The Story of the Ojou-sama whose Common Sense was Altered and was Trained to be a Masochist by Her Servant chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“Haah? Hypnotism? What kind of stupid thing are you talking about!”

“No, it really is real, Ojou-sama.”

In front of me was a man smirking with an evil smile.

This guy is my servant.

He was recently hired by Papa, but I didn’t like him.

He was fat, and above all else, I was unable to physiologically accept his face.

And even if I was harsh with him, he continued to smirk the entire time.

“Hypnotism is just a superstition. For you not to know something like that.”

“We’ll know whether or not it’s a superstition if we test it out.”

His smile didn’t crumble at all as he said that with plenty of composure.

Hmph, I was just wondering what he suddenly wanted to talk about, but hypnosis?

How stupid, there’s no way something like that works.

For him to go out of his way and come into my room to make idle chatter, just what purpose does he have?

“Look, hurry up and go back. It is unpleasant to be in the same room as you.”

“Aw, don’t say that. Come on, look into my eyes~”

Even though just hearing his voice was annoying, it seems that he was planning on ignoring my orders.

I glared into the man’s eyes.

……..they were dark and muddy, revolting eyes.

“Alright alright, I looked for you. Hurry up and leave.”

“Eh, could it be that Ojou-sama has forgotten!? About [after this]!?”

…….darn, how could I have forgotten?

Even though it was something we always did, I completely forgot about it.

“W-What are you saying!? I haven’t forgotten, so let’s hurry up and start!”

I have to deceive him somehow.

I don’t want to show any weakness to this guy.

That’s why…….

I stripped off all the clothes that I was wearing.

“Look, hurry up and do it. You really are trash after all.”

“Yes yes, pfft, my apologies~”

Having become naked, I crossed both my hands behind my head.

The wrists of both my crossed hands were bound tightly by the belt the man took out.

“The preparations are complete, Ojou-sama~”

“Hm, good, it feels good.”

I moved my hands and checked the condition of the restraints.

As he hadn’t gone easy at all in restraining me, I could no longer lower my hands anymore.

Though he was a hopeless man, his abilities in this area were rather valuable.

“Now then Ojou-sama, spread your legs…….”

“I know that even if you don’t tell me!”

This man really is bossy about everything.

I spread my legs out to shoulder width.

Then, I bent my knees and lowered my hips a little.

“Iyaa, that bow-legged appearance really suits you Ojou-sama.”

“Right? Even someone like you can understand that.”

The man smiled as his gaze roamed all over my body.

Fufu, look all you want.

“Then, let’s hurry up and start the hip-shaking dance.”

“I know already. Well then……..nn! Fu!”

I slowly started to swing my hips.

Front to back.

Left to right.

Every time I did that, my voice leaked out from my mouth.

“Ho, fu, how is it…my bow-legged…hip-shaking dance!”

“Yeah it’s great, you look like an idiot.”

“Of course, nn, fu!”

As if to show off to the man, I shook my hips intensely.

I made it as wretched as possible, as though I were tempting him.

“Fu, fu, fu!”

“Oi oi, haven’t you gotten a bit slower?”

“There’s no way…that’s the case!”

As I didn’t have much physical strength, I soon started to tire out.

Feeling my entire body become damp with sweat, the speed of my hip swinging started to drop.

Upon which…….



“Don’t slack off! Come on, swing!”

The man used the palm of his hand to slap my butt with all of his strength.

A stinging pain slowly reverberated within me.

And then, I once again devoted myself to swinging my hips.

“Nn, fu♡ hah, haa♡”

“Hmm, aren’t you still able to raise your speed even more?”

As the man said that, he suddenly groped my buttcheek.

His thick fingers sunk into my flesh, causing pleasure to run through me.

And then he squeezed, and started to rub my butt flesh.

“Iyaa♡ My ass♡ Don’t rub it♡”

“Shut up. Stop getting turned on and swing those hips.”

It was as the man said.

I had the duty of carrying out this dance.

I have to somehow stop feeling pleasure….and…swing my hips…….!

“Nn♡ fuuu♡ nn……♡”

“Oh dear, now it’s anything but a dance…….pff”

The fatigue and pleasure gradually eroded away at me.

At this point, my ass was thrust towards the man, I was only capable of trembling my hips.

They were small movements, incapable of even escaping the man’s hand.

During that time too, his fingers dug into my flesh without reserve.

“Ah♡ Nnkuu♡ Fuu♡”

“You’re completely feeling it, ain’t you? I suppose it’s about time I let you cum.”

The man brandished his right hand high above me, whose legs could only tremble.

