The Little Crying Bag and his Mr. Grumpy chapter 3

I Like You

  1. Together

Qi Ming had never studied so hard as he did in the second term of his sophomore year, but it was all worth it when he saw his results in the first mock exam – 10th place AND Tang Miao’s extraordinarily joyful smile.

He evaluated his score and concluded that admission to A university would not be a problem, but it would be tough to pursue the same major as Tang ShuiShui.

He decided to fill out the admission form at the time. He must keep an eye on Tang ShuiShui and assure him that not being in the same major will not prevent them from spending everyday together.

As for why they should spend every day together…

Qi Ming, who had never thought of this topic in depth, rolled his eyes. Why was he bothering himself with this nonsense? Did he need to look for a fight?

  1. No experience

“Qi Ming, it’s February 14 next week.” Tang Miao poked Qi Ming, who was answering a question.

“Yes, we’ll have the final mock exam.” Tang Miao’s persistence surprised Qi Ming. Last Valentine’s Day, he forgot about the love letter. Fortunately, it coincided with Chinese New Year, so Tang Miao did not create a ruckus, but New Year was early this year, and as a result, school started early as well.

“Qi Qiming.” Tang Miao looked at him.

Tang Miao’s ‘about to cry’ expression was the one that frightened Qi Ming the most. He had the impression that his temper was growing better and better. He swiftly lifted his hands and bowed his head: “Aren’t I inexperienced? I haven’t read any of the other people’s love letters. I’ll have to think about it, okay?”

Tang Miao’s eyelids were droopy, but he wasn’t sad. He stated sweetly, “Oh, I had completely forgotten about it. I simply wanted to remind you of the third mock exam and encourage you to review for it.”

Tang Miao added another sentence as Qi Ming grinded his teeth, “But since you still remember, don’t forget to give it to me after the exam.”

Qi Ming: “…” I. Want. To. Hit. Someone!

However, the instigator couldn’t fight. Qi Ming was unhappy.

  1. Who do you like

Tang Miao went to Qi Ming’s examination room to review the day after the exam. As a result, the grade’s top performer was surrounded by a slew of challenging questions.

Qi Ming snorted unhappily as he looked on. He met Qu Yao, who was memorizing lessons with her classmates, while he was raging in the corridor.

Qu Yao pushed up her glasses, “Did you not prepare a gift for him for the festival tomorrow?”

“I bought handmade chocolates, but the boy is tricky…” Qi Ming stopped and stared at Qu Yao, “Why should I prepare a gift for him?!”

“But didn’t you already prepare one?”

As heat surged to his ears, Qi Ming was unable to argue, “Tang Miao and I are not…”

“Not what?” Qu Yao was not convinced. She was short-sighted, not blind.

Qi Ming kept trying to make an excuse but couldn’t. He was well aware that he and Tang Miao were not lovers, but he found himself feeling quite unwilling.

Why weren’t they in a relationship?

Qu Yao displayed an unusual curiosity: “My roommate, forget it… When I asked Tang Miao he stated that he liked someone. I really can’t guess who he likes if it’s not you.”

“Tang Miao likes…”

Qi Ming was stuck once more, and a sea of vinegar(jealousy) churned at the bottom of his heart. Why should Tang Miao like anyone but me?!

“Tang! Shui! Shui!”

Tang Miao looked up, puzzled. He knew Qi Ming was fuming again when he saw his expression. He hastily tossed his textbook aside and ran out the door.

Tang Miao was brought to the third ‘Nothing Zone’ by Qi Ming as Qu Yao looked on with an evident smile. It was a holy area for lovers because there was no surveillance, patrols, or street lights. It was just that all of the students were in class revising that day, thus the venue was deserted.

“What’s the matter?”

Qi Ming was blunt as always, “Tang ShuiShui, do you have someone you like?!”

Tang Miao was flustered and reflexively uttered, “Yes…Yes.”

Qi Ming clenched his teeth, convinced that Tang Miao had infected him. His eyes were sore and acrid, “Who do you like?!”

“No… I won’t tell you.” Tang Miao lowered his gaze to his toes.

“Who is she? What do you like about her?!”

