The Male Lead is a Brawny Loyal Dog chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

ML ain’t a real dog btw, just something to show how loyal he really is lmao. Also this is a one-shot short story just add whatever you find necessary afterwards in ur own head ya


【The terrible Queen】

Duke Viktor of Oz forced the newly crowned Queen Melis to abdicate the throne three months after the old king passed away.

Former Queen Melis, rumoured by the outside world to be in low spirits, imprisoned inside the palace after having her throne stolen from her, was currently lying on a soft and richly ornamented couch while bathing in the sunlight. A few good-looking maids waited on her with refreshments and fruits in hand while another was delivering a peeled fruit to her mouth. The last maid was using her melodious voice to read stories to her.

Duke Viktor, who should have been flushed with success and enjoying his new throne, had a constipated expression on his face as he dashed straight towards her. The first thing he said was, “Sister! Aren’t you going to far by just throwing this job to me without letting me know beforehand!”

He only entered the palace because he received the Queen’s summons and never thought that his wilful sister would just toss the throne to him in front of all the cabinet ministers like that. She even had a ‘I’m not willing to let something like this harm our sibling relationship so I can only take a step back by giving the throne to you’ expression, as if he was the one who wanted the throne.

In actuality, he rather use the time used to manage the empire to admire some flowers or drink some afternoon tea or sunbath with with his darling Ronen!

“Yo~ my silly baby brother~“ Melis twirled her fingers around her golden locks, a lazy smile on her red lips. “How could you bear letting your weak elder sister shoulder the heavy responsibility of the Empire’s uncertain future. If not for your insistence on being together with a man back then, our great father wouldn’t have let me become the Queen. It’s something that should’ve been yours, now, I’m merely returning it to you. Don’t make it seem like I’m bullying you.”

Uncertain future? The empire was in peaceful times and was wealthy, there wasn’t going to be any wars for at least quite a few centuries, she was literally going to be an idle queen so where did the heavy responsibility even come from. Also, weak elder sister? He’d grown up under her oppression okay! Viktor wanted to yell at his shameless sister, but in front of her years of despotic power, he was unable to say anything, no matter how aggrieved he was. In the end he was only able to softly utter with gnashed teeth, “You just didn’t want to deal with the state affairs.”

“Ah, that’s correct, as expected of my baby brother.” Melis agreed without a moment of hesitation, “Do you know what having to wake up early in the morning only to listen to those old fellas say useless things without there being anything of paramount importance feel like. Right, there’s also those attendants and maids reminding me that I can’t do this and can’t do that… your pitiful sister’s merely been Queen for three months and she’s already gotten so haggard it’s as if she aged three years.”

Melis carefully caressed her delicate and satiny cheek as if to show there were wrinkles on it. After picking up a grape from the platter and eating it, she waved at Viktor, “Go on, new King of the Oz Empire, allow your pitiful sister to continue resting.”

“Right, don’t say that I’m not thinking for your sake. I’ve already convinced those old fellas to let Ronen be your Queen.”  Melis who knew all too well to give one an award after a beating looked at her baby brother with a heartfelt smile on her face.

As expected, the moment Viktor heard that his face glowed with joy as he confirmed, “Really! Is it really true? I thought that I’d never be able to give Ronen an official title in this life, who knew… I need to tell Ronen this piece of good news now, thank you sister!”

Looking at her baby brother quickly disappear with a smile on his face, Melis happily thought, her brother is as stupid and easy to dismiss as ever. Though how did someone as dumb as him manage to get a person with as many unnecessary misgivings as Ronen? Mmm~ Well no matter what, at least she’s finally able to be rid of the throne, what a delightful matter, ah~ now, those troublesome state matters can be left to her cute baby brother and his darling to worry over.

【The Queen who is no longer a Queen but is still terrible】

On this day, Melis suddenly felt like going out and taking a walk outside of the palace because she found the dumb way her dumb baby brother and his lover showed off their relationship particularly an eyesore. She, his elder sister had yet to found someone she took a fancy to.

