The Smile Of The Woman You Love At A Seaside Town chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

T/N: There are some awkward, chunky paragraphs that have been left as is to preserve the author’s original formatting.

On her way home from work, Lina stopped by her usual bar, slipping between the sloppy and rowdy drunks to her usual seat at the counter. If Lina was here, she’d definitely appear tonight.

Lina ordered her usual order plus hard, distilled liquor from one of the usual staff, then she pulled out a cigarette and an oil lighter from her coat pocket. She lit it up, inhaled the bluish-purple smoke through the white filter so it filled her lungs, then exhaled.

She couldn’t wait for her to get here. The area between her legs is aching in anticipation. She’s already so aroused that she’s dying to play with her clit through her skirt right then and there.

Lina will be 32 years old this year. She worked for the Ministry of Magic as a clerk. She’s unmarried. There was once a man who courted her with intent to marry, but he had another woman in his heart. It seemed that she couldn’t marry him due to circumstances, and he found little choice but to marry Lina in order to camouflage that relationship. Lina was not a beautiful woman, often said to be too strong and unappealing. Even though she’s only a clerk, the Ministry of Magic gives her a stable salary, so Lina would have been convenient for him to use as a housekeeper, to satisfy his libido, and bring in money every month, even though she isn’t attractive. It seemed that was the case. So eventually, she broke up with him. She’s been single since then. Her previous lover had an affair and she’d already told off that man. Her parents tell her to get married every time they saw her, but Lina doesn’t want to anymore. It’s no fun to have a life where you just do all the household chores every day, give birth to a child, then devote yourself to them and your husband. Her work is rewarding and fun and it’s easier when she can drink alcohol whenever she wanted and read a book as she mucked about on her days off. After her retirement, she intended to keep a cat and spend the rest of her life as she please, so she’s working hard to save money. There was no man in Lina’s life.

As Lina was enjoying her second glass of distilled liquor, she felt a gentle tapping on her shoulder. The gentle scent of jasmine wafts into her nose. Lina looks back, she finds a woman with bright, fluffy red hair. The person she was waiting for has arrived.

“Eileen,” Lina said.

“That’s me-eee!” Eileen said. “Lina, you’re looking cute today again.”

“You’re the only one who says that,” Lina said.

“Well there’s only dummies around you, right?” Eileen said.

She smirked and laughed gleefully. Eileen had a very well-proportioned face and if you looked at her straight ahead, she was like a beautiful doll. However, when she laughed, wrinkles appear between her eyebrows and above her nose. Lina likes Eileen’s laughter, it makes her feel a little less than perfect. It was a cheerful, slightly husky sort of laugh.

Eileen sat beside Lina and ordered the same distilled liquor from the staff earlier.

“Lina,” Eileen said. “Give me a cigarette. I’ll trade you a glass for it.”

“Sounds good to me,” Lina said. “You still don’t buy your own cigarettes, do you?”

“That I don’t,” Eileen said. “Thanks.”

“Here. Lighter,” Lina said. “You don’t need to ask me for it.”

“Fufuu,” Eileen said.

As she held up her unlit cigarette, Eileen put her lips to Lina’s ear.

“Well then, I’ll make sure to lick you lots.”

Her whisper is quiet and playful, her breath washes over Lina’s ears. It tickles a bit, Lina chuckles softly.

She felt like she was getting wet down below. She wanted to touch Eileen as soon as possible. Lina gently stroked Eileen’s thighs over her skirt and smiles mischievously.

“Would you like to head upstairs after a few glasses?” Lina asked.

“Fufufuu,” Eileen chuckled. “Of course I do!”

She smiled happily.

“Aah… Eileen…” Lina moaned.

“Do you feel good?” Eileen asked. “You’re getting extremely wet.”

“Ah, aah… yes… touch me more…” Lina continued.

“Fufuu,” Eileen giggled.

Lina was on a bed with her skirt rolled up, kneeling towards Eileen with her legs spread wide open. Her thin underwear felt so wet it was sticking to her skin. Eileen laughs happily as she gently touches Lina through the fabric. When Lina feels Eileen’s fingertips rubbing her clit, the sensation feels pleasurable and unbearable, she bucks her hips in response.

