The Male Lead Is A Deer Demon chapter 3

Chapter 3

Zhang Qingling now had an additional deer demon named Bai Nian come into her life. The most common expression he would have would be a smiley face that seemingly looked gentle but was actually dark, and the worst part was that he knew her very well, even better than she knew herself.

So just like this, little by little, Zhang Qingling wasn’t surprised to find herself falling for Bai Nian. There really wasn’t any need for her to struggle.

“Because we have been lovers in the past lifetimes, and in this life too, of course, and in every life in the future,” Bai Nian said, licking the side of her neck with extreme tenderness.

“Wait, will I get pregnant?”

“Anyone who would compete with me for Qingling’s affection wouldn’t exist,” Bai Nian said as his gentle smile still remained on his face.

Zhang Qingling turned away silently.

She had always thought that he was just a silly deer demon but maybe it was her who was the silly one, her who had fallen into his trap and now being entangled with this ‘silly’ demon.

But… this didn’t feel bad actually, it’s just…

One year, three years, seven years, ten years, twenty years, thirty years, fifty years… Zhang Qingling’s life was filled with memories of the deer demon that came into her life when she was twenty-seven years old. He hadn’t left her even for a bit and she had no regrets.

Zhang Qingling slowly got older while Bai Nian still looked as young as ever. When Zhang Qingling had been feeling inferior because of the effect the aging had on her body, Bai Nian had not changed even if her temper got worse, he was still the same as before and he still loved her no matter what. As if he had not seen Zhang Qingling’s hair gradually becoming white, she still looked beautiful as ever in the clear eyes of Bia Nian.

It’s really like what Bai Nian had said at the beginning until death came. Looking at Bai Nian who was holding her hand as she sat in the rocking chair, Zhang Qingling truly felt that she was the happiest woman on earth.

“Bai Nian, do you not get tired of repeating this over and over again? Aren’t you tired of seeing me die over and over again?”

“No.” Bai Nian tenderly looked into Zhang Qingling’s eyes.

Zhang Qingling smiled. “Since you are not yet bored of this, then I will continue to accompany you until you are.”


Zhang Qingling closed her eyes with a smile. Her hand that slipped away was brought up to Bai Nian’s lips and he kissed it. “I would never get bored. Just wait for me, I will come to you right away.”


The Male Lead Is A Deer Demon

The Male Lead Is A Deer Demon

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2012 Native Language: Chinese
When she first met him, he said, “I’ve come, Qingling. In this lifetime too, please be happy until you grow old.”When she went to work, he stood by the door to see her off and told her, “Come back early today. I’ll prepare some delicious food for you tonight.”When he revealed the truth, he said, “I came to repay a debt of gratitude, for the two hundred and tenth time.”When she asked him, “…How can you bear the pain of losing your loved one again and again?”He replied, “Since the first time I did this, I told you that I would always be with you. This is my forever. I am very happy. As for death… It is because after witnessing your death, that I can experience the joy of reunion.”“After having lost the previous you, I would cherish you and every second of your life, even more, when we meet again.”


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