The Saint Is A Pervert, Where Is The Pure Love Route? (Her Maid Asks) chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

–The Saint.

She received the stigmata as a baby and was then put through severe training for her future role. It is the title given to the pure maiden beloved by the Goddess of Charity.

When she became 16, she received the abilities deserving of the title.

So it was that the Saint—Lilith—visited a medical ward where they gathered the people injured from a monster attack. One after the other, she heals the casualties.

Once she prays to the Goddess, all wounds are healed and even missing limbs are regrown. It also cures any illness and even the Demon King’s Curse.

This figure could be nothing else but the Saint.

In this world in constant threat from monsters, she was most certainly a child of the Goddess.

Those who witness her miracles shed tears of gratitude.

When Lilith had healed all the injured, a new victim was brought in. Her whole body was severely burned and it was a wonder how she was still alive.

Only the tattered clothes sticking to her body say that she is a woman.

“Saint!” cries the commoner woman who carried her in, “please save my daughter!”

She clings to Lilith.

The Saint’s white robes are stained with the woman’s blood, the attendants frown. However, Lilith silences them with a look and gives the mother a reassuring smile.

“You’ve done your best so far,” she said. “Worry no longer for I am here.”

“… Can you save her?” the woman asked.

“Of course, it is my mission from the Goddess to save innocent girls,” Lilith replied.

“T-Thank you…” the woman whispers, “thank you so much, Saint!”

“No need for gratitude,” Lilith said. “Let’s tend to her right away.”

Lilith prays to the Goddess.

At that moment, a benevolent ball of light descends on the burned girl.

Her scorched skin becomes scabs and peels off, a lovely face could be seen peeking from underneath. Everyone saw the girl’s pained breathing had calmed down and realized she had been saved.

“Ah, aah… thank you, thank you!” the woman cried. “I will never forget your kindness. Please tell me what I can do in return.”

“I just saved this adorable lamb,” Lilith said. “You’re also a bit injured. Since your wounds are light, the healing mages will tend to you. You should head over there for treatment.”

“But my daughter…” the woman begins.

“I need to check her and figure out how she’ll fare in the immediate future,” Lilith said. “And when she wakes up, won’t she be sad to see you exhausted?”

“… Ah, I see your point,” the woman said. “Thank you.”

“Now, now, don’t worry,” Lilith said. “Maria, please tend to her.”

“… Understood,” Maria replied.

The assisting maid—Maria—lead the mother out of the room.

Now, there were only two people left in the room, the girl sleeping on the bed and Saint Lilith. Lilith looked around to confirm as much and then turned back to the girl.

“Even though her wounds have healed, she’s still dirty, so I have to cleanse her body first,” Lilith said.

She soaked a towel in a tub of hot water for the injured then wrung out the excess.

Lilith gently wiped off the peacefully sleeping girl’s face and scraped off the scabs from healing the burns. As they’re peeled off, more and more of the girl’s beautiful face is exposed.

“Is she just three or four years younger than me?” Lilith wonders. “She’s such a cute girl, after all, fufu.”

Lilith loses her composure and undresses the girl to see the rest of her body. With the burns healed, the clothes no longer stick to her body and could be easily removed.

After removing her damaged clothes, Lilith began wiping the girl’s entire body with the towel.

“Hmm.. as expected of such a young girl. Her fresh skin is so smooth.”

Lilith wiped her limbs and abdomen clean and then gazed at her hungrily. Her breathing is getting rough, but not because of guilt.

“I don’t think there will be any permanent burn scars on her limbs or abdomen… only inevitable since I used my healing magic. But, just to be sure, just to be sure it’s important to check her heartbeat. Where else to do so but—the chest!”

The Saint feels no guilt as she’s breathing so heavily.

All she has is pure desire.

The Saint stripped off the girl’s tattered underwear. Then, finally, she wipes off the burn scars with a towel.

And now–

“Haa, haa… finally, her heartbeat,” Lilith says. “I’ll just touch her directly with my hands to see if there’s anything wrong with those bulging breasts—owwowowowowowww!?” she screams as Maria pulls her ear.

Maria had sneaked up behind Lily while she was distracted by the girl.

“Wait, ow, Maria, ouch, you’ll tear my ear off~!” Lilith whined.

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that since you don’t listen to people in the first place, yes?” Maria asked.

“I give, I give…!” Lilith screams.

Maria can’t hear her. Or rather, she’s unwilling to listen to Lilith.

Maria leans down to Lilith’s ear and speaks harshly. “What was that you said? That despite your preference for girls, there’s no way in hell you’d ever touch a patient, right?”

“Th-This is different!” Lilith cried. “It’s just her heartbeat, her heartbeat!”

“Huuh… is it heartbeat?” Maria asked. “It seems that she’s healed perfectly but where were you putting your hands to check it?”

“Uh, well, that’s… you see… I was, I was going to rub and check if this girl’s chest is growing properly—ow, ow, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please forgive me!” Lilith cries.

However, Maria just let out a heavy sigh and lifted Lilith into a Princess Carry, Lilith suddenly looks exhausted.

“For goodness sake,” Maria said, “even if you’re a Saint, you shouldn’t be alright after casting this much healing. So then, let’s leave it to the others and take you back to the castle to rest.”

“Wait, my work here isn’t done yet, my work here isn’t done yet…” Lilith says, repeating her bullshit.

The Saint was soon put inside a carriage and driven back to the castle.

Her face at that time was pale, she looked exhausted and limp. Her expression was that of someone who had yet to more to do, she repeatedly said her work was not yet done.

