The Story of Girl Whose Two Childhood Friends Confess to Her. And Her Attempt to Hold Them Together, In a 3P Relationship. chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“I-I like you Mika!”


A girl confessed to me. 

I was called behind the gym after school by her.

Her name was Himari.

She had short hair and moderately tanned skin, as you can guess, she was an athletic girl.

In fact, a former track and field star. Now part of the going home club.

And- – -she was my childhood friend, one of my best friends since elementary school.


So if I had to choose from like and dislike, I obviously like her.


But why would she call me to this place then?

Um, based on context clues, this is a love confession?


I need to confirm this.


“Do you “like like” me?”

“I intensely love you.”



This is definitely a love confession, yeah.

. . . What do I do?

This completely caught me off guard. I never expected my best friend to suddenly confess to me.


My name is Mika, and I should also mention, I am also a girl.


“I don’t want us to do anything particularly special. I’d like if we could stay like we have always been.”

“That’s all?”

“Well, If possible, I’d like if we could go out on dates during the weekends.”
“Okay, That’s it?”

“Well, I want a kiss on the third date.”

“I see.”

“Also, On the fifth date. I’d like to bring you to the love hotel two station away from school. And do- – ”

“Your plans are too specific!”


She is sexually looking at me! And is very motivated about it!


Knowing that now, I think it’s impossible for us to return to how things used to be.

Maybe I can say, let’s start by being friends first. . .No, no, we are already friends.


“Can we put this on hold?”

“. . .Okay, that’s fine. But I still want you to answer me.”

“I-I’ll think deeply about it.”

“When will you give me your answer?”

“I-In a week. . .”

“Okay, until the end of the week.”


Himari then took her leave.

Leaving me behind the gym alone.


Haa. . .

What do I do!?!?


“Isn’t this what they call a Yuri?. . .Real Yuri!?”


I exclaimed.


Then a revelation. 

Yes, that’s it! I don’t need to worry about it alone!

I need advice, and I have just the right person for it. My other best friend- – -Sayuri! She’ll know what to do!




After school the next day, I called Sayuri to a vacant classroom.


“W. . .What is it, Mika-chan?”


Why are her cheeks blushing?

Sayuri has been my friend since elementary school, and we have always been in the same class.

Never separated, maybe we’ll be together until we die. So we often playfully talk and joke around with each other.


She is also on good terms with Himari. . .So it should be okay to ask for consultation with her. Right?


“. . .”


. . .Ahh! But its too hard to just talk about.


Even though Sayuri has a reputation for keeping secrets, would it be too much to ask of her?


“Y–Yeah. . .”


Now I’m worried.

But, it may be too late now. How do I explain calling her out like this?




Her long black hair, which smelt of sweet flowers, swayed gently.


As elegant as always, although you don’t often get to properly see it.

Rather, I wonder if it something more so out of reach? Like I can’t get too close?




“You know that you are cute?”


Her face instantly turned red.

So adorable!

Too cute, I just want to take her home.

I’m getting distracted but. . .Maybe I should tease her more by praising her!


“So elegant, smells good, I think even a woman would be charmed.”

“T-That can’t be true. . .”


Heh heh heh. Like always, she isn’t good with compliments.

 I think that maybe good enough. . .


. . .Let’s make her more embarrassed! 


“So calm, gentle, you make people want to protect you. I’m so grateful to have a best friend like you!”

“Mika-chan. . .Um, me too.”


“I’m also happy that Mika-chan is my best friend.”


What a pal! Hahh~ I feel healed. I just want to take her home with me. . . So cute. . .


I originally helped Sayuri in elementary. She was bullied often so I always stood up for her. Although I can’t help but feel like she is wasted on me.

Her grades are top notch, cooking is excellent, her athletic ability is a little lackluster, but that just adds to her charm points.


She often makes sweets and send them to me during the holidays. They are so good. I did want to tell her how much I appreciate her. 


Although I still have my main problem at hand. . .but I can’t just dump my problems on her now! It will just ruin this wholesome mood.

I have to get out of here.


“I just wanted to tell you that. Um, I hope it wasn’t a bother for calling you out here. Well, good bye!”


I forcibly changed the flow of our conversation and prepared to dash out of the room.


A flawless facade!

At least I thought so. . .




A high pitched beautiful voice, more forceful that I was used to, called me to a halt.

