The Strongest Landlord in History chapter 7

hronicles of Jiangshen Beauty

All of it, all of it was wrong!

It was only at this time that this old man from the Chu Family woke up like a dream.

They had all misjudged Lin Lan.


Lin Lan threw another punch, sending both of these old man’s arms, out of socket.


Lin Lan’s fist came out like the wind, an attack as fierce as a tiger, knocking the old man straight down on the ground.

The people around were frozen in awe, and the crowd resounded with the sound of sucking in breath.

Lin Lan’s strength was it really only at the peak of the Body Refining Realm?

This old man from the Chu family was at the third level of the Returning Origin Realm in strength!

The martial realms in their world, from low to high, were the Body Refining Realms. The Qi Refining Realm, also called the Qi Transformation Realm, in that order.

Then, in order, there is the Returning Origin Realm, the God Transformation Realm, the Golden Dan Realm, the Harmonious Void Realm, the Dao Entry Realm, the Returning Xuan Realm and the God Emperor Realm.

The strength of the third level of the Returning Origin realm is enough to destroy houses and trees. All can be destroyed by this old man.

But why, when facing a young man at the peak of the Body Refining Realm, the old man had no power to fight back when the two of them fought?

It was unbelievable.

With a Returning Element realm triple, force outwardly, it was impossible for a person of Refining Body realm strength to get close enough.

However, Lin Lan’s attacks seemed to be completely unaffected by the old man’s defenses. His fists attacked directly and smoothly into the old man’s body, causing his opponent to be injured in one blow.

This kind of striking style, what kind of technique was it? How was Lin Lan able to do this?

Everyone saw these two fighting each other, but none of them knew what was going on?

Not a single person understood what was happening.

“Uncle Jiang, Uncle Hu, these people, are you still able to deal with them?”

After knocking down that old man from the Chu family, Lin Lan took a step back and asked his own servants.

The Lin family also had its own servants. These were the family servants who had gone through the great waves, and stayed behind, extremely loyal to the Lin family.

Those who were not loyal had all left long ago.

And these people from the Chu family wanted to come and take advantage of their Lin family now and swallow it up in one gulp.

For such people who had intentions against their family, would Lin Lan be polite to them?

All powers were built by fighting with blood and fire.

To safeguard their interests in this world of the weak and the strong, people had to establish their authority.

To let others know that there is a certain power that others should not mess with lightly and cannot afford to mess with.

If they wanted to mess with their rivals, they would have to pay a huge price for it. In Blood.

The Lin family was now telling the Chu family that if they wanted to make a move against their Lin family, then the Chu family would have to come up with greater strength.

Otherwise, they would not be able to swallow the Lin family. On the contrary, they would choke themselves to death.

That Uncle Jiang naturally understood Lin Lan’s meaning. Lin Lan was preparing to take these people from the Chu Family and kill the ambitions of some people who wanted to make moves against the Lin Family.

If they wanted to bully the orphans and widows of the Lin family, then they should be prepared to suffer a lesson in blood themselves.

Uncle Jiang’s mood perked up.

The injuries he had sustained, although not light, were again much lighter than his opponents.

Moreover, right now, the Lin family was gaining power, and as a servant, he naturally had to bow and die to do his best for the Lord’s family.

He agreed and said, “Young master, I may not able to much but. I won’t let any of these people level here!”

Uncle Jiang had worked for the Lin family all his life and had deep feelings for the Lin family.

Lin Lan’s mother, as well as Lin Lan’s, had all been watched by him since he was a child and had walked step by step to where they were today.

Although the fall of the Lin family made him feel sad, but, flowers don’t last a hundred days, and Uncle Jiang knew that it was a very helpless thing to do.

All he could do was just to try his best to support the Lin family even more.

Today, when the Chu family came to attack, he thought that the Lin family would definitely not be able to survive this.

With the current strength of the Lin family, it would undoubtedly be like praying mantis to deal with the Chu family and do nothing.

But he would never give up either, and would definitely fight to the death for the Lin Family.

Because that’s what a servant of his Lin Family should do.

At this moment, when he saw that Lin Lan suddenly had such capabilities, although he was like in a dream, his mood was then lifted up.