Who would have guessed that Tang Miao would lose his cool? He  raised his head and yelled: “What’s wrong with him?! He’s fantastic! He is handsome, tall, can fight, and excels in school and sports. He also gives me sweets. He coaxes me when I cry. He has always helped me when I have been bullied since I was a child. Apart from not bothering about himself and being sluggish and fierce, He! Is! Absolutely! Perfect!”

[T/N: the pronoun ‘ta’ can refer to both a ‘he’ and a ‘she’. I’ve used the one they mean.]

This roar made Qi Ming’s ears ring. He held Tang Miao foolishly to keep him from becoming overly excited, and asked in a trembling voice: “Tang ShuiShui, who… Who do you like?”

Tang Miao snorted, causing his tears to flow. “I want to leave.”

Qi Ming was dull, not stupid. He soon understood what Tang Miao meant. He reddened unexpectedly and was at a loss for words. He pulled a sweet from his pocket and shoved it into Tang Miao’s mouth as per his MO. Before Tang Miao could say anything, he kissed him on the lips, “Cough, I want to taste the candy I bought.”

Tang Miao watched Qi Ming flee, then suddenly laughed and yelled at him, “Uncle Qi stated, you are the underworld, not a hooligan.” He noticed Qi Ming stumbling in delight.

Tang Miao smiled as he tasted the sugar on the tip of his tongue. It was truly sweet.

  1. To MiaoMiao

Qi Ming returned to the examination room. Everyone was studying independently. He took out a blank paper. He’d finally found inspiration for the love letter he’d been unable to compose.

He was determined to write a draft—

To Miaomiao:

I like

The pen nib came to a halt, and Qi Ming couldn’t help but scoff. Wasn’t he overly romantic? But no other words could describe his current state of mind.

Qi Ming’s phone rang just as he was ready to start writing again.

When Qi Ming realized it was the old man[Qi Ming’s father], he blocked the draft with a book and crept into the corridor to answer the phone.

“Hello? What did you say?… Mom fainted unexpectedly? Okay, I’ll be right back,” Qi Ming said, his face changing. He didn’t bother bringing anything. He leaped over the wall and caught a taxi home. He’d never heard his father sound so worried in his life.

He remembered to inform Tang Miao once he was in the automobile. Otherwise, the guy might be concerned.

He finally sent this message after deleting and editing it—

“MiaoMiao, my mother has a fever. There is no one at home. I have to rush back and go straight to the exam tomorrow morning. You can review at your leisure. You will receive the love letter tomorrow.”

That kid will feel embarrassed when he sees the words ‘MiaoMiao’. I’m hoping he doesn’t cry. He couldn’t coax him from afar.

  1. Wait for me…

Tang Miao called Qi Ming when he had finally finished his self-study. He was shy, but he was also concerned about Aunt Qi’s situation. With so many servants in the Qi household, how could Qi Ming be summoned at this vital juncture? It couldn’t be anything serious, could it?

Qi Ming took a long time to answer the phone.


“Is Aunt okay, Qi Ming?”

“Nothing major. It’s a chronic issue. Do you want to speak with her?”


Qi Ming passed the phone to his mother and listened as she advised Tang Miao to take care of his health, make more friends, and eat more. He was far too thin…

Qi Ming took the phone back and said, “…MiaoMiao.”

“Yes?” Tang Miao’s surroundings were chaotic. He would have heard Qi Ming’s voice trembling otherwise.

“Nothing much, I…” Qi Ming bowed his head in embarrassment to hide his burning eyes from his parents. “Wait for my return.”

“You’re acting weird… Qi Ming, you’re really not hiding anything from me?” Tang Miao had the impression that something was awry.

“What could possibly be wrong with me? It’s… it’s because the candy was too sweet.” He was afraid he’d never be able to eat such a sweet candy again.

Mother Qi’s eyes grew red as he hung up the phone, and she patted his hand, saying, “Xiao Miao is such a nice child, it’s a shame…”

“Have you decided?” Father Qi inquired solemnly.

Qi Ming choked up and made a painful sound from his throat. His fingernails gripped the palms of his hands tightly. At this point, the pain could keep him awake.

“I know that your relationship… is very good, but that’s why I recommend…” Father Qi did not, in the end, cruelly define their relationship at this time.