What’s wrong? Did something happen?


Is she perhaps aiming to be an idol?

I turned around smiling, expecting something stupid to happen. Like I had dropped something on the floor. However I saw Sayuri’s face looking down with a blush more intense than usual.


In addition to that, she was holding her skirt tightly, it gave off the impression that she was confessing to a boy she had a crush on.


“I-I. . .think I’m happy that Mika-chan is my best friend.”

“Yeah, me too?”

“But. . .that’s not enough. . .”

“I see. . .So you want to upgrade to a super friend!”

“Not just a friend. . .”



. . .This feels familiar. . .


“I love you.”


My heart shot up once she said that.


Is she serious too?

Am I becoming a Harem Girl? But my Harem is full of girls? My own Harem? Is that really what is happening? Is that really what she is saying?


“So, it’s not like me, it’s “love” me?”


She nodded her head in response.

She wants me to be her lover.


“To what extent do you mean by love?”


I ended up asking.


“I want to take our love to the end.”


I was moved once she said that.


“Like, um Kiss?. . .”

“Yeah, that is the first step.”


The First!?

Sayuri’s cloudy eyes are also looking at me sexually!?


She then sat down, and elegantly tucked her skirt underneath her thighs. And just like Himari, she was staring at me, waiting for my response.

Geeze, I have butterflies in my stomach, so my face surely must be red. . .

Or how should I put it. I’m trying to find out, but “Why have I never noticed this?”


Also I should be a professional by now, this is my second love confession in 24 hours! 

I should be able to hold my composure.


Just calm down, don’t be afraid. Don’t falter. I got this. 


“U-Um, I-I um I, w-well. . .Uhh.”


I’m breaking down.


“Calm down, Mika-chan.”


Yeah, calm down!

Deep breaths, take deep breaths.


I’ve heard that counting prime numbers is good to calm down.


One! Ten! Hundred! Thousand! Ten Thousand! Hundred Million! Okay, I’m calm!


“Is it okay if I hold my reply!”


I forcefully asked.


“I understand, I’ll wait.”


Sayuri willingly accepted my selfish request, as expected of her.


“But please, I want a proper answer.”

“I’ll carefully plan it.”

“And When will you give me your answer?. . .”

“In a week.”


I clearly said my deadline, so I can gain her confidence.

But why did I have to say one week?. . .




Six days have passed since the confession.

And man, did time fly by.

I thought building a blue robot I bought would help my stress, but when I pulled it out from my desk and opened it, memories with Himari and Sayuri burst into my mind.

In fact all my usual distractions did that to me! I’m being cornered!


“Yeah. . .Ye-ah. . .”


I laid my head down on my desk. Acting like an exhausted manga character.


I know I’ve been joking around, but this is a serious problem.

It doesn’t help that these past days, even after their confessions, Himari and Sayuri talk to me so naturally. Still having casual conversations.


We’d talk about visiting a confectionery store that recently opened up on the phone. 


(“Should we go after school?”)

(“Yeah, I want to go with you two.”)

(“I want to eat so much there.”)

(“Then let’s feed each other, little by little.”)

(“Sounds good!”)


Having conversations like we always had.

But I’m starting to notice, that we may be too close.

We’d sleep over at least once a week, it was natural to take baths together, sharing a bed was casual, the time we were apart from each other is short. . .But, it has been so much fun. 

I guess I now understand why I’d get teased by other for our habits.


However. . .These happy days are coming to an end.


If I choose one, I have to abandon the other.

And I can’t bear to do that!

Maybe I could still have love happy days with Himari and Sayuri, I could act like a child and maybe retreat while saying “I’m happy, but I’m an idiot, I don’t know” and have a chance of it going well, but I hate that idea!

I can’t do that to them. It’s impossible to reply like that to such a serious confession. . .


“Mika, you look worried.”


I jumped when I suddenly heard a voice come out of nowhere.


“I am the Yuri God. . .I want to watch over girls’ precious love. . .But I want to sometimes get involved.”


In other words, a pervert!!!


“You don’t want to hurt anybody. I understand the feeling, because I was also a losing heroine when I had to give happiness to my two childhood friends in a coupling in my doujin. . .”


Actually that is quite different from me.


“However, the losing heroine usually gets favorable treatment in the community, even though they say( That actually the winning heroine is adorable). Because the winning heroine is flirting poorly. However, I like couplings the winning and losing heroines, and talk about it in the forums. But then those Yoai bastards meddle in the forums!”


