The Little Crying Bag and his Mr. Grumpy chapter 2

Red Knot

  1. Going, going, I’m going

Qi Ming had pleaded with his father to arrange him and Tang Miao in the same class. He couldn’t help but curl his lips as he noticed Tang Miao’s astonished expression as he sat on his right. He didn’t want to see Tang Miao, but if Tang ShuiShui was in a different class and cried every day, it would affect him badly, right?

“Qi…Qi Ming.” A girl stood before him shyly.

Qi Ming raised his head and gave her a glance. Oh, she was one of their classmates. “En.” He was perplexed as to why Tang Miao had gone to collect test papers but hadn’t returned for so long.

“Don’t you know who I am?” The girl was a little disappointed.

Qi Ming gave a strange look and looked at Tang Miao who had just entered the door and was recording grades on the podium. He remarked impatiently: “Tang Miao, hurry up!”

“Oh! Right away.” Tang Miao, a good student with excellent character and studying abilities, shoved the test papers to the monitor without any hesitation.

Monitor: “…” Despite his desire to halt the negligent study committee member, he didn’t dare to provoke Qi Ming. Tang Miao, who had been feeling strangely uneasy, was relieved.

“Let’s go.” Tang Miao didn’t even bother to look at the girl, “There is a newly opened candy store in the city center. Their candies are said to be delicious.”

“Are you a girl? You like candy so much.”

“Humph! Would you like to go or not?”

“Going, going, I’m going… Tang ShuiShui, you’re not allowed to cry!”

Behind them, a girl’s heart dropped to the ground and shattered into two pieces.

  1. Do I continue to drink this?

Qi Ming was very pleased with his high school experience. Tang Miao was not as much of a crybaby as before. Even though his eyes still welled up, it was much better than when he was a child.

As a result, Qi Ming roaring at Tang Miao every day was one of the wonders of senior high school class 1-1. After roaring, he coaxed him, and then urged him to drink water…

Tang Miao sipped some water. The girl at the table in front of him was curious, “Tang Miao, don’t you drink a lot of water every day?”

“I suppose.” Tang Miao affirmed.

“How come you drink so much water?”

Tang Miao laughed as he looked at Qi Ming, who was filling a cup of warm water for him, and said, “Got used to it.”

“Nonsense! What do you mean by “got used to it”?” Qi Ming stroked Tang ShuiShui’s head as he gazed coldly at the two whispering persons. He was in a much better mood.

“Do I continue to drink this?” Tang Miao was genuinely seeking Qi Ming’s advice.

Qi Ming glanced at the corner of his mouth: “I’m not the one in charge.”

Tang Miao poked out his tongue, indicating that the cup of water was the required amount for the next lesson.

Qi Ming gazed up towards the sky. Tang Miao was, in fact, correct. It was a habit. After all, when Tang Miao was a child, he was always concerned that Tang Miao would cry every day and eventually kill himself.

Damn it! I’m not sure how so much water can fit in such a small human body!

  1. Hormones

Qi Ming made the decision to revoke his approval. He began to believe that high school was not a pleasant experience. Why should hormones control men and women? Tang Miao’s face had turned ugly when another love letter appeared on his desk.

“I…” Qi Ming was at a loss for words, so he simply stuffed the love note into the cabinet.

“You should have a look at it.” Tang Miao muttered as he gripped the pen in his fingers.

“It’s boring.”

“They are someone else’s feelings.” Although Tang Miao stated this, his tone was clearly considerably lighter.

“Do you want me to open it and take a look?” Qi Ming questioned.

“I…” Tang Miao blinked, and the handwriting on the test paper became messy.

Tang Miao crumpled the test paper. “I’m going back to the dormitories,” he answered hastily, not wanting to look up at Qi Ming. This was despite the fact that there was still evening self-study following the break, and our student committee member rarely skipped class.

“Tang Miao.” Qi Ming gritted his teeth, “Tang Shuishui, stop for me.”

Someone grabbed Qi Ming’s hand as he was going to give chase. The owner of the hand timidly released Qi Ming under his angry gaze, “Qi…Qi Ming.”

“What is it? Speak up!” Qi Ming said rudely, ready to explode. What was this about?

The girl was terrified and sobbed: “You… Do you really have no recollection of me? In junior high school, I was in the class next to yours. You encouraged me. Don’t you remember? My name is Xu Jiaqi. The jiaqi in meng jiaqi[1].”

