The Little Crying Bag and his Mr. Grumpy chapter 1

Stop Crying

  1. Don’t cry

“Don’t cry!” Qi Ming frowned, his face contorted into a brutal and domineering expression with thick brows and big eyes.

Tang Miao was so terrified that he hiccupped and cried even louder.

Qi Ming slapped the table with his palm, “What is there to cry about?!”

“Wu… they robbed me of my candy.” Tang Miao’s mouth flattened. His tooth decayed, and his parents restricted his sugar intake. It was the candy that Grandpa had brought back from abroad for him, and there were only a few left.

Qi Ming was irritated. He’d never seen such a cry baby. When he was upset, he couldn’t keep his cool. But he remembered that when his father reprimanded his men, he said that the point of killing chickens to scare the monkeys[1] was to teach the monkeys a lesson, not the chickens, and so he decided to find the perpetrator.

Wasn’t the culprit the source of his annoyance?

Well then. Who stole Tang Shuishui’s candy?

  1. Tang ShuiShui

Tang Miao was crying again.

Qi Ming asked with gritted teeth, “What’s the matter?”

“They called me Tang Shuishui[2]…” Tang Miao gasped for air.

Qi Ming remained silent. He also addressed him in that manner, but was it worth crying over?!

“You’re crying because of this?” Qi Ming wanted to punch someone to calm down.

“… They also said I resemble a girl…” Tang Miao’s tears had landed on Qi Ming’s workbook.

Qi Ming observed the smudging of his homework.

He could hear his fists creak.

Good! Excellent! Who said Tang Shuishui was like a girl?!

  1. Candied hawthorn

“Tang Shuishui.” Qi Ming immediately regretted calling him. What would he do if ShuiShui cried on the road?

Who would have guessed that Tang Miao, who was gnawing on candied haws, would notice Qi Ming staring at him and reluctantly ask, “Do you want to eat this? Here, take it.”

Who would want to eat such food?! “You can eat it yourself,” Qi Ming said, disgusted by the crooked tooth marks and saliva on the candied haws.

“Tang Shuishui, why didn’t anyone come to pick you up today?” Qi Ming inquired after a while.

“Huh?” Tang Miao blinked his eyes and murmured softly, “I want to go with you.”

It’s a shame Qi Ming didn’t hear it. He furrowed his brow and snarled: “You cried so much that day. I also called you Tang Shuishui. Why didn’t you cry?”

Tang Miao was startled by his ferocious appearance, and moisture began to accumulate in his eyes.

“Don’t cry!”

“Oh.” Tang Miao sniffed, wiped away the moisture, and whispered: “You are different.”

Qi Ming lowered his head and poked Tang ShuiShui’s cheek to make himself less irritable. He bit into the candied haws ShuiShui had given him. It had a sour and sweet flavor. He had no idea why some boys enjoyed eating this type of girly food.

“What are you doing running?!” Qi Ming opened his mouth and roared as a car zoomed past Tang Miao.

Tang Miao looked down at his hand, which was being held by Qi Ming, and suddenly grinned. However, he still looked unhappy because of his droopy eyes.

Qi Ming hummed “The candied fruit is too sweet” as he looked at Tang Miao’s little face that hadn’t stopped smiling.

  1. To be disappointing

“Why are you crying?” Qi Ming raised his brows and looked at the table he had sat at since elementary school and continued to do so in junior high.

The girl in the front row was so terrified that she dashed to the restroom while pulling her friend who was also her deskmate.

“I’m not.” Tang Miao retorted quietly.

Qi Ming let out a “hmm?”, and the teardrops Tang Miao was about to hold back fell again, “I’m not.”

Qi Ming clenched his fist and waved it in front of him threateningly.

Tang Miao sniffed, “I was scolded by Teacher Xu.”

“That old woman scolded you again? Why?” Qi Ming’s eyes widened in anger.

“She… She told me to give up this composition contest.”

Yes, Teacher Xu’s daughter was also in their grade. She was in the class next door.

