The Strongest Landlord in History chapter 6

The All-Time Master


This Chu Family servant moved like the wind, turning back and dashed towards those from the Chu Family, going on a killing spree.

There were as many as seventy to eighty people from the Chu family, and all of whom were skilled individuals from the Chu family.

Although the Lin family used to be a family of martial kings in Lancang County, the reality was cruel.

Since Lin Yuanfeng had lost his power, the tree had fallen and scattered, and most of the Lin family’s vassals had long since run away.

The vassals will always choose a strong master and will tend to fall to whichever house has the strength.

Now, apart from a few loyal servants, there is no one left in the Lin family.

The Chu family had sent so many people, and if there were no unforeseen circumstances, it was sufficient to deal with the Lin family.

The Lin family could be said to have only orphans and widows now, none of whom could stand up to the task.

Once the Chu family had made their move, they would have been able to take care of them.

It was a pity that things had suddenly gone so awry and Chu Yan had fallen into Lin Lan’s hands.

Now Lin Lan was blackmailing the Chu family, making them kill each other.

For the sake of Chu Yan’s safety, the Chu family servants had no choice but to be ruthless and kill their own people.

These people, dead, could be recruited, but Chu Yan, dead, could not be revived.

He would also have to be chastised.

For the sake of himself, for the sake of his master, other irrelevant people, kill them, what’s the pity?

If word got out to the outside world, they could also say that these people, all of them, had been killed by the Lin family in a life-and-death struggle with the Lin family.

This would not have too much of a reputational impact on the Chu Family, and they could recruit more people in the future.

In this world, anyway, strength was the root of everything. Reputation was not.

In the past, when the Lin family was the Martial King, their reputation wasn’t bad, but that didn’t allow the Lin family to leave many appendages behind after they broke down.

When you are incapable of protecting others and have no use for them, most people in this world, will abandon you.

They will not think of your reputation.

Those who want glory and wealth will always be there.

After a wave of beheadings, on the Chu family’s side, 30 to 40 people fell, those left behind were some important people of the Chu family, and some of their personal guards.

Lin Lan saw that there were still people standing on the Chu Family’s side, and that Chu Family old man, to his surprise, stopped fighting.

He was surprised and said, “Why didn’t you kill them? Didn’t I say that I told you to kill them all?”

“You ……”

The old man was furious.

Being forced to do something, he had already begged for his life, but Lin Lan even wanted him to kill all of the Chu family.

Did Lin Lan think that others must obey such a request?

“You think I can kill them all by myself?”

This old man was asking Lin Lan angrily.

He did not say that he was unwilling to kill any more. Only that he might not be able to do so.

This was certainly a tactic of response.

But this didn’t seem to pose a problem for Lin Lan.

“Er ……”

Lin Lan said, “Actually, whether you kill them or they kill you, I don’t mind at all.”

“I just want all of you to die.”


These words of Lin Lan made that old man gasp for breath as he listened to them.

However, he could not outburst.

Chu Yan was still in the other party’s hands. What else could he do to Lin Lan?

“Kid, do you dare to let go of my young master and let’s have a real battle?”

“What kind of heroic act is it for you to use a hostage to threaten others like this?”

The old man said with hatred.

Lin Lan snorted, “Is what you people are doing, bullying the weak, is that considered a heroic act? If you are not, why are you forcing me to be a hero?”


The old man was again unable to speak because of Lin Lan’s loathing.

Lin Lan saw that even if he wanted this old man to kill, it seemed that he would not be able to do it cleanly, how would people listen to him and kill all of their own people?

At most, they would kill some of the outsiders, and the close personal guards, they would not kill.

This was something that he still had to do himself.

So Lin Lan added, “Actually, you didn’t need to kill these people just now. Did you actually not hear what I was saying at all?”

“I have been saying that I am not going to let your family’s third young master die this time, I want him to live and see what he, the Chu Family, can actually do to my Lin Family.”

“So, I will torture him yes, but killing him, is definitely not.”

“And you actually listened to me and went to kill one of your own.”

“Hey, do you have a personal vendetta against those you killed! Do you want them all dead so badly. hahaha?”

