The Engagement with My True Love Got Cancelled chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“Daughter of the Duke of Colbert, Beatrice. I am breaking my engagement with you.”

His Highness Charles’ voice was very quiet, but it felt like his voice rang out like a cannon and the people gathered at the party venue perked their ears.

Of course, my ears too.

Ah, I didn’t want to hear that. In the end, it still ended up like this.

With my head down, I scorn myself.

It seems that villain girls are meant to be left alone, after all.

It has been about 10 years since I regained my memories of my previous life on my 6th birthday. In this world, which is very similar to an otome game, I’ve been desperately trying to get out of this scenario, but was it useless?

“Show me your face, Beatrice”

Called His Highness as gentle as usual.

I have liked His Highness since the past life.

Among the various otome games that I have played, the character that is absolutely immovable is him, Charles de la Dauvergne.

Charles is actually not very popular in the game.

Blonde blue eyes. A handsome guy who is said to be beautiful despite being a man. He is a prince character from the royal route, who has outstanding insight and judgment on both sides of the problem, and has a calm personality but can make a hard decision if necessary.

However, the surrounding area was too dark:

The second son of the Marquis family who draws blood from the demons but secretly hides it, having a dilemma between human and demon.

A son of a Count whose life is always at risk because he has too much magical power.

Even if he tries hard and still will not be rewarded, but there is no other way but to do so, the son of the Prime Minister, who is gradually dying himself.

A foreign student from a neighboring country who is hungry for love because he does not understand it and ruins himself and others.

In short, Charles was the only character who had no special circumstances among the target audience who had some darkness.

Players slammed it as 「the royal route has no personality」 and 「the individual stories lack excitement」.

In the commentary of the development team, it was reasoned with 「It can be said that being in the position of a prince is darkness in itself in the first place」 or 「Because Charles is in charge of security and healing」, but in the popularity vote, he was still always the lowest.

He wasn’t popular enough to the point of even losing to the handsome clerk at the shop, which was a mere help character.

But to me, he seemed very attractive.

He is an ordinary person.

He has high specs, is handsome, and has the status and responsibility of being a member of the royal family.

A person who has such uniqueness and peculiarity, but has a normal sensitivity and can’t be crushed by contradiction, he was that kind of big person.

His huge gentleness is what I liked.

I knew he was just a game character, but he really seemed to be very wonderful for me.

That’s why, when I reincarnated in this world and met him, the moment was a treasure for me.

Even if I become a villain, it was such a valuable encounter that I still decided to stand next to him.

“Show me your face, Beatrice”

When asked again, I raised my head and my eyes were filled with question.

Oh, His Highness’ eyes look colder than usual.

I felt like crying! I strengthened my resolve and said calmly.

“Your Highness. If Your Highness says so, I’ll humbly obey. But if allowed, can you please tell me why?”

“That is……”

“Coming up to this point and still playing dumb. You still have such a ‘good’ personality.”

Anselm, the second son of the Marquis de la Tremouille, ran his mouth.

He’s still as rude as ever to interrupt the conversation of the prince and the daughter of a Duke. Before minding the blood of the demons, please pay attention to your manners first.

In addition, Patrice from the Count of Segur, joined.

“You discriminated against her. Such a woman is not a suitable partner for His Highness.”

The eyes gazing at me were shining red.

Oh, this is bad. I’m getting pretty angry!

It’s Patrice, whose magical power was too high to control until recently. It’s no wonder that he gets out of control if his emotions rise.

I also have high magic powers, but I am no match for Patrice.

“Oh, uhm. I’m am not being discriminated against by Beatrice-sama.”

Corinne-san, this game’s heroine, gave an excuse on my behalf.

However, the capture targets have no will to listen. They surrounded her who was trying to leave in the first place.

Corinne-san, bowed her head to the fiances of the said capture targets.

The capture targets’ behavior is unsuitable for nobility, but everybody accepted with a wry smile because of the circumstances. Even the capture targets’ fiances sent her a sympathetic gaze, so her hardships up to now are unconcealed.

Unaware of Corinne-san’s misfortune, Hercule, heir to the prime minister, the Duke of Rohan, whispered with an unusually strong look.

“Corinne, you’re really very kind. But it’s fine if it’s only me you’ll treat with that kindness.”