“What about you?”

Tang Miao closed his eyes. He didn’t dare to look into Qi Ming’s eyes.

“Speak!” Qi Ming tapped on the table impatiently.

“I… I agreed.”

Bang! Everyone turned around to see Qi Ming, who sat in the last row, had kicked his stool over, and the corner of the stool that hit the wall had an unnatural curve.

Qi Ming slammed his fist on the table as Tang Miao burst into tears again. His heart began to churn uncontrollably with rage: “Stupid! Can you take it?!”

Tang Miao tears fell more fiercely.

Well! What was the name of the teacher’s daughter?!

Tang Miao opened his eyes to see Qi Ming’s aggressive back and hurried to catch up. He wanted to assure Qi Ming that he was not disappointed.

Teacher Xu threatened to switch his seat with Qi Ming if he didn’t give up the competition. He wished to remain Qi Ming’s deskmate.

He had been severely wronged.

  1. Don’t be angry

Qi Ming was influenced by his family. He didn’t dismiss women, but he didn’t know how to deal with them. Of course, if they wanted him to be nice, humph, perhaps they should wait for their next life.

The little girl opened her mouth wide, not understanding why the handsome boy from next door would find herself.

At the time, tall, handsome, cool, able to fight boys who played basketball were the most appealing to young girls.

“Understood?” Qi Ming suspected a problem with the girl’s brain. He spoke for a long time, but all she knew was to giggle at him.

Tch! What a laugh. Tang Shuishui’s crying looked better than that laugh.

The little girl shook her head.

Qi Ming gritted his teeth, “I. Said. If you have the ability, you can compete with Tang Shui…cough, compete with Tang Miao. Don’t make people look down on you.”

“Qi Ming, don’t be angry.” Tang Miao explained, “I’m going to tell Teacher Xu that I’m not going to give up the competition, and I’m also going to tell her that I want to sit with you.”

Qi Ming turned to face Tang Miao, whose eyes were still red. He twitched the corners of his mouth before pulling a paper towel from his pants pocket. The paper towel that was always in Qi Ming’s pocket was taken and used to severely wipe ShuiShui’s nose, “Wipe it, it’s ugly.”

Xu Jiaqi[the girl] recognized the boy standing next to Qi Ming. He was the topper from the adjoining class and had an excellent composition. Even when he was crying, he was whiter than she was. She looked down at her arm, sighed, and for the first time worried about her appearance.

  1. Thank you

“Thank you. I’d like to invite you to dinner.” Tang Miao’s composition was awarded first place in the city. It wasn’t the best, but it was still quite good. After receiving the bonus, he invited Qi Ming to dinner.

Qi Ming was upset: “Why are you thanking me?!”

Tang Miao grew accustomed to it, and handed him the menu as if he hadn’t heard anything.

“Whatever.” Qi Ming’s lips curled. In fact, the two of them were from very good families and had eaten a variety of foods. Despite this, they came out on their own to eat Western food.

Tang Miao watched him over and over until Qi Ming’s frequency of tapping at his phone became impatient, and he began to cry and hiccup, obviously not wanting to cry, but he couldn’t help himself.

Qi Ming hurriedly sat down next to him from the opposite side, covering the little ancestor’s mouth, “Don’t cry!”

Tang Miao blinked and stuffed the menu into his hands.

Qi Ming resignedly accepted the menu, reflecting on the evil he had committed in his previous life.

Thankfully, this kid did not cry. Could it be that if Tang Miao cried, he would beat up himself? Qi Ming knew he couldn’t do something so stupid.

  1. Talk dirty

Competing with the young master was not the most terrifying thing for the brothers of Qi Hui Tang[3], despite the fact that they all agreed it was a disaster. Only God knew how the young master had such great strength.

So, what was the scariest thing, you ask?

They were more willing to compete with the young master than practice with his classmate, whom the young master was teaching martial arts.

It wasn’t that Tang Miao was a moron. He had long hands and feet, and his limbs were very coordinated, but the instructor who was training with him had a cold sweat on his back.