After changing into common civilian clothing and refusing the accompaniment of her servants, Melis started wandering the busy streets with a strut in her steps. Shortly after, she quickly discovered that there were a few men with evil looks in their eyes tailing her. Melis’ red lips lifted, not minding them. The only and most beloved activity she had since young was to fight, and with great teachers to teach her, today, not even a team of guards could defeat her in the royal palace. It would do to use these men to practice. Those guys in the palace had learned to dodge her and made things very boring.

Just as Melis was about to find a place to deal with those men, she found that a strongly built man had already knocked the men tailing her down in the alley.

That man was very tall, about two meters. Wearing old but cleanly washed commoner clothing, his bronzed muscles made him looked full of explosive force. More than half of his deep-set sharp angular face hid under slightly curly hair. He was done dealing with those men holding evil intentions within a few moves, and, with a low menacing voice, he hissed,” Do not follow her.”

Melis was leaning right against the entrance of the alleyway. When that man turned around, she grinned and asked him, “Hey~ you know me?”

Even with his black hair covering his face, Melis was sure that she saw the man’s eyes widen the moment he saw her. He even took a few steps back involuntarily, lowering his head, not daring to look at her.

Melis suddenly felt her interest grow. She started walking towards towards him. With every step she took towards him, the man took a step back until he was forced into a corner. With one hand propped against the wall, Melis looked at the big and tall man getting forced by her to only making limited movements in a tiny corner.

He was obviously huge, but why was he so scared of her? Touching the bulging muscles on the man’s arm, ignoring the way he seemed to turn as hard as a stone, she lifted his lowered head up and moved his hair out of the way.

“Mmm~ why won’t you answer my question?” The Queen purposely neared the man, staring into his black eyes. After realising that he didn’t even dare to take deep breaths anymore, for some reason she couldn’t help laughing even more happily. After twenty years of being single, finally finding a man she took fancy to, the former Queen expressed that she was pleased.

“Judging from your reaction, you should know who I am aye. You see, I’ve been chased out of the royal palace and haven’t a single cent on me, so can you do me a favour?” The former Queen had always been the free and wilful type and did whatever she wanted. Smilingly patting the man who was so nervous he stopped breathing, she said, “What about letting me stay with you for some time?”

Moya was only able to return from his senses when he brought the Queen into his little house. Standing beside the door, he looked at her use his cup to drink water without minding the simplicity of the house in the slightest. She was even sitting on his bed. He was feeling so nervous his fists were hurting slightly from how tightly clenched they were. The overwhelming sense of happiness also made him turn a bit slow to react.

Moya’s parents died at the same time when he was young. When he was twelve years old he arrived at the Empire of Oz on a boat. At the harbour, he saw Melis, who was only a princess at that time.

Back then he had been sallow-faced and was skinny and short and even had a fishy stench about him. He just copied the people around him to kneel down together, not really understanding. While she, she was in a magnificent long gown and sat in a carriage, her long golden hair as blinding as the sun in the sky, and her emerald green eyes like a charming gem. That beautiful figure passed by quickly in front of his eyes, but managed to leave behind a deep mark in his heart.

So beautiful and untouchable, unlike him, she was the princess, a person way above him. He might not even be able to speak a single word with her his entire life.

Back then, the young boy didn’t know what the feeling that had flooded his heart was called. He just cupped his chest, staring at the place the carriage vanished at unable to move his gaze away for a long time after that.

Afterwards, he settled down here, making his living by moving goods on the dock. He’d always wanted to see the princess again, but a pity he never got the chance to. Sometimes, he would hide near the palace and watch her carriage pass by from a distance, as if by being able to catch a glimpse of her from far far away, the desire in his heart would able to be satisfied.

Just like this, four years passed. Three months ago, she inherited the throne. That time, standing amongst the crowd, he looked up and saw her long gown and golden hair while he stood far away from her. The smile on his lips was simply unable to go away, while the heart in his chest thumped violently—— it was basically like that every time he saw her.

He thought that that would basically be what his entire life was going to be like; admiring her from far away.

But since the day he suddenly heard that she was forced to abdicate the throne, he couldn’t help going to the palace every day, staring at those high palace walls and tall towers. He was worrying for her every day, yet was unable to do anything.

