The End of the Prince Who Broke His Engagement With Me and Tried To Take My Lovely Sister as His Wife chapter 6

Chapter 6 : Oswald’s Point of View

I, Oswald, have become engaged to Leila’s, my ex-fiance’s, younger sister, Sophina.

My impression of her had changed a lot compared to the beginning.

When I first met her, she seemed timid and willing to listen to anything I had to say.

But her true nature is that of a violent child who loses her mind when it comes to her sister.

―And today.

My impression of her changed again.

She was like a kaleidoscope that kept changing shape.

“Hmm, that’s right!”

Sophina was a good listener.

The frequency of her gestures, the timing of her responses, and her reactions were all perfect.

I’ve never been so comfortable with mere conversation.

It’s as if she’s seeing and hearing what’s going on in my mind.


I guess this is what fate has in store for us.

Leila is just an imitation of what her parents decided for Sophina.

I was convinced of this as I talked more with Sophina.

“Oh, no, but Sophina hasn’t changed much over the years.”

“Please stop saying that.”

Her appearance hadn’t changed much over the past five years or so, and she seemed to be bothered by that.

It would be nice to look younger, but Sophina doesn’t think so.

“But I’m a mature adult on the inside.”

“Yes yes, that’s right.”

“Do you want me to check?”


Grasping the corner of my clothes, Sophina fidgeted and looked up at me.

“Well, that’s…”

“…at my parents’ house, there’s a private study building away from the house. We can be alone there.”


I understood exactly what she meant.

“Well, I’m going to go say goodnight to my sister first, so please wait a little while.”


As soon as Sophina was no longer in sight, I clenched my fists and shouted in a subdued voice.

“Greaaat! Finally, finally spring has come for me…!”

I had never dreamed that things would go so smoothly.

“Maybe, just maybe, Sophina liked me in the first place.”

When I think about it, a lot of things make sense.

She proposed getting engaged to me herself.

She went out of her way to wrap her arms around me.

Then, suddenly saying, “I’d like to have dinner with you.”

And now, she asks me to spend the night with her.

The first time she hit me was… uh, that one.

I think she was afraid that if she accepted my engagement as is, her relationship with Leila would deteriorate.

Those two don’t get along well.

The two sisters are so close that it makes you wonder how such a rumor came to be.

There is no doubt about it, Sophina loves Leila.

But more than that, she loves… me, too.

“Gufufu, fufufu…”

Leila was also beautiful, but she was not my type.

I just want a girl who listens to me, who stands up for me, and a girl who spoils me.

I don’t need that nagging Leila anymore―!

Hooray for broken engagements!

“But that Sophina fellow, she sure is slow…”

Feeling bored, I looked around her lab.

The carpet was very dark and there was only a little light. Materials scattered in a messy manner and a bookshelf occupying an entire wall that seemed to be where the materials came from.

In the next room, which had no compartments, there was a simple bed for use by the common people. It was probably for taking a nap.

It didn’t seem like the kind of room a Duke’s daughter would use, but as I was expecting to meet Sophina soon, I was rather excited by this kind of ambiance, it’s as if I’m in a town.

She has an aptitude for fire and heat magic, and is apparently writing a variety of papers on how to utilize her powers.

I glance at the titles written down on the manuscript placed on the desk.

『Blacksmithing ・How to use flame magic in steel manufacturing.』

『Measures to prevent heat-induced frost damage』

It’s not just flame and heat, but other areas as well.

『Hypnosis ・How to take control of your personality』

『Magic that transcends time and space』

『Does another world really exist?』

I had a chance to look inside a little bit, but stopped reading immediately because there were so many difficult symbols, numbers and phrases.

Leila was also an excellent magician, but I’m sure she wasn’t this good.


Suddenly, I spotted a strange gap between the bookshelves.

I peeked in to see what it was, and felt a slight breeze flowing from behind it.

When I pushed the bookshelf, it easily shifted to the side.

There seemed to be a slippery surface on the floor.

What came out from behind the bookshelf was a small passage.

“A hidden room…? As expected of a Duke’s mansion.”

In an old mansion like this, there are always hidden rooms.

There are several such rooms in the royal palace as well.

“Maybe there’s a soft bed inside, and that’s where we’ll be tonight.”

In the mood for some leisurely exploration, I stepped into the innermost room.


In the far end, there was a smaller room.

When I saw what was there, I mumbled in a shaky voice.

“What the h**l is…?”

“What the h**l are you doing in there?”


A voice answered the cry I had shouted.

As soon as I turned around, I was slapped on the cheek.

“Gah…go-oh!?” [sfx]

As I staggered, I was hit by relentless kicks.

I was blasted away with such force that I thought my stomach was pierced, then I crashed into the wall with a loud bang.

“kafu…kofu.” [breathing hard]

“I told you to wait quietly. You can’t even do that, you’re no better than a dog.”


In front of me stood Sophina, who had changed into her nightgown.

The smile that had been on her lips just moments ago was gone.

Sophina sighed heavily and scratched her hair.

“Oh well. Being seen won’t interfere with my plans in any way.”

“Sophina. This… room, what the h**l is… this room?”

What was in the hidden room?

That is…

――To Be Continued.

(E/N: I bet it is filled with her collection of Leila stuff or something)

(T/N: Hahaha, Next chapter, Revelation of Sophina’s secret!)

The End of the Prince Who Broke His Engagement With Me and Tried To Take My Lovely Sister as His Wife

The End of the Prince Who Broke His Engagement With Me and Tried To Take My Lovely Sister as His Wife

Watashi to Konyaku Haki Shite Kawairashii Imouto wo Tsuma ni Mukaeyou to Shita Ouji no Matsuro, 私と婚約破棄して可愛らしい妹を妻に迎えようとした王子の末路
Score 6.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
The Duke’s daughter, Leila, has been destined to marry the fifth prince, Oswald, ever since she was a child. The only person who can truly support him is herself, his fiancé.That’s why Leila didn’t indulge Oswald any more than necessary, and sometimes gave him a hard time. Because that was her way of loving him.―However, Leila’s thoughts did not reach Oswald.“I’m breaking off my engagement with you, you nagging little b!tch! Instead, I’m taking your sister as my wife!” “Eh…”


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