Qi Ming furrowed his brow and stated flatly, “Impossible, I don’t recall.”

Encouragement? Why didn’t he realize he had such dull moments?

“The composition competition at the time…” Xu Jiaqi reminded him.

Qi Ming suddenly recalled that it was the competition when Tang Shuishui was bullied.

But why would it be referred to as encouragement? Qi Ming cast a strange glance towards Xu Jiaqi. Was there nothing wrong with this girl?

It was unfortunate that the girl who was hooked on love involuntarily murmured: “If it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to tell my mother to let me go live my own life…”

“Stop.” Qi Ming was becoming dizzy as a result of her odd rambling. “What exactly do you want to say? If it’s okay, I’ll return to the dorm first.” He was bored by her. Did Tang ShuiShui cry again?

“Qi Ming, could you please be a little more polite? Why don’t you listen to Jiaqi and let her finish what she’s saying?” A young lady inquired righteously.

Qi Ming scowled. He didn’t believe he had this obligation, so he said it again, “I’ve got it. So, what about it?”

“So… ” Xu Jiaqi mustered up her courage: “I like you!”

The classroom erupted in an instant, “Hurry up and agree quickly.”

“Hold her.”

“Kiss her, kiss her!”

“Come on, Qi Da[2]!”

“Banhua[3] confessed! Hey, Qi Ming! What are you waiting for?”

Qi Ming frowned until the awkward silence in the classroom was restored. In fact, many people realized that the ending would not be as they imagined, but others refused to give up and muttered: “This fellow Qi Ming has no idea how fortunate he is. The girl has taken the initiative. What is he so afraid of?!”

“Does Qi Ming have an obligation to accept her?” a girl couldn’t take it any longer.

“Hey, Qu Yao, are you jealous because she looks prettier and has a better figure than you?” The heckling boy was dissatisfied and decided to step forward bravely for the beauty.

“Boring.” Qu Yao ignored the farce and turned a page of her workbook.

“Oh, I see.” Qi Ming picked up his school bag and drew a new test paper from the monitor at the front desk. Tang Miao’s test paper hadn’t been done yet. The teacher will check it tomorrow.

“Qi Ming…” Tears welled up in Xu Jiaqi’s eyes. “What’s your answer?”

Someone hastily yanked on Qi Ming’s clothes, “Jiaqi is crying. Letting a girl cry… are you still a man?”

“Exactly, exactly.”

In fact, many people believed Xu Jiaqi’s method was correct. Tears were the most effective offensive against Qi Ming. After all, they were looking at a living example in the form of Tang Miao.

Qi Ming really laughed this time, “What difference does it make to me if she is crying? Did I make her cry? Should I accept her when she sobs?”

“Why?!” Xu Jiaqi’s voice was a little harsh.

Qi Ming recalled how the uncles in the gang refused women and nonchalantly made up an excuse, “I have… someone I like.” It was just that the image of a crying Tang Miao flashed through his head.

Shit! What is this?!

  1. Next time

“Don’t cry!” Qi Ming’s head throbbed. Only he and Tang Miao remained in the dormitory after their two roommates had gone to study.

Tang Miao’s quilt had gathered into a big mound. In truth, there was no sound of crying in the dormitory, but Qi Ming, who knew Tang Miao, saw the trembling quilt and knew he had cried, and was furious.

It was pointless to say anything else. With the help of a hand, Qi Ming flipped himself over to Tang Miao’s bed. Qi Ming’s hand touched the quilt before Tang Miao could react, as per his MO. As expected, it was damp.

“Don’t cry.” Qi Ming put his hand over Tang Miao’s mouth.

Who would have guessed he didn’t cry at all, but his tears became more ferocious, drenching Qi Ming’s hand.

Qi Ming attempted to pull Tang Miao out of the quilt, but it did not succeed. His face was flushed with rage. When he punched the wall, a piece of plaster fell off. Tang Miao instantly grasped his hand and asked, gasping: “Are you… Are you a stupid? Isn’t it painful?”

“Are you stupid, or am I stupid?” Qi Ming snorted: “Speak up! What are you crying about?”

“There are so many people who write you love letters.” Tang Miao pressed his lips together, looking at the red mark on Qi Ming’s hand, and stifling his tears.

“I don’t like them,” Qi Ming thought of a foolproof reason to avoid calamity. “Besides, I don’t know who gave it to me. I can’t reply.”

