The Little Crying Bag and his Mr. Grumpy chapter 6

The curse of getting white hair

  1. Reunion

“Tang Miao, will you attend the high school reunion next Friday? You should bring your family.”

“Qu Yao? Good morning! Bring my family? Bring my family to the class reunion…”

“Qi Ming… You’re going crazy again…” Many twists and turns were caused by a single sentence.

“Qu Yao… I’ll attend. Send me the location and time. Have a nice honeymoon!”

Qu Yao snorted as she stared at her phone. YOU, not I, are on your honeymoon.

Had she just interrupted something good?

Did she just forget to mention that the reunion was convened by Xu Jiaqi?

But Boss Tang shouldn’t be that stingy, should he?

… …

“Yes I’m crazy. Do you like it?” Qi Ming gnawed on his nape.

“Like… I like it…”

“Will you continue talking to other people?” The sun in Italy was too exuberant, and so were the men and women conceived there.

“I…I interact normally…”

“Not allowed.”

“Okay… Okay…” Tang Miao reluctantly agreed, “Qi…Ming…faster…ah…I like…

“What do you like?”

Tang Miao’s eyes were filled with tears, and his voice was filled with emotions as he said, “…I like you.”


Tang Miao really came to the reunion with his family. He openly clasped hands with Qi Ming. The others suppressed their curiosity. They also considered what Tang Miao and Qi Ming had in those years, but they were also aware of Tang Miao’s power in recent years. However, they weren’t expecting him to come out of the closet so publicly.

Some people were quite stimulated by his indifference.

Xu Jiaqi cleared her throat, inquiring, “Won’t you introduce us?”

Tang Miao was perplexed. “Who should I introduce you to?”

“Your partner.” Tang Miao, Xu Jiaqi felt, was still pretending to be stupid after all these years. He had Qi Ming’s support back then, but she wouldn’t let him wiggle out of the embarrassing situation in public this time.

Xu Jiaqi clenched her fiancé’s hand, her nails burrowing into his palm.

Tang Miao blinked, wanting to laugh, “I say Qi Ming, have you changed so much?”

Qi Ming?!

The room erupted in an uproar in an instant. There was a lot of speculation among them concerning the Qi family throughout these years. Although many of them were unaware of the details, they knew that Qi Ming had left without finishing high school. They had no idea where he had gone.

Xu Jiaqi’s fingers loosened. She was stunned.

Qi Ming reluctantly took off his sunglasses and nodded to everyone.

In fact, apart from Qu Yao, he was unfamiliar with them. It was understandable that they did not recognize him. Qi Ming was tall and strong, and his skin was tanned. The key point was that few people dared to look at Qi Ming back then.

That year’s class monitor proposed playing a game, and the atmosphere quickly grew lively.

Tang Miao and Qi Ming were both unfamiliar with them. They talked alone, and when they looked around, they discovered the others had opted to play Truth or Dare.

Tang Miao and Qi Ming, who were deprived of the right to vote, said: “…”

“Tang Miao.”

“I choose truth.” The point was that he really had no interest in big adventures.

“Did you like anyone in high school…who did you like?”

These were clearly two questions, but Tang Miao responded generously: “I realized it sometime around my first or second year of high school, but I had liked him for quite some time before that. Don’t you already know who it was? It was Qi Ming.”

Everyone: “…”

“Qi Ming, how about you?”

Qi Ming was fiddling with Tang Miao’s fingers in boredom, “Don’t you all know I realized it in the third year of high school, but I’ve liked him from childhood?”

Everyone: “…”

When the bottle came to a stop between Qi Ming and Tang Miao in the final round, each of them were asked questions—

Qu Yao inquired, “I want to know what the other party does that has you to your wit’s end.”

“Cry.” Qi Ming lips curled.

“Tang Miao, how about you?”

Tang Miao grinned: “I like him to be fierce to me.”

Everyone: “…”

They came to flaunt their cars, houses, wealth, jobs, children and spouses. Why did they eat a bellyful of dog food?! [T/N: stuffed with PDA]

… …

“Qi Ming.” Xu Jiaqi chased after them, “I want to ask you a question.”

Qi Ming cocked his sharp brow, “Speak”

“…You said you hate people who cry the most.”

“MiaoMiao is not another person.” Qi Ming did not consider this a problem.

“I’m not another person.” Tang Miao, who had just washed his hands, spoke in unison with Qi Ming.

As for the outraged Xu Jiaqi who was crying again, it had nothing to do with them.

Qi Ming always said that everyone should be accountable for their own lives and that you shouldn’t tie your life to the lives of others.

But Tang Shuishui was not someone else. MiaoMiao, his little crying bag, had always been an inseparable part of his life. [T/N: sweetness overload]

  1. Curse

Qi Ming had a spider web-like scar on his ribs.