Gege…… squeaked ……

That old man was so angry that he gritted his teeth. Lin Lan had tricked him and was laughing at him here!

And, by the way, he had picked a dial and left a gap.

What of those who died, all had personal grudges against him, was he taking personal revenge this time?

If Lin Lan said that, what would he make those other people in the Chu family, think?

This guy, has a cruel heart, must not offend him in the future.

If you offend him, you have to do so to the death, otherwise, you might be blackmailed by him at some point.

That’s probably the impression he’s giving right now!


But who made him stupid? Lin Lan had indeed said before that he would let Chu Yan live!

He was the one who saw Lin Lan cut off Chu Yan’s arm without mercy, and thought that Lin Lan would really do anything.

But in fact, he had already said that he would not let Chu Yan die.

He was the one with a screwed up brain.

“Kid, you die!”

The old man was infuriated and shouted angrily as he lunged at Lin Lan.

Since Lin Lan had said that he would not kill Chu Yan, then no matter how much damage Chu Yan had suffered, he would be able to recover later when he returned to the Chu family.

But they could no longer be controlled by Lin Lan at this point. Now, they had to eradicate this poisonous thorn Lin Lan. They could no longer be led by his nose.

And when this old man moved so, that uncle Jiang of the Lin family, and Lin Lan’s maid, Azhu, both voiced out to warn.

“Young master be careful ……”

“Young master be careful ……”

Azhu was concerned about Lin Lan, and Uncle Jiang was aware of the power of that old man from the Chu family. It was at his hands that he had suffered a loss.

So he was afraid that Lin Lan was also harmed by that old man.

But how could he know Lin Lan’s methods?

In fact, all of them in the Lin family now felt strange and unfamiliar with Lin Lan.

Why had Lin Lan suddenly become so powerful?

In the past, Lin Lan was just a very ordinary person. No one could see that he had any peculiarities.

His strength, too, was very ordinary, and simply up until now, he was still at the peak of the Body Refining Realm.

But why was he able to seriously injure or even cripple Chu Yan at this time?

Although it was said that there was a reason for Chu Yan to take him by surprise.

But with such a huge difference in their strength, even if Chu Yan had not been careful, he would not have lost so badly.

In fact, with a strength like Lin Lan’s, against a realm expert like Chu Yan, it was impossible for Lin Lan to injure Chu Yan.

At most, he would be able to gain a little bit of an early advantage, and then it would soon be turned around by Chu Yan.

But the reality was that Chu Yan was almost destroyed by Lin Lan. How did this turn of events happen?

No one was clear on this point.

The outsiders were even more in the dark.

The old man from the Chu family felt that he had been ridiculed by Lin Lan, so he rushed towards him, vowing to injure him in one fell swoop.

However, he had only just reached Lin Lan when he saw Lin Lan tossing his hands and throwing Chu Yan towards him.

Was Lin Lan planning to use Chu Yan to block his attack? How could there be such a cheap trick work?

“Brat, do you think this can stop me?”

This old man laughed and lunged at Lin Lan with even more ferocity.


With a stretch of his arm, Chu Yan’s shattered body stuck to his arm, and then, was quickly transferred behind him.

This did not cost him anything at all.

But Lin Lan, at this time, was the one who also rushed to his side in a straightforward manner.

The old man sent a frenzied force outwards.

With his strength at the third level of the Origin Realm, he was able to block it with all his might, but could Lin Lan attack him?

It was just impossible and ridiculous!

However, the reality was that with two clicks, the old man was hit in the chest and ribs, and his bones were broken.

With a poof, he was vomiting out a large mouthful of blood.

“You servants of other people’s families are just some full-time thugs, and you all really think you are great.”

“In my hands, you are all simply no match for me.”

Lin Lan snorted coldly!

The Strongest Landlord in History

The Strongest Landlord in History

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
The Strongest Landlord in HistoryOnce prosperous Lin family, Is in decline.Lin Lan, the only heir of family must fight to defend his people from the world, who are eying their greedy eyes to Lin Lan’s rich land. And must protect his family.


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