Tang Miao felt the same way.

As soon as he went back beneath the quilt, he was pulled up again. Qi Ming squinted his eyes, saying “I don’t believe that’s the sole reason.”

Tang Miao sniffed and decided not to say anything.

“Hey, a girl confessed to me in public today.”

“Tang Miao?”

Tang Miao snorted to indicate that he was listening.

“Do you think I should accept her?”

“You don’t even know what her name is. Why do you want to accept her?!” Tang Miao pounced on him and bit him.

Qi Ming made a hissing sound. Tang Miao’s teeth weren’t particularly sharp, but they hurt. “Tell me, did you hide and eavesdrop?” He knew things weren’t so simple, so he wanted to get the facts all at once.

“Hey, hey, hey! Don’t bite me. Why are you crying?” Qi Ming stared as someone bit his shoulder blade and stained it with tears and snot.

“I… When did I eavesdrop?!” Tang Miao mumbled inarticulately, “I listened to it openly.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” When Qi Ming saw him in tears, he completely forgot about how he had just refused Xu Jiaqi. “Tang ShuiShui, are you still angry?”

“Yes.” Tang Miao poked the tooth imprints, feeling slightly guilty, but he remained angry, “Who let you receive so many love letters.”

Qi Ming suddenly pinched his cheeks, quenched his rage, and snarled: “Do you want me to write you a love letter for next year’s Valentine’s Day?!”

Tang Miao blinked, suddenly feeling that he had not been wronged, and nodded, “OK.”

Qi Ming: “…”

  1. Sleeping together

“Tang! Shui! Shui!”

“What… what are you doing?”

“You’re asking me? What are YOU doing?!”

“Sleep… Sleeping.”

“Your pillow and quilt are damp from tears, and you still want to sleep?! Can you use that IQ 120 brain of yours?”

“Qi Ming, you are making fun of me.”

“Oh, you have a brain now?… Tang ShuiShui, don’t cry again. You’ve already cried a bucketful of tears today.”

“But I can’t sleep without a pillow.”

“You don’t have a pillow, but don’t I have one?”


“Ah shit, get out of your bed. ”

… …

“Qi…Qi Ming, are you asleep?”

“My name is not Qi Qiming. I’m asleep.”

“Oh, Qi Qiming, you throw away those chocolates tomorrow.”

“Tang Shuishui, are you going to rebel?!”

“Don’t you also call me Tang ShuiShui?”

“Any comments?!”

“No…no, Qi Qiming, eating chocolate is not allowed.”

“Have you ever seen me eat those sweet things?! Little girls eat that kind of stuff. ”

“Oh… ”

… …

“Tang ShuiShui, are you asleep? ”

“Asleep. ”

“Oh, forget it.”

“No… I’m not asleep.”

“Cough, that, I… I was wondering. Didn’t your parents stop giving you pocket money to buy candy?”

Tang Miao was a sweets addict, yet he had poor teeth. Despite considerable treatment, his tooth decayed. All of the dentists in the area were aware of him. As a result, his parents only gave him enough money to cover his living expenses. Not a single cent extra. Tang Miao was an extremely finicky eater. He would rather not eat anything than consume something that was unappealing, thus he avoided sweets.

Qi Ming, on the other hand, believed that his tooth decay was only the result of poor brushing. He oversaw Tang Miao’s brushing every day after they moved into the dormitory, which made him think Tang Miao, who couldn’t eat sweets, was a little pitiful.

“I don’t want to eat the chocolates that others have given you.”

“I’ll throw them away. I think it’s a bit strange.”

“Qi Ming, I will eat the ones you buy.”


Qi Ming turned to face Tang Miao, who was sleeping next to him. Suddenly, he felt that there was nothing to be embarrassed of as he grew older. He simply turned and lay on his side, putting them both in a comfortable position.

“Qi Ming…”

“I got it! Shut up and sleep!”

“I’m not a little girl.”

“I know.” Which little girl is as troublesome as you?

… …

“Little! Ancestor! Tang! Don’t! Mess! Around! ”

It was a pity that Tang Miao had really fallen asleep this time. He seemed to hear someone calling him and turned over, snoring happily in his arms.

Shit! Qi Ming stared blankly at the ceiling. Why was he thinking such rotten thoughts today?

Right. It was due to those annoying girls who sent love letters and chocolates.

16 The best shield

“What is so good about Qi Ming?”