Even when Tang Miao cried and caused a ruckus, Qi Ming refused to say how and when it happened. He just downplayed it as an accident.

Tang Miao found out what happened only after catching hold of a brother from Qi Hui Tang.

“Master Tang.” In fact, he wanted to address him as Young Madam, but he was scared of Qi Ming’s fist.

“Brother Xiao Hui, you’re someone who has watched me grow up, right?”

Chen Hui swiftly waved his hand, “Master Tang, don’t hesitate to tell me what you want.”

“It’s just to relive the past.” Tang Miao blinked innocently.

Chen Hui was silent. Young Madam looked very unhappy. So, what should he do?!

“By the way, is that web-like injury on Qi Ming’s ribs all right?”

“It’s all right. The doctor said that he was lucky at the time. He was only hit on two ribs.”

Tang Miao clenched his fists. It had been a life-threatening wound?! Qi Ming, that jerk!

“It wasn’t serious, but Qi Ming bragged to me that he woke up instantly after the surgery.” Tang Miao tried to make his voice sound light.

Chen Hui scratched the back of his head, “Hehe, the young master didn’t brag. At the time, the doctor said it was impossible, but he awoke frantically. He even sneaked into the computer room in the ward without alerting the doctor.” Chen Hui was overjoyed when he recalled it.

“What was he so frantic about?” Tang Miao squinted, thinking that a certain someone needed to be taught a lesson. A gunshot wound! Surgery! Did he think it was a cold?! He almost died, and was still worrying about the computer?!

“Wasn’t it because he wanted to write Master Tang an email? As long as it’s Master Tang business, the young master is very attentive.” Despite the fact that he knew Tang Miao was also madly in love with his young master, he had to sell. Chen Hui believed he was a fantastic subordinate.


During those years, the only email Qi Ming sent him was on his birthday each year.

The only time he was late was during his senior year. He’d received the email at the last minute, and it contained only one line: “MiaoMiao, I miss you”.

“Was it during our third year?”

Chen Hui suddenly reacted. If he remembered correctly, the young master appeared to have asked them not to say anything about it.

Chen Hui: “…” Was it too late to fix it?!!

“Brother Xiao Hui, do you recall how many videos you gave me when I was little?”

Chen Hui: “…” He, he, he, he had no idea the young master was so protective of Tang Miao at the time. They were not allowed to smoke, swear, fight, kill, discuss adult topics, or watch pornographic films.

“Brother Xiao Hui, was it June? If yes, simply nod your head.”

Chen Hui, who had been badly threatened, nodded stiffly.

“Thank you, Brother Xiao Hui. I’ll look for you to play next time.”

Chen Hui: “…”

… …

“Qi Ming.” Tang Miao was napping beside him.


“I saved every email you sent me, as well as my high school phone.”

“Come on, just tell me what you want,” Qi Ming said with a smile.

He and Tang Miao never mentioned the past. They’d chosen not to bring up the events and ideas of the previous few years. Tang Miao must have brought it up for a reason.

Tang Miao’s mouth was quivering as he said, “I remember one year I waited for your email all day.” If you count the day before, he hadn’t slept for two days and one night.

Qi Ming instantly recognized the year and solemnly kissed Tang Miao’s mouth, which was clearly about to cry: “Don’t cry! I’m sorry, MiaoMiao. I apologize for being late.”

In fact, eight years had brought about significant changes in a lot of things. Qi Ming, for example, who was no longer willing to beat Tang Miao or argue with him fiercely. It was all fun, but he was also eager to say gentle words in private. Tang Miao also showed a different side to Qi Ming. He was polite but indifferent to others. It was only when facing Qi Ming that he behaved like a child.

“It’s not your fault. I forgive you. Now, give me a hug.” Tang Miao slung his arm around Qi Ming’s waist. A thin quilt lay between them, and his fingers rubbed the spider web-like scar.

Qi Ming assumed Tang Miao was asleep, but his chest became damp and chilly. Tang Miao remained motionless.

“MiaoMiao, what’s the matter? Feeling wronged? Give me a kiss?”

“I…I drank too much water.”

Qi Ming was furious at him for lying so blatantly and yelled, “Tang! Shui! Shui!”

Qi Ming discovered that Tang Miao’s tears had drenched the quilt. He coaxed, “MiaoMiao, tell me. Why are you crying so hard? I swear I’ll never be late again. Little ancestor, let me look at you, okay? Come on, raise your head.”

“You’re not allowed to be late”, Tang Miao mumbled. “Please, don’t be late.”

Tang Miao’s lacrimal glands burst again. “Were you in agony at the time?”

Qi Ming suddenly understood: Tang Miao knew.