Just as he had decided to try to get recruited as a soldier and then do everything he could go enter the palace to see how she was doing, why, he saw the person of his dreams walk right out of the palace. Afterwards, his mind was muddled the whole time and didn’t know what he’d done. Even now, he was…

“Hey~ are you done daydreaming? I’m hungry and want to eat something~”

Big guy Moya stood glued to the wall, moving his gaze away not daring to look at Melis, who was moving closer towards him. He stuttered, “I-I’ll i-immediately make some.” After that he basically fled this crude and simple house. Melis even saw him trip over the doorstep, falling down and kicking up a cloud of dust.

Waiting till the moment she saw the man’s figure vanish, Melis finally burst out laughing, collapsing onto the small wooden bed.

【The young man who was secretly in love with the Queen】

One could tell that the man had done his best in making the most sumptuous meal he could for her, even if it was still extremely simple in Melis’ eyes. In fact put it in the past and she might not have even given it a second glance. But, right now, Melis ate these dishes without a change in her expression. She even found them extremely delicious.

Holding his bowl, that man had his meal far away from her. Melis could feel that he was secretly looking at her, but every time she turned to look he looked back down again.

“Moya~ come here~” Melis, now full, smirked, waving the man over.

Moya only hesitated for a moment before walking over.

“Come, sit here.” Melis pointed at a stool beside her. Seeing the man not moving, she encouraged, “Sit down.”

Moya sat down on a small part of the stool, sitting with his back upright while still holding his bowl. Cheekily picking up a piece of meat, Melis teased, “I’ll feed you ~”

Moya was so surprised by Melis’ action he reared back and accidentally fell to the ground. Raising her brows, Melis decided to simply sit on his waist. The muscles by his stomach were very hard too and didn’t feel too bad. While on him, she even poked his muscles. Moya didn’t dare to move at all, because he couldn’t bear refusing her yet was also afraid he wouldn’t be able to control a certain part of himself. So, in the end he could only force himself to stare at the ceiling while trying his best to forget the person on top of him. It’s just, that soft feeling was simply like a flame burning him while the soft fragrance by his nose distracted him.

“Open your mouth. I can only feed you myself if you’re not going to eat.” Melis licked her lips, laughing evilly. She never knew that when she liked someone, she would not help feeling like bullying him and seeing him get shy.

Just like this, being held down and fed food till it was finished, Melis caressed the throat of the man below her, “I don’t really like eating meat, you don’t have to make so much food next time. Also, if you’re still not willing to eat with me next time, then I will be feeding you like how I’m doing now ~”

Completely tensed up, the man scrambled to get out of the room, the image of his back really looking like he was fleeing in a panic。

At night when it was time to sleep, Melis slept on the bed while Moya sat outside of the room guarding her. Melis waited and waited, after finding that he didn’t have any intention of coming inside, she simply opened the door and pulled the man in by his waistband. And so the man slept against the wall for the entire night, not daring to get close to Melis, who was right next to him. In the middle of the night when Melis hugged his arm in her sleep, he grew even more still. Even though his body was feeling very stiff and uncomfortable, however, looking at her sleep, the contentment in his heart was about to start leaking out. Just like that, he sillily smiled for a night.

Moya made Melis a rocking chair the next day, and the latter laid in the rocking chair while bathing in the sun, at the same time listened to the sounds of Moya fixing the roof.

This little house really was terribly crude, however ever since the day she move in, the man started fixing this and that and basically just about everything. Even the walls around the house had been redone. By the walls, there were many wild flowers, only because there was this one time she said that that type of wild flower was quite good looking. While in another part of the courtyard planted vegetables that she liked. Melis often went to water them. Though, after the first time she did the bucket that had originally been there changed into a small watering can.

Moya would made breakfast for her every morning before starting to clean the house. Basically he would just be busying around even if there wasn’t anything to do, just not looking her in her eyes. Then in the afternoon he would go to work at the harbour and then come back home travel-worn, drawing water from the well in the yard under the setting sun’s glow and wash the sweat and dirt off him, before finally, with a red face silently going to change his clothes under Melis’ admiring gaze to make dinner for her.

