The Strongest Landlord in History chapter 2


Isn’t this Murong Yanran, her former daughter-in-law? Originally, she was promised to Lin Lan by proxy.

But now, I heard that she had leaned on the new Martial King Chu family and was going to be the Chu family’s third youngest grandmother.

When Lin Lan went to Murong Fort to meet his bride, it was Murong Yanran and the third son of the new Martial King Chu family who joined hands to announce the withdrawal of their marriage and humiliate Lin Lan out of Murong Fort.

The Lin family could be said to be inferior to others in this matter, and could only endure this great humiliation.

This was because this was originally a continent where martial arts were respected.

But this time, Murong Yanran had gone too far in doing so! The Lin family and Murong Fort used to be family friends.

When Murong Fort changed its mind and joined the Chu family, the Lin family could not stop Murong Yanran, so the Lin family could not say anything about it.

But now Murong Yanran has come to Xueying Mountain with her new husband, and wants to expel the Lin family.

The one who plundered their Lin family’s resources could be any power in this world, but the only one who shouldn’t be the Murong Fortress family!

Had the people of their families’ conscience been eaten by dogs? Do they really not remember the friendship between the two families in the past?

The beautiful woman couldn’t understand why.

Although Murong Yanran had now fallen to the Chu family, when the Chu family came to persecute the Lin family, if they had any humanity, Murong Yanran should have avoided it!

Why did Murong Yanran come here this time?

Betraying their trust and forsaking loyalty. Murong really did it!

The beautiful woman’s heart was filled with resentment.

“How is Uncle Jiang’s situation?”

The beautiful woman asked.

“He is badly wounded and in a very bad condition!”

The maid replied.

“I’ll go and take a look, Azhu, go and watch the young master, don’t let him out, I’ll go outside and see what’s going on.”

The beautiful woman assigned the little maid beside Lin Lan and said.

The little girl curled her body and answered, “Yes!”

She turned around and ran off to the backyard to look for Lin Lan.

The beautiful woman followed her subordinates and arrived at the entrance of the Lin family, and before she arrived, she heard someone outside the gate, heckling and sneering.

“Your Lin family, how can you now be so virtuous as to continue to own this piece of Xueying Mountain?”

“If you don’t have the sense to withdraw on your own, when the time comes for the swords to meet, I fear that your Lin Family, might shed a river of blood as a result.”

“It will be too late to regret then.”

“So I advise you to leave on your own! Your Lin family’s virtue is not worthy of its position, and continuing to own this territory would be a curse rather than a blessing for you!”

The man’s voice, which was very young, indicated that the person speaking was a young man.

However, the arrogant and domineering aura in his words could not be concealed.

It was as if in his eyes, the Lin family was just not worth mentioning right now.

When the beautiful woman arrived at the door, she saw that there were already dozens of people blocking the front door of her house.

On one side, among the crowd, there was another old man, looking depressed, in his fifties, with a bloodstain on his chest.

“Uncle Jiang, you ……”

When the beautiful woman saw this old man, she hurriedly walked over and asked with concern.

“Young lady, the old servant is fine.”

This old man was an old servant of the Lin family, named Jiang Qingshan. For decades, he had been serving the Lin family and could be considered loyal.

But this time, he had met a strong opponent, and was not strong enough. So he finally suffered a loss at the hands of the other party. It looked like the injuries sustained were not light.

“The old slave is useless and cannot hold back the enemy ……”

Jiang Qingshan was saying to the beautiful woman with an apologetic face.

The beautiful woman waved her hand and said, “Uncle Jiang, you have done very well, don’t worry, everything will be fine. You can recuperate at ease.”

After reassuring Jiang Qingshan a few times, the beautiful woman walked towards the two young men and women across the room.

The man, was about the same size as her son Lin Lan, or, a year younger. But he was really handsome.

The woman, with her graceful posture and gorgeous looks.

It was said that Murong Yanran was the most beautiful woman in Lancang County, and when she saw her today, her name really lived up to her reputation.

