The Saintess (lol) is a Death Flag Architect chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

「…… enough, I just have to endure, is what I thought…… but, but I’m already at my limit!」

Does this person want to die?

That’s what I thought after hearing “Saintess-sama’s” statement.

Now then, in order to progress the story, a simple explanation is needed.

The narrator is me, one of His Highness the Crown Prince’s servants.


In the country I live,『Rizenheim』a《Saintess》is summoned once every hundred years from a different world.
As for the reason, that’s because a large-scale purification of the country must be performed every hundred years.
The only ones able to do that are people from different worlds.
That’s why we hospitably take care of the《Holy Woman》in the castle.

…… But. This time’s《Saintess》.
She’s outrageously foolish girl.

In order to find a man with a good face, she has been reeling here~ reeling there~ She’s restless like a b.u.t.terfly for a nectar.
It would be fine if it was only that, but she even has calculating parts.
At that point in time, His Highness’ brows were magnificently creased.
And, the smile of my master, His Highness Gilbert turned into a sneer.

The quality of face is also a weapon of n.o.bles.
If it’s young men who are good at work, then there are plenty at the castle.
Because Saintess-sama couldn’t be treated poorly, His Majesty came up with an idea of surrounding Saintess-sama with famous n.o.ble young ladies from the high society.

Therefore, the daughters of the three people were called and the young ladies apparently accepted the task with fine smiles.

Until the purification trip, Saintess-sama was men hunt-…… nn! Men fishi-…… nn! …… anyhow, her smile while moving about was something to be admired.
When Saintess-sama departed from the castle, the servants of the castle shrewdly applauded in their minds.

And, there’s one more person that has to be mentioned.

That is this country’s third prince Diruol-sama.

This prince, it can’t be said in loud voice, but he’s a little feeble-minded.
How would be good to say it, his field of vision will get extremely narrow once he settles on something?

For example, suppose that a friend got caught up in a fraudulent business and he introduced you to it.
Let’s a.s.sume that you listened to your friend’s explanation and find many strange faults with it.

Normally, you would check it first. But, His Highness would let himself get deceived.

If the friend said it’s all right, he would trust him without any basis. That’s an unthinkable flaw for a royalty.

And currently, this prince has been charmed by Saintess-sama.

The moment this was confirmed, my Master has nearly crushed the sake cup he was grasping in his hand.
There, my eyes met with Master’s a.s.sistant, the son of Duke, Gwen-sama. I cried inwardly for being present in that place at such time.
Even the second prince Freygil-sama was suppressing the pain in his head while being comforted by his Fiancée-sama.

And then, there was the beginning of this situation.

Diruol-sama is comforting the crying Saintess-sama.
…… No matter how you look at it, those are fake tears, you know?
Why are you getting deceived? Like that, you will enter parenthood before long, you know?

Please, look at your Oniisama’s expression…… doesn’t he look extremely disgusted…… us, the butlers and maids are expressionless, but you can feel the atmosphere of ridiculousness, can’t you?

「…… Endure what? Is there something wrong?」

「Please, listen to this Elder brother! There’s a rude person who bullied Kiyomi! She pushed her into the fountain that’s in the garden and tore the dress she was wearing! It ended only in an attempt, but she was nearly pushed off the stairs, it doesn’t matter that Kiyomi wasn’t hurt, I won’t keep silent!」

Ah, that time when she was restlessly looking around and jumped into the fountain on her own?
A butler of the second prince saw it all and promptly reported it to Gilbert-sama, you know?

About the dress, one of the court ladies witnessed Saintess-sama tearing it while letting out「Hmph!!」noises and she reported it while laughing at her. Because of that, some of the court ladies were avoiding Saintess-sama because they had a hard time not laughing at her.

The stairs incident was fabricated as well!

Somehow, she still has more to say, but the more she says, the more she digs her own grave, doesn’t she……?

Rather, Diruol-sama who is holding Saintess-sama in his embrace in order to comfort her knows every detail, doesn’t he?

Just who is Saintess-sama trying to “entrap”?

Saintess-sama suddenly raised her face with teary eyes and glared at the women in front of her.

「I, I didn’t think you were such mean people……! Why? Didn’t I get along with the three of you so well before!!」

Saintess-sama who was accusing and the young ladies who accepted it with calm eyes.

Right, it were the ladies whom His Majesty sent to monitor Saintess-sama.

…… Saintess-sama, please take a look at the face of Diruol-sama who’s embracing you.

His expression stiffened as if he was about to die at any moment.

This is where I should introduce the young ladies who had the duty of monitoring the saintess.

First, the first one.
Duke’s daughter, Lidia-sama.
She’s the Crown Prince’s fiancée.
Her gorgeous appearances and slender body are impressive, she’s a bit of a foxy beauty.

