The End of the Prince Who Broke His Engagement With Me and Tried To Take My Lovely Sister as His Wife chapter 8

Chapter 8 : End

<Leila’s POV>

Five years have passed since I broke off my engagement with Oswald.

Alex and I got engaged and married the following year, and now I support him both publicly and privately as his queen.

Thanks to his efforts, the country’s political situation has become more or less stable, and the country’s power is steadily growing.

We had concerns about our relations with other countries, but those concerns have now been resolved.

The key player in this process was… to my surprise, Oswald.

After becoming engaged to Sophina, Oswald suddenly began to study hard and rose to become a diplomat in just two years.

In the three years since then, we have increased our allies one after another, and now most of the continent is our friend.

All of this is due to Oswald’s abilities.

Who could have predicted that Oswald, that lazy kid who hated studying, would become one of the executives supporting the country?

I couldn’t believe it, even more so because I had known him since he was a little boy.

It’s as if someone else, now with the form of Oswald, took over his body.

I wondered if Sophina had done something to him.

I had a feeling that she did, and I had asked her about it.

―’It seems that Oswald-sama finally understood what my older sister had been saying to him.’

Sophina said with the same charming smile on her face.

…maybe my little advice wasn’t so useless after all.

Regardless of how it all started, the real credit goes to Oswald’s own efforts.

And towards Sophina’s own dedication that supported him from the shadows.

―’I didn’t do anything at all. But if you insisted, then if I may say…’

Sophina gave me a smile. She was not being modest at all.

―’I just want to see my sister smile, that’s all.’

<End of Leila’s POV>

“Well then, tomorrow I will pick you up at 8 o’clock.”

“Yeah. Thank you.”

After informing the attendant of his plans, Oswald waved to him and walked through the door of the mansion.

“Welcome back, Master.”

“I’m Back. Where’s Sophina?”

He asked the maid who was cleaning the house where his wife was.

Oswald would always try to see Sophina, no matter how exhausted he was when he came home from a hard day’s work.

“She’s upstairs in her room.”

“Thank you.”

They must really love each other… and the maid even envied their relationship.

Soon after that, the smile on his face disappeared.


With his hands hanging limply, he silently took a seat on a chair placed in one corner of the room.

That was his waiting place.

Without even glancing at her beloved husband, who has just returned home, Sophina inquiered.


“There is a disturbing presence in the country facing the Western Sea. Perhaps a force from another continent has entered the country.”

“…tsk. I’m sure that the flag of the other continent coming into the country had nothing to do with you.”

Biting her nails, Sophina flipped through an old notebook.

It was a written timeline that traced the history that Oswald had once seen, a history that should have never existed.

The notes in the notebook are more detailed than they were then.

『Year ●●. She and Alex are killed by assassins from another continent.』

『Year ■■. If Alex is the only one that was killed, she will either commit suicide afterwards or launch a full-scale battle (conditions vary depending on whether they has children or not)』

“Anyway, how much does the creator… Kami-sama, hate my sister.”

Sophina felt like throwing the notebook away.

Oswald showed no reaction to her words and just remained fixed in his position, looking up at the void.

It’s like he is a well oiled doll.

There is no such thing as an ideal relationship between a husband and wife, as envisioned by those on the outside.

“…oh well. Whether it’s the world or fate, I’m going to defeat all those who stand in the way of my sister and make sure she’s happy.”

Sophina gazed at the portrait of her sister Leila hanging on the wall.

“Older sister… I love you. “

– END ☼ –


Author’s note:

Thank you for reading this far.

I’d like to close this story while fantasizing about writing a story from Sophina’s point of view if there is a positive response.

Author → Aila Yao (nns)

I mainly write fantasy and otherworldly romance stories.

Genres I often write↓

One-sided love, misunderstandings, sorrow, battles, yandere


Real-life romance, doting, Chi-Rem type (Cheat-Harem)

If you like the writing style, the world view, or the characters, please add me to your favorites.

Thank you very much.

The End of the Prince Who Broke His Engagement With Me and Tried To Take My Lovely Sister as His Wife

The End of the Prince Who Broke His Engagement With Me and Tried To Take My Lovely Sister as His Wife

Watashi to Konyaku Haki Shite Kawairashii Imouto wo Tsuma ni Mukaeyou to Shita Ouji no Matsuro, 私と婚約破棄して可愛らしい妹を妻に迎えようとした王子の末路
Score 6.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
The Duke’s daughter, Leila, has been destined to marry the fifth prince, Oswald, ever since she was a child. The only person who can truly support him is herself, his fiancé.That’s why Leila didn’t indulge Oswald any more than necessary, and sometimes gave him a hard time. Because that was her way of loving him.―However, Leila’s thoughts did not reach Oswald.“I’m breaking off my engagement with you, you nagging little b!tch! Instead, I’m taking your sister as my wife!” “Eh…”


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