The Strongest Landlord in History chapter 3

Tomb of God

The beautiful woman’s body was caught by someone from behind. She looked back, and the one who caught her, was a teenager.

It was then that she could not help but blurt out, saying, “Lazy boy, it’s you!”

The person who caught her was none other than her son, Lin Lan.

The word for “Lin Lan” was originally the same as the word for “wave”, but the beautiful woman had always called her son “Lazy” since he was a child.

So at this time, she still called Lin Lan a Lazy.

Lin Lan was a handsome young man, only eighteen years old at this point in his life.

Originally he had always been in his own house and did not go out. But for some reason, at this time he had actually run out.

The beautiful woman looked at him, a little dazed.

The maid at the back, called Azhu, only caught up with him at this time.

“Madam, I didn’t want the young master to come out, but I couldn’t stop him ..”

She was explaining to the beautiful woman.

The beauty woman waved her hand, stopping her from saying anything further.

Lin Lan was of average strength, and when something happened to the Lin family, the beauty woman did not want him to cause much trouble, so she let the maid go and watch him.

But if Lin Lan really wanted to come out, this little maid, how could she stop?

After all, he was the master, while Azhu, was just the maid.

But what would he come out for? The beautiful woman was worried in her heart.

Lin Lan was too weak.

“Lazy child, you’d better …… go back first, here, there’s mother to handle it!”

After a moment of silence, the beauty woman said to Lin Lan.

Lin Lan was not strong. She was trying to protect her son.

“Mom, I know you can, but I just want to see who the people who came to our house today are.”

“Maybe I can deal with them too, without you having to do it yourself!”

The young man was saying to the beautiful woman.

At his words, the beautiful woman listened and froze again.

Lin Lan said that he was going to take action against these people in front of him.

Even if she could not deal with the people of the Chu family, could her own son?

The fact is that Lin Lan has never shown that he has any special strength! He usually ……

The fact is, he’s usually lazy, and there’s nothing outstanding about him.

The other people are diligent in practicing martial arts, while he, however, only wanders around in his own territory.

It seems that he likes this territory very much, and he probably said that he wants to be the master of it.

But if you don’t have enough strength, this territory will eventually be taken away by others.

Because this is a world where the strong prey on the weak.

So, this wish of Lin Lan’s might not last long.

What could they do then?

The beautiful woman’s previous plan was to have the servants of the family, to support their Lin family for a few years.

Then Lin Lan would marry and give birth to an offspring to see about possibly continuing the Lin family’s bloodline qualifications and thus the Lin family’s territory.

But for Lin Lan, she never had any hopes.

Lin Lan’s talent was ordinary, and his martial arts training was slow.

Even now, he was only at the peak of the Body Refining Realm.

This kind of strength could be said to be very rookie.

Generally, martial artists at this age, the martial dao realm, would have already reached the third or fourth level of the Qi Transformation realm.

Those with good talent could even reach the seventh level.

Lin Lan, on the other hand, was eighteen years old, yet he could never even break through to the peak of a Body Refining Realm. With such strength, what use was it?

But at this moment, Lin Lan said that he would deal with these people from the Chu family. How could this not make the beautiful woman froze?

And these words of Lin Lan’s not only froze the beautiful woman’s ears, but the other subordinates of the Lin family were also a little anxious to hear them.

Uncle Jiang, who had already been physically injured in the clash with the Chu family before, said.

“Young master, you’d better go inside first! Here, there is …… us ……”

He was aware that he, these people here, may not be of any use, but also to tell Lin Lan, first retreat.

Because if even they are unable to deal with these people in front of them, if something happened to Lin Lan, then what is the use?

“Ha, so it’s you!”

All of them, one by one, were worried for Lin Lan, but the teenager from the Chu Family, at this time, when he saw Lin Lan, he was greatly excited.

Walking up two steps and facing Lin Lan, Chu Yan exited and said, “I wondered who it was, so it is the only son of the Lin family who has arrived.”

“Lin Lan, I would like to thank you Lin family for always taking care of my wife and making her so beautiful.”