The Lin family had a descendant, and although he did not know how long Lin Lan would be able to support the Lin family, for now, they still had a fighting chance against these minions of the Chu family.

Of course, Jiang would not go soft on these people, and would pull a few back even before he died.

Growing up in a world like this, one could only take one’s life little by little to survive.

Otherwise, he would have to sink to the very bottom of society.

“Old Hu, Old Gu, take your own men and hold the position, none of these little brats will be allowed to leave today.”

Jiang Qingshan was saying to his two companions.

He, Hu Jinquan and Gu Wanzhan, those were the first people to follow Lin Yuanfeng and fight in the world.

Back then, they had received favors from Lin Yuanfeng, and now they were certainly devoted to repaying them.

When everyone else ran away like rats. Only three of them stayed behind.

Now, they were the pillars of the Lin family.

In the past, when no one in the Lin family was able to stand up for themselves, they were a few loyal servants who only knew how to do their best.

But now that Lin Lan seemed to be on the rise, Jiang Qingshan felt as if all his efforts had a purpose not in vain.

All of their efforts needed to have a direction. They needed a leader.

Now Lin Lan was that leader.

Jiang was a man of great pride.

Hu Jinquan, Hu Wanzhan, was also fired up this time.

In the past, the Lin family did not have a family head, and although they did their best, they also felt that there was little hope for their future.

Now that Lin Lan had stepped forward, it was as if they had seen a pillar of strength, so of course they were full of spirit again.

At that time, the three of them, each with their own followers, pounced on the Chu family.

Jiang Qingshan glanced at the old man from the Chu family, a fierce glint in his eyes.

It was at this man’s hands that he had suffered a loss before, and at this time, he really wanted to go up and cut this man’s head off with a single slash.

But this man had been wounded by Lin Lan, and Lin Lan had not done anything to him, so of course Jiang Qingshan could not do anything to him at this time.

Lin Lan was obviously going to keep the old man useful.

At that moment, he had no choice but to take out his hatred for the old man on the rest of the Chu family here.

At this time, the rest of the Chu family had lost their most important general, and half of them had been killed by the old man.

And, it was a time of disillusionment and panic.

These servants of the Lin family rushed into the group and killed them all at once.

There were just a few difficult ones, and Lin Lan took the time to give them a few blows, which caused these people to be seriously injured and fall to the ground. They were finally killed by the Lin family.

When these people came before, each one of them thought they had come to collect a treasure. At this moment, when the situation had developed to this point, they were faced with a massacre by the Lin family.

The group of people were crying out, hating their parents for having given them two less legs.

If they wanted to escape, they couldn’t even do so!

In a short while, all these people from the Chu family were almost slaughtered by the Lin family.

“Leave a few people behind, let them clean up the battlefield!”

Lin Lan, seeing that the big picture had been decided, instructed Jiang Qingshan and the others.

Afterwards, he was retreating to the beautiful woman and the maid, Azhu.

“Mom, you should go in first!”

Lin Lan said to the beautiful woman.

Shi Enhui looked at Lin Lan and did not know what to say. This was her son, but she felt strange.

In the past, Lin Lan was not such a person.

But no matter what, this was, her son, the one she had always, deeply loved.

“How did you …… do that?”

She was unsure how to say it, so she pondered for a long time and finally just asked for this sentence.

This was the biggest doubt in her heart, and of course she had to ask.

This one was just unbelievable.

“What’s wrong with it? Haven’t I always been like this? And why would you say how could I be like that this time, mum?”

Lin Lan was smiling like always and said to the beautiful woman.

“I still have some things to take care of, so you’d better go in first, mum.”

Lin Lan was urging the beauty woman to go into the Lin house. He had to get rid of her quickly.

“How dare you hide something from me.”

The beauty woman was saying this in a very unhappy manner. Her son hadn’t given her an answer to the matter and she was sulking inside.

There was nothing Lin Lan would have kept from her before!

Still, she obeyed Lin Lan’s words and went into the mansion.

It wasn’t really much fun to watch the killing outside.

The Strongest Landlord in History

The Strongest Landlord in History

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The Strongest Landlord in HistoryOnce prosperous Lin family, Is in decline.Lin Lan, the only heir of family must fight to defend his people from the world, who are eying their greedy eyes to Lin Lan’s rich land. And must protect his family.


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