They were in a room on the bar’s second floor. You could have used it like an inn and rested normally or you can use it to enjoy the pleasures of the night. Speaking of which, they could hear a woman panting from the room next door.

As Eileen gently toyed with Lina’s clit, she brought her face to Lina, Lina turned to face Eileen and they kissed. Eileen always used gentle jasmine perfume. It had been completely burned in Lina’s head as Eileen’s scent, when she smelled jasmine, she always recalled Eileen.

Over and over again, they gently suck on the other’s lips, reach out with their tongues, and tangle with each other. They explore each other’s mouths and take pleasure in their kisses until they’re satisfied.

With Lina’s lipstick all around her mouth, Eileen laughs happily.

“Lina,” Eileen asked. “Are you really wet right now?”

“Ahn,” Lina moaned.

“Hey, touch me too,” Eileen said. “I’m getting wet, too.”

“Sure,” Lina said.

Lina slipped her hand into Eileen’s tight skirt, stroked her slender legs, then touched her underwear. The thin fabric is completely soaked. If she could see it, there would definitely be a stain. Eileen let out a hot breath as Lina gently rubbed her clit with her fingertips, tracing its shape.

“Ah… Lina, it feels good…” Eileen moaned.

“Do you want to take off your clothes?” Lina asked.

“Yeah,” Eileen said. “You undress too, Lina.”

“Sure,” Lina said.

After one more kiss, they pull apart from each other and start undressing. They take off everything including their underwear and toss them to the floor until they’re as naked as the days they were born.

Eileen is fair-skinned and has very attractive baby-pink nipples. With her slender body, her modestly-sized and well-shaped boobs that fit comfortably in Lina’s hands, Lina finds her quite cute. Eileen put her fingertips on Lina’s neck and slid them down. After she got past Lina’s needlessly large breasts, Eileen pinched her erect nipples.

“Fufuu,” Eileen chuckled. “Your big boobs are always the best, Lina. they’re so big, soft, and really cute.”

“I beg to differ,” Lina said. “Your boobs are so much better, Eileen. It’s not good to have big boobs. It’s hard to find underwear and clothes. Even though I’m not doing anything, men keep telling me I’m seducing them.”

“You hate that, don’t you?” Eileen asked.

“I hate men,” Lina said.

“And do you love me like I love your boobs?” Eileen asked.

“I love you, Eileen,” Lina said.

“Fufuu,” Eileen said. “I love you too, Lina. You’re still so cute.”

“And you’re still the only one who says that, Eileen,” Lina said.

Lina isn’t beautiful or anything like that. She doesn’t think she’s ugly but she has a very plain look, and even if she put on make-up, she doesn’t look gorgeous. Her hair is a dull brown and she has a fat figure. Her boobs were needlessly large, she has a large gut, and her butt was also big. There was a time when she went on diets, but she never lost weight, so she’s just given up now. She knows she’s doesn’t have feminine charm, coupled with her strong personality and her lack of cuteness.

“You’re cute, okay, Lina?” Eileen said. “Your body is soft, warm, and the best ever. Incidentally, ei.”

“Ahn,” Lina moaned.

“Your sensitivity is also great, see?” Eileen said.

“Mou,” Lina grumbled. “Really, Eileen?”

“Fufuu,” Eileen chuckled. “I like seeing you smile. You’ve got a dimple on your right cheek, see? It’s cute.”

“… Thanks,” Lina said.

Lina was smiling genuinely. She didn’t feel any deception nor exaggeration in Eileen’s words. Eileen is always truthful. She only says exactly as she thought, though it seemed that it was a source of some trouble.

As they began kissing again, they touched each other’s breasts. If they press their bodies together, their nipples will rub up against each other, they feel a gentle and comforting pleasure.

As they kissed, Eileen whispered,

“I’m going to lick you a lot tonight, okay?”

“Fufuu,” Lina chuckled. “Like every night?”

“Fufuu,” Eileen chuckled back.

They giggle as they rub the tips of their noses, they kiss, their tongues tangle, and they gently touch each other’s bodies. Eileen looked at Lina happily as she pushed her tongue into her mouth, Lina stared back into Eileen’s vibrant green eyes as they entwined with each other.