Her willow-like waist, slender and long jade legs, bright eyes, white teeth and eyebrows. There are indeed few people who have her temperament and poise.

“Niece Yanran, my Xueying Mountain Lin family, and your Fenglindu Murong Fort, can be said to have been friends for generations, why did you bring someone to humiliate my Lin family like this today.”

“Niece is young and innocent, and seems to be a godlike figure. How can you act with such venom and power?”

“Don’t you and we have any friendship in the past?”

“Niece, don’t be so quick to rebel.”

The beautiful woman was reprimanding the girl.

This girl was Murong Yanran of Murong Castle, who was extremely beautiful.

Originally, she was also the daughter-in-law of the beautiful woman.

But now, due to the loss of power of the Lin family and the backlash of the Murong family, Murong Yanran was no longer Lin Lan’s wife.

She had become the third young grandmother of the new Martial King Chu family.

“You woman, don’t say these words anymore. Yanran had already married me the day before yesterday, and the two of us had already had our bridal chamber.”

“Inside Yanran’s belly, I’m only afraid that she is now pregnant with my flesh and blood. What are you still doing here to get close to her?”

“If your two families were close in the past, are there any more close relationships than Yanran and you have now? You’re still making noise here!”

“Now that my Chu Family wants your Lin Family to get out of Xueying Mountain, you will have to get out of this Xueying Mountain.”

“If you have nowhere to go, I am there, to take you in ……”

The beautiful woman was talking to Murong Yanran, who had not yet replied, but the man next to her, at this time, was suddenly interjecting.

And when he reached the end of his sentence, his tone was already somewhat disrespectful, and a string of lewd and playful laughter came out of his mouth.

The beautiful woman’s face sank, this teenager was obviously molesting her!

The teenager still dared to act in such a way when Murong Yanran was present. Obviously, Murong Yanran was not of much weight in his heart either.

But could she be someone who could be bullied and insulted?

“How dare you!”

The beautiful woman reprimanded him angrily and slapped her palm at the teenager.

“Young lady, you must not…”

“How dare you!”

When she moved like this, the voices of the two men, together, were ringing out.

But the tone of the two men was different.

One was terrified, while the other was cold.

The terrified voice was that of Uncle Jiang. The beautiful woman’s surname was Shi, Shi Enhui. She was the young lady of the Lin family.

However, despite her high status, she was not very powerful!

That youngster was the third young master of the new Lancang County Martial King Chu Family, Chu Yan.

His own strength, already not low, was definitely higher than the young lady’s, and this was known to Uncle Jiang.

However, at this time, the young lady was rashly striking out at Chu Yan. Uncle Jiang knew that the young lady was definitely no match for Chu Yan, so he raised his voice to tell her.

But at that moment, it was already too late.

Because Shi Enhui had already moved her hand.

When the Chu Family took a look at Shi Enhui’s actions, how could they allow her to act so recklessly?

At that moment, someone from the Chu Family rebuked the beautiful woman.

At the same time, a human figure, too, approached the beautiful woman and slapped a palm towards her.


When the beauty woman saw that someone was attacking her midway, she was forced to respond to that sudden attack.

So the hand that had been slapped at Chu Yan was withdrawn and met this person.

The two of them exchanged a slap, and the beautiful woman only felt that the other party was so powerful that her body was slapped backwards and sent flying.

This man was so strong, the beautiful woman was shocked in her heart.

Suddenly, a man swooped down and caught the woman with his hand.

As soon as she looked back, she saw that the person who had caught her was also a teenager.

She couldn’t help but say out of the blue, “Lazy boy, it’s you!”

The Strongest Landlord in History

The Strongest Landlord in History

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
The Strongest Landlord in HistoryOnce prosperous Lin family, Is in decline.Lin Lan, the only heir of family must fight to defend his people from the world, who are eying their greedy eyes to Lin Lan’s rich land. And must protect his family.


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