“Hey, Hercule. What are you talking about. Corinne belongs to me.”

“Both of you, Corinne is being troubled.”

High-ranking aristocrats quarrelled around Corinne-san.

It’s funny. She was raised a commoner but has the calmness of a nobility so I didn’t think she’d pick the reverse harem route.

Furthermore, Corinne-san had common sense so I expected her not to enter Charles’ route. She is an adopted daughter of the Viscount family of Lutheran. There is not enough peerage to get engaged with His Highness.

“I have not been discriminated against! Beatrice-sama treated the commoner me as a proper daughter from a Viscount family. I am instead thankful for her kindness, so there is no reason to complain.”

Corinne-san complained with teary eyes.

Ah, it seems the bond I’ve had with her didn’t break.

We couldn’t get very close to each other being from a Duke’s family and a Viscount family, but I’ve still been getting along with her at times. Of course, I didn’t bully or discriminate.

On the contrary, the ditch with the high-ranking aristocrats became deeper. To the point that it can penetrate the Mariana Trench.

Wow, all three of them are staring.

It’s funny, I did think we’ve had a normal conversations. Just why the heck did this happen?

“Anyway! Miss Colbert. You are not worthy of being a Crown Princess!”

“Corinne should also wake up. You are being deceived by Miss Colbert.”

“Always, always saying 「Beatrice-sama」”

“That’s right. I’m tired of hearing 「The promise with Beatrice-sama…」.”

Uhm, excuse me. For some reason, the atmosphere became suspicious.

This, are they jealous of me? Because I got along with Corinne-san?

You people should be the one to wake up. More likely, look properly! Just how did you interpret me and her!

“Because, Beatrice-sama is so wonderful. She’s dignified yet kind to a lower aristocrat like me. I really admire her!”

Um, Corinne-san, why do you look at me with your cheeks red?

It’s not because of you whether or not you have this.

I was once asked, 「Can I call you my sister?」, but wasn’t it an aristocratic wit?

When I got along with Corinne-san, I didn’t think it would bend like this.

And then straight to condemnation. Is this the force of the scenario? What’s with that, too irrational and scary!

I somehow managed to keep my cold sweat away, and as I opened my mouth trying to solve the misunderstanding, the straightened Prince Charles entered my eyes.

“Is it okay to hear my side of the story now, Your Highness?”

His Highness was waiting dutifully.

He didn’t follow the flow of conviction. In terms of the game, His Highness should be the main person to expose my evil.

Well, he’s an enigma in the game. Charles, who is rational and fair in judgment, convicting at the party venue just doesn’t fit his character too much.

In the past life, I used to say, 「Well, is it what you call ‘aesthetic purposes’ in game?」

I didn’t do anything wrong in the first place. It’s even less like His Highness to think unrealistically and accuse without evidence.

Or maybe it was fabricated. Not by His Highness, but by the other targets.

The suspicious targets and Corinne, who unknowingly made the cause of the conviction, withdrew to refrain.

“Beatrice. It’s about time to let you hear the reason for breaking our engagement.”

While gathering the eyes around him, His Highness smiled lightly and spoke.

Uh, but as I’ve been watching His Highness since before, I know. His eyes, his eyes are serious!

“I had the opportunity to talk to Viscount Luther and was made to think about 「true love」.”

There it is! 「true love」!

One of the reasons that Charles was so badly criticized in the game was because of this overused conviction.

Even I, when playing Charles’ route, thought that 「it’s for a sense of style」.

I even wrote, complaining on my blog the game staff is evil, a joke, and ironic.

“I thought about it. The engagement between me and Beatrice is far from 「true love」.”

… It’s recessed.

The words of His Highness cut my heart beyond my imagination.

What he said, it’s true, though.

The engagement was signed in consideration of the interests of the Royal Family and the Duke’s, a marriage of convenience, that is.

Though for me personally, it was love.

I’ve been holding you since the last life.

Because he was just a game character that doesn’t have substance, I didn’t expect anything.

Just that, the feelings of “lovely” and “precious” are just overflowing.

No matter how heavy your expectations and responsibilities are, you will continue to have the sensibility as a person.

You can feel the pain and happiness of the commoners while being in the privileged class.

