The Girl Who Awoke To Absolute Order

Absolute command.
This is something I have that’s like an illness.
What assaulted me, who had become a high school 2nd year, was an auditory hallucination.
Just like a person who had been ravaged by drugs, I could not ignore a certain, low, astringent voice with the flavour of reality.
If it’s just listening to the voice, then perhaps it’s still ok. However, I could no longer disobey that voice’s orders.

Was that the path of disgrace? The path of pleasure?

I thought that everything was decided by the absolute order.

◆  ◆  ◆

Since I don’t know when or where the absolute order will take place, I continued to live day after day while always fearful.

Of course, I told my parents and was taken to the hospital, but the results of the diagnosis was that there were no abnormalities.
Just how is there no abnormality here!? –or so I thought, but I have no material for a rebuttal. After all, everything is happening inside of my head, so there are no external wounds. If it was diagnosed that there was nothing wrong with my head, then I couldn’t do anything about it.
That’s why I lived with no one realising that I had this completely incomprehensible phenomenon called absolute order.

However, my time of peace did not continue for long.

During high school class, everyone was concentrating on the blackboard and seriously taking class. I was also one of them. Since I have never had an Absolute Order at school up until now, I might have felt a bit of relief.

However, as though to betray me, it came.
With a *snap*, something like an electric shock instantly ran through my head.
And then, the usual voice echoed.

[Your body will suddenly feel good.]

“Yes……it will feel good.”

To the extent of drowning out the teacher’s voice, I let out a soft voice of acceptance.
And then, when that voice was picked up inside of my head, my body suddenly burned.

Why!? Why did it become like this!?

The surrounding students did not notice my transformation. Even though my cheeks were this flushed, and I was giving off a grin of joy, nobody noticed.
Perhaps they are only pretending not to notice……
Upon thinking this, I became excessively embarrassed.

(Ah, yahn!)
Inside of my heart, a flirtatious voice ended up leaking.
My body would no longer listen to what I was telling it.
Even though it was obscene, I slurped my drool in the face of the excessive pleasure.

[Drip love juice and go into heat.]

Wait! There’s no way I could do such a thing! Besides, if someone heard my earlier flirtatious voice, then~.
Without even being able to turn my face, I looked downwards with embarrassment.
As though to endure the desire to urinate, I tightly closed my thighs and rubbed them against each other.
Even though my fist was tightly clenched above my groin, it lost strength as it slowly unravelled.

“……yes, I will drip love juice and go into heat.”

What sort of thing am I saying!? No, I definitely can’t do thiis~~!
The Absolute Order, which didn’t listen to such a request, began to toy with my body.

First, my right hand, which didn’t listen to me, slipped into my skirt.
And then, it ended up rubbing my fingers over my shorts, running up and down as it followed the female genitalia.
When I did so, somehow it felt even better, and I stopped caring about the lesson.
With closed eyes and slackened lips, I entrusted my body to the pleasure of my trembling crotch.

When my masturbation seized my body, my crotch also shuddered.

“Mm ah! Ah…mm! Noo!)

Along with the voice of my heart, pleasure overflowed.
My fluids passed through my shorts and smeared my hand.

(Aah……mm, aahn!)

[Surrender your body to the pleasure.]

What is with this order?
In the brief moment I thought this, my consciousness flew away.

“I will surrender my body to pleasure, and reach the highest bliss.”

I entrusted myself completely to the sexual emotions known as pleasure.

School lesson? What was that again? Oh right, everyone in class is here, aren’t they?
But that’s fine. It feels this good, after all. I don’t feel ashamed even if someone sees me. Rather, I want them to see me.

With a slip, I untied the string of my blouse and removed its buttons one by one.
And then, upon removing my brassier, my bouncing breasts were thrown onto the desk.

As expected, the surrounding people noticed me, turning their eyes, that treated me as though I were beast, in my direction.
However, even those gazes were lovely. It’s so thrilling, and exciting.

The panicking teacher called out to me in earnest.
“Are you okay!? If you don’t feel good, then the infirmary……”
As their voice gradually became smaller, my field of vision darkened.