And then, he used all his strength to slap my ass with the palm of his hand!


A current ran through my entire body from my ass, and I climaxed.

And then, my field of vision went white, and the strength drained from my body.

As I was about to collapse on the spot, the man supported my body by embracing me.

“Oh my, you’ve failed again~. Although today was your first time.”

“Haa♡ Hafuu♡ Hya, what…are you…….?♡”

The man said something…but…I didn’t quite understand it.

My hazy consciousness couldn’t think at all…….

“Now then, you understand what you have to do after this, right?”

“Nn♡ I-I know……♡”

I somehow managed to rearrange my disorderly breathing.

That’s right, I failed my hip-swinging dance.

I have to make up for that sin.

“For now I’ll fondle your nipples, so suppress your voice.”

“Of course……nn♡”

That’s right, I have to let him punish me.

Being able to take clear responsibility for one’s actions, is also the duty of one who stands above others.

The man sat down on the bed while hugging me.

Due to the difference in physique, I was snugly held in the man’s arms.

As my arms were bound, no matter what I did, I wouldn’t be able to offer any resistance at all.

After this, I’d likely be at the man’s mercy as he trains my nipples.

I felt a tingling feeling rush through my chest just thinking about that.

“Come on, stick out your chest. Present your nipples.”

“Nn, nnuu♡”

I stuck out my chest like I was told.

Raising my chin, my thin chest was eagerly projected forward.

My nipples that had already become hard and erect were shivering.

“Good, good. First I’ll start by teasing the areola~”


The man’s fingers gently traced around my areolas.

His fingertips glided around them in a circle.

Just that alone.

He just continued to go round and round the same place.

Just that alone caused my nipples to become so pointed they hurt, as they became harder and harder.

“Nngu♡ Hiiii…….♡”

“For you to be getting like this just from having your areolas teased, are you really okay?”

As he said that, the man didn’t stop his hands that were tracing around my areolas.

Every time he made a revolution, it felt as if the pleasure was accumulating further.

If this pleasure were to be released…….

“Now then, it’s time for your long-awaited nipple orgasm.”

“Ah♡ Hah♡ Yaa♡ Hiu……♡”

The man’s fingers stopped, and headed towards my nipples.

As if he were going to pinch the sharp tips, he stretched out his thumb and index fingers.

And then, just as he was about to reach them, he stopped.

“Ahh, you’re definitely gonna let out your voice…….what should I do?”

“Fuu♡ Nn♡ Heh?♡”

After a few moments, the man placed one hand on my chin.

Then, he pushed it up, forcing me to look upwards.

My neck was extended to its very limits.

“……guh♡ Higuh♡”

“Come on, open your mouth. I’ll seal it up for you.”

What a welcome proposal.

It seems that he was going to help me so that I wouldn’t let out my voice.

As expected of my servant.

I slowly opened my mouth as ordered.

Closing my eyes, I timidly stuck out my tongue.

“Fugu♡ Nn, chu♡ Nnn…….♡”

My tongue was bit and I was kissed.

As our lips overlapped, his tongue invaded my mouth.

“Mu♡ Funn…….♡ Fu♡ Fuuu♡”

When I breathed through my nose, whether I liked it or not, the stink of the man entered my nostrils.

My brain melted, and I went limp.

And then, to my pulled nipples, a certain sensation……?



My nipples were crushed.

Caught in between the man’s thick fingers, they were flattened and rolled around.

I could not stop my screams from the intense pleasure and stimuli.

All of them were released into the man’s mouth, so none of them leaked outside.

“Nmuuuuu!♡ Obuu!♡ OHHHHH!!♡♡”

Poke poke, my nipples were pecked at.

Scratch scratch, my nipples were pinched.

Roll roll, my nipples were kneaded around.

Streeeetch, my nipples were pulled.

I released a scream every time he did that as the pleasure exploded.

Then, neither the mouth nor the hands torturing me stopped.

The movement of his tongue ravished me.

My gums were licked and my tongue was sucked.

“Fu!♡ Fuuun!♡ Nnnn!♡ Nn!♡ UUUU!♡”

I no longer knew up from down, unable to comprehend anything.

The excessive pleasure made my body rage about on its own meaninglessly.

As it was suppressed by the man’s physique, it was only able to quiver.

“Buha-, good, then let’s have you cum now.”

“Agah♡ Kyum♡ Kyumm♡ …..aAAUuuUUUUUUUUU!!♡♡”

The man put more strength into his fingers.

At that moment, another electric shock ran through me.

It rushed from my chest to my entire body, making a direct hit on my mind.

My body convulsed repeatedly as my vision flickered.