“It hurts.” Qi Ming threw the damp quilt away. “If you give it a kiss, it won’t hurt.”

“Qi Ming, Qi Ming, Qi Ming…” Tang Miao wanted to get angry and ask him why he didn’t take good care of himself, but, in the end, he couldn’t say anything. He only knew to call out his name.

Qi Ming patted him on the back “In fact, I must thank you. MiaoMiao is my little lucky star. At the time, the assassin was aiming for my head. I was completely unaware of it. For some reason, the red rope you gave me snapped. The bullet sped by as I squatted down to pick it up. I dodged several bullets aimed at my head, but his final gunshot became lodged in my ribs.”

Tang Miao bit his lower lip, realizing he had almost lost Qi Ming.

“If I hadn’t been thinking about writing you an email at the time, I might not have woken up so quickly when I was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. Someone claimed to be a nurse and sneaked into my ward after I completed sending you the email.”

“So, I am doing well now all thanks to Tang ShuiShui’s blessing.”

“What about…that person?” Tang Miao became cold all of a sudden. His entire body appeared to have been dumped into an ice cave, which caused his teeth to clatter. What if…what if…

“Dead.” Qi Ming spoke lightly.

He carried Tang Miao to the bathroom. Tang ShuiShui’s tears had left him so wet that if he went to bed like this, he would catch a cold.

Tang Miao finally calmed down in the water and clutched Qi Ming’s neck, “Qi Ming…fortunately you are fine…”

Yes, Qi Ming was fortunate to be alive. Tang ShuiShui was such a little crying bag. Tang ShuiShui would sob himself to death if something happened to him.

So he had altered his mind and added another line to the email: “MiaoMiao, I miss you very much.”

Tang Miao was uninterested in learning why Qi Ming was shot or how that assassin died. All he needed to know was that his Qi Ming was fine.

“Stop rubbing.”

“Let’s do it.” Tang Miao stretched his finger and relaxed himself in the bathtub’s water.

“I’ll come, I’ll come. Don’t hurt yourself clumsily.”

“I’m not stupid.”

“Really? Isn’t it foolish to use water for lubrication? I often wonder how you earned the first place.”

“I brought your IQ to the exam.” Tang Miao was very proud of himself.

Qi Ming: “…” Which one should he choose: beat him or kiss him? Waiting online, very urgent.

… …

“How…how were you able to recover so quickly?”

“Thanks to the tonic soup you stewed.” Tang Miao was made to cry by Qi Ming.

In comparison to the tears he had shed as a result of missing and feeling sad, he hoped his Tang ShuiShui would keep his tears for this occasion.

“That was to help you heal from your gunshot wound.” Tang Miao whispered, “My mother and aunt gave me the prescription.”

“What did you say to them?”

“I said you hurt your waist.”

Qi Ming: “…”

“Ah…Qi Ming, take it easy, um…ah…umh…lighter…lighter…”

“Study committee member, let’s review the difference between waist and ribs.”

Tang Miao felt very wronged. How could he have known that mothers would pit their sons in such a way…

… …

“MiaoMiao?” Qi Ming caressed Tang Miao’s dry and soft cheeks.


“Let’s go to the Taoist temple where you prayed for me to win the title of top scorer.”

“That was not for the sake of the title.”


“It was a curse,” Tang Miao said quietly.

Qi Ming pinched his meaty buttocks, “Will you or won’t you tell me? Watch out if you don’t say it.”

“It was a curse that your hair will slowly turn white…” Tang Miao smiled softly, “with me.”

  1. Wish

Tang Miao later brought Qi Ming to the Yuelao Temple, where he sincerely paid his respects. When he ran into the little Taoist priest again, he requested two red ropes once more. They removed the faded ones in front of him and replaced them with new ones.

Despite his aversion for such girly things, Qi Ming assisted Tang Miao in tying the new red ropes.

I wish to be with this man for the rest of my life and promise to grow old with him.



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The Little Crying Bag and his Mr. Grumpy

The Little Crying Bag and his Mr. Grumpy

LCBMG, Túi khóc nhỏ cùng với quý ngài nóng tính của cậu ấy, 小哭包和他的暴躁先生
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The irritated Gong who explodes in anger everyday X The crying Shou who’s being comforted everydayWhen they were little kids–Tang Miao:Wuwuwu QAQQi Ming:Stop Crying!Tang Miao:They… they robbed me of my candy…Qi Ming:”What’s there to cry about? Aren’t you annoying? Do Not Cry!”Fisting his little hand together. If that is so, damn. Who stole Tang Shui Shui’s candy?!When they’re older–Class reunion: What was the other party doing that put you at your wit’s end?Qi Ming: Crying.Tang Miao: I like that he is cruel to me.—In this life, to accompany one person with the promise to grow from young to old.


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