The Despised Daughter Becomes A Princess’s Knight By Mastering Swordsmanship And Breaking Her Engagement! chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Oneshot)

“I’m breaking my engagement with you!”

Beatrice smiles at the intense declaration of her ex-fiance. It was the most dazzling smile she’d ever made in her life.

“How convenient! I wanted to do that, too,” she said.

She’d never met her fiance, Ensign Hendrick, as he was down in the south for long periods of time, saying he was going on expeditions as an excuse.

The older and more beautiful women were called “Belles” and the ones that lived in the remote southern regions were called “Southern Belles”. Generally, Southern Belles were women of grace and held the respect of men.

It was an open secret that Hendrick was a frequent guest at a certain woman’s home, and it was gossiped about in the social circles that “Ensign Hendrick is so taken with a Southern Belle while he neglects his fiancee, Lady Beatrice.”

As she remained in the capital, they called Beatrice “the young lady abandoned by her fiancee.”

Her black hair and her steely eyes made her a distant figure at every party.

Still, she smiles gracefully, believing that Hendrick will come back to her when she becomes a Southern Belle herself.

She tightened up her corset to make her look more feminine and accepted the malicious slander without complaint.

Her father was Hughes, a Court Wizard, but Beatrice did not inherit any magical talent. However, he still enrolled her in the capital’s Magic School in an attempt for his daughter to succeed him.

The Magic School holds two tournaments each year, and the students’ magical abilities are meticulously ranked once a year.

Beatrice was at the bottom of that list. Her peers were relieved that no matter how untalented they were, they would never be as low as her.

The first tournament of the year is coming. It will be Beatrice’s second-to-last tournament, as it’s her final year in school.

There was no concept of failure in the Magic School and you can graduate so long as all tuition is settled. Her degree and her honors would depend on her grades at the time of graduation, however, and they said that Beatrice would not be able to obtain even the lowest levels.

Beatrice wanted to get a Ph.D., even just for the sake of her father, the court wizard who pays so much tuition.

Her father resents Beatrice as she has no magical talent and only shows love to her younger sister, Misty who’s shown glimpses of talent since she was a young child.

Still, Beatrice wanted to reward her neglectful father for sending her to school. Yet the people still call her a disrespectful daughter.

Everyone should know that Beatrice stays after school every day to practice magic.

Beatrice’s first match was against the talented and brilliant Sylvia, also known as the “Belle Witch”.

Of course, Beatrice lost, but Sylvia’s words after the tournament was over were the catalyst for Beatrice’s life changing.

“That corset doesn’t look good on you,” Sylvia said.

It happened one day, when Sylvia passed by Beatrice in the school building, Beatrice stopped when she heard it. With the title of Belle, Sylvia didn’t even need to wear a corset.

Why would Sylvia say that, when Beatrice has worked so hard and accomplished nothing?

“Why would you go and say that?” Beatrice asked.

She’d always smiled and let slide whatever was said to her. Still, this time she had reached the limit of her patience.

“What do you know about me?” Beatrice asked. “You don’t know anything because you’ve been praised for your talent and the beauty you were born with.”

Sylvia’s gaze is sweet like candy balls and her eyes are clear blue like jewels. Her luxurious, pinkish blonde hair comes down in loose waves and shines brilliantly in the light.

“You’ve taught me that even women can be strong. That’s why I put in so much effort,” Sylvia said, looking straight into Beatrice’s eyes.

“You weren’t like this when we were young. When you weren’t engaged to Hendrick or enrolled in this Magic School…” Sylvia continued as she squeezed Beatrice’s hands.

Her small and dainty hands wrap around Beatrice’s.

“You held a wooden stick like a sword and protected me,” Sylvia said.

Beatrice gasped. She had remembered something she had forgotten.

When she was young, Beatrice was taken in and out of the royal castle by her father, a court wizard.

At the time, Misty had yet to be born, they believed Beatrice’s lack of magical talent was because she was too young. She remembered her father loved her then.

Beatrice liked the royal castle, as small wild animals sometimes showed up in the gardens.

And when she was playing in the garden like usual that day, she found a girl the same age as her.

Beatrice asked, “What are you doing?” and the girl replied, “I hate my lessons and ran away.”

“You have lessons?” Beatrice asked.

“Yes, because I’m a princess,” the girl replies.

Her hair is pinkish blonde… just like Sylvia’s.

While they were talking about nothing in particular, a stray dog about their size appeared, they wondered where it had come from.

The Princess turned deep blue and trembled but Beatrice was different.

She picked up a tree branch that had fallen under her feet and stabbed the stray dog in the eye without hesitation. “Kyaun,” the stray dog yelped before it ran with its tail between its legs.

The Princess looked at Beatrice in awe, took her hand, and said, “Thank you.”

“Princess…?” Beatrice asked. “Huh, but…”

She was upset. Sylvia’s identity was not revealed to the school.

“I’m an illegitimate child,” Sylvia said. “My father is the King, but my mother is a maid, so I can’t call myself a true princess.”

“That can’t be…” Beatrice muttered.

There was no way that Sylvia was an illegitimate child. Beatrice was certain she’d faced hardships Beatrice didn’t know about.

“Hey, Bee,” Sylvia said. “I think you look better holding a sword than a magic wand.”

Bee was Beatrice’s nickname. Before she realized it, no one called her that anymore.

“Why don’t you use your swordsmanship skills at the next tournament?” Sylvia asked.

“What?” Beatrice asked. “Countering magic with swordsmanship is…”

“Then train with me,” Slyvia said, smiling sweetly.

Honestly, no one will be able to say no to that smile.

The special training with Sylvia was far more intense than Beatrice could have imagined. Sylvia mercilessly fires attack spells.

The sword Sylvia brought for training was heavy, it was hard for Beatrice to wield.