I could see the faces of the entire class in the back of my eyes.
A boy who couldn’t endure it in the face of my figure, with obscene eyes and leaking drool. A girl who was nibbling her fingers with her cheeks bright red.
Seeing my body, they were feeling it.
Aah, how wonderful. What a wonderful thing this pleasure is.

Rubbing my chest with my left hand, I ravaged my genitals with my right.

(Ahh!! Aahn. Haaaaaahn!)

When my pleasure headed towards climax and my love juice flew out, I once again heard that voice.

[Are you erotic!?]

It was the first time I received a jeer that could be interpreted as a question.
But I have no qualifications to object. I do not want to object.

I proclaimed while raising and groping my boobs from below.
That voice was loud enough to be heard throughout the class, a voice that was bold and luscious.

“I am erotiiic! I want to have my erotic boobs grooooped! I also want my erotic pussy to be violaateed!!”

My butt and boobs were thrust out.
I wanted to keep feeling pleasure, no longer caring about what happens to my body.
My horny crotch, and my boobs with erect nipples wanted a man’s thing.
Let’s take it from the boys in the class. When I thought this, I heard a voice.

[If you want pleasure, then get in the limousine parked at the school gate.]

As though sensing what I was thinking, the voice showed me what I was seeking.
Unable to disobey it since the beginning, I accepted the voice in the end.
As though confirming that it was for my sake, that whisper commanded me.
There certainly was a high class limousine parked at the school gate which could be seen from the window.
Like the red carpet that was drawn towards the limousine, there was only one road that I could take.

“Yes. I will head there right away.”

I wasn’t the me who was forced to obey the Absolute Order.
A sugary voice full of spirit reverberated.

I obediently accepted the Absolute Order. There was no greater joy than this.
Besides, it was impossible for this boys of this class’s puny pricks to fill me with happiness.
There should be a way to make it more even more pleasant!
Without even grabbing my bag, I left the classroom while still in my exposed attire.
The teacher may have chased after me, but that doesn’t matter.
I will decide my own path.

When I placed my foot inside the limousine, the Absolute Order called out once again.

[If you get on this car, you will not be able to go back for your entire life.]

Go back? I wonder where am I meant to go back to?
To me, I no longer have anything except this Absolute Order. There is nothing except this Absolute Order that granted me pleasure.

“Yes. I will accompany you anywhere.”

[Then will you become a Meat-Toilet Bitch-Slave?]

Meat Toilet? Bitch Slave?
What’s with that, isn’t that the best?! I won’t have to study at school. I won’t even have to accompany my troublesome seniors.
Having only to give my all for Master, isn’t that just too awesome?

Why was I not embarrassed to be seen by everyone in the class?
Why was I desiring a man’s thing?

There was only 1 answer to this.

“Of course! I want to become an even mooore pervy High School Girl! I want to becomme Master’s best Erotic Meat Toilet!”

[Is that so? Then I will take you in as Bitch Slave No. 1.]

Getting on the limousine, fantasised about the many pleasures that would arise from here on.
When I took off all of my clothes and got naked, I fiddled with my own body.
I was making sure that there was nothing wrong with the body that I offered to Master.
Then, I opened a small drawer inside of the limousine, and took out a garter belt.
In spite of the pure white garter belt being a clean white, I thought of it as a symbol of obscenity.
When I put on the garter belt and displayed a face of ecstasy, my drool and love juice spilled forth as my tongue peeked out.

And then, the limousine ran away towards a world unknown to me.

◆  ◆  ◆

Absolute Order.

It is a voice that attacks regardless of one’s will, rendering them unable to disobey its orders.

However, it is a voice that cannot be heard by others, a voice that only oneself can hear.

What is the difference between that and one’s own will?

If they think that they dislike it, that is merely because such a thing is shameful.
In the depths of their heart, they seek that voice.

The voice that pulls out one’s real intentions is not a sickness, but one’s own heart.
A voice that makes one honest to one’s heart. Is it good? Or is it bad?

The one who thinks of the path of pleasure is oneself. The one who thinks of the path of shame is also oneself.

After all, the only one to decide one’s path is oneself.

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