The Strongest Landlord in History chapter 4


Chu Yan was talking at length, and boasting, but Murong Yanran, at this time, was suddenly feeling a coldness throughout her body.

The source of this coldness came from

Lin Lan’s eyes.

Lin Lan was someone Murong Yanran knew, and the feeling he gave off was always calm and like, unperturbed by water waves.

Such an appearance gave people the impression of cowardice.

However, just as Chu Yan was speaking out of turn and insulting that beautiful woman, Murong Yanran suddenly felt that Lin Lan’s eyes had become as cold as hell.

Under his gaze, the land was lifeless for a thousand miles.

Murong Yanran felt her heart jerk for no reason, and then she saw Lin Lan lunge towards Chu Yan.

Like a reckless man, without any method, but swiftly and incomparably, he lunged.

However, Lin Lan’s move scared everyone in the Lin family.

“Lazy, don’t ……”

“Young master, don’t go ……”

“Young master, come back quickly ……”

The beautiful woman, Azhu, and Uncle Jiang all cried out in alarm at the same time, trying to stop Lin Lan from doing anything rash.

That Chu Yan’s words were reckless and infuriating, but the reality was just that.

If their Lin family were defeated today, they would have to suffer whatever the Chu family asked them to do.

If this Chu Yan really wanted Lin Lan’s mother to go to the Chu family and serve Chu Yan, could the Lin family still resist?

This was originally a world of the strong and the weak.

Although Chu Yan said such words in front of Lin Lan, it made people furious.

But Lin Lan was not strong, and at this moment, if he rashly attacked Chu Yan, I was afraid that he would be the one to suffer.

The Lin family members were in such a panic because they knew Lin Lan’s strength so well.

However, the three of them were already too late for their alarmed cries.

Because Lin Lan had already made his move, and quickly rushed to Chu Yan’s side.

All that could be heard in everyone’s ears were two “clicks” as Lin Lan’s fist had already broken Chu Yan’s hands.

It was all just a matter of moments.


How could this happen?

Everyone was dumbfounded.

This could not be!

When Chu Yan saw Lin Lan strike, he was secretly delighted in his heart.

This time, the Chu family had come to make the Lin family look bad, and at that very moment, Lin Lan was the first to strike out at him.

The Chu family would have been unreasonable, but at this time, Lin Lan made the first provocative move, which was exactly what the Chu family wanted?

His strength was at the sixth level of the Qi Refining Realm! Such strength was definitely not something Lin Lan could stop.

If you look at his peers in the entire Lancang County, he was one of the best.

This time, Lin Lan was trying to defy himself by shaking a big tree.

He did not mean to provoke Lin Lan with his words before.

In fact, in his mind, Lin Lan did not matter at all.

A few days ago at Murong Castle, when he and Murong Yanran had humiliated Lin Lan to his face, Lin Lan had not even uttered a single fart.

Like a dog in mourning, Lin Lan withdrew from Murong Fort.

Since then, Chu Yan had regarded Lin Lan, as if he was trash.

In his heart, he had never even looked at Lin Lan with a straight face.

What he said just now was what he truly thought, and so he said it.

Although Lin Lan’s mother, Shi Enhui, was already in her thirties, a woman of that age had her own charm, which was not found in ordinary young girls.

Her skin is like cream, her beautiful eyebrows, and she has her own charm with every smile.

Although she was the wife and had a son, she was also like a young girl.

Such a woman was really a masterpiece. At that time, Chu Yan had all kinds of thoughts running.

So, he said those words to Lin Lan, to his face.

The reason he dared to say those words to Lin Lan to his face was that he thought that Lin Lan was sure that he couldn’t do anything even if he wanted to.

A kid who hadn’t even broken through the Body Refining Realm could pose a threat to him?

Even if Lin Lan wanted to do something, would he still be afraid of Lin Lan?

Chu Yan already had a good plan.

But he had not expected Lin Lan to strike at him.

And when he saw Lin Lan make his move, he laughed.

This fellow, he was really out of his depth! What did he think he was at the peak of the Body Refining Realm?

And what did he think other people’s sixth level of Qi Refinement Realm was?

Was this Lin Lan’s way of seeking death?