“That’s right… Men who lack a gentlemanly demeanor are the most annoying.”

“He’s a jerk. I wouldn’t act like that if I were him.”

“Tut! He’s the last in the grade. So what if he has a nice appearance.”

“Hahaha, are you jealous of him? I think his poor grades are due to his laziness in studying.”

“However, he may be quite proud of being chased. It’s really bad to pretend not to accept it.”

“That’s right, otherwise how could it spread so quickly.”

“Yes, I believe it was Qi Ming who spread it. I overheard several people in class 3 say…”

“Bang!” Tang Miao slammed a pile of workbooks on the podium with a loud thud.

The few people on the first row fled like startled birds. Everyone knew Tang Miao was the most protective of Qi Ming. Anyone who thought they weren’t on good terms was an idiot. They couldn’t understand how the topper in the class could play with the last student in the class and go everywhere together.

Qi Ming, who was dozing during the self-study class, was roused. He saw Tang Miao exit the classroom with a cold face. What’s the problem?

When Qi Ming finally asked Qu Yao, who had witnessed the entire process, for the whole story, the girl didn’t care. Several people who had said negative things about Qi Ming gazed at her and quietly changed to another exercise book. He was ready to go to find Tang Miao when he noticed Tang Miao dragging a boy into the classroom.

“Apologize! Apologize!”

The boy shook as he approached Xu Jiaqi, looking at Tang Miao’s cold gaze. “I’m sorry. That day, I heard it at the door and informed others.”

Xu Jiaqi’s eyes were red, feeling sadder for a second. The guy, it turned out, didn’t pay attention to her at all.

“That… I’m sorry,” the youngster said again as he approached Qi Ming.

“It’s okay.” Qi Ming waved, “You must not wag your tongue in the future.”

The boy shivered. Qi Ming’s eyes were terrifying.

He fled in a hurry after seeing that Tang Miao did not stop him again.

“Tang Miao, it doesn’t matter to me.”

Tang Miao didn’t even bother to glance at him. He marched up to the students who had spouted malicious things about Qi Ming and said unhesitatingly, “Apologize.”

This was an outright slap in the face. Surprisingly, Qu Yao, whom they despised, questioned gently, “Do you dare or do you not dare? You said he wasn’t a man, didn’t you? I believe you were referring to yourself.”

“Tang Miao, you!” The boy was overwhelmed by the anger and shame in his heart and suddenly stood up. “Yes, I said it! So what? If nothing else, isn’t it true that he’s the last in the class?”

“Say that again.”

“If you want me to apologize, you must first pass the exam. Qi Ming, you’re trash. Tang Miao, you’re a dog by his side.”

Tang Miao lifted his foot and kicked the water bottle on his desk. “Can you repeat that? Who is the trash?!”

The boy became infuriated and rushed up. Qi Ming stepped forward and grabbed his wrist as he was about to land a punch. The boy couldn’t struggle free no matter how hard he tried. He was only aware of a nagging pain in his wrist.

“If I pass the exam, you will apologize to Tang Miao in front of the entire class!” Qi Ming was furious, but he also knew that if things got out of hand at school, he would be punished with Tang Miao.

The boy stared blankly at his wrist, which had developed into a blue bruise, before realizing that he had truly insulted someone who should not have been offended.

However, that guy had already dragged Tang Miao out in rage.

  1. Unbearable

“Tang. Shui. Shui. Is there something wrong with your brain?!” Qi Ming was infuriated, “Just let them talk about it. It doesn’t matter to me.”

“Tell me! Do you know that third-grade boy? What if he beats you? Do you think you’re very capable?!”

“I can’t stand it.” Tang Miao was well aware that he could not overdo it. His mouth trembled.

“Shit! Tell me if you can’t stand it. Can’t you just sit and solve a test paper? What do you think is unpleasant? Come one, tell me.”

“What if he’d punched you? Your courage has grown to be quite large, hasn’t it? If you had come to blows with him, you would’ve been punished. Tang ShuiShui, speak up!”

Tang Miao opened his mouth and wailed, as if he had been greatly wronged, “I just couldn’t tolerate them saying bad things about you…”

“Damn, weren’t you macho just a moment ago? Why are you crying?” Qi Ming had a terrible headache.

“Do you dislike me?” Tang Miao sniffed, “You are very fierce to me.”

“How dare I dislike you? Little ancestor, don’t cry. It’s all my fault.” Qi Ming hurriedly drew him to a leeward location to keep him from catching a cold.

