The End of the Prince Who Broke His Engagement With Me and Tried To Take My Lovely Sister as His Wife chapter 1

Chapter 1

Leila! I’m breaking my engagement with you!”


And here I was, thinking about why I was called by my fiance, the fifth prince Oswald, but that was the first thing he said to me when I arrived.

Oswald has a bit of a childish personality for his age.

I don’t want to say too much about my fiancé, but he is… selfish to put it bluntly.

Perhaps because the overly talented first prince ascended to the throne so easily, there were no factional disputes over the succession to the throne in this generation.

Therefore, no one expected Oswald, the fifth prince, to ascend the throne, and he simply grew up spoiled.

He skipped his studies, he ran away from his practice, he discriminately liked and disliked food, and so on… basically, he has been selfish since he was a child.

Ever since they introduced him to me as my fiance at the age of five, I’ve been watching him up close.

“Oswald, what are you talking about?”

“I’ve had enough of you and your unfriendly ways! All you do is nag and complain every time!”

A lot of petty talk.

I can think of a few things.

I was given a thorough and strict education to be a woman worthy of being engaged to royalty.

Classroom lessons, etiquette, music, dance. She even went through combat training so that she could protect him in case of an emergency.

I wasn’t allowed to show any weakness, and I cried secretly many times.

And it was all for Oswald.

Even if he is a selfish coward, royalty is royalty. They could be used as a spark to cause trouble with other countries at any moment.

As his fiancée, it was my job to make sure he didn’t misbehave― that’s what my parents had always taught me.

Oswald must have been suffering in his own way because he had a brother who was too brilliant for him.

And the reason why he was running away from his study time and acting selfish all the time was to get himself some attention and make himself visible― or so I thought.

‘I’m watching you. So don’t worry.’

To prove it, I’ve been giving him a lot of petty advice.

Even a prostitute can heal you with her charm.

However, I am the only one who can truly support him.

I had always thought that he had understood and had accepted it as a matter of course.

Perhaps it was distorted. However, my mind and Oswald’s mind are connected.

That’s what I thought.

That’s what I believed.

…it seems that I was the only one who thought so.

“I already have enough money to play with and live on forever! I don’t need to study or learn etiquette! All you have to do is show me your affection!”

Oswald has no idea about his inferiority to his brother or the fact that people don’t expect anything from him.

He just wanted to escape from the things he didn’t like and live an easy life.

I can see that clearly now.

The things that had stubbornly supported me up until now were crumbling with a crash.

The shock made me slightly dizzy and I staggered back to my feet.

“Oswald, please calm down. If you break off your engagement to me, the relationship between the Dukes and the Royal Family will suffer.”

The long-standing misunderstanding is revealed, and my feelings for him begin to fade.

Still, I can’t just break off an engagement because of personal feelings, my identity as the Duke’s daughter whispered to me.

The Royal Family and the several Dukes in this country are inseparable.

They are deepening their relationship by marrying each other’s daughters and sons to ensure the long-term stability of the country.

So when it comes to breaking off each other’s engagements, it is tantamount to an act of throwing mud on the faces of both families.

“That’s no problem. I’ll marry your sister, Sophina!”


“Unlike you, Sophina is full of charm and doesn’t nag! And her face is prettier than yours!”

My sister, Sophina, is a lovely girl who fits the word “innocent” very well.

With a look that stirs up the protective nature of people and a charming smile, she is very popular among men.

―But I know her true nature.

She’s always interested in everything I do and wants the same thing.

――’I like the same things as my sister.’

She was the kind of girl who would say things like that innocently.

I told her to stop, but my parents always gave my sister what she wanted.

You wanted to marry that girl?

You’ve got to be kidding me!

If you do that…

“If I marry Sophina, my ties to the Dukes will not be broken! In fact, it will improve our relationship!”

“Oswald… that’s, please don’t do that.”

I reached out my trembling hand and pleaded desperately.

Perhaps sensing my urgency, Oswald’s smile deepened as he finally got a response.

“Hmm. It’s too late for you to understand your position now! Sophina, come on in!”


The door behind Oswald.

The door was slightly opened, and from there… a person entered with a sharp sound.

“Sophina… you’re back.”

My sister has been away from home for a while for magic training.

I heard that she was about to come back…


My sister wears a dress full of ruffles and frills as usual.

Her adorable smile is gone now, and she approaches me step by step with her face downcast.

“As you heard, Sophina! I’m breaking off my engagement with this woman and marrying you!”


“I heard about your disagreement with her! How do you like that? The exhilaration of stealing your sister’s man!”


Sophina said nothing, but she just stood alongside Oswald.

“Do you have any idea what it means for me to have chosen you? You’re better than her in every way, appearance and all―”

Oswald was about to put his arm around Sophina’s shoulders as he was overcome with joy.

Grabbing his wrist, Sophina looked up at him.


Oswald let out a dumb voice.

The expression on Sophina’s face, who was known to be adorable, was something he never had expected her to have.

She looked like a demon.



Sophina struck Oswald’s chin with a smooth motion.

It’s a mesmerizing blow that flexibly uses every muscle in the body.

She narrowed the distance between her and Oswald, who was blown away in an arc, and grabbed him by the chest.

“You… what did you just say?”

“Hii!! What’s wrong with you, Sophina?!”

“Ah…I’ve done it.”

My sister was furious.

Oswald was terrified.

And I look up to the sky.

“Don’t ask me what’s going on. Answer the d*mn question.”

I, and only I, know the true nature of Sophina.

“―I’m asking you, what did you just say to my beloved sister?!”

――’Anyone who speaks ill of my sister is my enemy.’

My sister is one h**l of a sis-con.

The End of the Prince Who Broke His Engagement With Me and Tried To Take My Lovely Sister as His Wife

The End of the Prince Who Broke His Engagement With Me and Tried To Take My Lovely Sister as His Wife

Watashi to Konyaku Haki Shite Kawairashii Imouto wo Tsuma ni Mukaeyou to Shita Ouji no Matsuro, 私と婚約破棄して可愛らしい妹を妻に迎えようとした王子の末路
Score 6.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
The Duke’s daughter, Leila, has been destined to marry the fifth prince, Oswald, ever since she was a child. The only person who can truly support him is herself, his fiancé.That’s why Leila didn’t indulge Oswald any more than necessary, and sometimes gave him a hard time. Because that was her way of loving him.―However, Leila’s thoughts did not reach Oswald.“I’m breaking off my engagement with you, you nagging little b!tch! Instead, I’m taking your sister as my wife!” “Eh…”


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