Melis was patient. Aside from occasionally taking advantage of him by visually inspecting his muscles, she didn’t do anything that went overboard. She really suspected that should she kiss him, who knows, that man might get so nervous he turned to stone and stood in the courtyard for an entire night. How could there be a man that got shy so easily in this world? It was even with a chiseled face and tall and broad figure.

Even though this kind of life was so ordinary it was boring, Melis still found pleasure in it. She tirelessly teased the easily nervous man till he got to the point of speechlessness every day.

Viktor had sent people over to fetch her back to the palace once but they were all sent right back by her. She even warned that if he disturbed her chasing of the man she liked then she would tell Ronen about his inglorious acts when he was a child. After that, Melis was able to continue nesting in the little house, making bullying the man every day her daily joy.

【The pure and shy brawny young man】

Standing in the courtyard, the muscles on Mota’s arms rippled as he easily drew a pail of water from the well, pouring it down from above his head. His short slightly curly hair laid flat against his face, his wet shirt outlining his broad shoulders and narrow waist, as well as a powerful pair of thighs. When water droplets rolled across his skin, they cooled him down and brought a bout of coolness. However right now Moya felt his whole body burning up because of that line of vision, burning him giddy.

She was looking at him, with that kind of… that kind of look. He was delighted, but then couldn’t help getting worried; he felt self-abased. The males who used to surround her all had long and slender figures and delicate facial features, even those proud, gorgeously dressed knights could only bow down low before her. What about him? He didn’t have anything, he didn’t look good and didn’t know what to say to make her happy, neither did he have any riches to let her live a luxurious life. A man like him… why did she come here?

Perhaps things were really like what she said, and it was actually because she didn’t have a place to stay? No no no, no one could refuse the great and noble Queen even if she wasn’t a Queen right now, because she was just that good.

Then, was it because she actually liked him a little bit? Even though Moya knew that the chances of that happening was pretty slim, he still got very happy because of this possibility. Even if he knew that it was way more possible that it was just a moment of sudden impulse for her that made her want to experience a commoner’s life. But, sometimes, he would still secretly tell himself that she still felt something for him.

Perhaps at the very next moment she would leave him, returning to that gorgeous palace. But no matter what, he felt like he had no more regrets after being able to pass these few days with her. It wouldn’t matter even if he were to immediately pass away.

Every day, being able to see her after opening his eyes, Moya felt like he was the happiest person on earth. Watching her eat the food he cooked, the fruits he washed, the happiness was about to suffocate him.

She was different from the person he imagined her to be, however the real her was way more realistic, making Moya fall even deeper for her more uncontrollably.

Every single beautiful lazy expression, every single softly spoken word, made one wish to gently kiss the corner of her clothes. Such a perfect her, he felt himself grow at a loss of what to do every time he got even a bit closer.

He wanted to give everything, the best that he had, to her.

“Do… do you like it?” Moya placed a soft dress in front of Melis, nervously bunching his shirt up and wrinkling it.

Melis blinked. This was the first time she’d received a present from this man, and, though delighted, however that bit of savings he had obviously wouldn’t be enough to buy this very expensive looking piece of clothing. Not to mention that on the second day of her deciding by herself to move in, this man gave her all of his money. He very rarely brought any money with him.

Melis had been called the smartest princess of the Oz Empire since young by many teachers. Though a tad bit lazy, however her brain was not just there for show. She only had to observe Moya for a while and knew just about where the problem was at. “Did you go to the sports arena?” She asked.

The sports arena was a place where the nobility killed time. Not only were there man versus man battles, there would also be some competitions between man and some type of ferocious animal.  As both a Princess and Queen, Melis had watched the competitions before, however she didn’t like the atmosphere there and didn’t take those kinds of things as just a good show to watch.

Seeing Melis’ face darken for the first time, Moya panicked. He wanted to say something to explain, but, opening his mouth, he was unable to explain. He could only say with his husky voice, “I’m sorry, d-don’t get angry, I won’t go there next time.” She was the Queen. How could she like presents bought with money earned that way. The nobility only saw those people competing in the sports arena as lowly slaves, he shouldn’t have gone there. But, the last time they were on the streets she seemed to really love that dress, if he didn’t go to the sports arena then he wouldn’t have the money…

“Why do you think I’m angry?” Melis stood up. She lifted Moya’s bowed head up, caressing his face.