“And, she is still a virgin oh, I am very satisfied.”

He faced Lin Lan at this point and spoke eloquently.

However, it was really …… that he was saying such things

Lin Lan smiled oddly and looked towards Murong Yanran.

Murong Yanran’s face was blank.

At this time, hearing Chu Yan say such words, Murong Yanran was able to look the same, really good bearing.

Lin Lan was secretly sighing in his heart.

In front of so many people, to say that Murong Yanran was a virgin, was it really a compliment?

Or was it completely disrespectful?

It was difficult for Lin Lan to discern.

But thinking about it, since the Murong family could turn their backs on the Lin family and fall to the Chu family at such a time.

Then how could they care about the Chu family and what they really thought of them?

They only needed the big tree that was the Chu Family.

In a world where the strong eat the strong, leaning on a big tree at one’s back was also a way to survive.

What else could Lin Lan say?

Turning her head, Lin Lan formally faced Chu Yan.

“Since you are newly married, why don’t you stay well at home?”

Lin Lan was speaking slowly and methodically.

“Do I have to listen to you arrangements on how I want to act? You brat, who do you think you are?”

Chu Yan was saying this in a somewhat strange manner.

He was actually about the same age as Lin Lan, or even, a little younger.

Yet he called Lin Lan a brat. This showed how much contempt he had for Lin Lan.

“No, I don’t think of myself as anyone.”

Lin Lan said.

“Actually, it doesn’t matter to me where you go, but why did you come to my house?”

“My home is a good piece of land, with beautiful mountains and beautiful water. But I heard that you want to take it away from me.”

“Do you want to take this place and use it as a place to bury your bones?”

“But you are not worthy eh, because you are not of my Lin family.”

“Could it be that you guys want to, like, sell yourselves and join the Lin family? Then there is that chance. My Lin family will let you have a shovelful of yellow earth to rest in your spirit mound.”

“So are you guys coming to my house, to sell yourselves as slaves?”


Lin Lan’s words caused Chu Yan to be at a loss for what to say for a moment.

This guy, was he out of his mind?

What kind of bullshit is this that he is saying?!

“Hehehehehe ……”

After a brief moment of frothing, Chu Yan suddenly burst out with a string of cold laughter.

This Lin Lan, his strength was so poor.

Last time at Murong Fort, he and Murong Yanran had openly declared their intention to withdraw from him, and this fellow did not even let out a single fart.

Such a reaction could only mean that he was a weak chicken.

But here today, he was talking like this, was he trying to show off his words!

But what’s the point of trying to be clever?


The Lin family is now like an old tree that has passed its prime, although it looks like it has flourishing branches and leaves and is very majestic.

But inside, it had long been weak and empty.

This time, the Chu family came to take away the Lin family’s territory.

And this kid, who doesn’t know how to live and die, is here to speak shamelessly.

Really, just imagine, later on, he will have no place to cry!

“You think you’re so clever? This time, I am going to tell you to let you know what despair is.”

Chu Yan said coldly.

“This land of your Lin family, do you think it will always be yours? What makes your Lin family so virtuous that it is still worthy of owning this piece of land now?”

“This Xueying Mountain, from now on, is mine, the Chu Family’s. Everyone from your Lin Family will have to get the hell out of my way.”

“However, this beautiful woman, your mother, she can stay put. I will take her back and make her my concubine.”

“Think of your mother, she was originally my wife’s mother-in-law, but now, she is to be below Yanran in status, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, serving one husband.”

“Haha, it’s so beautiful to think about ……”

Chu Yan here long, and boastful, but Murong Yanran at this time, but inexplicably, suddenly felt a coldness all over her body.

Then, with a “click”, Chu Yan’s voice was interrupted by someone!

The Strongest Landlord in History

The Strongest Landlord in History

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
The Strongest Landlord in HistoryOnce prosperous Lin family, Is in decline.Lin Lan, the only heir of family must fight to defend his people from the world, who are eying their greedy eyes to Lin Lan’s rich land. And must protect his family.


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