The Strongest Landlord in History chapter 1

Lord Snow Eagle

Guangwu Continent, Lancang County, Xueying Mountain.

Within the rolling hills, there was a green grassland with a continuous stretch of houses situated within it.

“Madam, the young master has not come out of his room to eat again today, it has been a few days.”

Within this chain of magnificent houses, a light, and playful maid reported in front of a beautiful woman.

“Why isn’t he eating again?”

The beautiful woman was a little helpless.

“This child is too willful.”

The beauty woman said with a frown.

“Not really, madam!”

Seeing the beautiful woman scolding the young master, the pretty girl defended her master.

“Actually, the young master was hit quite hard this time, in front of so many people, that woman from Murong Castle, actually proposed to the young master to withdraw from the marriage in front of him, when originally, she could have discussed it with our side in private.”

“But she yet she made sure to announce this one news to the masses of guests when the young master went to Murong Castle to welcome the bride. The young master’s face can really be said to have been disgraced.”

“Then it’s not surprising that he would be so depressed when he returned from Murong Castle! It’s not capricious. It’s just that the young master needs time to adjust.”

This little girl was bright and clever, but she was protective of her master.

When the beautiful woman saw how she looked at her, she laughed and said, “You are understanding of him, and it is not in vain that you grew up serving him.”

The beautiful woman was in her thirties, her skin was delicate, her eyebrows were delicate, and she was extremely beautiful.

Only, at this time, there was some more bitterness in her smile.

After saying these words, her smile just tightened up and turned to a deep frown.

“Murong Fort and our Xingying Mountain have been friends for many years, but to think that as soon as Master Tai lost his power, they defected and surrendered, falling to the new Martial King Chu Family.”

“And the marriage contract that brought the two families together back then was also forfeited.”

“I can’t imagine that the state of the world is so bad that Murong Fort has really done it shamelessly.”

“The old lord is old and the old master is not qualified, and now his whereabouts are unknown, when Murong Fort sees our family like this, of course they will renege on the marriage contract back then.”

“This kind of thing, when you look at it in detail, is not unusual.”

“It’s just that this Murong Qianjin used to present himself as a decent gentleman, but to think that he would turn back and surrender this time, the speed of his action is breathtaking.”

“It’s really disgusting to wear a human skin for nothing, deceiving the world!”

The little girl also said indignantly.

The little girl was sixteen or seventeen years old, with red lips and white teeth, a melon face, and clear blue and white eyes. She could be said to be like a hibiscus out of water, very pretty.

She had grown up in this family, so to speak, and considered it her home, so she was very protective of this family.

When others have wronged them, she is of course furiously crusading against them.

This family to which the beautiful woman and this little girl belonged, was the lord of the Xueying Mountain, the Lin family.

The Lin family used to be the Martial King of Lancang County, and a Martial King was equivalent to the lord of a county.

The Lin family used to be quite powerful in Lancang County.

But the Martial King is selected every five years, and the old head of the Lin family, Lin Yuanfeng, the old Martial King of Lancang County, is too old to hold down the court.

Therefore, this time, Lin Yuanfeng was not selected as the Martial King of Lancang County.

The beautiful woman’s husband, the son of the old Martial King, was born into such a family and should have taken on the responsibility of inheriting and guarding the glory of the Martial King.

However, he was not gifted and therefore did not inherit all the martial arts skills of the old Martial King. As a result, he was never able to help out in the family’s fights.

Because he felt that he was a loser, the young master of the Martial King had always been a loner, and finally, twelve years ago, he left home, not knowing where he was.

The beautiful woman stayed with the Lin family, with only a son to keep her company, who is now eighteen years old and named Lin Lan.

Lin Lan’s talent for martial arts was inherited from his father, not his grandfather, and his talent, therefore, was average.

As a result, the Lin family’s entry into the Martial King’s lineage has since become impossible, and the Martial King, too, will probably never have anything to do with the Lin family ever again.

However, the Lin family used to be the Martial King’s family, and Murong Fortress used to be friends with the Lin family. The two families used to be friends.

This time Lin Lan went to Murong Fort to meet the bride, wanting to tie up the marriage between the two families. However, when he arrived at Murong Castle, the girl from the Murong family announced that the marriage contract with the Lin family was annulled in front of many guests and friends.

From then on, the Murong family and the Lin family were no longer related to each other.

After this sudden blow, Lin Lan returned from Murong Castle and locked himself up in the clan room, not coming out.

The girl and the beautiful woman were both worried about the young master, as the Lin family only had this one heir and everything depends on him.

If he doesn’t pull himself together, then what can we do?

In fact, with Lin Lan’s current ability, both the beautiful woman and the little girl knew that he was not strong enough to support the Lin family.

This was because Lin Lan’s strength was not strong.

Otherwise, he would not have done nothing after suffering such great humiliation in the Murong family, and would only come back and hide in his own room to be angry.

It was really because Lin Lan’s skills were too poor, and with his strength, it was impossible for him to make a difference in Murong Castle, so he had to come back with his tail between his legs.

But even if Lin Lan’s strength was no good, the beautiful woman and this little girl, they could only pin their hopes on him.

The reason is that the Lin family of the Xueying Mountain now has only one male, Lin Lan, left.

The old Martial King, Lin Yuanfeng, had died of depression after losing the Martial King selection, and by now he might have passed away.

The whereabouts of the beautiful woman’s husband are unknown.

The entire Lin family of the Xueying Mountain is now considered only Lin Lan, who can be the head of the family.

With the development of the situation, some of the surrounding families are also eyeing the Lin family more and more.

If the Lin family did not have some old loyal servants, defending the family head, the Lin family would have been expelled from the Xueying Mountain long ago by now.

During the Lin Yuanfeng era, it was still very accurate to know people, and the few old servants of the Lin family were loyal to the Lin family and had absolutely no second thoughts.

That was why the Lin family could still barely support them now.

This was also considered a blessing among misfortunes!

“I’ll go and call him out, you guys get the food ready for him and serve it carefully.”

The beautiful woman said to the little girl, turning around and heading towards her son’s room.

This only son, what a worry for her!

But at that moment, a maid suddenly ran in from outside in a panic and said to the beautiful woman:

“No good, no good, madam, some people came outside the door and injured Uncle Jiang, as if saying that we are to leave Xueying Mountain within one day and go elsewhere.”

“This Xueying Mountain, it’s theirs from now on!”

This girl looked terrified and was sweating profusely. Clearly, the situation outside was very bleak.

But this news was very sudden! The beauty woman couldn’t help but be startled in her heart.

This kind of thing, the beauty woman actually had a premonition of it in her heart.

With the Lin family’s strength declining and the Xueying Mountain being rich in resources, many people would definitely covet this territory of their Lin family.

But she had not expected that the plunder would come so quickly.

“Who are the people coming?”

The beautiful woman asked, her expression was calm.


The maid who reported the news looked hesitant, but she finally said, “It’s Murong Yanran of the Murong family, and the third son of the new Martial King Chu family, Chu Yan!”


As soon as she heard the maid say so, the beautiful woman’s face instantly changed.

The Strongest Landlord in History

The Strongest Landlord in History

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Chinese
The Strongest Landlord in HistoryOnce prosperous Lin family, Is in decline.Lin Lan, the only heir of family must fight to defend his people from the world, who are eying their greedy eyes to Lin Lan’s rich land. And must protect his family.


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