The Legendary Sword I picked up is Different chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

– The holy sword Excalibur.

Any guy would have heard this name before.
In the past, it was the legendary holy sword of the hero Arthur who defeated the demon king.
It’s said that it can cut everything and extinguish devils…… the ultimate sword that is even above the most supreme granting enormous power to its owner.
After the hero and demon king’s battle, Excalibur is said to have been sealed somewhere, adventures are looking for the sword to obtain the enormous strength.

“…… Here is the cave that Excalibur is sealed.”

Such, I was also one of the adventurers who sought the legendary holy sword.
My name is Lancelot. A firs year rookie adventurer.
There is an increasing number of monsters under the influence of the demon king, adventures compete with each other to subdue them with work from the guild.
But, it is only a guy who is confident in arms to earn money from it.
A new face like me to start earning suddenly is difficult.
That’s why I must depend on such a thing as a holy sword.
When I bought a dubious map from a suspicious thrift shop, I noticed the map was depicting the sealed location of Excalibur.
Then, I single-mindedly journeyed to the cave finally reaching the front of it after surviving an onslaught of monsters.

“Even so …… this truly is a cave where the holy sword sleeps. There’s not even one monster around.”

I was restlessly looking around, but the monsters that had been crawling earlier had vanished.
There was worry that the map was an imitation, but I’m expecting much more now.
I also feel that a sacred sign is leaking out into the air.

“I wonder if I have to get the holy sword quickly since someone else might beat me by getting there earlier.”

I go into the cave while rubbing my hands together.
I was wary of traps, but I arrive at the deepest point without anything happening so it will be omitted.

“Hey, I arrived easily in time.”

Rather, I was struggling before I came to this cave.
In front of my eyes, there is a stone pedestal that had a sword pierced into it emitting divine light.
There was a pattern of a “moon” engraved onto it.
Memory is not clear, but this would have fit in a certain month.

“This is … Excalibur ……. Appraisal.”

I take out a rolled scroll out of my chest, I activate a skill to appraise it.
Although I think there is no mistake this is the real thing, I’m confirming it just in case.
Because appraisal skills are very useful, the availability of scrolls is high.
If this was Excalibur, then I will be getting my money’s worth.
If there is Excalibur, it will pay for itself soon.

“And the result is……”

Appraisal in over in the meantime, then a string of characters is displayed in front of my eyes.

Holy sword Excalipoor⌋ (EN: エクスカリー There is one character off from Excalibur)

• Fixed damage for all enemies
 • Evasion ignored, certain hit

“Oh ……”

I hold my breath from the effects that appeared from Appraisal“.
It indeed is a holy sword. The effects are awesome too.
First of all, its probably no matter how hard the enemy is, the damage is always fixed that the defense of the enemy is made invalid and the damage given will be absolute.
Honestly, this is really great.
After all, I can not use magic. The adventurers usually set up a balanced party of a swordsman and magicians, but unfortunately, I can’t afford to hire others.
But I can still kill monsters even if there is no magic.
There’s also the evasion ignored, and certain hit. This is also really great.
Some monsters are horribly fast and speedy, but this will always give damage no questions asked.

“Ku, Kukuku …… this is gonna be good.”

If there is this, I am literally unrivaled.
I will be a renowned adventurer, I would also be popular with the girls.

“I am the winner with this!”

With a smile, I pull out Excalibur at once.
In the tradition, it was told that it would only come out by those who were chosen, but it leaves as if there was no need nor concern.

“Oh …… Wow, it shines.”

Excalibur, which was withdrawn from the pedestal is still brilliantly shining in this dim cave.
While is was anticlimactic being easier to enter my hand than I thought, it did not stop the surge inside of my chest from being on the winners highway after waiting for so long.

“Well …… time to immediately go back to the city……”
『Are you the master who has woken me up?』

―― Let’s receive a request. Is what I was going to say when I hear an unfamiliar voice.

“Who is it!?”

I start looking around in a hurry, there is no sigh of monsters or other people around.

『Here. The sword master is grasping.』

To those words, I look intently at Excalibur which I’m holding.

『That’s it. So I talked. Master is my new master?』
“A sword is talking……!”
『That is not a surprise. I am a legendary sword? There is no difficulty to be speaking.

By the words of Excalibur, I nodded.
Certainly, no wonder it can talk since it’s a legendary holy sword that had been bestowed by the heavens.

『How about it?』
“That is…… likely. Well, I’m your new master.”

I say that asserting myself.

『Hmm, this new master is the first one I had in hundreds of years. I am Excalipoor. For my new master, I will exert myself and try my best.』
“What? What was that just now?”