Qi Ming persuaded Tang Miao in every way possible. He offered facts and reasoning about the entire incident in order to make Tang Miao recognize his flaws. Tang Miao stopped crying and admitted his sins openly, “I’m sorry, I was rash. If it happens again, I’ll take him to a remote location to teach him a lesson.” He was not repentant in the least.

Qi Ming: “…”

Qi Ming had the impression that he and Tang Miao were insane at times. He, a mafia crown prince, was teaching law and warning him not to be rash or to disregard the repercussions. Tang Miao, a young master from a military and police family, intended to use his fists to solve problems.

He did not, however, deny that he was touched and caught up with Tang Miao, “Tang ShuiShui, thank you.”

Tang Miao glanced at him. “Beginning today, I want you to complete all your school assignments. I’ll check all your homework.”

Qi Ming: “…”

Why were people who wagged their tongues so annoying?!

  1. Transcript

The results of grade one’s final test were released. The results were delivered aloud by the teacher from the podium. The outcome of first place was unsurprising – “Tang Miao, first in grade.”

Qi Ming was overjoyed and intended to ask him about his plans for the holiday. Who knew Tang Miao would stay unmoved and stare at him, saying, “Don’t cause trouble, listen to the results.”

Qi Ming clenched his teeth. Sure enough, his courage had grown.

… …

“Qu Yao, 5th in class, 20th in grade.”

“Xu Jiaqi, 7th in class, 30th in grade.” After hearing the outcome, Xu Jiaqi surreptitiously gazed at Qi Ming. Qi Ming, however, didn’t look up at all and continued to consider ways to clean up the disobedient Tang ShuiShui.

“Qi Ming, 10th in class, 45th in grade.” The teacher paused and smiled, “Qi Ming has made significant progress and deserves praise. You must continue to work hard after the class is divided.”

Qi Ming was taken aback, but Tang Miao took the lead and applauded.

The two walked home together after collecting their winter holiday schoolwork. Tang Miao leaned close to tease, “Are you feeling shy?”

Qi Ming rubbed his chin and gazed up at the sky: “Shy my a**… It’s because of the key points you highlighted for me. ”

“Then you have a guilty conscience.” Tang Miao didn’t give a hoot about it. “I just marked it for you. It wouldn’t have worked if you hadn’t  memorized the material or asked questions. If you want to say thank you, you can address me as Teacher Tang.”

“Shut up!”

“… ”

“Stop, stop, don’t cry. I’d like to invite you to the newly opened candy store to celebrate your first place in the exam.”

  1. Have a goal

There were many incidents in their first year of senior high school, but their sophomore year was much better. Everyone understood the significance of the college entrance examination, and many erroneous sentiments had been banished from the heart. Everyone focused on listening to and taking notes during the lectures. They left soon after class. Late self-study was the norm, and pupils completed a large number of question papers.

Tang Miao and Qi Ming were still in the same class and sat at the same table. Nothing had changed. Tang Miao was still first in the grade, and he was more than ten points clear of the second rank holder. Qi Ming’s learning was overseen by the first in the grade, and he remained in the top fifty.

Tang Miao became entangled by their classmates because of a math problem in class. Qi Ming was unhappy, but he knew he couldn’t keep up with them. He simply assisted Tang Miao in picking up a stack of workbooks and handed them to the math teacher.

“Tang… Oh, Qi Ming.” The math teacher was also their head teacher, and smiled when she spotted him: “Helping Tang Miao send his  homework?”

“Yes, he’s explaining the problem to the students in class.” Only at this point was Qi Ming willing to say a few more words, simply to make it clear that Tang Miao didn’t mean to avoid coming by himself. How could the teacher have predicted that a high school student would think so deeply, “That’s good. Classmates should help each other.”

Qi Ming was about to leave when the teacher stopped him: “Oh! Qi Ming, you did well on the final exam. If you continue to work hard, getting into C university won’t be a problem.”

Qi Ming’s throat rolled, and his voice grew slightly hoarse, “Then… What about A university?”

The teacher glanced up in surprise. She thought Qi Ming didn’t care much about the school. Now, she smiled. “The young man has a goal. If your goal is A university, you must work harder and at least be in the top ten.”

“En… Thank you, teacher.”

  1. Red knot

The sophomores had extra classes during winter vacation, but the school was concerned about putting too much pressure on the pupils, so an outing was planned before the extra sessions started.

