved her. But, for her, I was just an accessory,” Chris said. “She wanted the title of Future Queen, not me. After I realized that, I moved to end our affair. I tried, but she wouldn’t allow it. Lady Anne said, ‘If you don’t marry me, I’ll tell them you betrayed your fiance, that you’ve been cheating on her with me all this time. I’ll give them the worst story possible, you know? It doesn’t matter if it did or didn’t happen. Then, you’ll be finished. You’ll no longer be allowed to succeed the throne. So you? Break your engagement with Lady Millia. You have to be mine. You have no choice, don’t you? So, at the next party, you’ll have to publicly announce it and deport that woman.’”

Prince Chris jerked around like a broken doll the whole while.

“So that’s why you did it, huh?” Millia said.

“Yes,” Chris said. “At that courtyard was my last chance. If Anne had returned my feelings then, I wouldn’t have killed her. But, she did not. So that’s why I…”

He screamed as if crying, “I was supposed to be the chosen one. I was supposed to be beloved by all as the kingdom’s next King. But why? It’s all your fault. You, Millia, and Anne as well. If you had respected me more, none of this would have happened. I’m the next king, after all. What’s so wrong with killing Anne? She neglected me. That’s why I had to kill her!!”

“Unfortunately, Your Highness,” Millia said, “you’re the one who makes and compels the people to obey the laws of this kingdom. If you broke it yourself, you have lost your authority. In this, all Kings are equal. You’re so selfish and remorseless, you will have to be tried as a murderer.”

“That can’t be,” Chris said. “If that happens, I’ll be sentenced to death. It’ll be the guillotine for me. That’s insane, isn’t it? Come on, show me some mercy. Millia, I will repair our engagement. I will never cheat on you again. Please, forgive me.”

“Ugh, it’s too late,” Millia said. “You’ve already betrayed me. Our relationship ends here.”

“No,” Chris whispered. “I don’t want to die for such a woman. I’m the future King…”

His Majesty, the King, grabbed Prince Chris as he looked on at the knights. “Everyone,” His Majesty snapped, “right now, my son has caused a grave scene and a serious crime as well. Effective immediately, I am disowning Chris. He will also be subject to a full legal trial. As will the Viscount, who was the root cause of this incident. I have heard the dark rumors about this House, and I will investigate them closely.”

As Prince Chris was taken away, he screamed.

“Millia,” His Majesty said. “My idiotic son has caused you a great deal of inconvenience and suffering. I will take full responsibility and guarantee you recompense. I, too, am also more than a little upset by these events.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” Millia said.

“You’ve been a great help,” His Majesty said.

And so, the party ended. All that was left was the disgraceful truth of the Former First Prince’s murder of his paramour.

3 Days Later

Lady Millia met her classmate Lady Grace at a cafe.

They talked with each other over tea.

At first, Lady Grace was careful and said nothing about the incident with the Former First Prince, but eventually, it seemed she just couldn’t hide her desire to talk about it.

“Say, Grace,” Millia said. “About Former Prince Chris and Lady Anne…”

“Ye-Yes?!!” Grace cried.

She seemed determined to finally talk about it. However, Millia’s following words were beyond her imagination:

Everything went as you planned, hadn’t it?”

“What–?!” Grace cried, surprised, her eyes wide. “What are you talking about, Lady Millia?”

“You know what it is,” Millia said. “Didn’t you say that you told Prince Chris who Lady Anne really was? And then that incident occurred. You manipulated everything behind the scenes, aiming for this to happen, weren’t you?”

“… That’s a false accusation,” Grace said.

“Yes, it is,” Millia said. “But, the people at school have informed me: you and Lady Anne were talking. I was surprised because you’re so withdrawn… yet you warned the Former First Prince. On top of that, you were also informing Lady Anne, weren’t you? You said that the Prince was going to break his relationship with her. Am I wrong?”


“You dared to drive a wedge between the two and hoped they would separate,” Millia said. “I don’t think you realized one of them would try to kill the other. Maybe your reason is revenge for your parents, against the Viscount. I heard that your family was also deceived by them, and your father died of heartache.”

“You’re right,” Grace said.

“Was that the trigger?” Millia said softly.

Millia slowly shook her head. “No. I couldn’t forgive them, but that’s not the only reason.”

“Then, what else was it?” Millia asked.

“Don’t you already know?”

“No, I don’t,” Millia replied.

“So you really haven’t realized them at all, my feelings for you?” Grace said, smiling sadly. She had tears in her eyes.

“What do you mean?” Millia asked.

“Millia, you, I… I loved you…” Grace confesses, quivering.


Milla was taken aback and speechless.

“That’s why I couldn’t forgive him,” Grace said. “When he was still Crown Prince, engaged to a wonderful person like you, he repeatedly cheated on you… that woman was his paramour… so I thought I should ruin it. I didn’t expect Chris would resort to murder, but… but there was a part of me that said, ‘You deserved it.’ I was happy that the two people that betrayed you were both ruined.”

And at that moment she laughed, her eyes cold.

Millia was terrified just watching her. Even when she was a detective in her previous life, she never recalled feeling that from a criminal.

However, she felt an overwhelming talent in her best friend before her.

A talent that could make others go insane, driving them to violence…

If Lady Grace took even one step off the straight and narrow, it would be falling into the world of insanity with her.

“Now, Lady Millia, please, condemn me,” Grace said.

But Millia can’t. She just stated the facts. If this was a case, that was all she could have done.

Hence, she can’t judge her as a criminal.

“Unfortunately, you’ve just informed me of the facts,” Millia said. “It’s not your fault a crime was committed.”

“So do I have to live with this feeling of guilt for the rest of my life?”

“Yes, tragically,” Millia said.

“… Then, Lady Millia: would you please hear my request?” Grace said.

“Yes,” Millia said. “I consider you my best friend. Please, ask me anything.”

“Forget my confession, and stay with me always,” Grace said.

“Yes, gladly,” Millia said.

They made a pact to live with their shared secret.

The genius detective and the brilliant instigator who loved her signed a contract to live together as friends.

The two leisurely left the cafe and began to walk into the city.

The Villainess Detective, On The Case Of The Broken Engagement Murder

The Villainess Detective, On The Case Of The Broken Engagement Murder

Score 7
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
This is the kingdom of Fazan.During a party at the royal castle, the First Prince declares to his fiance:“Millia: regrettably, I am breaking my engagement with you.”And the moment before Lady Millia, the Prince’s Fiance, was about to be sentenced to deportation…The body of the First Prince’s paramour was discovered!Lady Millia, whose engagement was just broken, was suspected of being the murderer, however…She was a detective in her previous life?!!And so she challenges the mystery to prove her innocence.


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