The Hero of Exiling~ You’re Exiled Now, I Don’t Need You Anymore~ Chapter 1


“You’re exiled, Luciano.”


One of the hero’s parties, Luciano, an equipment specialist, was suddenly exiled.

It came out of nowhere.

They’re already halfway to the demon king’s castle. And yet, when they were celebrating after defeating one of the four demon generals… He was suddenly told he’s exiled.

Abel the Hero said with a grin.

“We don’t need your knowledge of tools anymore. After all, the rewards after defeating the Demon King will be reduced… We’ll drop you off in this town.”

“How, how can that be?​… A-Abel! We’ve been through this together, haven’t we? So why…”

“Did you not hear what I said? We don’t need your knowledge anymore.”

“No way…”

“I’ve got all the recipes for the tools you have made. Anyone can make them as long as they have the ingredients. I’m sorry, but you’re a liability now, with no use for anything but tools.”


In response to the opinion of Abel the Hero, the other members of the party, the saint Maria, the sage Yggdrasil, and the archer Elfina, said nothing. On the contrary, they even agreed.

The saint, Maria said.

“It’s exactly as what Abel said. Luciano, you have to retire here… Goodbye.”

The sage, Yggdrasil also spoke up.

“Well, you’re just a little boy who’s completely useless in battle. So, I’ll bid you farewell here.”

And the archer Elfina.

“Bye, bye. Take good care of yourself.”

Luciano, with tears in his eyes, looked down​ and said to Abel.

“Abel, I… I thought we were friends.”

“You’re right. But our friendship is already broken off. Let’s see… Here, your personal stuff. Well then, see you later~”

Abel tossed Luciano’s luggage to him.

He then paid the bill and left the tavern with the remainder of his party.

Luciano, left behind, cried alone by himself.


The battle intensified as they made their way to the Demon King’s castle.

One day, the hero’s party arrived at a certain town. At the inn, the Hero Abel said to Maria.

“Maria, you’re exiled.”

“You’ve lost your holy powers, haven’t you? You’re not needed in the party anymore.”

“N-no way… Why, why is it only because I lost my power–?!”

The party’s healer and saint, Maria, lost her divine powers.

Healing was a cornerstone of a party. Maria, who had lost this power, was a helpless burden.

Then, Abel the Hero said.

“Actually, you know, there’s a new saint coming. I received a letter from the king in the previous town… Maria, you’ve been deported. You’re under house arrest in the church of the kingdom, they said.”

“How can that be! Abel, you… You’re abandoning me?!”

“Yeah. Since you’re no longer a healer, you’re now a liability. Hahaha!”


Maria burst into tears and sank into a sobbing heap.

Abel tossed Maria’s things at her.

“Just be quiet until they come for you. See you later~”

“… Farewell then.”

“Take care, Maria.”

Yggdrasil and Elfina also bid their goodbye to Maria.


The battle intensified and at last, they had to face the situation they’d feared.

The sage Yggdrasil was seriously wounded by one of the four demon generals.

Abel had no choice but to prescribe the legendary elixir, the one and only cure. The four demon generals were defeated, but the elixir was gone and the sage Yggdrasil was forced to leave the battlefield.

But, Yggdrasil refused to leave.

“I can still fight! Abel, I still can.”

“You’re so stubborn! Get out of here, you useless old man! Whose fault was it that I used that precious elixir? That was the only precious potion we had!”

“Ugh… ”

“We don’t need you anymore! Go back to your country and sip tea on your porch, old man! Hey, keep an eye on the old man and make sure he doesn’t follow us!”


“Goddamn, you useless piece of shit!”


Abel glared at Yggdrasil and walked out.

Elfina, the archer, followed behind him.

“Elfina… I’m counting on you.”

“Mmm, I know…”

Elfina said goodbye to Yggdrasil.




The four demon generals had been defeated and only the Demon King remained.

Abel and Elfina sat around a bonfire in the abandoned village close to the Demon King’s castle.

“Elfina, you’re exiled too. You see, I received a letter from the kingdom. They’ve sent a new party, they say. A useless toolmaker, a saint who lost her power, and an injured sage. You’ve done decent work, but since a new party is coming, I’m sorry but I have to fire you. Let’s part ways here. See you then~”

“… You’re really an idiot.”


“You’re going to fight alone, aren’t you?”

Elfina had always been aware of this.

Abel, for the sake of protecting his companions, decided to play the villain.

Elfina pressed on to confirm her suspicion.