This is the “Yuri god”. . . Also what does this have to do with me?


“There have been many battles fought. Wars in fact. Many swearing and arguments in the comment sections, even direct messaging. . .Until all participating accounts were frozen and the war ended safely.”


Safely? It’s not that important. Its an internet squabble.


“By the way, I was using my side account, so I successfully crushed my opponent with barely any casualties. Since my opponent was a rival in the same genre, they disappeared and I was promoted.”


This “god” is terrible!

Or should I just say my older sister.


“Onee-san, your heart is too ugly to claim to be a God.”


I turned around my chair, and saw my sister wearing a dirty padded Kimono, and her usual high spectacle glasses, pushing them up when I saw her.

That along with her casually leaning on the door frame, made me unreasonably upset.


“Ugly hearts don’t matter for a God. How many people worshiped Zeus and other wicked manner Gods.”

“I don’t know.”


By the way, my Onee-san seems to be a well-known manga artist in the Yuri Doujin scene.

She can draw delicate and realistic subtleties well- – -Atleast that’s what they say.

How she does that even though she has never brought home a lover, is unknown to me.


She is also a 22 year old, NEET.

She isn’t good at cooking, has no living ability. The only thing she has going for her is her manga skills, and big breasts.


“I heard your woes from the next room over. Thanks to my sound collector device and skill.”

“That’s called eavesdropping.”

“You seems to have been confessed by both Himari and Sayuri at the same time.”


I have zero interest in whatever her “advice” is going to be.


“I understand why you feel torn. For Mika, these are two important friends, whose flags have been triggered in elementary school.”

“I haven’t set any flags!”

“You don’t know, but you are a natural gigolo, and I am a Yuri master who can help bring out your power.”

“I’m not a gigolo. . .”

“You will be.”


She is declaring that in such a serious tone.

Yuri brain is scary.

But yeah, maybe. . .it is possible if two people confess to me at the same time.

In other words, I may have been unknowingly doing it. 


“I will give you a gift that will help not only now. . .but even in the future.”


She said and cautiously placed a book on my desk.


“Behold, the bible of Yuri.”


She then shook the table to add a ridiculous mood.


“You don’t have to do that!”


I shouted.

Then I read the title of the book.


“Monthly Yuri Ecchi, 3P Special Issue!?”


Yeah, I expected this!

I think I can think of a proper slang response.


“Fuck!”(They actually said “Fuck” ファッーク.)


I said while trying to hand back the book.


“Yeah, fuck them both!”


It had no effect. . .

I thought it was a very vulgar foreigner word. . .


“This is a chance to see actual real life 3P Yuri. You can’t miss this opportunity, Mika!”

“I’m not doing that! These are my friends!”

“Wouldn’t you be in trouble if you don’t? Then you don’t have a choice! Now then, Viva Yuri!”




“I-It’s not that simple.”

“You know I’m an artist God? Don’t doubt me when it comes to Yuri.”

“Don’t call yourself a God. Are you somebody else now? You aren’t even a professional.”


After I said that, my Onee-san began to give a sinister snicker, along with a (Fu fu fu).

Sigh, what a troublesome person to get involved with.

But this is my room. There is no escape route.


“I didn’t tell you yet Mika. But I’ve settled on a commercial debut!”

“Oh! Congratulations!”

“Ehehe. . .Thank you.”


I praised her normally.

She even looked embarrassed.

How unusual for her to have any shame.


“So uh, the Magazine?”

“Yeah, it’s a Yuri magazine.”

“What kind of name is Harlequin for a Yuri magazine!?”

“I don’t know, but it is a new publication. By the way, it’s published by Nijinsha.”

“The font and style is nice as well. Especially for a new magazine.”

“Well, I’m a professional writer, my words and formatting is way more persuasive!”


Hmm. . .

A special magazine for 3P?

Do I really have to do a 3P?

Ahh! The only way to stay together is to accept their confessions!

Or refuse one. . .No, I can’t do that. It’s impossible.

So with all that said, I think I know the answer.


“I understand. . .Onee-san, thank you. I decided to accept both of them!”

“. . .Eh?”

“I will do my best to have 3P relationship! Thank you for this book, I will study it relentlessly!”