But, this young lady whose body is supplemented with magic and great interest in sword has returned from the deepest parts of the most difficult dungeon unhurt.
…… If this person got serious, there’s no way Saintess-sama would stay with no physical defects.
There’s no doubt her body and soul would crumble.
By the way, Diruol-sama has been Lidia-sama’s rag during sword practice since his childhood.

The second person.
This is Arialise-sama, also from the house of Duke.
She’s the fiancée of the second prince Freygil.
She’s a charming person with a warm smile, but you absolutely mustn’t make this person angry.
Once angered, the castle will seriously get destroyed by fire.
This person is from the lineage of famous magicians and she’s proficient at country destroying magic.
…… Saintess-sama, wouldn’t you disappear without leaving a trance?

Now then, the third person.
This is a young lady from a Count House, Saria-sama.
Gwen-sama’s faincée.
She’s a silver-haired lady with appearances that tickle your desire to protect her, but she’s actually the most dangerous one.
Her parent’s house is a family of the royal family doctors.

They have are knowledgeable in various poisons.

One-hit death? Haha! Surely not…… do you think you can die so easily?

Now then, now that I have explained this far, does everyone understand?

Saintess-sama has been completely checkmated.

I happen to be present since the beginning, so I saw the flow of the situation, but I could not help but feel sympathy for Saintess-sama who opened the door to h.e.l.l and charged inside on her own.

「Always! Always so difficult…..! But! But, Dir said I shouldn’t keep silent……!」

Oppsy…… while I was looking back into the past, Saintess-sama’s lies seem to have come to an end.

Diruol-sama got petrified after seeing Lidia-sama’s smile covered by a folding fan.
…… Of course. This expression is the expression she wears when about to deliver a finishing blow during the practice after all.

「…… Ki, Kiyomi! Wait a moment, wait! Was it really these people!?」
「…… Dir? What’s the matter……? Didn’t you tell me that you believe me」
「No, I said that, but…… aren’t you mistaken them for someone else?」

Diruol-sama who finally resumed moving was in a state of panic.
He wants to end the talk peacefully…… rather, with these people as their opponents, he understands that Saintess-sama won’t get out of it safely, so he’s trying to somewhat make her withdraw her statement.
Then, the young ladies took action.

「…… Fufu, I thought what were you talking about……」
「! Why are you laughing? …… Gilbert-sama! Lidia-sama is always like this-」

Saintess-sama twisted her face unnaturally.
…… Saintess-sama, please take a proper look at the expression of our Crown Prince.
His face is smiling, but his eyes aren’t smiling at all.

「In the first place, I have not pushed you into the fountain」
「If it was me, I would push you straight into the Garea Valley without hesitation」

Ah. That is a dungeon of A difficulty.

「That place has a steep path along a cliff, the forest is haunted by monsters. It’s not a dungeon normal soldiers can return from. It’s the most suitable to beat your twisted character into a shape, isn’t it? It’s also the best to help you remind of your duty」

It was said with a smile, but her words were terrifying.
…… Diruol-sama, have you started blacking out?

「…… I have tore apart the dress Saintess-sama was wearing, is what you said…? How strange……」
「What’s strange!」
「It’s strange. If I were to tear Saintess-sama’s dress…… I should have tore apart Saintess-sama’s skin as well?」
「I’m a magician. Moreover, offensive magic is my specialty. I have no confidence in controlling my power, so I think I would destroy Saintess-sama’s skin together with the dress, you see? …… See? Isn’t it strange? There’s not a single skin on Saintess-sama’s body…… ahh! If you want, would it be all right to do an inspection?」
「I’m fineeee!!!」

…… Ahh, Saintess-sama is pale. Has she finally noticed the situation?
The eyes of the butlers and maids became lukewarm though?

「…… Are you saying that I have spilled a dirty water on you?」
「What is it this timeeee」

Ohhh~…… Saintess-sama is about to seriously cry……

「I would mix the water with colorless and odorless poison with a delayed effect. Once taken in, your infected parts would start dissolving in a few hours, you would crumble down-」
「…… Stop it alreadyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy」

……. Saintess-sama.
Why did you try to entrap these ladies?
Diruol-sama, have you not noticed your siblings and Gwen-sama behind you?
Because even though they have faint smiles on their faces, the atmosphere is dark.

The Saintess (lol) is a Death Flag Architect

The Saintess (lol) is a Death Flag Architect

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2015 Native Language: Japanese
I’m a nameless butler serving His Highness the Crown Prince. I would like you to listen to the story about Saintess-sama (lol) that happened a few days ago…… she has picked a fight with the women whom you should avoid fighting in our country the most.


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