The Little Crying Bag and his Mr. Grumpy chapter 5

Defending against a foreigner’s appearance

  1. Qu Yao

Qu Yao’s employment at HongMiao was a mere coincidence. She was interviewed by an HR executive, and her hiring had nothing to do with Tang Miao.

As a result, they were taken aback when they met, and Tang Miao took a long time to adjust.

After all, when he first met Qu Yao, he was accompanied by a man who yelled at him every day, “don’t cry!”

And he was now alone.

When Qu Yao graduated, she occasionally reflected on her thoughts, but when her wish came true, she was quite frustrated.

[T/N: Did Qu Yao have feelings for Tang Miao at school? Correct me if I’m wrong.]

“President Tang!”

“Qu Yao? What’s up?”

“Do you recall that your office is in HongMiao, not upstairs in SuiTang?”

Tang Miao thought it was really easy for him to forget.

“MiaoMiao? What do you think?”

“I think it’s time to give Qu Yao a raise.” Tang Miao grinned.

Qu Yao’s objection was genuine, and the situation needed to be settled, thus Qi Ming relocated and became a resident of HongMiao.

They were unsure if Boss’s efficiency was affected, but the employee’s efficiency had been significantly harmed. Instead of working honestly every day, they were merely looking for a partner.

The single dogs believed they deserved an allowance.

Qu Yao tried to incite the SuiTang staff to take Qi Ming back, but no one agreed.

All of them said in hushed tones, “Manager Qu, if our boss is upset, we’ll die.”

Qu Yao: “…”

She suddenly recalled a man, the boy who scolded Tang Miao saying he was a dog. He was allegedly beaten once in an alley.

She reasoned, maybe… Forget it.

Although she felt sorry for the single employees; after all, they had been delayed for so many years…

  1. Candy

Even in Italy, where the Mafia was rife, subordinates who had been with their boss for over two years believed that their boss was weird and tough. He was just ferocious, but also odd. The boss always had a variety of candies in his pocket.

If a new sweets store opened in Italy, the boss would go there. He would not only go there, but he would also take detailed notes.

Someone inadvertently noticed the boss’s book. He had taken meticulous care. There were charts and notes, as well as photographs.

It would have been fine if the boss enjoyed sweets, but the boss was extremely contradictory. He would mumble from time to time: “What’s the deal with this being so sweet and greasy? Little girls eat this.”

This did not surprise some individuals. The brothers from Qi Hui Tang just pursed their lips. The young master was missing his wife again. It was all right.

… …

“Do you like it?”

Qi Ming gave Tang Miao the candy journal as a birthday present.

The effect… was profound—”This… This also makes you cry?”

“Tell me if you like it before you cry,” Qi Ming muttered.

Tang Miao sniffed the notes’ sweet and sour aroma, “I… I just want to eat sweets.”

“Tell the truth.” Qi Ming felt his fist itch.

Tang Miao sniffled and charged at Qi Ming, seizing the candy in his mouth: “I like it to death.”

“I think you’re killing me.” Qi Ming mumbled.

“Little! Family! Ancestor!… Stop rubbing!”

  1. So long as it’s you

“Let’s do it!” Tang Miao announced and began tugging at their clothes.

“Wait, wait…” Tang Miao proceeded to remove his clothes, and Qi Ming began to put them on for him. “Do you want to think about it again? After all, we’ve been apart for so long, and I’m afraid if we don’t get along…”

Tang Miao’s mouth twitched and Qi Ming thought to himself… “It’s over”.

“Wu… Wu… Do you regret it?” Tang Miao hiccuped and drew his words out, “Qi! Ming! Do you like someone else? I… I… You must not… ”

“Tang! Shui! Shui! Shut up! Who has Laozi liked besides you?! Laozi likes you to death! If you dare say something like that again, I will… I will beat you up!”

[T/N: Laozi is a haughty way of saying ‘I’.]

Tang Miao sobbed after hearing Qi Ming’s words and stated, “… I’ll bite you if you don’t like me… I… How can you possibly dislike me?!”

After that, the two people exchanged glances, and Qi Ming snorted coldly: “You can’t run, Tang ShuiShui. I was afraid of hurting you, so I resisted for a long time. You’re asking for it now!”

Tang Miao snorted coldly as well, “So what if I get hurt?! You used to beat me when you were a kid!”

“Tang! Shui! Shui! Is your IQ of 120 merely for decoration? Is that the same thing?!” Qi Ming saw that he was becoming cranky and wondered if Tang ShuiShui needed a beating.

“Why… Why is it different?” Tang Miao flattened his mouth, saying, “So long as it’s you… I… I’m sure I’ll like it a lot.”


Forget it, thought Qi Ming. He will not hit him for the sake of his miserable wailing.

  1. To cry

When Qi Ming entered Tang Miao’s body, he felt as if he had realized an eight-year-old dream. What he had seen and experienced during the previous eight years had become hazy, and only the man in front of him was the most real.

“I’m inexperienced. Let me know if it hurts.” Qi Ming kissed his eyelids and lips.