However, as Sylia thought, Beatrice began to show promise. In the end, Sylia got serious and began to use more powerful attack spells, sometimes both of them ended up injured.

Sylia’s healing magic leaves no scars but it still hurts.

Beatrice was holding an actual sword, so injuries to Sylvia were frequent.

Their secret training was done in a dome created by Sylvia’s magic. This allowed them to continue without the other students knowing what was going on.

Before she knew it, Beatrice was no longer wearing a corset. On the contrary, she stopped wearing heeled shoes and began to wear boots more fitting for a squire or a knight.

The long hair flowing behind her back was tied up, her palms were full of callouses, her skin had hardened in places.

No one was interested in the significant changes in Beatrice’s appearance. Even her father never commented.

Contrary to what you’d think, this freed Beatrice.

(I didn’t have to aim to be a Southern Belle from the start,) Beatrice thought.

There was only one person who noticed Beatrice’s changes, Sylvia.

“I like your hands like this, Bee,” Sylvia said admiringly as she stroked Beatrice’s hand. “But aren’t you going to let me cast healing magic on them? I can get your hands looking beautiful again.”

“It’s fine,” Beatrice said. “It’s proof that I can wield a sword and fight.”

Sylvia nodded. “Honestly, I was wondering what to do if you said yes. If you still wanted to become a Southern Belle…” she looks down and continues. “Bee, I’m sorry to have pushed you around. But, I’m happy to spend this time with you.”

“Me too. I like it when you hold my hands,” Beatrice said as she held Sylvia’s hand back.

It was time for this year’s second tournament.

It was the last official tournament for both Sylvia and Beatrice.

For the first time, people noticed Beatrice’s drastic changes.

“What are you doing…? Wearing trousers even though you’re a woman.”

“Why are you holding a sword? It can’t be, you’re not going to fight magic with a sword?”

Beatrice wasn’t smiling anymore.

She presses her lips tightly and points her sword at her opponent.

The special training with Sylvia strengthened Beatrice. That strength also includes the ability to defeat her opponent without harming them.

“Bee, win this.”

Beatrice can no longer hear the voices attacking her. Only Sylvia’s quiet voice reached her ears.

After making it to the finals, Beatrice was put in the spotlight.

Her father was furious and disowned Beatrice, Ensign Hendrick returned to the capital in a hurry.

Her opponent for the finals was Sylvia. Before the match, Sylvia held Beatrice’s hands and lovingly said, “Thank you for following me so far.”

Beatrice points her sword at Sylvia. She didn’t want to hurt her but she had a strong desire and an important reason to win.

Many of the students wanted Sylvia to win, but somewhere in their hearts, they wanted Beatrice to win, instead.

The curtains rose and the match began.

Originally, Sylvia’s fighting style was defensive. But this time, she aggressively fired off attack spells.

Beatrice tries to close the gap, letting Sylvia’s magic slam into her and shrugging them off.

But Sylvia wouldn’t let her easily slip into range, either. She wanted Beatrice to win but that doesn’t mean she would mess around.

And besides that, Beatrice wanted to win legitimately. Not because she wanted a degree. Not because she wanted to return the favor to her father. Not because she wanted her fiance to turn around and notice her.

She wanted to beat Sylvia. She had to be stronger than her. From now on, she needed the strength to protect her.

Beatrice was still going strong as Sylvia’s magical and physical strength reached their limits.

Beatrice was always a person with high athletic ability. She was strong, throwing away her corset and high heels, spending her days practicing with her sword.

Beatrice did not miss the moment when Sylvia’s magic weakened. The tip of Beatrice’s sword lightly touches Sylvia’s neck.

“Enough!” the supervising teacher shouts.

At the same time, “Beatrice!” a loud voice shouts, the sound echoes.

With a sword in her hands and her breathing ragged, Beatrice turned to the voice, she found a young man in a military uniform.

“What did you do?! Wielding a sword despite being a woman… I will not accept that such a barbaric woman is my fiancee!”

He was probably Ensign Hendrick because he just called her his fiancee. She wouldn’t know because she’d never met him.

“I’m breaking my engagement with you!” Hendrick declares proudly.

Beatrice heard the words and smiled. “How convenient! I wanted to do that, too!” she said.

Then, she turned to Sylvia. Sylvia looked confused.

“I will become your knight,” Beatrice said as she pulled out her sword again and knelt before Sylvia. “You may not need one because you’re so strong, but… I will be your knight,” she said, looking straight at Sylvia’s eyes.

Sylvia said nothing, she gently put her hand on Beatrice’s sword hand.

Despite Hendrick standing up, confused and lost, Sylvia and Beatrice made the knight’s oath.

After showing her overwhelming strength in swordsmanship, Beatrice was officially ordained into the country’s knights. But she would only swear her loyalty to one princess her whole life.


She was good at “thrusting” and mercilessly stabbed her enemy’s vitals. Because of this style, she was fearfully called the “Queen Bee” on the battlefield.

Sylvia would become the legitimate queen after this, but that’s another story…

The Despised Daughter Becomes A Princess’s Knight By Mastering Swordsmanship And Breaking Her Engagement!

The Despised Daughter Becomes A Princess’s Knight By Mastering Swordsmanship And Breaking Her Engagement!

Kirawaremono no Reijou wa, Kenjutsu wo Kiwame Konyaku Haki Shite Ohimesama no Kishi to Naru!, 嫌われ者の令嬢は、剣術を極め婚約破棄してお姫様の騎士となる!
Score 6.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
Beatrice was abandoned by her fiance, ignored by her father, and the other aristocrats turned their backs to her. What changes her life is the pretty princess she met when they were young. She can’t call herself incompetent anymore! She’ll become stronger than anyone else and be the sword that protects her…!


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