“Let’s stop here today.” The instructor let go hastily and looked fearfully at Qi Ming, who was watching from the sidelines.

“Thank you instructor.”

The instructor thought: Tang Miao is much nicer than our young master. But please don’t talk to me or smile at me.

Sure enough. A fiery gaze was fixed on him the moment Tang Miao smiled politely at him.

“Instructor, are you cold?”

“Ah…Young Master is waiting for you,” the instructor said quickly, shaking his head.

“Oh.” Tang Miao smiled cheerfully at Qi Ming as he turned his head.

The instructor instantly felt better. However, Tang Miao tripped over his right foot and collapsed the next second.

The instructor took a deep breath – it was all over. The brother who waxed the floor today was probably going to suffer.

Qi Ming raised his eyebrows and dashed over to help him, “Are you stupid?!Hmm? Are you? Is your brain just for show? Speak!” Qi Ming sneered as he carried him on his back with care.

“The cerebellum controls the balance,” Tang Miao said quietly to remind him that he was mistaken.

“Shut up!”

Tang Miao stared at the back of Qi Ming’s head and thought, Qi Ming is so fickle. In the end, can I speak or not?

… …

Qi Ming smeared medicated wine on Tang Miao’s foot. “Is it better now? My father complimented you a while ago. I believe it was a vain praise!” Qi Ming’s concern was brimming with sparks.

“Hsssss,” Tang Miao sniffed, tears streaming down his cheeks. “It hurts.”

“What ‘it hurts’?!” Qi Ming scolded in an annoyed tone, but lowered his hand’s strength. “Hold on.”

“OK.” Tang Miao nodded. Tang Miao wanted to laugh when he saw Qi Ming’s eyes focused on the bruises on his knees, his handsome brows frowning fiercely.

So, he laughed.

“… Crying and then laughing, are you a little girl?” teased Qi Ming as he lowered Tang Miao’s trousers.

“As if!” Tang Miao snorted unhappily, “Haven’t you seen it?”

Qi Ming: “…”

Who the hell taught Tang ShuiShui to talk dirty?

  1. Qi Hui Tang

For a time, the brothers of Qi Hui Tang led a miserable existence.

Could someone explain to them why proper gangsters like them had to follow the law and be polite?

“Come on, quickly clear out the smoke!” The level one alarm had been activated. The young master and his classmate had already rounded the corner and would be there in five minutes.

“Cough, cough…” The people in the room squeezed out cigarette butts, opened the window, and cleaned up the ashes quickly. Following their wife’s MO, some people took a bottle of perfume and began spraying it into the air.

They had just breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that all the evidence had been erased, when they heard a moan from the television behind them. The oldest individual was enraged: “Shit! Which of you morons is watching porn? Are you sick and tired of living?! Turn it off quickly for Laozi!”

… …

“Are we really gangsters?” a new little brother asked timidly of the big brother who had brought him into the gang.

The big brother couldn’t help but look up at the sky and nod heavily, “Knowing the law is good for your future.”

As a result, thunderous applause erupted in the small auditorium where gang meetings were held, led by Qi Ming’s impatient applause.

Tang Miao blushed and bowed ninety degrees.

Qi Ming was in a great mood. He shouldn’t be crying after simulating the legal system speech on behalf of the city’s outstanding graduates so many times, right?

  1. To Like

“I don’t want to go.” Tang Miao’s voice was firm but not loud.

“Xiao MiaoMiao didn’t cry this time,” his second cousin, Tang Suhuo, who was standing nearby, muttered.

Tang Suqing, the eldest cousin, gave him a sidelong glance, making Tang Suhuo shut his mouth.

“But taking admission in the second high school with your grades is really a waste,” Tang Miao’s mother said, helpless in front of her precious son.

Father Tang gave Tang Miao a thoughtful look. “Are you sure?”

Tang Miao nodded.

“Reason.” Father Tang, who came from a military police family, was succinct and thorough.

