The Me who was Reincarnated in the World of an Otome Game Changed the Scenario without Realizing It. chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

——Iizaki Reiji.

My name in the previous life. At the time of my death, I was a sophomore in high school who attended an advanced school in Japan. On my way home from school, I was hit by a train and died trying to help an old lady who had fallen in the center of the railroad crossing.

I remember being very frustrated at that time.

Everyone was looking at the old lady saying, 「Isn’t she in danger?」 or 「Granny! Escape fast!」 and only screamed and took pictures. More than saying it’s dangerous and screaming, I thought it would have been better to have saved her immediately, and I even wanted to hit the guy who was taking photos.

I was really irritated when I saw them. What are you doing when it involves a person’s life or death! I thought. Then, I dived into the railroad crossing to help the old lady on the track, but it seemed to be a little late, and I was hit by a train right after I threw the old lady to safety. Apparently I was killed immediately, given that I have no memory of it.

But it was after that that I was surprised. Immediately after I thought I was dead, I opened my eyes and became surprised because of the luxurious room, bed, and two beautiful people. A little later, I came to know that the two beautiful people were the parents of my reincarnation.

The current me was two years old. I really thought that I’m glad I wasn’t reborn as a baby.

And here again I was very surprised. Because! I was reincarnated in the world of swords and magic!

I remember getting excited just after I knew it. Because it’s magic, you know? The magic that everyone wants to see and use once in their lives is around me.

Moreover, I was reincarnated as the third prince of the country called Zexsuit Kingdom. My name now is Alexei Zexsuit. I am a person who can live comfortably. Besides, if I am the third prince, then I will almost certainly not be the next king. In the future, I will either be given a portion from the royal territory and start a new aristocratic house, or I will be adopted as son-in-law somewhere.

But from my point of view, I don’t want to be a king. It is a firm refusal. If I get a small territory and live freely, that’s already fine. I even thought about becoming a commoner, but I quickly dismissed the idea.

Human life is treated lightly in this world. It’s a normal story that monsters attack people and kill them, or that bandits attack towns and take over them. Having reincarnated as a prince in such a world, I think I need to do something. Moreover, since I enjoy a rich life with the blood tax of the people, I would like to give back the favor… No, I should return it.

This way of thinking 「the obligation of aristocrats, Noblesse Oblige」 is what it’s called, and I don’t hate this idea. Rather, I think I should take the initiative. Because, if due to a single action by me can save many people’s lives, then I would definitely take that means. There is no option of not having it. Even in the previous life, I was vaguely thinking that I would like to get a job that will help people in the future. Although I am now in a different world, I would definitely do it.

However, my Japanese temperament, though I don’t know if good or bad… The position of king, the pinnacle of people, is too heavy. And to implement some policy nationwide, it must be supported by many nobles and approved at the conference.

Then, if I can get a territory and do what I want to do right away, then more than anything else, I won’t refuse.

Well, I don’t think the throne will ever roll to me in this world, where the firstborn is basically the heir…

So I have accumulated a lot of knowledge in anticipation of governing my future territory. I think I have read all the spectacular books in the castle. I also practiced swordsmanship and magic to the extent that I could take pride in being at a considerable level. However, when I was a single-digit age, I overdid it and made some people wary, so now I am masquerading my level to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Nobody else knows my true ability. No appraisal magician has been reported in this country after all. ……No. Maybe my mother knows. Sometimes I am asked for my opinions for some reason. My mother has a sharp intuition and it’s safe to say that she’s too smart. I’m surprised she wasn’t a reincarnated person, even.

By the way, I’m 17 years old now. It’s been fifteen years since I realized my reincarnation.

There were so many things happening during this time.

Days when I am confused by unfamiliar values. Study of imperial studies to acquire dignity as a member of the Royal Family. In addition, intense days to study various disciplines.

And then, the adventurer registration was a perfect palace escape plan. Was it when I was 12 years old? And at the age of thirteen, I fought against a dragon and I literally spat out blood. I wondered if I would seriously die. After that, I used all my energy to return to my room, and then I immediately fell down… After that, I fell asleep for three days and three nights.

It was after the destruction of the evidence that I couldn’t understand why I was in such a situation, but I think it was fairly dangerous. If my parents, especially my mother, knew about it, I would have been made to listen to a three-hour preaching course. It is inescapable. No matter how hard I train, sitting for three hours is painful, and mother’s preaching that accurately scrubs the wound is definitely something I don’t want to listen to.

It was really hard to get here. However, I am proud that I now have considerable ability.

From those experiences, I’ve shed a variety of blood, sweat and tears, but… I don’t think I have ever experienced more struggle than this. That is,

“Daughter of Duke Zikumarin, Rayrina! The various harassments you have done to Miss Lana have been exposed and cannot be overlooked. Therefore, I cancel my engagement with you! And then I announce my engagement with Miss Lana, Baroness Lana Beauville!”

It was a sudden declaration of engagement cancellation, made in the presence of other country’s heavyweights and senior aristocrats. At the position facing Miss Rayrina, older brother and his aides stand up to protect an ordinary girl called Miss Lana. Their eyes are staring at Miss Lana feverishly. Apparently, they all fell in love with Miss Lana.