They pressed their bodies up against each other and fall onto the bed, they eagerly get even more tangled up.

Lina did not know much about Eileen. She knew her name was Eileen, she was 26 years old, she used jasmine perfume, and she always bummed cigarettes off Lina. She liked hard distilled liquors and from her orders, Lina knew she loved cheese the most. Lina knew Eileen was in much the same situation; Lina hadn’t talked much about herself, either.

It was about a year ago that Lina began this physical relationship with Eileen. Eileen happened to be sitting next to Lina, they drank together until she was seeing double, and she couldn’t go home because she’d drunk too much, so they went upstairs together and collapsed in one bed. Because they had to take off their clothes or else they’d get wrinkled, they slept in just their underwear, and somehow they started going at it. For whatever reason, it was fun to tease each other, touching the other’s bodies, and before they knew it, they were full-on having sex.

The next morning, they were both stunned, but it was fun and comfortable, wasn’t it? They decided it after they had calmed down. Neither of them was or could get pregnant. So Lina started having sex with Eileen every once in a while. When Lina came to this bar on her next day off, Eileen would appear. After enjoying a drink and some rambling stories together, they’d rent a room on the second floor, have sex, and spend time together until morning. This ambiguous relationship with Eileen feels comfortable to Lina. They don’t step into each other’s lives more than is necessary. Sex between two women is much gentler and pleasant than with a man, and it’s easier because they don’t feel like they have to act for the sake of a man’s pride. Every time Lina meets her, Eileen always has a smile on her face, and just being with her makes Lina’s life more pleasant. Lina has a habit of furrowing her brows in stress but when she spends time with Eileen, she feels no tension between her brows. She feels like smiling all the time. Eileen is a genius at making Lina smile.

Eileen buries her face between Lina’s legs, licks her pussy and her clit, then she slips fingers inside Lina, stimulating all her hot spots. Eileen was pleasuring her so well, Lina was panting as she bucked her hips.

“Aahh! Auh, ah!” Lina gasps. “Ah! That’s good! Eileen! Aahh!”

Nchyu. Cute,” Eileen said. “Lina, cum for me, okay?”

“Ah! Aah! Ahn! Ah! Aaah!” Lina pants. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! … Aaaahhh!!”

Lina’s body shook as her pussy gushed. With loud pants, going “Haa-haa”, she basks in her afterglow. Covered in Lina’s fluids, Eileen sits up in bed and gently kisses Lina on the lips.

“Lina, you’re so cute,” Eileen said. “Was that good?”

“Haa, haa…” Lina pants. “It was the best.”

“Fufuu,” Eileen said. “Want to feel good together next time?”

“Sure,” Lina said.

They both laugh, they hold each other’s hands, entwining their fingers, and kiss once more.

Alongside Eileen, Lina laughed and hungered for more pleasure.

“Hey, Lina,” Eileen said.

“What is it, Eileen?” Lina asked.

“Why don’t we go somewhere far away?” Eileen asked. “Let’s live together in a small seaside town.”

“Fufuu,” Lina said. “That sounds nice, doesn’t it? I’ve never seen the sea.”

“I haven’t either,” Eileen said. “Let’s work somewhere nice, live in a cute house, with a small red roof, and sleep together every day.”

“Does it come with late-night snacks?” Lina asked.

“Of course it does!” Eileen said. “I’ll even make sweet tea with warm milk.”

“Ahahaa,” Lina chuckled. “Black tea sounds nice but I prefer distilled liquor.”

“Ahaa! I do too, actually!” Eileen said. “I’ve wanted to try distilled liquor with cake! I haven’t tried it yet.”

“I haven’t either,” Lina said. “We don’t have any cakes here.”

“Oh, that’s right–. That’s disappointing,” Eileen said. “… Lina.”

“Nn?” Lina asked.

“… I’m sure we’ll be happy when that dream-like day comes true, right?” Eileen asked.

“That’s right,” Lina said.

She’d learn what Elieen said all that at a later date.