“Ha♡ HA♡ Hauuu♡ Hifu♡ Hih…hiiiihh……..♡”

“This is amazing. You’re seriously cumming.”

Once again, my vision went white.

My consciousness was receding…….


“Nn? Oiii, Ojou-samaaa…… she fainted.”



What happened to me?

If I can recall correctly, I was being punished by my servant……

And then……?

“Oh, you’re awake? Good morning, Ojou-samaa~”


The man’s voice awakened my consciousness.

It seems that I was lying down on the bed in my room.

Sunlight was shining in from the window.

Morning seems to have come before I knew it.

The restraint on my hands had been removed.

However, this time a different place felt uncomfortable……

“Ah, you……”

“Ah? What is it?”

“You’re quite sensible! To put something like this on while I was sleeping.”

I gazed at my own nipples.

Wrapped around each of them was a ring made of rubber.

It was fastened tightly around the nipples, maintaining their erect status.

Because of that, a faint tingling pleasure was constantly produced.

I’m sure that the man had put them on me.

For even his aftercare service to be perfect, he really is a capable servant.

“Pfft, well thanks for the compliment.”

“Of course, and so? W-Will we be continuing the punishment?♡”

It was an obvious thing to say.

It was common sense that the punishment should continue until this man was satisfied.

To begin with, since I fainted, it was natural for the punishment to be extended.

“Well, of course…….for now your nipples should be good like this. They’ve become quite vulgar.”

“Ahn♡ Hya♡ Fuh, kuun……♡”

My voice leaked out just from having the man toy with my nipples half-heartedly.

My sensitive nipples had become completely trained.

“Ah, that’s right. From today onward, you’re forbidden from wearing underwear.”

“Eh uh…….?♡”

“Naturally, thick clothes are also forbidden. Let’s have your parents see those nipples as well.”

“Hih, no! Th-that’ss…….♡”

As expected, it’d be far too embarrassing to show it to my parents.

And to not be allowed to wear underwear……

“Don’t talk back to me!”

“Gii!♡ U-Underschtoood♡”

The man’s fingers that had been lightly stroking me showed no mercy as they dug their nails into my nipple.

That same current ran through me once more, and I ended up obeying the man’s [order].

“It’ll be fine. I’ll change your parents’ common sense too.”

“Nnu♡ Heh…….eh?♡”

I feel like the man said something, but my numbed mind couldn’t think well.

Common sense……?

“Well then, it’s time to change. Hurry up and stand.”

“Higuh!♡ Y-Yesh…….♡”

My ass was struck, and I let out a shameful voice.

But for some reason that felt good.

I was being punished, so it was natural for it to feel good.

There was no need to pay any mind to it.

All I needed to do was obey the man, and let him control me…….


“My, what a good morning it is.”

“Indeed it is, Master.”

Papa and the servant man were having a friendly chat.

Mama was also sitting on the sofa and drinking tea elegantly.

I was……

“……-♡ ………tsk!♡”

“However, I really am sorry. Please forgive my poorly raised daughter.”

“No no, this too is part of a servant’s job.”

As the man replied, he caressed my ass.

I could do nothing except writhe in response.

“Well then, I will go and continue the [punishment].”

“Yeah, I’ll leave it to you.”

The man stood up.

Then, he pulled the leash connected to my collar.

In order not to fall over with my bound legs, I totteringly followed after him.

“Pfft, how is it? How does it feel to undergo [punishment] in front of your family?”


“That’s the best face. Great, great.”

We walked down the corridor.

I wonder how Papa saw the appearance of his daughter, as I wore a single thin shirt and shorts.

Did he think I was a good girl who diligently accepted her punishment?

Or did he think I was a bad girl, with my pitifully erect nipples showing through my clothes?

“Come on, walk properly. Once we make a lap around the mansion, I’ll give you a reward.”

“! ♡”

Saliva overflowed from the ball gag.

I restlessly fidgeted my hands that were tied behind my back.

My body swayed, and my pointed nipples rubbed against my shirt.

“Today we’ll be developing your clit. Come on, hurry up and come.”


He pulled the leash strongly and it constricted around my throat.

Even then, I let out a joyful moan at the anticipation of what was going to happen after this.

Seeing me like that, the man made that smirk…….

“Nevertheless, when should I release the hypnosis…….I’m looking forward to it.”

The man said something, but the me right now didn’t understand one bit of it.

The Story of the Ojou-sama whose Common Sense was Altered and was Trained to be a Masochist by Her Servant

The Story of the Ojou-sama whose Common Sense was Altered and was Trained to be a Masochist by Her Servant

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese


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