My older brother had already done many stupid things since long ago, but to think he was this foolish… With this, it’s like saying he’s stupid inside and out. Why can’t he just get it?

Older brother – the second prince, Alfred Zexsuit, in this graduation ceremony just had to break his engagement in front of all these foreign noble representatives from different countries who just came to say their congratulations. Even small children will know that the engagement between the Royal Family and the aristocratic family cannot be destroyed easily… In the first place, even if you break your engagement, it should be done by setting up a proper place where you can do it.

When my older brother appeared to escort a strange Baron lady without escorting his fiancee Miss Rayrina, I unconsciously did a double take. For throwing away such a beautiful and intelligent Miss Rayrina, moreover, for such a woman who looks stupid… for escorting such a woman instead, the mouth I kept shut for a long time can’t be so anymore.

I’m surprised. No, more like, I was angry. Miss Rayrina is my first love. To neglect such a Miss Rayrina!

When I was a kid, I used to play with my older brother and Miss Rayrina. At first she gave off the feeling of a prideful and selfish noble daughter, but I thought that that was not good, so I corrected her personality. It was fortunate that she was still a child, and within a few months, such personality disappeared and Miss Rayrina became a fine aristocratic child. And even now, she has grown and evolved into a respectable aristocratic lady who would not be ashamed to go anywhere and is rather commendable.

It was about three years ago that I realized that I fell in love with Miss Rayrina. In the beginning, I only treated Miss Rayrina like my little sister, probably because of the difference in our mental age. However, as Lady Rayrina grew up, I gradually fell in love with her beauty, dignity, and view of things. However, by the time I became aware of it, her status as my elder brother’s fiancee had already been established. The day I knew it, my pillow was wet with tears.

“How about you say something!”

“Then, please let me say a couple of words. First, about the case of the cancellation of the engagement. I don’t really care. I humbly acknowledge that. And next… you mentioned that I harassed and that it was unforgivable, but what exactly was that? Certainly, I’ve told Lana-sama to be careful, to act properly as a noble lady, a few times. Is that the case? If that’s what you’re referring to, then, do you know that nothing can be blamed on me?”

“You made Miss Lana trip in the hallway, slashed her textbooks, soiled her shoes, and spilled your drink on her! And at the end, you even pushed her down the stairs!”

“…I affirm that I haven’t done such things. Aren’t those some kind of misunderstandings?”

“Don’t play dumb! I’m saying that I saw you running away when Miss Lana fell down the stairs! The other times, I think you were just trying to catch my attention! All those harrasments so far was done by you, no!”

“When was that case of being pushed down the stairs?”


Pfft. Oh no. It just suddenly slipped out. Older brother, no, calling you idiot is enough. That idiot, he really doesn’t know anything. I knew he was like that from before, but for him to have been this far gone while I was studying abroad… It’s really a sad story for my brother. You should know about the whereabouts of your fiancee, at least.

“Is that so. Then, it’s definitely not me.”

“Don’t lie!”

“It’s not a lie. I went to the Royal Palace yesterday. If you try to confirm it, I think you can easily get the answer.”

Ah. The Baron Lady turned blue… Perhaps, this was a self-made performance? For you to put the blame on a Duke’s daughter, you’ll most probably be demoted to a commoner, huh.

“Ugh. But what about the harassments?!”

“Even if you ask me about that… I can only say I didn’t do them. Does Your Highness have some kind of evidence to prove your claims?”

“Who else besides you!”

“… So you have no evidence. Well, of course.”

“Immediately apologize to Miss Lana right now.”

“That’s enough!!!”


Oh. Father—King Alex Zexsuit is making his appearance, huh. It seems that he was looking for the right timing from his private room. Though, I wish he appeared earlier. For the most part, I think he just wanted to look cool. ……Did you want mother to give you a lecture later? My mother loves Miss Rayrina, after all.

“Alfred. I’m disappointed in you. Your punishment will be told later. Please refrain from causing anymore commotion and retire in another room for now.”


“Impudent! Can’t you hear my royal command?!”

“I-I understand.”

“Take these people with you!”

Alfred, the surrounding aides ABC, and Miss Lana had their shoulders down and were taken by the knights.

“Miss Rayrina. I’m sorry for his foolishness this time. I think it’s better for you to leave your seat this time. What would you do?”

“Yes. I would also like to refuse to attend the party in this situation…”

“Okay. Then, I’ll arrange a return carriage for you… Everyone! I apologize for this time’s stupidity. Please enjoy yourself more after this!”

I wonder what did I come here for… I originally came to say congratulations to my older brother, but that had happened and he already left. Let’s just go home…

I also left the venue like Miss Rayrina.


Three days had passed since that incident. After that, it was decided for my older brother to become a knight at a remote fort on the ruins. The only thing my brother was good at was with the sword. Also, it seems that the aides of older brother were doing various things with Miss Lana in school, so they were abandoned and exiled from their houses.

