The Bright Moon Entered My Dream chapter 3

You Slept With Me

The next day Fu Rong was woken up by the phone alarm clock.

When she woke up, she saw Xue Heng sitting quietly next to the big bed, fully dressed and calmly sipping his coffee with his head down.

“Good morning, senior.”


Xue Heng ignored her.

Fu Rong: Hmm???? What’s happening? Wait, where is this?

Three seconds after her eyes shook, Fu Rong looked around with a pale face. Then, she blinked her eyes and asked dazedly, “Where am I?”

“The hotel room,” Xue Heng, next to her, answered.

Fu Rong stared blankly at his cool, calm eyes. She somehow felt that there was a hint of irritation hidden in these eyes today.


Fu Rong began to contemplate why she was in the hotel room. When Xue Heng noticed that, he snorted lightly, slowly walked to the bed, then sat down beside Fu Rong and stared at her face.

“Did you forget what you did?”

Fu Rong, “…”

I didn’t exactly forget it.

I just want to know if what I remember and what you want me to remember are the same…

Xue Heng called her name as if it was the King of Hades pressing somebody to death, “Fu Rong.”

“You slept with me.”

He sneered, showing such an expression for the first time in his life in front of others, and said, “Now please use the knowledge you’ve learned and tell me how many years rape is punishable for.”

Law student Fu Rong blurted out, “Senior, a female raping a male cannot be punished for rape.”

Xue Heng: “……”

Pretty good.

Xue Heng, who thought he had excellent control over his emotions, was actually exasperated. His fake and cold smile disappeared from his face. He reached out and touched the girl’s head.

“It seems that you’ve been listening attentively in class.”

“You flatter me…”

Fu Rong laughed dryly.

After a moment of silence, Xue Heng, who was seething, suddenly sighed. He looked down into her eyes and spoke as if he was talking to himself, “Are you really stupid, or are you just pretending to be stupid….”

“Senior, what did you say?”

“I said,” In an extremely light and gentle way, Xue Heng kissed Fu Rong’s forehead and said, “I like you.”


Later on, Fu Rong realized that her memories were jumbled up. The dream that she had the audacity to force herself on Xue Heng was not a dream, but she had drunkenly dominated Xue Heng…

Fu Rong sucked in a breath of cold air when she recalled everything that happened in the dream.

Alcohol indeed makes one braver…

No, it should be “drinking causes problems”!

The Bright Moon Entered My Dream

The Bright Moon Entered My Dream

Score 6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Fu Rong had a dream in which she forced herself on Xue Heng.Originally, she thought it was some kind of erot*c dream. But she didn’t expect to wake up and find that what happened in the dream had come true…“I obviously wouldn’t dare to pluck the moon.”“I want the moon to come running to me.”


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