The Bright Moon Entered My Dream chapter 4

“Let’s date, Fu Rong?”

“Uh, senior, I have classes today. Let’s talk about this later….”

“Don’t try to avoid it again. What do you really think?”

“Senior, there are so many people watching. It’s not appropriate for us to be holding hands in a too familiar way in public….”

“Are you trying to lie to me again?”

“No, how could I do that! Am I that kind of person? You can rest assured that one day I will be responsible for you!”


“… Someday.”




The Bright Moon Entered My Dream

The Bright Moon Entered My Dream

Score 6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Fu Rong had a dream in which she forced herself on Xue Heng.Originally, she thought it was some kind of erot*c dream. But she didn’t expect to wake up and find that what happened in the dream had come true…“I obviously wouldn’t dare to pluck the moon.”“I want the moon to come running to me.”


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