The General and His “Little Cauliflower” chapter 3

About the “engagement”

Liu Bing discovered the truth about the marriage decree after a long, long time.

Just a month before he returned to the capital, Di Feng knelt all night in the emperor’s study.

“Have you really thought about it?” the emperor asked, his face expressionless.

Di Feng nodded, his face solemn as never before: “Yes.”

“Absurd!” The emperor exclaimed, flicking his sleeves, “A grand shizi actually wants to marry a man!”

“Father agreed,” Di Feng said calmly, not even blinking his eyes.

The emperor remained silent for a long time after hearing these words. He finally waved his hand, exhausted, and sighed: “Fine. You can leave.”

Di Feng expressed his gratitude, declined the eunuch’s assistance, struggled to stand, and walked out of the hall step by step.

It was dawn.

… …

On the night of their wedding, Liu Bing drank a cup of wine and fell asleep in a daze. Di Feng lay beside him, a bright smile on his face.

He slept exceptionally well that night. In his dream, he and Liu Bing were hugging each other in the flower field. He noticed Liu Bing’s mouth open and close, his beautiful eyes filled with laughter.

He found the flower field based on his memory after waking up, and remembered the first time he saw Liu Bing. He was only ten years old at the time, and accompanied his father to the General’s Mansion as a guest. Taking advantage of his father’s distraction, he broke free from his grip, scampered off wildly, and ended up in the backyard by accident.

He saw a kind old woman, a group of beautiful little girls, and tender green shoots on the ground in the backyard.

He’d never seen anything like them before, and he thought they were fascinating. He was about to pounce on them with a cry when he was stopped by someone behind him.

He slowly turned his head to see a handsome young man smiling and flashing two little tiger teeth.

This meeting resulted in a lifelong entanglement.

… …

Di Feng stood in the flower field, feeling the wind from all sides. He was about to leave when he heard the sound of light footsteps behind him.

Just like when Di Feng was a child, he slowly turned around, and saw Liu Bing standing there grinning, suspiciously staring at the little guard who was lying on the ground pretending to be dead.

He suddenly remembered the beautiful dream he had the night before.

In the dream, Liu Bing held him in his arms and whispered to him:

“I love you.”

The End.


Woot! So Di Feng requested the marriage decree! He wanted to marry Liu Bing! “It was dawn.” OMG! That line killed me.

Aww~ Di Feng met Liu Bing on the day Liu Bing’s grandmother planted the flowers.

Hoped you liked this little bit of fluff😊

The General and His “Little Cauliflower”

The General and His “Little Cauliflower”

Score 8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
The outstanding general Liu Bing is bestowed marriage to shizi* Di Feng on his return to the capital.Brain dead foodie General gong X violent and infatuated Shizi shou*Shizi = heir apparent.


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