It was said that many people were moved to tears at the sight.

–- And so, contrary to what the bystanders believed, the Saint who failed to molest the girl was taken away to the castle, into her private bathroom, then into a tub full of hot water.

“Haah…” Lilith sighed. “You’ve got such an ill-nature, Maria.”

“Please stop saying that,” Maria said.

“Aren’t I helping people by spending my precious time and energy?” Lilith asked. “I can fondle a cute girl’s breasts as a reward, can’t I?”

“It’s not cute and it’s a crime,” Maria said. “Please be aware that you’re a Saint, you can’t be this perverted…”

“Hrmph…” Lilith grumbled.

She was in a worse mood than usual today. Maria sighs in front of Lilith.

“Well…” Maria started, “I think I can see why you’d be frustrated, forced to live an ascetic life since you received the stigmata in childhood and were recognized as the Saint.”

“Right?!” Lilith cried. “I can’t even talk to men because I can’t show my true value unless I’m pure. It’s not natural to be interested in the same sex!”

“I don’t know how natural it is, but I’m not about to denounce female homosexuality itself,” Maria said. “All that aside, it’s not acceptable to touch a female patient like that, not acceptable at all!”

“Hrmph…” Lilith grumbled.

Then, Lilith smirks and with all her might, pretended to act casual. “We-Well then, if you touch my chest instead, Maria, I won’t mind.”

She said it out loud. Saint Lilith’s crush was Maria.

Now. It was true that Lilith had awoken to her lesbianism. And it was also true that she was interested in the female patient. However, the reason she awakened to her sexuality in the first place was—Maria.

She was the only maid who could behave so intimately with Lilith, the Saint.

However, Maria is Lilith’s only friend. If Maria suddenly hates her, then Lilith will be completely alone. Hence, she could never admit that she loved her.

As for her sexual desires, she couldn’t admit that she wanted Maria, because Maria had shot down Lilith’s feelings before Maria was even aware of them.

And so, her alternative was to fool around with the female patient.

A man who can’t even get close to the woman he desires goes to the city’s red-light district. It was perhaps a similar thought process.

That’s why Lilith still wants to reach to Maria. However, Lilith doesn’t want to confess her feelings to Maria. With such conflicted thoughts, this was the conclusion Lilith came to.

She only acts on her sexual desires with the patient girl, but if that didn’t work, she’ll tease Maria, and if she can’t take it anymore, she’ll say she was joking around. The strategy that was executed perfectly was now–

“No, I would hate that.”

–A complete failure with Maria’s words.

“Ah, ahaha,” Lilith chuckles, “That was a joke, just a joke, of course. Obviously, I wouldn’t say that to you and mean it.”

“Is that so?” Maria said. “That’s a relief. Now then, I’ll go fetch you a change of clothes.”

Maria leaves with a blank face. Lilith saw her off with a smile, took a breath, then started trembling.

(Ah, aaaaahhhhh, that was dangerous!) she thought. (But it’s fine, I was able to play it off as a joke. But, then she immediately said, “No, I would hate that.” She didn’t even hesitate!)

Lilith sinks into the tub, countless ripples spread out from her.

It’s not just her fear of Maria hating her. She was the one and the only companion she’d had for the longest time. They weren’t just master-servant, but a partner who grew up with her like a childhood friend.

That was probably why Maria so easily and angrily rejected her.

(It’s my birthday, so you’ll be joining me for tea time!)

Or rather, that’s what Lilith wanted to happen. She couldn’t celebrate by herself, it’s the proper way to have someone with you. And, without consideration for the facts…

(You haven’t slept with me at night these days! Seriously! I’ll definitely make you cry, “Hold me, Miss!” someday!)

With lilies in her mind, the ambitions of the somewhat perverted Saint continue.

–Meanwhile, Maria, who had claimed she was leaving the room to fetch Lilith’s clothes, was actually crouched just outside the door. She covered her face with both hands and writhed.

(Aaaaaaahhh, idiot, idiot, I’m such an idiot!) she thinks. (Why did you refuse even though it was a great opportunity?! I should have told her I’ll let her touch me in return!)

Maria was afraid of this and that, so many things weighing on her mind.

(However, it can’t be helped. I need to be serious. But what excuse is there for such a wandering girl? I’ll tell her I want her to touch my chest!)

She considered it, but she was afraid.

Maria was 17 years old. She was a maid with an active sex drive, who served Lilith since she was recognized as the Saint since childhood and was forced to live an ascetic life.

It was inevitable that she would fall in love with a beautiful girl just one year younger than her. Maybe.

(She’s always inviting me, but she’s always trying to touch the patients, and I can’t say anything! Is she messing with me? Is that an invitation? Do I make the first move?!)

Maria thinks and considers what to do with Lilith. However, she suddenly came to her senses, and said, “I shouldn’t do that…”

If she were to show her feelings to Lilith and get rejected, she would instantly lose her position as a maid. It was best to cover up these feelings than being separated from Lilith.

(Well, if I can cover it up, I won’t have a difficult time! Please, toy with my feelings and take a risk! Someday, I’ll definitely say, “I, I want you to hold me, Miss!”)

The hopeless flirting tactics have only just begun.

The Saint Is A Pervert, Where Is The Pure Love Route? (Her Maid Asks)

The Saint Is A Pervert, Where Is The Pure Love Route? (Her Maid Asks)

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
Recognized as a Saint from an early age, Lilith was forced to live an ascetic life as befitting her role. As a result, Lilith underwent a class change, from a Saint to a Pervert in Saint’s clothing.This is the daily life of a Perverted Saint and her Maid.


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