“Because that’s a very dangerous place, I don’t want you to get hurt, do you understand? Don’t think too much, stupid man.”

Moya was dazed. Looking at Melis, who was close to him, he suddenly couldn’t help a foolish smile from appearing on his face. The person he loved said she doesn’t want him to get hurt, she’s concerned about him, this feels amazing! It was just like suddenly drinking a bowl of hot soup in the middle of the cold wintry night; it completely warmed one up.

“Did you get injured?” Melis couldn’t help laughing too, infected by the foolish smile the person in front of her had on his face.  She was originally prepared to give this guy a scare, but, seeing the terrified pleading look in his eyes her heart immediately softened.

Moya had yet to return from the high of receiving a huge surprise, and so, pointing at his chest, he replied with a blank look on his face, “I got hit here once…” After saying that he hurriedly added, “It doesn’t hurt.”

It doesn’t hurt? Melis pushed him down on the bed and found her way on top of him. She pulled his shirt up and to no surprise, found a large bruise near his chest. When Melis rubbed it, she noticed Moya’s chest rise and his breathing seem to get heavier.


“N-n-no…” Truly, it wasn’t pain that he was feeling, but another feeling that he nearly couldn’t bear. Moya didn’t dare look at Melis. Veins bulged out of the hand grabbing the bedsheets.

As if finding the man’s reaction not intense enough, Melis kissed the bruise gently and said, “Have I ever said that, I find myself liking you more and more, and want to be with you from now on?”

【Every fairytale has a happy ending】

Legend has it that ever since the former Queen Melis was chased out of the palace by her younger brother, the current King Viktor, she never returned to the palace ever again. And now seven years later, the King and his same gendered lover snatched his sister’s child away.

But the legends can’t be trusted. In reality…

The renovated wooden house gave off a delicate fragrance, every inch of it tidied up neatly and cozily. The big guy was getting more and more matured. He had an apron with ugly stitches on as he walked out of the kitchen and placed breakfast on the dinner table. After some thought, he headed towards the courtyard with a vase in hand. When the woman in bed smelled the fragrance from the fried egg, she popped out of the blankets scratching her head, and, still in her sleeping gown, she shakily wandered out while yawning.

“Melis, here are the new blooms from the courtyard, do you like it?” Moya placed a vase filled with fresh flowers on the table. Turning around, he hugged Melis who’d opened her arms at him.

In Moya’s embrace, Melis looked up and gave his chin a loud smooch before staring at the flowers for a while. She praised with a grin on her face, “They’re blooming so well~”

“Do you want to wash up first before eating breakfast?”

“Mm~ I don’t want to move, do it for me~”


Looking into each others’ eye, suddenly, they drew closer to one another, and their breaths started mixing together.

Just as their lips were about to touch, the door suddenly opened and in walked a boy who looked a lot like Melis. When he saw his parents hugging together, he immediately turned around and went back out, shrugging his shoulders. While walking, he said, “Daddy mommy, you guy have to hurry up, we agreed to go out hunting with Viktor and Ronen today.”

Before the door closed, looking at his parents frozen in place, the boy’s smile grew even brighter. “Why is your poor child always able to see you guys, no matter the location or the event, doing things children shouldn’t see?”

Super shameless Melis lifted a brow. She poked Moya’s chest, “Continue.”

The man had a very warm and gentle look in his eyes as he bent down to continue finishing what they had yet to finish.

Rolling his eyes, the boy silently shut the door, however, he still couldn’t resist laughing out loud in the end.

Edit: pretend the ‘brawny’ in the title is ‘hunky’ please. Hunky sounds much more delicious than brawny but unfortunately your dumb TL forgot that word when registering the name 😩


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Here’s the mcs’ original names just in case anybody wanted: 梅莉斯、蒙亚 [Méi Lì Sī | Méng Yǎ]

The Male Lead is a Brawny Loyal Dog

The Male Lead is a Brawny Loyal Dog

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