“Eh, Um, well. Are you serious? Hey, wait, calm down. Think about it reasonably. I was just joking. . .”

“No, this is the only way!”


I took my Onee-san’s hand and swung her around. I’m so happy I now know what to do. Thank you Onee-san!

She did look confused and even concerned, but it’s probably just my imagination.


Okay, just you wait, Himari, Sayuri! Because we’ll all be happy together!




The next day, I called both of them to a vacant classroom.

Himari and Sayuri were perplexed with each others appearance. 


“Well Mika, are you finally going to tell me your answer?”

“Eh, what? Himari is waiting for an answer? Me too.”

“No way. . .Sayuri is also a lesbian?. . .”

“What, Himari too?”


Well now they shocked each other.


“Since both of you confessed at almost the same time, I wanted to reply to you together.”


They both *Gulp* when they heard that.


“In other words, refusing one of us. . .”

“And choosing one of us as a lover?”


They gave each other anxious looks.

I’ve never seen them make such faces in front of me. They must truly have feelings for me.


“I’ve been thinking about it all week.”


I was having a hard time keeping my composure.


“And I came to only one conclusion.”


Even though it was from my Onee-san’s advice.


“Mika. . .”

“What is your conclusion?”


I closed my eyes, gave a huge exhale, and made a serious expression.

I could feel my face cramp, but I had to do it for the atmosphere.


I opened my mouth and said.


“I want to go out with both of you! A 3P relationship!”


My loud voice echoed in the classroom.


“. . .”


Himari face hardened.


“. . .?” 


While Sayuri tilted her head.

Okay, those are understandable reactions.

I should probably clear this confusion!


“I thought about it greatly. I can’t choose to hurt one of you. And refusing both will just hurt everybody, right?”


The last thing I want is to just refuse both of them. It will just hurt everyone and make our relationships painful.

Ahh! And that is the last thing I want! 


“When I thought about it calmly, doesn’t it make sense? Because I always wished we would all be together forever, although I will admit, I never thought about it in the lovers way. And I know, it may be unreasonable for us three to be in a relationship. Especially when you just wanted me. But come on, you guys need to make some concessions for me. Abruptly dumping confessions on me! So I want to suddenly put my confession on you, and give my request for us to all be even in the relationship. So, what do you think?”


I asked Himari first.

However, it doesn’t seem like this will go smoothly.


“No, that is too strange- – -.”

“Himari thinks so!?”

“Well, how can it be three people, when only two people can make lovers. . .”

“So Himari doesn’t want to be with me?”

“No, You know I want to be with you. Mika, I love you.”


She said that so cool too.

I guess that’s the nationwide famous boyish Himari!

Ahhh! I don’t want to leave her!


“So do you want me to hurt Sayuri?”

“No I don’t want to hurt her.”

“Then I guess we’ll need to go out as three people, right?”

“Umm. . .I. . .Is that right?”

“Yes! Absolutely! There is no other way! This is the best choice!”

“. . .Well, if it’s for you. . .then maybe. . .”


Oh my god. 

It’s like I brainwashed her, but she is totally convinced! 

I’ll take it!

Next is Sayuri.

She has already managed to calm herself down, so this may be difficult.


“So, Sayuri. What do you think?”


She then silently shook her head.

I then grabbed her by the shoulders, got closed, and asked her again.


“So, What do you think!?”

“T-This is different. . .Lovers are only two people. . .”



“Why does it only need to be two people?”

“That. . .That is because there are things that only two people can do.” 

“That’s not true!”


I declared.

. . .Even though I have no experience to back that up.


“Okay, then w-what, about . . . A kiss?”

“Just need to take turns.”

“Well. . .then what about, s-sex?. . .”


Hyah! Isn’t it a crime for something so lewd to come out of Sayuri’s mouth?

Shouldn’t the Yuri Police take her to Yuri Court and cross examiner her?


“You can only do that with two people, right?”


She is cutely gesturing her case, like she was in a criminal case.

Heh heh, I however am now learned in the field, thanks to that “Yuri Bible”. I guess I have no choice but to help Sayuri.~


“Three people can do it.”

“No they can’t!”

“They can. . .In fact, three people can. It is called a “threesome.””

“W-Wha- – -.”


Sayuri was completely taken aback by facts and knownledge.

Such a hopeless pure girl. It looks like just giving her an idea about it made her shudder.

Um, “looks like”? How does it seems like?