“I’ve considered it.” Qi Ming abruptly raised his head, then closed his red eyes again, “…I will leave with you.”

  1. Trust me

Tang Miao had a restless night’s sleep. He awoke shortly before five o’clock in the morning. On his phone, Qi Ming had sent a text message. There were only two words – Miao Miao.

Tang Miao dialed Qi Ming’s number, but his phone was turned off.

His phone vibrated after he completed answering a major question. Tang Miao never imagined he’d accomplish something so out of the ordinary one day. He not only brought his phone into the examining room, but he also set it to vibrate. Tang Miao surreptitiously took it out as it vibrated and found it was merely a short text message – Trust me.

Qi Ming clenched his teeth and broke the SIM card. He was scared that if he kept texting, he would text something inappropriate. He was both sorry and relieved that the love letter had not been completed.

For the first time in his life, Qi Ming hoped for the efficacy of the gods. He hoped that his MiaoMiao would get admitted to A university and be able to live the life he desired in a safe and smooth manner.

Tang Miao’s heart palpitated, and he didn’t even bother to turn in the test paper. He dashed out the front door. The teacher called him from behind, saying that there were still ten minutes to turn in the test paper and that he shouldn’t be in such a rush.

He received a text message from his mother while sitting in the taxi – Xiao Miao? Mom prepared soup for you. Return at noon.

No, it was too wrong. Just as Qi Ming’s mother would not call him back if she had a minor cold, his mother would not call him back if he had another test in the afternoon just for a bowl of soup.

“Change the address, driver.”

Tang Miao noticed police cars driving towards the Qi residence as he approached it. He had a flashback to the police officer who had passed him as he exited the school gate. He felt it was to keep order in the examining room at the time, but now he was not so sure. What was the problem?!

Tang Miao’s heart was thumping rapidly as he gritted his teeth and refused to cry. What was the point of crying at this point?


“Why are you here so quickly?” Mother Tang exclaimed when she saw him. She was obviously flustered.

Tang Miao smiled reluctantly, “I turned in my paper ahead of time.”

Mother Tang was understandably pleased with her son’s accomplishments. “That’s fine, uh… Mom is going to check on the soup in the kitchen.” She felt a little self-conscious. In truth, she had no idea why Tang Zhan wanted their son to return home immediately.

“Is dad home?” Tang Miao asked, looking at the briefcase on the sofa.

“Yes, he is changing on the second floor.”

The phone in the briefcase rang at this point, and Tang Miao yelled, “Dad, you have a call!” and took out the phone to answer it. As a result, he noticed a scrap of paper in the briefcase.

Tang Miao’s eyes were bloodshot as he clutched the paper and examined it several times.

Qi Tian. It was a common name, but Tang Miao knew it wasn’t by chance that Qi Ming’s father bore the same name. He’d contacted Uncle Qi numerous times. The photo appeared to overlap with the person who mentioned to him the previous time they met, “In truth, uncle is quite open-minded.”

Tang Zhan. His father’s name was written on the red seal in the lower right corner.

“Xiao Miao?” Tang Zhan raced downstairs, knowing it was too late.

“Is this true?” Tang Miao bit his lower lip and inquired.

“It’s true. It was given to me this morning.”

Tang Miao knew his father always honored his promises, so it had to be genuine.

It was an arrest warrant.

  1. For you.

Tang Miao was sitting at the dining table with his father three days later.

“Your friend…” Tang Zhan hesitated to begin.

Tang Zhan’s heart twisted in a mess as he looked at Tang Miao’s red and swollen eyes, “… did it for your own good.”

“… I know.” Tang Miao said quietly as he nodded. Just like his father summoned him home for his own safety, worrying that he would act erratically if questioned by the police.

“Qi Ming is a good boy, but there are some things…” Tang Zhan was helpless. Of course, Qi Ming was innocent, but if Qi Tian fled without Qi Ming, everyone would simply question him. The stakes were too high. Assasinating a senior official was a serious crime. If Qi Ming had stayed behind, it would have just made things more difficult for him. And, if Qi Ming was having difficulties, could Tang Miao relax? The Tang family would have been implicated, given Tang Miao’s sensitive identity…

Naturally, Tang Zhan knew Qi Ming quite well. Despite the fact that the two seniors avoided meeting due to their differing positions, Qi Ming was someone he had known since he was a child. Tang Zhan was fully aware of what was going on between Qi Ming and his son.