Lina was heading to a bookstore near the church on her day-off. A wedding was being held by the side of the building. Lina casually took a glance and was surprised to see the bride in the white dress: Eileen. Eileen was smiling. Instead of her usual cheerful and happy smile, however, it was a hard, plastic smile that Lina didn’t like. Lina was convinced when she saw her face. This marriage is not what Eileen wants. She definitely wanted to escape.

Lina stood there in a daze. She had her job, her position, and her family. Eileen had the same. They weren’t drowning so deep in love that they’d throw everything else away. But Eileen may have had little to say about her desires.

A tear trickles down Lina’s face as she watches Eileen’s mask-like face from a distance.

Perhaps she can’t meet Eileen anymore. As she held her aching chest, Lina clenched her lower lip.

When Lina opened her eyes, she was staring right into Eileen’s vibrant green eyes. Eileen smiled.

“Morning, Lina,” she said.

“… Good morning, Eileen,” Lina replied. “How long were you staring?”

“Just a while ago,” Eileen said. “Your sleeping face is so cute, I could watch it forever.”

“Mou,” Lina said. “Don’t stare at me when I’m sleeping. I look stupid.”

“Fufuu,” Eileen chuckled. “I’d say you look cute.”

“You’re the only one who says this old lady looks cute,” Lina said.

“My,” Eileen said. “That’s fine. I’m the only one. Fufuu. I’m the only one with the privilege of seeing your adorable sleeping face, Lina.”

Eileen’s face wrinkles as she smiles, she kissed Lina on the lips.

2 years ago, Lina met Eileen again at that same bar. Lina was 48 at the time. She was still unmarried and continued going to the bar on her days off, even though Eileen had stopped coming.

Lina was alone at her usual counter seat drinking the usual distilled liquor when she felt a gentle tapping on her shoulder. She was surprised by the gentle jasmine scent she’d never forgotten, she found Eileen looking older than the last time she saw her. Even if she was, Elieen was beautiful, and when she saw Lina’s eyes go wide, Eileen’s face wrinkled as she laughed, which Lina loved.

Eileen seemed to have gotten divorced. She smiled because she was exasperated with her ex-husband and son, who looked just like him. Lina was sure she’d suffered a lot. Eileen’s body, once slender, was even thinner to the point of it being worrying, and her smiling face looked very tired. Lina invited Eileen to a room on the second floor and started touching her. Eileen started tearing up halfway, clinging onto Lina and crying like a child.

Lina quit her job and took Eileen to that seaside town she was talking about. They had some savings. They don’t have luxuries but they can live comfortably together. Fortunately, Lina’s parents who would have opposed had passed away a few years earlier.

Lina bought a small, second-hand house they picked out together and started living there. Lina began working as a clerk at the town hall and Eileen started serving customers at a cake shop in town. Eileen seems to have been a witch. She no longer wanted to work as one, so she worked at a cake shop she loved as a kid. Eileen doesn’t talk about when she was married. Instead, she talked about what she enjoyed in her childhood. Lina enjoyed listening to her stories.

Eileen is good at finding small, lovely things. Whenever they take walks on the beach together every morning, they always find beautiful shaped seashells and nicely colored pieces of glass. They only take one every day and put it in a big bottle as a living room decoration. Every day is full of small colorful things, as Eileen decorates the windowsill of their bedroom with beautiful little flowers she finds on the side of the road.

Every day, Lina holds hands with Eileen and takes a leisurely walk on the beach. They sit side-by-side on a large piece of driftwood that’s always resting along their path, listening to the quiet waves washing on the shore, and enjoying a small basket filled with cookies and warm, sweet tea with milk in a water bottle.

Eileen rested her head on Lina’s shoulder.

“Hey, Lina,” she said.

“What is it, Eileen?” Lina asked.

“Fufuu,” Eileen chuckled. “I’m so happy right now, you know?”

“Fufuu,” Lina said. “I am, too. Hey, Eileen?”

“Yeees?” Eileen asked.

“Stay by my side until my life’s light goes out, okay?”

“… I was already going to, you!” Eileen said.

Eileen looked up and laughed happily.

The Smile Of The Woman You Love At A Seaside Town

The Smile Of The Woman You Love At A Seaside Town

Score 8
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
A small story about Lina and Eileen.


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