The Fiancee who I Thought was a Perfect Girl is Tsundere chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

My fiancee is perfect.

I’m Cecil Roland, the eldest son of an Earl House. This time, I was set to get engaged with the same-aged 11-year-old daughter to a Countess, Catherine Spencer. I had to succeed my Count family, so it was natural to be engaged to a selected fiancee, and I was not particularly dissatisfied.

“I am Catherine Spencer. Nice to meet you.”

Catherine was a very beautiful girl with long black hair and jade-colored eyes. Her etiquette is also perfect, and when I talk to her, I found her to be very clever. She is also very good at listening, but when I ask for her opinion, she will give a solid and accurate statement.

With this woman as my fiancee, I’m sure I will be happy.

But she isn’t looking at me. Our engagement may be natural without love because it is a political marriage, but Catherine always has an elegant smile, yet she is not really smiling. I really want to see her real smile.

“What does Catherine like?”

“Hmm… embroidery, perhaps”

As expected, it is a perfect answer. I want to really get along with Catherine, but it’s very hard to break her smile.

“What about Cecil-sama? What do you like?”

“I like horseback riding. Would you like to ride with me?”

“…No, thank you for the invitation, but I don’t know how to so I’m going to refuse.”

Of course.

“By the way, I’ll bring my brother Noah next time.”

This time, my sister Grace and Catherine’s younger brother Noah are getting engaged. It’s been about a year since we got engaged, but Catherine still smiles with a perfect smile as always.

“The two of use are meeting each other for the first time, come to think of it. What kind of child is Noah?”

“He’s a very cheeky brat.”

Hmm? It seems I heard a word that wasn’t very lady-like…

“I made a mistake. He likes raw oysters, ohohoho”

I had a smile on my face. It’s interesting that Catherine unusually answered impatiently, so I wanted to be a little mean.

“Is that so… Leaving my precious sister Grace to a brat like Noah is somewhat worrying.”

It does contain a little bit of truth. My sister Grace is a beautiful girl with indigo eyes and the same silver hair as me. She’s a gentle girl and really cute. I have to find out if Noah can make Grace happy.

“That’s not true! Noah is my brother, after all!”

This is an unexpected reaction. Her usual smile disappears, and her slightly angry face turned red.

“Catherine, you love Noah, huh.”

“T-that’s not true!”

With her face reddening, Catherine turned away. How cute. I like this one better than her usual smile.

But it was only then that I could break Catherine’s perfect smile. She’s quite a tough opponent, but I’m the type that gets more fired up the more my goals are difficult.

From then, Grace and Noah were safely engaged. Noah isn’t that much of a cheeky brat, and he seems to be on good terms with Grace. Grace looks like she’s having so much fun when talking to Noah, and I’m happy. Though, also a little lonely.

Noah and Catherine came to visit our house today.

“Noah, why not ride a horse with me?”

When I invited him,

“If it’s horse riding, sister is very good at it, you know?”

When Noah said so, I unconsciously looked at Catherine.

“Catherine, is that true?”

“Oh, no. That’s… I’ve only done it a little.”

“What are you talking about, sister. Even yesterday, you were excitingly… ouch!”

Noah suddenly crouched holding his shin.

“That was nothing. Let’s just leave Noah alone.”

I’ve been fooled somehow, but maybe Catherine isn’t the type of woman I was thinking of.

From that point on, I still haven’t been able to break the iron wall of Catherine’s smile… Today for sure, I want to see her smile. I was sick from this morning, but I am meeting Catherine after a long time so I somehow managed to smile.

“Cecil-sama, good day”

“Hey Catherine. Are you fine?”

“Yes, Cecil-sama… are you okay?”

“What? I’m fine too.”

“No… I feel you’re pushing yourself a little bit.”

I’m really no match for her. But since I’m meeting Catherine now, I really want to talk to her so much.

Though I laughed saying I was okay…

This is bad… I feel sick and feel dull. Conversation does not come to mind either.

“…-sama? Cecil-sama? Are you alright, oh this high of a fever!”

The palm that Catherine placed on my forehead is cool and comfortable. Why do you look like that? Even though I wanted you to smile…

I found myself lying on my bed. Catherine next to me looked at me with a crying face. Did I faint?

“You, stupid!!”

I was yelled at by Catherine.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were sick! You have very high fever, you know!”

This is the first time I’m seeing this kind of Catherine.

“Because it was the day I could meet Catherine after a long time…”

“Just because of that… I can meet you as many times as you want, no!”

“Sorry… did you worry?”

“Of course I’m worried! I thought you were dead.”

Tears spilled from Catherine’s eyes.

“Don’t cry, Catherine… smile.”

“I can’t smile in this situation…”

Catherine who said so and cried for me was very cute.

“I really want to see your smile. I also want to go horseback riding with you.”

“What’s with that… a lady who rides a horse isn’t docile.”

“I like a Catherine like that, you know.”

“What!? Like!?”

Yeah, I like Catherine. She who loves riding horses, she who loves her younger brother, and she who cried and worried about me, that kind of tsundere Catherine, I really like.

Catherine turned bright red and trembled.

“N-next time, if Cecil is fine already, I don’t mind riding horses together!”

My fiancee is really cute.

And then my condition recovered and the promised day to ride a horse with Catherine came.

“Are you riding one by yourself? Or, are we riding one together?”

“I-I’ll ride with you.”

It’s a nice development, and I’m thrilled to be in close contact with Catherine.

The horse starts running, cutting the wind and kept running.

“Oh, it feels good!”

Catherine smiled. It’s the smile I’ve always wanted to see, and I almost dropped the reins.

“Hey, Cecil… You’ve been trying to get along with me all this time, but I didn’t try to hang out with you much, thinking I would be hated if you knew who I really was.”


“Honestly, I really love horseback riding, I always fight with my younger brother, and I’m not a straightforward and cute woman. But I also… Uhm, about Cecil… I-I like you.”

That’s a foul.

“Catherine is so cute, you know?”


My fiancee is tsundere, and is very cute.

The Fiancee who I Thought was a Perfect Girl is Tsundere

The Fiancee who I Thought was a Perfect Girl is Tsundere

Kanpeki Reijōda to Omotte ita Fianse ga Tsunderedatta, 完璧令嬢だと思っていた婚約者がツンデレだった
Score 7.8
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
My fiance is a perfect girl. But, her smile is not real. I really want to see her true smile.


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