If that was the case, then he would fulfill his wish.

The Chu Family and the Lin Family had always, explicitly and implicitly, fought each other several times for the Martial King of Lancang County.

In the past, with Lin Yuanfeng in the family, the Lin family had been suppressing the Chu family to death.

It was only later, when Lin Yuanfeng became too old and weak, that the Chu family was able to make a comeback.

However, after so many years of suppression, the Chu family had already accumulated a lot of resentment towards the Lin family.

Therefore, after taking over as the Martial King, the Chu family held back a little for two years before finally turning on the Lin family.

It was fine if the Lin family did not resist, but if they did, the Chu family could really kill the Lin family without mercy.

In fact, if they did not resist, the Chu family could have done whatever they wanted to the Lin family, but that would have been a fallacy.

But now that Lin Lan had taken the initiative to strike at him, how could Chu Yan not be pleased?

At that time, he threw a punch at Lin Lan.

With Lin Lan’s martial arts realm, Chu Yan knew that even with his half-strength, Lin Lan would not be able to block it and would be mercilessly crushed..

He almost could see the picture of Lin Lan falling to the ground and vomiting blood when he was hit by his punch.

But then he heard the crunching sound of his bones, and then the pain spread throughout his entire body.

Lin Lan rushed to his side, and threw a few fierce punches, breaking both his arms.

Then, pain came from both legs again, and Lin Lan smashed his legs, again.

Chu Yan hadn’t even reacted at this time. His mind was in a constant state of confusion.

How was this possible? With his punch, Lin Lan should have been knocked out of the way by his martial energy!

How could he have rushed closer to his side?

Moreover, Lin Lan’s strength was only at the peak of the Body Refining Realm. How could he have broken his own hands, and both legs?

This was simply impossible.

However, no matter what, the truth was, the truth.

When Chu Yan was kicked down by Lin Lan, he hadn’t even reacted to the fact.

This was just unbelievable.

However, at this moment, Lin Lan’s foot had already stepped on his face, and Chu Yan felt the sole of Lin Lan’s shoe, rubbing against his face continuously.

Just at this time, he heard Lin Lan say to him coldly, “What was that phrase you just said, are you able to say it again?”

Everyone was stunned that the fight between Lin Lan and Chu Yan would end like this.

Everyone was aware of Lin Lan’s strength!

It was because Lin Lan was useless that the Chu Family dared to come and swallow up the Lin Family’s sphere of influence.

But this Lin Family’s only son, who had never been able to break through to the peak of the Body Refining Realm since he was a child, at this time, how did he manage to cripple Chu Yan in just three moves and two strokes?

One should know that Chu Yan, is at the sixth level of the Qi Refining Realm

Do not underestimate this sixth level of the Qi Refining Realm, compared to Lin Lan’s peak Body Refining Realm. Chu Yan’s strength was no less than that of the heavens.

However, the result of their fight at this moment was that Chu Yan was defeated.

What was going on?

No one could understand this matter.

“How dare you …… hurt my young master ……”

A servant of the Chu Family stood out and said to Lin Lan.

After the initial shock, this person was also quick to wake up.

The Lin family treated their Chu family members like this. They could never let one of the Lin family go this time.

All of them, all of them, would have to be severely punished, so that the Lin family would know, and so that the other others would know, that their new Martial King Chu Family, was not to be allowed to be offended by anyone.

–what happened here, sooner or later, word would be spread out, wouldn’t it?

If word got out, it would be a declaration to their Martial King Chu Family. See who dares to offend the Chu Family again in the future?

“Hey, just based on those words he just said, I should just kill him, what would others have to say? Shouldn’t I do that?”

“What else are you saying about me here?”

“But rejoice today I won’t let him die, I’ll let him live on. I will let him see, what can his Chu Family, be able to do to my Lin Family?”

When Lin Lan heard that a servant of the Chu Family berated him, he was responding with a cold smile.

The Strongest Landlord in History

The Strongest Landlord in History

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
The Strongest Landlord in HistoryOnce prosperous Lin family, Is in decline.Lin Lan, the only heir of family must fight to defend his people from the world, who are eying their greedy eyes to Lin Lan’s rich land. And must protect his family.


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