The General and His “Little Cauliflower” chapter 2

About "Little Cauliflower"

Liu Bing had nicknamed Di Feng “Little Cauliflower” ever since they met in the flower field.

For example, when Liu Bing awoke in the morning, he embraced Di Feng, kissed his forehead, and whispered: “Little Cauliflower, wake up.”

Di Feng, who awoke long ago and pretended to sleep: “……”

At lunch, for example, Liu Bing picked up a piece of roasted venison and said to him: “Little Cauliflower~ open your mouth.”

Di Feng, who had already opened his mouth to be fed: “……” He silently closed his mouth once more.

Another instance was when the two of them did this and that at night, Liu Bing panted and called to him: “Little Cauliflower, the curve of the moon grows…”

Di Feng: “……”

Di Feng turned violent: “Can you stop calling me Little Cauliflower!”

A certain general felt wronged about being pointed at: “Little Cauliflower is so cute, just like you~”

Di Feng blushed and said, “This… still not allowed!”

Liu Bing sighed: “But I like youcaihua[1] the most.”

He likes it the most…

Di Feng gulped and admitted to himself that “Little Cauliflower” had moved him a little.


“Humph!” The honorable general’s wife averted his gaze. “Since you begged me to, I’ll reluctantly give you my consent!”

[1] “you cai hua” are the oilseed rape flowers Liu Bing likes. He calls Di Feng “xiao cai hua” which literally means “little cauliflower”. Hence the confusion. He’s actually calling him “Little flower”.


I like how the author used the MC’s name(Di Feng) rather than his title(Shizi) to convey intimacy.

Our silly couple is happily married~~

The General and His “Little Cauliflower”

The General and His “Little Cauliflower”

Score 8
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Chinese
The outstanding general Liu Bing is bestowed marriage to shizi* Di Feng on his return to the capital.Brain dead foodie General gong X violent and infatuated Shizi shou*Shizi = heir apparent.


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