. . .Yeah, Let’s not think about it too deeply!


“So, Does Sayuri not like Himari?”

“You know I like Himari-chan.”

“And Himari likes Sayuri, right?”

“Well, yeah, however. . .It’s different from my feelings towards you, Mika.”

“Well then it’s best for us all to be together!”


At the end, I splendidly bulldozed the issue past the finish line.

They all seem to agree by now, but they also may have realized that there was no other solution.

I would refuse anything else. This is a major prerequisite for me.

I don’t care if it’s friend or lover, As long as all three of us can be together. With this, everything will surely be fine.


“Then, from today on, I am your guys girlfriend. Please treat me well.”


I gave them my brightest smile.

But, they gave a unconvinced expression.



“. . .Yeah, treat me well.”

“Okay, Treat me well, Mika-chan.”


Somehow they agreed.


This way we are able to spend our time together.


Thinking about it more, my way of life shouldn’t change that much. I think that because I was always clingy with them.

Although I’m starting to realize what I just committed myself to. But it should be fine, it’s only kissing- – -.


“Oi, Mika.”

“Hey, Mika-chan.”

“Because we’ve become lovers, why don’t we do some authentic lovey stuff?”

“Don’t just think this is some extension of simple friendship.”


Those two are now cornering me.

They slowly walked towards me, as I quietly backed away.

However, my escape options were soon lost once my back rattled the desk.


“W-Wait you two. Isn’t there steps we need to do first?”

“Oh, well you wanted 3P, so that means 3 steps are done all at once.”


You cool boyish beast!


“But, but- we have yet to properly hold h-hands. . .”

“We always hold hands.”


Shit! We do!


“As friends, that’s all the way we could have gone.”

“But now that we are lovers, there is new things we can do.”


They soon approached, two people’s hand began to touch around my body.

It’s ticklish and embarrassing.

I can feel my body getting hot.

Haah, but when I think about the fact that they are now my girlfriends, their faces became cuter in a different way than before, or I dare say sexy. . .Oh their faces are so close.

Oh man, I already can’t refuse them. . .


I closed my eyes, leaving my body to them. First it was Sayuri’s lips, then Himari’s, this repeated a few times.


My heart was pounding, I could feel my eyes clouding.


I thought it was coming to an end. . . when suddenly Sayuri’s hand went to unbutton my blazer, and Himari began to take off my skirt.


No, rather than three steps or even five steps at once. It’s more like taking an elevator and skipping the stairs altogether.




On that day, a cat like voice echoed in a classroom where nobody should have been.


I was the cat, or at least unintentionally sounded like one. . .

Nya nya nyah.




Ever since then, our relationships changed dramatically.


Skin ship became intense, and I was often taken to the bathroom every break, and during lunch time I was devoured on the roof. I never even got time to eat my lunch.


After school, you bet I was visiting one of their houses and flirting with them.

Sometimes we would sleepover, we had a good relationship from the beginning and it was well known. So none of our parents raised an eyebrow.


Though our relationship escalated even more.


Sayuri eventually used her assets from her family and what she was able to gain herself and rented out a church. She even rented out three wedding dresses and held a ceremony for three.


“T-This doesn’t fit me, right?”

“I’m not too confident either, but I wanted to do it, because Mika-chan would look too cute in one.”


What are you two talking about? Both of you are obviously the cutest in the world!


During summer vacation, we spent our time in a villa along the coast.


“I don’t want to go out today. How about we spend our time here.”

“Himari-chan, you said that yesterday as well. But I also sort of agree, But what do you think, Mika-chan?”


I can’t refuse such sexy girls.

Also, because we were in high school together, we pretty much lived together.


I don’t know when, but I couldn’t control our relationship anymore. I’m not sure if studying is my main focus anymore. It became making out and flirting. 


Even so. . . I’ve somehow become happier than I’ve ever been before. . .

The Story of Girl Whose Two Childhood Friends Confess to Her. And Her Attempt to Hold Them Together, In a 3P Relationship.

The Story of Girl Whose Two Childhood Friends Confess to Her. And Her Attempt to Hold Them Together, In a 3P Relationship.

Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
This is a story about a girl named Mika who was confessed to by her two childhood friends. Unable to choose one, she attempts to keep her friends together in a 3P relationship. Because it is a dumb romantic comedy, don’t expect anything dark. So relax and enjoy.


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