The Last Man on Earth chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

After the end of the world, the last man on Earth sat in his house. Suddenly, he heard the doorbell ring.

Before the end of the world, when the world was still normal, he had heard of such a hypothetical situation but could have never imagined that it would happen with himself. Holding back his fear, he stood up shakily and walked towards the door. However, he dared not open the door, only plastering his ear against the heavy wood.

“I curse you to never die.”

A voice whispered from outside.

It was clearly a human’s voice, causing him to joyfully open his door. Unexpectedly, he found no one standing on the other side of the door.

Having his new-found hope crushed felt far more painful than the emotion of never having had hope in the first place.

He stood frozen for a moment before leaving his house. He’d decided to commit suicide.

He found the ruins of a tall building and exhausted nearly all his strength to climb the broken stairs to the top. Then, closing his eyes, he threw himself down.

He landed heavily on the ground, but felt neither pain nor irritation. At first, he thought he must have received a quick death. However, he soon realised that he was, in fact, still alive and unharmed.

That voice had not been an illusion

The last man on earth obtained immortality; but it was nothing more than a curse.

At first, he went crazy and used all sorts of methods to try and kill himself. Afterwards, he slowly went through the ruined world, picking up any item that could be used to divert his loneliness: A piece of paper with some words scrawled on it, a compact mirror used by office ladies, some broken spare parts of an abandoned machine. If his luck was good, he would find some torn pages from a book.

As time ticked away, he completely stopped all of his actions. Everyday, he would only stare into the sky and drown himself in his thoughts, until he finally forgot that he was still alive.

Slowly, the blue sea turned into mulberry fields and ruins turned to nothing but mere ashes.

Slowly, new creatures appeared on Earth. These creatures were different from him, they reproduced with each other and gradually evolved.

Slowly, a new breed of intelligent creatures appeared on Earth. They resembled neither monkeys nor humans.

Just like this, a few hundred million years passed by.

He watched the intelligent creatures slowly become smarter and eventually dominated the world.

He watched the intelligent creatures develop culture and technology, utilising their knowledge to shape the world.

He watched the intelligent creatures slowly walked down the same old road as humans once did. The environment deteriorated as weapons capable of mass destruction were created.

The environment became harsher and natural resources were quickly depleted, and these intelligent creatures slowly revealed their true nature. Like bugs, they began to fight amongst themselves.

They used the latest and the most powerful technology available to destroy each other and eventually, the Earth; which, once again became consumed in a sea of flames, returning to its former state of hell.

Just like this, a few thousand years passed by.

The end of the world happened once more.

This meant he would have to endure his loneliness for a hundred million years, again.

He began to search for survivors in the ruins, deciding to communicate with them and share everything he had seen, heard, and experienced in the last few hundred million years he had lived. He wanted to make friends who would assist and rely on each other in this broken world.

Finally, he found the last intelligent creature on Earth and knocked on its door.

He could feel its fear and trepidation as it stood on the other side of the door, attempting to listen for any sounds.

In that moment, he felt very tired; a kind of fatigue that had penetrated deep into his bones. The torrential and violent, hundred million years he had experienced had cleansed him from the inside out.

“I curse you to never die.” For some inexplicable reason, he heard himself say these words.

After he said it, all he felt was peace.

Disintegrating into fine powder, he allowed himself to be swept away by the wind.


The Last Man on Earth

The Last Man on Earth

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2013 Native Language: Chinese
After the end of the world, the last man on Earth sat in his house. Suddenly, he heard the doorbell ring.


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