“Luciano. That child was still young, he knew his tools, but he wasn’t a good fighter. So you stayed with him for a little while to build up his confidence, and then you dumped him like trash. I know that in Luciano’s luggage, you prepared and put the deeds to a plot of land and the building atop it… Abel, you’re going to make Luciano’s dream of running a tool shop in the kingdom come true, right?”


“It’s the same with Maria. She didn’t lose her powers. Abel, you used magic to temporarily seal off her powers, didn’t you? You devised it so that the spell will come undone once Maria returns to the church… You already arranged it so that she will be given the task to heal people in a safe church, right?”


“Yggdrasil. When he got hurt, you got really angry. You didn’t even hesitate to use the elixir, did you? And that new saint of a girl… Was just a nurse. You called her here to look after Yggdrasil, didn’t you? Abel, you were really angry, but you considered yourself “lucky”. Since if you’re the one who got hurt, Yggdrasil would’ve given you the elixir. The only way to treat Yggdrasil, who has a heart condition, is to give him an elixir. You didn’t need the magic of a sage. You brought Yggdrasil along on this journey to cure his illness.”


“And there’s me, myself. Abel, it was a part of your plan to send me back to the kingdom, is it not? You made an arrangement with His Majesty, the King, that all the rewards from the kingdom will be given to me, didn’t you? You’re gonna give out all the money to me so I can save my hometown, am I right?”


“Why are you playing the villain? We’re friends, aren’t we? We’re going to defeat the Demon King, together.”

The next moment— Elfina’s vision blurred.

“H, uh…? W, why…?”

“I’m sorry, Elfina.”


“Leave the task of defeating the Demon King to me.”


Elfina collapsed.

Abel threw the scent bag1 he was holding into the fire.

While Elfina was talking, he used his wind magic to let the scent waft up Elfina’s nose.

“She will be asleep for three days. Bring her back to the kingdom while you still can.”

After he said this, some kingdom soldiers appeared and carried Elfina.

Abel, who was left behind, stared at the fire and muttered.

“I’m sorry. Everyone…I don’t want you all to die.”

There were obviously better ways than this.

But, he’s sure his kind friends won’t be convinced by any words. So he pushed them away and played the villain.

He took them on a dangerous journey, showed them what a jerk he was and made them leave him.

“I have to win this thing…”

Abel gripped his holy sword and stood up.

The next destination is the Demon King’s castle.

The Demon King, who threatened this world, will be challenged by the hero Abel alone.




The Demon King has been defeated.

They were of equal strength so it came to a deadlock, but the Hero was ultimately able to defeat the Demon King.

The news caused a sensation around the world. And the members of the hero’s party, Luciano, Maria, Yggdrasil and Elfina, also became famed heroes.

But, Abel never returned.

“Abel… Idiot.”

Luciano wept when he learned the whole truth.

The title deeds to the land and building that were found in his luggage made him realise everything.

His dream. His dream of owning his own tool shop. Abel had helped him realise it.


Maria was praying in a church.

Her saint’s powers were restored as soon as she entered the church. She then learned that a spell had been cast on her.

All this was done by Abel to keep Maria out of danger.

“Idiot… What you did does not make me happy at all.”

When she thought about Abel, she wept.

Yggdrasil also wept, holding his hand over his fully healed heart.

“To let this feeble-minded old man live… You’re such a big idiot.”

His death was imminent. For the last time, he decided to make use of his sage’s wisdom and magic.

But, it was for nothing. The hero Abel used the precious elixir.

His injuries were healed and illnesses were cured.

Yggdrasil still has to live in this world.


Elfina was able to save her hometown.

Abel had said that all the money would go to Elfina. That’s what he had said.

Elfina’s hometown was located out in the backcountry, a region laced with death and sparse commerce. However, now that she had gotten her hands on some money, she was able to help maintain the roads and foster trade.

It was all thanks to Abel.

Abel, the hero, dismissed his friends one by one.

But that was all… For the sake of protecting his friends.

Abel, the hero. He will be known to future generations as the true hero.



  1. A small soft bag containing perfumed or sweet-smelling items. Also referred to as an ascent bag, scent bag, sweet bag, sachet bag, sachet de senteurs, spiced sachet, potpourri sachet, scented sachet, perfume cushion, smelling cushion, scented cushion, fragrant bag, pomander and “dream pillow.”

The Hero of Exiling~ You’re Exiled Now, I Don’t Need You Anymore~

The Hero of Exiling~ You’re Exiled Now, I Don’t Need You Anymore~

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Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
You’re exiled now, I don’t need you anymore.


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