I feel a sense of discomfort in the words of Excalibur and in return ask.

『I said that I will make my best exertions. Are master’s ears bad?』
“No, before that. It ‘s your name. Is it Excalibur? “
『Hmm? My name is Excalipoor but……』

That moment, an indescribable air flowed between me and the sword.

“………… Imitatioooooon!”

It wasn’t in your voice Nnnnnnn!
Such a subtle difference to notice idiot!

『I’m not an Imitation! That’s holy sword Excalibur as for me……』
“Brother sword?”

Because the effect is the same level as a holy sword, even the similar name with the brother sword it’s convincing.

『It’s a legendary sword that was made by a glory blacksmith!』
“Yeah, that’s unrelated! People call it an imitation!”

Oh, wait. Even if the name is an imitation, it has the same effects as a holy sword……?
The name may be an imitation, but the effects are real?
This could be good luck?

“I wonder if you’re poor.”
『That’s strange. I am not poor.』

Well, that’s good.
Since it’s the real thing with an imitation name, it’s sufficient if it’s not poor.

“Is your effects of fixed damage and certain hit genuine?”
『Of course, it’s the real thing. It’s because the blacksmith made an effort to make us as close to the real thing as possible. Therefore using me, I can basically be called a holy sword. By the way, the real thing is going to have the pattern of the sun on the hilt.』

…… I see, the history of this thing makes it as close to the real thing as possible.
It was different from what I planned, but the result is alright.

“Well, it’s fine. Then best regards from now on, Poor”
『So, I’ll be called as Poor……』
“What is it?”

I talk wondering why Poor suddenly fell silent.
There I found the reason it fell silent immediately.

“…… Dragon”

So, there was a medium-sized dragon where I came from in front of my eyes.

『Apparently, since the seal was undone, monsters seem to have entered.』

Hey, seriously.
The dragon was medium-sized, doesn’t it takes mid-class party to defeat such a thing?
I am not going to win alone.

“I must escape……”
『There is no reason to be scared. What is it that master is holding?』

I’m startled by Poor’s words.
Yes, it is an imitation of the legendary holy sword I have now.
If the effects are certain, there is no need to fear that dragon.

“Kukuku, dragon. They say rust appears in a month, was it! This is a holy sword!”

I run straight toward the dragon holding Poor.
The dragon comes attack, but I avoid it splendidly.
I had only avoided the monsters attack in the old days.
That’s why I was able to do it unhurt in this cave.


I went around to the blind spot of the dragon, I raise up the sword to cut it.

『…… It is 1.』
『The damage that was dealt to the dragon. I can get the numerical value of how much damage the opponent recieves』

No, I understand it. Now, what did this guy just say?

“Well, about the damage…… did I hear it wrong?”
『I said 1. Isn’t amazing? No matter how hard the enemy, even if the physical bodies are invalid, it is guaranteed to deal 1 damage.』

…… So that was the fixed damage!
Not good! As I thought, this guy is an imitation!

“You idiot! I’m not taking the risk!”

I came hurling Poor towards the dragon’s head.
Round and round in a circle, Poor gets stuck in the dragon’s head.
This person threw and cut into it with common damage, isn’t it strange?

『…… Fu, it sweet. Observing the risk master is taking I recognize you!』

Poor returned back into my hand leaving me dumbfounded.

『As long as master does not die, I will return again and again!』
“What, you are equipped with a curse! “
『Bad-mannered! I’m a legendary holy sword!”
“Annoying imitation! You are joking with the fixed 1 damage!』
『 Fool! You know it is always 1 damage to any enemy? If multiplied by time, you can defeat any enemy?』

It’s kind of a normal fight, it seems it’s all blurs!


I hear an unpleasant voice as I was arguing with Poor.
……It was so. I was just battling a dragon.
A little while ago, it seemed to be quite angry when a decent amount of damage happened when Poor got stuck in it.

『Yes, use me faster! I can beat this guy master!』
” …… Ei, ah ah Yara take this! Yeah!”

I firmly hold Poor as I start running towards the dragon.

―― And a little while passed after that, there were rumors spreading among the adventurers.
There is an adventurer that slays monsters with one hand holding a sword that can use human speech.
He is said to slaughter that it no matter what the monster was.
However, he used a strange strategy where he threw the sword and fights.

This is the fun adventure story of the fake holy sword and an adventurer who dreams of  fortunes.

The Legendary Sword I picked up is Different

The Legendary Sword I picked up is Different

Score 6.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2016 Native Language: Japanese
Lancelot had been on a journey for the legendary holy sword Excalibur. However, the holy sword he finally found was…… something different. This is the story of the encounter of the fake holy sword and Lancelot.


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