The Bright Moon Entered My Dream chapter 5 extra

Bright Moon, Bright Moon, When Can You Be Retrieved?

The bright moon adorns your window.

You adorn other people’s dreams.

Xue Heng had a crush on Fu Rong for a long time.

He was a year older than her. He majored in law and was her immediate senior.

On the day of admission, Xue Heng was pulled by the head of the student onion organisation department as a filler. He filled the vacancies of members and helped to receive the newly enrolled freshmen.

Xue Heng was slow and did not like to socialise. To put it nicely, he was not good with words. To phrase it badly, he was reticent.

Since he was a child, he had been like this because his parents were working in the education sector. Hence, they often neglected accompanying him. He slowly developed a reclusive personality and did not like to talk.

He never took the initiative to make friends. If it wasn’t for his good looks and excellent grades, he probably wouldn’t have any friends in his entire student life.

But Fu Rong was an exception.

During the first time he saw her, she was squatting under a banyan tree on campus. It was the end of summer, so it was still a little warm. The girl’s cheeks were flushed. Her head was lowered and talking to someone on the phone with a heavy suitcase at her feet.

“Break up, then break up. You think I care about you?”

Xue Heng, who was not far away from her, clearly heard her yelling at the other end of the phone. She should be having a conflict with her boyfriend.

If it were him, he would never make her this angry. He would never have magnified the conflict between them. He would have taken the initiative to apologise and then begged for her forgiveness.

After Xue Heng reacted to what he was thinking, he was keenly aware that something was wrong.

In a way, Xue Heng was actually not a passive person. After noticing that flutter in his heart, he made a decisive choice and slowly walked towards her under the banyan tree.

“Do you need any help?”

Fu Rong had just hung up the phone. She still had an angry expression on her face. When she suddenly heard this unfamiliar but pleasant voice, she raised her head in surprise and then was stunned for a moment.

This was not love at first sight.

For Fu Rong, it was lust at first sight.

For Xue Heng, it was long-time premeditation.

Since Xue Heng was inexperienced, his original intention was to maintain the relationship with Fu Rong and naturally grow and develop a relationship.

But it turns out this approach didn’t work for Fu Rong, who even had a new boyfriend not long after school started.

Xue Heng secretly and unobtrusively inquired with friends. The other party was the school basketball team. He was cool, handsome, and really knows how to flirt with girls.

For the first time, Xue Heng questioned himself.

Was it because he usually acted too cold that Fu Rong didn’t take a shot with him? Yes, he could see that Fu Rong also had a crush on him. He just couldn’t imagine why she didn’t pursue him.

During those months, Xue Heng’s mood was so bad that he was expressionless even when Professor Yang dragged him to extracurricular activities.

The good thing was that they broke up after a few months.

Xue Heng wasn’t happy for long. A rumour sprouted in the faculty that Fu Rong recently pursued a French major blonde curly-haired little elder brother.

In fact, it was better to say that she was ‘loosening the reins only to grasp them better’ rather than saying she was pursuing him.

After being pursued by Fu Rong, the boy quickly fell in love. However, he still deliberately grabbed onto her appetite. Even after kissing, touching, and wandering around, he did not agree.


Xue Heng’s gaze sank. He looked fixedly at the professional book in his hand.

This person can’t tell good from the bad.

If it is him, as long as Fu Rong opens her mouth and says she likes him, they can be together immediately without her pursuing him.

He is not an unobtainable flower.

He is clearly… quite easy to pursue.

Fu Rong, you fool.

The Bright Moon Entered My Dream

The Bright Moon Entered My Dream

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Fu Rong had a dream in which she forced herself on Xue Heng.Originally, she thought it was some kind of erot*c dream. But she didn’t expect to wake up and find that what happened in the dream had come true…“I obviously wouldn’t dare to pluck the moon.”“I want the moon to come running to me.”


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