The Heaven’s Beloved Child chapter 1

Angel’s Beloved Child

The daughter loved by heaven was born with the appearance of an angel.

A daughter loved by god and was born with the finest soul.

The demon licks his tongue at the girl’s finest soul, and the Grim Reaper raises his scythe to reap her life.

The natural-born beloved child attracts not only heavenly messengers but also non-humans.

“And here I thought that there would be crowds of annoying angels flocking, but there’s only one little human girl.”

The meal was over and Etia was reading by the candlelight as usual, when she heard the deep voice of a man, which was not supposed to be heard in a room where she should be alone in. Startled, she looked in the direction of the voice and saw that the window, which was supposed to be locked tightly, was open.

She thought the darkness had come in.

On a night when thick clouds cover the night and with no moon in sight, a man representing the darkness stood on the window sill.

He had jet-black hair and deep dark eyes that looked cold to the core. The frighteningly beautiful man in black robe landed on the carpet with an indifferent face, unconcerned about the high altitude. The man, revealing only half of his face while clad in irresistible sensuality, looked at Etia as if he was appraising her.

Etia, who had been pinned down by his piercing gaze, was unable to move. She was unable to remove her gaze from the man and their gazes intertwined.

A man she had never seen before had invaded Etia’s room, where no one was allowed to enter. Normally, she would have had to shout out and call for help, but strangely, she did not feel afraid.

“This is a place that no one but me is allowed to enter.”

Bright, golden, gently curling hair. Fresh fruit-like cheeks and moist, seductive violet eyes. She has the divine beauty of an angel in a religious painting. The pure white long robe without any ornamentation complemented Etia’s neat beauty.

So that’s why angels and demons won’t leave her alone, the man thought.

“Are you a human? Or an angel?”

“As you can see, I have neither pure white wings nor a ring of angels above my head.”

The girl with the appearance of an angel smiled at the intruder as she answered in a voice that sounded like a ringing bell.

“I see. Are you the angel’s beloved child?”

One who receives the unconditional favor of the angels.

Angels love their beloved children, they bless them, and perform miracles for them. The angels favor the beloved child as they see fit, whether the beloved child wants it or not.

On top of that, Etia is a natural-born beloved child who attracts not only angels, but also demons and reapers.

The man loosened his mouth as if he had just seen something unusual.

“Who are you, sir?”

Etia asked the intruder, who remained standing. Then the man sat down across from the couch where Etia was sitting.

The man looked suspiciously at the girl, who seemed unfazed by the sudden intruder, even though she should have begged for her life with a face twisted in fear.

“I am what you call a demon.”

A satisfied-looking demon smiled at Etia with narrowed eyes, who looked surprised by his words.

“I’ve seen a lot of strange people, but this is the first time I’ve been spoken to directly. What brings you here?”

“Just killing time.”

The demon raises one eyebrow in curiosity at Etia,  who shows no sign of panicking.

“Are you not afraid of me?”

“There are a lot of angels, demons, and non-humans here besides you, so I don’t think you’re particularly scary. You are the first person to come into my room, though.”

Etia tilted her head in thought for a moment, and wondered what he meant by something scary.

One thing Etia does not like is the family that sold their daughter to the church for money. How could they do such a thing to their own blood-related daughter?

And the church that bought her for the sake of donations and power, they locked her up and did not let her out. The believers who are being preyed upon by that church, who mistakenly believed that they can receive God’s blessings if they paid for it.

Although she never entered any sacred place, sometimes a demon who was attracted to Etia would peek through the window. When she was a child, she would cry out in fear, but she has gotten used to it.

As for the angels, they perform unwanted miracles in front of people for the sake of Etia.

“It would be difficult for a lowly demon to enter a church, let alone a sacred place. Angels are not the only ones obsessed with you, there is a Grim Reaper as well.  The shadow of death stalks you.”

“It seems that I have been close to death many times since I was born. My body is healthy, and then I might suddenly be on the verge of death, as if the flame of life is being extinguished.”

“The Grim Reaper wants to harvest life, but the demons are after him. While the angels are stopping them.”

“When did I ask for this?”

The angels, demons, and the Grim Reaper are keeping each other in check. If one of them sets something in motion, the other will interfere with it, and that is what keeps Etia alive.

“I’m beautiful, aren’t I?”

“…is that something you’d say to yourself?”

She could see the man with his chin resting on his hand had a dumbfounded look on his face, but Etia continued to speak.

“I am the miraculous daughter that god has created. The beloved child of an angel with the appearance of an angel.”

Etia informed him with a self-deprecating smile, but she didn’t seem the least bit grateful, in fact, she seemed to dislike it wholeheartedly.

The man who noticed this was amused and asked Etia.

“You don’t like it?”

“I was told that when I was born, an angel appeared and blessed me. Then, I was immediately sold to the church as the angel’s beloved child. I have no freedom and will remain a prisoner of the church until my death. The angel performed a miracle on me in front of the people, and that miracle will bring more donations to the church.”

Her words spun in quick succession and when Etia, who was short of breath, took a deep breath, she continued talking. The man listened to Etia with great interest.

“I guess it’s inevitable that parents can’t love their daughters who don’t look like them. Because of the angel, I lost my family. If the angel had not appeared before me, I might have been able to stay with my family. Even though we were poor, I might have been able to make friends like a normal girl, and maybe even get a good husband someday.”

The parents who had sold their daughter to the church had never visited Etia. Although they were occasionally seen at the religious services that Etia attended, they were only there because of their position, not because they were there to see Etia.

How old was Etia when she realized that her parents had abandoned her?

Ever since then, she has given up on seeking family affection. According to the story, Etia has three younger siblings. A family that she never met and never came to visit.

“Aren’t humans supposed to be grateful to angels?”

“To me, they are nothing but an abomination.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who referred to angels that way.”

For people, the existence of god is absolute. Etia speaks ill of the angels, the messengers of god. Angels love their beloved children, but they are neglected and hated by the beloved children themselves.

The man almost burst out laughing, finding the situation quite hilarious.

He thought about killing the girl to get back at the angel, but then he reconsidered, thinking that it would be fun for the demon to approach the beloved child and upset her.

“You’re interesting.”

In response to the man’s unintentional words, Etia looks at him closely.

“Do you want me too?”

“Do you think I, a high-ranking demon, would want you? Are you worthy of my desire?”

When Etia heard the man’s words, her eyes widened in surprise. She looked truly surprised and then laughed out loud.

The Heaven’s Beloved Child

The Heaven’s Beloved Child

Tenshi no itoshigo, 天資の愛し子
Score 7.6
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
Etia was born as an angel’s beloved child.An angel’s beloved child was a person who received unconditional love from angels.On top of that, Eita was born naturally loved, who not only attracted angels, but demons, reapers, and non-humans as well.Because she was a beloved child, her parents sold her, and she lived a lonely life, until she met a demon.In order to harass the angels, the demon approached the beloved child, but ended up cherishing her instead.Not long after, rumors of this beloved child reached the capital, and she was soon summoned to be the concubine of the lustful King.


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