Tang Zhan had previously assumed that he would take it one step at a time. But when the bureau mentioned Qi Ming and Tang Miao’s call and message yesterday, he felt for the first time that Qi Ming was a man, and he faced Qi Ming and Tang Miao’s friendship for the first time.

Sometimes the greatest way to help each other was to leave.

If Qi Ming had revealed anything to Tang Miao that day, Tang Miao would not be able to sit at home comfortably right now.

“I’d like to return to school.” Tang Miao stood up after a few bites of the meal.

“Tang Miao.”

“I’m not going to do anything dumb. I have to take his portion of the college admission exam. After all, Qi Ming isn’t dead, is he?”

Tang Miao later noted that he was arguably the most calm and direct guy who came out of the closet.

‘Qi Ming’ – these two words had since become forbidden in the Tang family.

  1. Big liar

“Drink some water.”

Tang Miao was in a trance. He looked up, but it wasn’t the person he was thinking of. It was Qu Yao.

Qu Yao thought, “He wouldn’t want you to be like this.”

Tang Miao remained mute. He was now writing in Qi Ming’s workbook, not his own. He was clutching a piece of paper that read, “To MiaoMiao: I like…”

Qi Ming, you liar, you promised to give me the love letter…

Tang Miao took a sip of the warm water, swallowed all the grievances, joys and sorrows in his stomach, glanced at Qu Yao, and muttered, “Thank you.”

Tang Miao sent a text message to his father after Qu Yao left—

Dad, I’m perfectly fine. You can work comfortably.

Tang Miao addressed his father as “Dad” for the first time since Qi Ming’s incident.

Tang Zhan was in a trance in the workplace when he received the text message. His Xiao Miao had matured, but the cost was too high.

“Chief Tang?”

“Continue to look for Qi Tian’s whereabouts and alert the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as soon as he is located.”

“Yes, I will make the necessary arrangements right away.”

“… Hold on! Re-interrogate Yao Lin to discover if his testimony is inconsistent.”


  1. It’s over

Class 3-1 of senior high school was unusually silent around the college entrance examination since one student was absent.

Tang Miao used to be a wise Study God, but he now appeared to be a Study God who had forgotten to eat and sleep.

Qu Yao, who had risen to second place, sighed. She probably had no expectations she’d be the first in her life. Unless, as in the previous mock exam, Tang Miao fell off the top 100 list for the first time. Others, though, were dissatisfied. What could they be proud of in comparison to an individual who attempted one subject less in the test?

“Tang Miao, happy birthday!” someone exclaimed briskly three days before the college entrance exam.

“Thank you,” Tang Miao replied quickly.

Qu Yao watched Tang Miao become more and more calm. He was able to laugh but not cry. She found herself missing the scene of crying and cranky explosions from the past.

She wished she could relive those days.

However, their senior year had come to an end.


That was an unexpected turn of events. I hope they get back together soon. Qu Yao is such a darling! She’s almost like a witness to ShuiShui and MingMing’s love story.

The Little Crying Bag and his Mr. Grumpy

The Little Crying Bag and his Mr. Grumpy

LCBMG, Túi khóc nhỏ cùng với quý ngài nóng tính của cậu ấy, 小哭包和他的暴躁先生
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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Chinese
The irritated Gong who explodes in anger everyday X The crying Shou who’s being comforted everydayWhen they were little kids–Tang Miao:Wuwuwu QAQQi Ming:Stop Crying!Tang Miao:They… they robbed me of my candy…Qi Ming:”What’s there to cry about? Aren’t you annoying? Do Not Cry!”Fisting his little hand together. If that is so, damn. Who stole Tang Shui Shui’s candy?!When they’re older–Class reunion: What was the other party doing that put you at your wit’s end?Qi Ming: Crying.Tang Miao: I like that he is cruel to me.—In this life, to accompany one person with the promise to grow from young to old.


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