“All I want to do is go to the second high school.” Tang Miao clenched his fists and fought back tears. “I guarantee that even if I study in the second high school, I will be admitted to the best university.”

“Did I tell you that I want you to go to the best university?” Tang Zhan motioned to his son. Tang Miao had probably taken the initiative to ask for something for the first time. He found his son’s arm to be quite strong when he pinched it. He finally cracked a smile “That’s great. You’re behaving like a man. Fight for what you like.”

“I like it.” Tang Miao replied solemnly to his father.

Who knew if this ‘like’ was for the school or something else…

  1. Stupid

The results of the senior high school entrance exam were declared. Qi Ming became enraged when he saw Tang Miao’s admission notice, which was identical to his own “Tang! Miao!”

Tang Miao examined the admission notice and considered where he would play with Qi Ming during the holiday.

Qi Ming tossed the admission notice to the ground. The little brother beside him trembled and dashed out the door. It was preferable to inform the boss of the good news. The young master was admitted to the second high school with a 60% admission requirement.

“Explain your admission notice to me!”

“Second High School,” Tang Miao said, sucking on a candy. “The school is quite lovely. It has a large bell tower with red brick walls. Haven’t we been there before?”

“Is that the point? You’re ranked tenth in the city!” clenched Qi Ming’s fists. “What are you doing in Second High School?”

Tang Miao had large eyes, but they drooped slightly at the corners. He usually appeared unhappy, but his unhappiness was not the same as Qi Ming’s. He made himself unhappy, but Qi Ming made others unhappy. Crying appeared to be the smart option right now, given his frequent bouts of crying.

“I…” Tang Miao thought of an excuse, “I filled the wrong choice, okay?”

The happy and excited Father Qi ran over to celebrate with his son only to hear screams coming from inside—

“Ah, don’t hit me.”

“Why are you crying? Did I hit you?!”

“Wu wu wu…”

“Don’t cry!”

“You… you hit me.”

“Don’t cry anymore. Take your hand away and let me see where it hurts?”

“Wu… hiccup…”

“Where does it hurt? Speak up!”


“Don’t cry!”

“My foot hurts.”

“I’ll rub it for you. Don’t cry anymore… But did I hit your foot?”

“I… just hit the corner of the table.”

“Tang! Shui! Shui! You! Stupid! Dead! Beat!”

“You’re stupid!”

“You dare to talk back?!”


“Okay, okay, I’m stupid, little ancestor. You’re not allowed to cry again.”

Father Qi turned and walked away. He couldn’t help but sigh. He became concerned all of a sudden. Xiao Tang Miao was adorable, but what if Qi Ming eventually found him a male daughter-in-law?


[1] “Kill the chicken to scare the monkey” is an idiom. It refers to making an example out of someone in order to threaten others.

[2] “Shui” means water. Tang Miao is being teased as a crying baby.

[3] Qi Ming’s father is a gang leader. Qi Hui Tang is the name of his gang. The ‘brothers’ are gang members.


This is a fluffy short story with only 6 chapters. Hope you like it.

The Little Crying Bag and his Mr. Grumpy

The Little Crying Bag and his Mr. Grumpy

LCBMG, Túi khóc nhỏ cùng với quý ngài nóng tính của cậu ấy, 小哭包和他的暴躁先生
Score 8.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2017 Native Language: Chinese
The irritated Gong who explodes in anger everyday X The crying Shou who’s being comforted everydayWhen they were little kids–Tang Miao:Wuwuwu QAQQi Ming:Stop Crying!Tang Miao:They… they robbed me of my candy…Qi Ming:”What’s there to cry about? Aren’t you annoying? Do Not Cry!”Fisting his little hand together. If that is so, damn. Who stole Tang Shui Shui’s candy?!When they’re older–Class reunion: What was the other party doing that put you at your wit’s end?Qi Ming: Crying.Tang Miao: I like that he is cruel to me.—In this life, to accompany one person with the promise to grow from young to old.


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