As a result, a certain someone teased him, “It’s not a problem! You don’t have any experience? I have!”

“You! Have! Experience! Experience?!” Qi Ming felt like he was going to explode and ground his teeth, as if he was going to commit murder the moment Tang Miao stated that person’s name.

Tang Miao gripped his neck a little shakily and mumbled, “Have you seen the little porn videos? There used to be a lot of them at Qi Hui Tang. It’s a shame you haven’t seen them.”

Qi Ming: “…”

“What… What are you doing…?!” Tang Miao yelled as he was suddenly turned over.

Qi Ming, who rode the roller coaster, stated decisively: “I suddenly feel revealed that I’m going to devour you. Tang Shuishui, cry if it hurts. Gege is here.”

After expressing that, he launched a crusade of wide openness and cooperation.

“MiaoMiao, why don’t you cry?”

Tang Miao looked at him with embarrassment, but he did not cry.

While he was working, Qi Ming teased him with his meat blade, tantalizing the place that could make Tang Miao happy. He dragged out the wet red flesh as he moved in and out.

Qi Ming sucked on his earlobes, his voice raspy. “Tang ShuiShui… There’s a lot of water below you…” his voice was full with XX taste.

“Ah…Um…Qi Ming…Hurry up…Hurry up…”

“Cry! …Why don’t you cry?” Qi Ming coaxed him. He wouldn’t admit that he had a sudden desire to see Tang Miao cry.

“You’re busy.” Tang Miao indicated their current situation.

Qi Ming’s brows were nearly tangled.

Tang Miao sniffled, “You won’t have time to coax me… I don’t want to cry.”

Qi Ming’s heart turned sore and soft in a single sentence. He brought Tang Miao to a peak, exclaiming, “MiaoMiao…cry! I like to see you cry in bed…”

Qi Ming’s heart turned bitter and soft in a single sentence. “MiaoMiao… Cry, I like to see you cry in bed…” he exclaimed to Tang Miao.

Tang Miao was perplexed, believing that Qi Ming couldn’t chastise him for crying at the time. Qi Ming had drained all the water from his body, but he was especially relieved. When he got up, someone would push him to drink water anyway. He wrapped his arms around Qi Ming’s neck and cried loudly without tears, “Qi Ming… I love you…”

Qi Ming held the person in his arms, thinking that after all these years, his arms were full.

“Tang ShuiShui, you are only allowed to cry in bed from now on.”

It was a pity that Tang Miao fell asleep very tactfully.

“Little ancestor…” Qi Ming ground his teeth. In any case, MiaoMiao only cried in front of him. Why was he so concerned?

  1. To respect you

“Uncle, I’ll raise my glass to you.” Without wasting time, Qi Ming simply nailed the nail on the head with a cup of Baijiu. “I know that if it hadn’t been for you, my father’s case would have remained unresolved.”

“With my second glass of wine, I’ll salute you once more. Thank you for your patience and trust in us.” This referred to Tang Zhan assisting Tang Miao in refusing blind dates.

“The third cup of wine symbolizes my respect for you. Thank you for giving me MiaoMiao. I’ll be good to him.”

Qi Ming used three cups of wine to completely erase the events of that year. It was pointless to delve too deeply into some topics.

“Good!” Tang Zhan was unusually happy, especially when he observed his son’s wide-eyed joy.

Mother Tang was overjoyed as well. Despite the fact that her daughter-in-law was a man, she felt as if her lovely son had returned.

It was preferable to grieve and smile than to be emotionless with a blank face like Tang Miao had been for eight years.

“Thank you, Dad and Mom.” Tang Miao stated solemnly.

… …

“Your father…” Tang Zhan inquired, nervously.

Qi Ming smiled. “My father is doing well. He is travelling around the world with my mother. They’ll be back for Chinese New Year this year.”

“Then let’s all get together for dinner.”

“Okay.” Qi Ming offered him another cup of wine.

The two elders suddenly felt that they had been infected by Tang Miao. Their eyes were a touch hot.


Aww, so sweet. Everything’s back on track. It’s wonderful to see such supportive parents.

Only one more to go!

The Little Crying Bag and his Mr. Grumpy

The Little Crying Bag and his Mr. Grumpy

LCBMG, Túi khóc nhỏ cùng với quý ngài nóng tính của cậu ấy, 小哭包和他的暴躁先生
Score 8.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Chinese
The irritated Gong who explodes in anger everyday X The crying Shou who’s being comforted everydayWhen they were little kids–Tang Miao:Wuwuwu QAQQi Ming:Stop Crying!Tang Miao:They… they robbed me of my candy…Qi Ming:”What’s there to cry about? Aren’t you annoying? Do Not Cry!”Fisting his little hand together. If that is so, damn. Who stole Tang Shui Shui’s candy?!When they’re older–Class reunion: What was the other party doing that put you at your wit’s end?Qi Ming: Crying.Tang Miao: I like that he is cruel to me.—In this life, to accompany one person with the promise to grow from young to old.


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