Finally, Miss Lana. Since she tried to frame a Duke’s daughter with unprecedented crimes, she fell into slavery for committing a task that could upset the country. Originally, it was only enough to be demoted into a commoner, but Baron Beauville, Miss Lana’s parent, was exposed to be committing corruption, and thus, she was made into a slave with Baron Beauville.

Miss Lana seemed to be making a fuss in the prison she was confined in, saying 「I’m the heroine!」, 「This is strange!」, and 「Reset! Reset!」 People other than me probably don’t know what you’re talking about… They would just think you’ve gone mad.

On the contrary, when I heard about that, I realized that this world seem to be the world of an otome game. And, perhaps, the personality correction I did to Miss Rayrina during our childhood probably changed the scenario drastically. The me from before, nice.

Well, anyway, I’ve seen the resolution of this engagement-breaking turmoil, but there is one concern. That is, Miss Rayrina. Although my older brother is completely in the wrong, the rumors of her engagement being broken are inevitable. I want her to be my wife, but it’s probably impossible…

That me, is now heading to the King’s office. Somehow, my father wanted to talk to me about something, not as a King, but as a father.

“Father. What do you need… from… me…”

When I entered after knocking, in the office, there was my father, the Duke of Zikumarin, and Miss Rayrina. The unexpected sight made me stutter my words.

“Un. Listen well, Alexei. Your fiancee has been decided. Your fiancee is Miss Rayrina. Though, only if you approve.”

“Huh? Why?!”

“…Your Highness. Is there something about my daughter that you’re dissatisfied about?”

The Duke of Zikumarin said with a sense of intimidation. It was quite powerful. If it was against just an ordinary nobleman, that person will probably want to run away. In my case though, I had already unfortunately faced even a dragon and other unthinkable people, so I was not afraid.

“I have no objections. I’m just surprised at the moment. But, it’s so sudden, huh. And that… Are you sure? Such a thing just happened… for you to agree to another engagement with royalty…”

“…My daughter wanted an engagement with Your Highness. I asked her who she wanted to be her new fiance. She apparently liked you for a long time.”

“?! Father! You promised you won’t tell anyone!”

“Oh, sorry, sorry. I got carried away.”

Miss Rayrina’s face turned red and she looked down. Wait, huh? Miss Rayrina wanted an engagement with me?!

“That’s what this is all about, Alexei. Isn’t it good. You also liked Miss Reyrina, right?”

“?! How did you know that?!”

“You had a seemingly dying face on the day you knew that Lady Rayrina was engaged with Alfred. No parents would not have noticed that. After that, you went to another country to study.”

Oh no. What should I do. It’s super embarrassing… To think it’s this unbearable for my parents to know the person I loved…

“…Alexei-sama, is that true?”

Lady Rayrina reddened further and looked up to me asking that. So cute… that’s not the point! You want me to let out my feelings in front of father and the Duke?!

“…Alexei-sama. If…if you don’t like it, I don’t mind if you decline. I originally offered to get engaged only if Alexei-sama agrees.”

Miss Rayrina said with a face that was about to cry. Apparently, I was spending too much time thinking. Miss Rayrina seemed to have misunderstood that I was silent because I disliked her engagement proposal. This is bad! Yeah, leave it!

“I, rather than don’t hate, I love Rina. Please marry me. How about it?”

“?! Yes, gladly!”

Miss Rayrina, no, Lina said with a smiling-crying face. Though a complete digression, I fell in love with that face.


Two and a half years after the engagement. Lina and I had our wedding. Also, around the time the ceremony was held, I received a territory of a certain size from the territory directly controlled by the king, and newly established the Duke of Darwen.

In the territorial management, I have succeeded in boosting the economy of the territory by launching various policies and businesses that incorporate the knowledge of modern Japan. However, such various successes are only due to the support from Rina. I can only thank Rina.

Now that the territory management has begun to take off, I think it’s about time to have children, but if that happens, there are some things to watch out for. That is,

“When we have a child, we sometimes have to treat them strictly so as to not create a second Rina.”

I said and grinned while looking at Rina.

“?! Forget about that please! That’s my black history!”

“Hahaha. Rina at that time, who was very arrogant and selfish, was cute though, when I think about it now.”

As I was grinning, Rina said 「Alex-sama is an idiot!」 with a reddened face and countered with painless strikes, and it is around this time of the day that I feel so happy.

The Me who was Reincarnated in the World of an Otome Game Changed the Scenario without Realizing It.

The Me who was Reincarnated in the World of an Otome Game Changed the Scenario without Realizing It.

Focco, Locco, Lol, Pocoo, Socco, Tocco, 乙女ゲームの世界に転生した俺は、知らぬ間にシナリオを変えていました
Score 8
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2016 Native Language: Japanese
A high school student who died in modern Japan — Iizaki Reiji reincarnated into the world of an otome game. The reincarnated destination was Alexei Zexsuit, the third prince of Zexsuit Kingdom. It was a mob character in the otome game. However, Reiji—Alexei has never played the otome game…This is a story about the protagonist reincarnated into an otome game that had changed the scenario without even knowing it.


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