Qi Ming was dragged away by Tang Miao when they were free, “Tang ShuiShui, where are you going?”

“There is a Taoist temple on the mountain. I’ve heard that it is quite effective.”

“Aren’t you an atheist?” Qi Ming’s lips twitched. He didn’t believe in such things.

“Are you going to accompany me or not?”

“Stop, don’t cry. I’ll accompany you.”

Tang Miao was amused: “I’m not crying. I simply did not laugh.”

Qi Ming shrugged, thinking it was not his problem. “You smile as if you’re about to cry, but don’t say you didn’t laugh.”

“I won’t cry.” Tang Miao snorted, “If you don’t go, I will go by myself.”

Qi Ming resignedly followed him, remembering Tang Miao as a toddler and thinking he was cute.

Qi Ming gazed around the crowded temple and realized Tang Miao was correct. There had been an abundance of incense offered.

But he was suffering from a headache at the time.

Inside, he also met Xu Jiaqi. Xu Jiaqi purposefully grasped her new boyfriend’s hand in hers and smiled provocatively at him.

It seemed unfathomable to Qi Ming. He simply wanted to know where Tang ShuiShui had fled after requesting peace. He’d vanished in an instant.

Qi Ming, who had been waiting for fifteen minutes, fixed his gaze on Tang Miao, who was sweating in the winter, “Where. Did. You. Go?!”

“Let’s get out of here and talk.”

They turned onto a path. Qi Ming drew his arms across his chest and stared at him, “Can you tell me now? Where did you go?”

Tang Miao reached into his pocket and pulled out a red rope, intending to wrap it around his wrist.

“What are you doing?!” Qi Ming blew up completely. “I’m not a little girl!”

Tang Miao refused to give up. Qi Ming grabbed the red rope after a few moves, saying, “I’ll toss it away for you.”

“You dare! ” Tang Miao’s mouth trembled and his eyes welled up with tears.

Qi Ming: “…” He is still… I really don’t dare.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry, tell me what you’re doing first.”

Tang Miao snatched back the red string, tears in his eyes: “Stretch out your hand!”

Qi Ming reasoned that it would be better to coax him first and then pull it off later.

Tang Miao tied the rope around his left wrist and secured the knot seriously, “… I requested first place in the college entrance exams”.

Naturally, Qi Ming didn’t see Tang Miao’s slightly guilty expression. He merely thought Tang Miao was pious and no longer wished to throw the rope away.

“Eh, where’s yours?” Qi Ming followed Tang Miao, patting him on his shoulders, “I’ll grab one for you too.”

“… How can you ask for such a thing?” Tang Miao whispered.

Qi Ming: “…” Didn’t you ask for the title of top scorer? Was it strange for someone like him to ask for it?

… …

“Hey, do you want to get into A university?”

“Yes.” Tang Miao was feeling guilty of being a thief and was still nervous about the red rope. He didn’t think about Qi Ming’s question too deeply.

“Will you help me with my lessons? Not everything, just the first ten chapters.”

“Ah? OK.”

Qi Ming looked at the red rope on his left wrist. Actually, it wasn’t all that unsightly, was it?

The title of top scorer was quite good.

He didn’t want a certain someone to fill in the wrong choice again.


[1] There are numerous homophones in Mandarin. Jiaqi is elaborating on the character in her name. The word “meng” means “dream” and “jiaqi” means “wedding day”. Nice name

[2] Qi Da = Big Qi.

[3] The prettiest girl in class.

The Little Crying Bag and his Mr. Grumpy

The Little Crying Bag and his Mr. Grumpy

LCBMG, Túi khóc nhỏ cùng với quý ngài nóng tính của cậu ấy, 小哭包和他的暴躁先生
Score 8.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Chinese
The irritated Gong who explodes in anger everyday X The crying Shou who’s being comforted everydayWhen they were little kids–Tang Miao:Wuwuwu QAQQi Ming:Stop Crying!Tang Miao:They… they robbed me of my candy…Qi Ming:”What’s there to cry about? Aren’t you annoying? Do Not Cry!”Fisting his little hand together. If that is so, damn. Who stole Tang Shui Shui’s candy?!When they’re older–Class reunion: What was the other party doing that put you at your wit’s end?Qi Ming: Crying.Tang Miao: I like that he is cruel to me.—In this life, to accompany one person with the promise to grow from young to old.


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