Understanding and implementing the cruelty of truncating the minority to help the majority, and taking responsibility.

Sadness and anger that cannot be saved. Don’t ignore it, don’t lose it, even if it’s usually a heart-killing burden.

Keep looking for the right direction as it is.

I will try to realize the ideals that are impossible in reality, as best I can.

Even if the people insisted that it was a lie of the privileged class. Even if the nobles ridicule you as a hypocrite.

Without breaking. No, I couldn’t break it, and I felt that it was so nice to keep going.

Many times in the past life did I think of myself as disgusting.

Still, I couldn’t deny it.

From the previous life to the present, Charles has remained my favorite.

“…I love you, Your Highness. Always have been, forever will be.”

When I noticed, I was saying so.

Oh yes.

Even if I get rejected or condemned, my feelings will not change.

Even in the game. Even after I met him in this life.

Yes, even now that it has become a reality, accepting the contradictions and aiming for his ideals, now that I’ve seen him.

The feelings of “lovely” and “precious” remains the same.

Upon listening to my words, His Highness hid his face for some reason.

How rare. His ears are red.

When we were kids, there were some instances when His Highness blushed for a little while, but as time went by, he became less emotional.

“It’s unfair for you to say it first, Tris”

Calling my nickname, His Highness reached out.

What? What do you mean?

There should have been no such lines and actions in the condemnation scene.

His Highness took my hand and went down on one knee on the spot, and he said with a voice that felt calm in the quiet.

“Tris, my engagement with you is cancelled. And, I want to apply again.”

「… I love you. Will you marry me?」

The venue calmed down, but after a few moments, the crowd was full of cheers.

Wait. What do you mean? My head can’t catch up!

The capture targets were stunned and turned stiff.

Next to them, Corinne-san was clapping in tears.

As I look down on His Highness’ golden hair, I couldn’t help but ask

“Uh, Your Highness. What exactly does this mean?”

“It’s a confession of love”

“Uhm, my condemnation?”

“Oh, they had some kind of big misunderstanding. I’ve told them to be careful since before but they wouldn’t listen so I had no choice but to do it this way.”

Making a declaration in front of all these people, of course they will understand.

「It’s only for the time being but, serves them right. They’ve done all they could but they’re the ones who have wasted everything. Of course, I’ve already informed each of their houses.」

Whispering, His Highness furrowed his brows a little.

It is regrettable that the capture targets he trusted did something like this.

“Your Highness won’t accuse me?”

“Of course. There is no evidence that Tris has done anything, but rather I was impressed by your network of contacts from high-ranking aristocrats to commoners. To the point of wanting to learn it.”

“If that’s so, then why did you say that our engagement was cancelled?”

Immediately, His Highness became suspicious.

Yeah, this is also unusual. Though, it was normal when we were young.

“… because this engagement was political.”


“I’ve always loved Tris, but this engagement being political feels somehow wrong.”

His Highness, looking away, continued.

Hmm, it seems like you just said some very important things to me.

“I heard that it’s not unusual for commoners to propose engagement by themselves. I thought that’s exactly how it should be.”

Here! The information that Corinne-san shared!

Eh, huh?

Um, so that’s what you meant by 「true love」?

“So I wanted to get rid of our old engagement and sign up again. It’s okay. I have received permission from my father, mother and all my relatives, as well as the Colbert Duchy. There’s no problem.”

His Highness corrected his posture again and took my hand as well.

That’s a lie. Wait a minute.

This is an unexpectedly good place.

Where did the coercive force go?

I don’t know this scenario!

Your Highness.

Charles had a very beautiful smile and asks happily

“By the way, Tris. I still haven’t received your reply yet?”

The venue was filled with cheers again.

The Engagement with My True Love Got Cancelled

The Engagement with My True Love Got Cancelled

Shinjitsu no Ai de Kon'yaku Kaishō sa remashita, 真実の愛で婚約解消されました
Score 6.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
“Daughter of the Duke of Colbert, Beatrice. I am breaking my engagement with you.”It seems that villain girls are meant to be left alone, after all.I’ve always liked him, His Highness Charles, since before. Even if I knew he was just a game character, I still thought of him as someone precious. Even though I didn’t want you to deny this feeling at least.The reason for breaking the engagement was “true love.”


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