The Bright Moon Entered My Dream chapter 2

An Unobtainable Flower? Nothing Special.

The owner of this bar really knew how to heighten the mood.

The lights in the corridor were neither dark nor light with orange-reddish warm tones, showing ambiguity, especially when shining on a beauty like Xue Heng.

Xue Heng usually did not spend too much time dressing up, but he always managed to wear the simplest white shirts in a reserved and cool manner.

He had an appearance full of self-restraint, but his peach blossom eyes were alluring.

Even the most provocative peach blossom eyes on his face did not look charming or obscene. He was like the ascetic scholar in Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio, like the gentle teacher in romance novels.

It turns out that a moon can also tempt people.

Fu Rong just wanted to seize him.

“Xue Heng…”

Without any hesitation, Fu Rong reached her arms and wrapped them around Xue Heng’s neck. Then, she imprinted the side of his face with red lipstick while he was astonished and stared blankly. Unexpectedly, it was a soft touch.

The colour of lipstick applied today was a bit dark. Xue Heng’s fair cheek was imprinted with her lip mark.

It was faintly discernible.

His astonishment was like a fire, roasting the always calm and composed Xue Heng. His cheeks, earlobes and neck slowly turned red.
It was crimson in colour. Ambiguous but tempting.

“Fu Rong, you…”

“I want to sleep with you.” Fu Rong nibbled Xue Heng’s warm earlobe. When he was stunned, she raised her head and kissed his chin.

Just like that, she said what was in her heart.

She could not wait for Xue Heng’s reply. The scene changed in the next second. Fu Rong pressed Xue Heng on the bed. The door leading to the balcony was open. The slightly cold night breeze casually blew and entered the room.

Xue Heng’s breathing grew a bit rapid.

After being startled by Fu Rong’s movement of lowering her head to undo his clothes, Xue Heng forcefully suppressed the fear in his heart and scrambled to grab her sneaky hand.

Her hands were tiny and warm.

At that moment, Xue Heng’s heart fluttered.

But Fu Rong abruptly leaned over and took out a black tie from the bedside table. She naturally and quickly tied Xue Heng’s hands.

Then, she slowly lowered her head and chuckled softly.

“You can’t escape, babe.”

Yes, this was the true nature of Fu Rong.

A very possessive woman. She liked to treat all the people or things she fancied as her own, making them her private property.

Only in this way can she gain a supreme sense of security and satisfy her naturally overpowering possessiveness.

It was difficult for her not to take possession of people such as Xue Heng.

Xue Heng, whose hands were tied, thoroughly sensed how dangerous she was. His peach blossom eyes were slightly red. It was as if he was sad and disappointed. He looked fixedly at Fu Rong’s smiling face.

“Fu Rong, calm down.”

“Don’t. This way…”

“Senior,” Fu Rong lowered her head. Her index finger gently traced the corners of Xue Heng’s flushed eyes. She softly continued, “I want you. I have been thinking about it for a long time. Today, it finally came true.”

Xue Heng remained silent and looked down.

He stopped struggling, and his expression returned to his usual indifference, like a statue of a god.
Fu Rong smiled, slowly and methodically took off his pants. Then little by little, she watched Xue Heng’s body from relaxed to tense. His expression changed from indifferent to flustered, humiliated and angry.

Fu Rong stroked him. In an extremely skilful manner, she awoke his male instincts. It proved that Xue Heng was still human even if he was like a god. He also has seven emotions, six desires, and strong desires.


Xue Heng passively accepted the kiss from the female junior he formerly thought to be well-behaved and gentle. He was sucked by her with her tongue in his mouth, kissed by her to the point of being blurry vision and confused, and even taking the initiative to kiss her back under her captivation. His hands could not move. He could only lift his jaw with difficulty and lick her warm and soft lips.

Fu Rong was panting softly. Her hand touching him felt a little sore, so she stopped. Xue Heng frowned slightly, kissing her with suddenly increased force and became impatient.

The ends of Fu Rong’s tongue were a little numb. She couldn’t take it anymore. She stretched out her arms and pushed him away, panting as she sat down.

Xue Heng’s cheeks were scarlet, and his gaze was fixed on her.

“Fu Rong…”

He could not help but call out to her since she rested for too long. Fu Rong raised her head, looked at Xue Heng and was in between tears and laughter. Why did it suddenly change to him taking the lead?

She ignored the anxiously waiting Xue Heng and lowered her head to remove the plaid mini skirt, which she wore to pretend to be lady-like. Then, she slowly approached Xue Heng and held the part that had long been erected.

“Say, did you have a crush on me for a long time?”

She habitually made a joke. However, she guessed that Xue Heng would not answer, so she did not tease him again. She adjusted her posture and slowly sat down. Xue Heng’s brows furrowed. She could not help but let out a raspy comment, “So big….”

Fu Rong felt pain because she couldn’t accommodate it. She involuntarily frowned and pursed her red and swollen lips. Slowly and carefully, she allowed Xue Heng to completely enter her body.

That place was wet for a long time.

This unexpected and ambiguous affair unmovingly declared her dominance. That female junior, who was always gentle and pure, dominantly yet extremely skillfully tormented Xue Heng over and over again.

He couldn’t help but gasp and cursed himself inwardly for being shameless.

Fu Rong… slowed down because of the shedding strength. She sighed helplessly, leaned over Xue Heng’s body and said softly, “Sorry, senior. I’m a little tired. Let’s rest for a while.”

Xue Heng, “…”

“Untie it.”

“Hmm?” Fu Rong, who has not recovered from passion, raised her head in confusion.

She seemingly heard Xue Heng’s voice through gritted teeth, “Untie my hand….”

“You want to escape?” Fu Rong was unhappy.


Xue Heng shut his eyes, opened them again with difficulty, and said in a hoarse voice, “Since you are tired, then I will do it instead.”


Fu Rong fell into deep thought.

How come this guy doesn’t look like he’s being raped?

However, it was good that he was willing to offer his strength since she was indeed tired. So Fu Rong obediently untied Xue Heng’s tied hands. Xue Heng rolled over once the tie was undone, and Fu Rong was suddenly pinned under him.

Her eyes met his deep gaze.

Fu Rong closed her eyes and smiled, “Just do it however you like. I know you are inexperienced.” These words were not meant to mock him, but Xue Heng seemed to be provoked by it.

The force, the frequency, the technique —

“Xue Heng, are you a dumbass?! X is not entered in this manner….”

There were really no rules. It was all based on instinct.

An unobtainable flower?

Heh, nothing special.

七情六欲(qīqíng liù yù)- Seven emotions refers to: joy, anger, grief, worry, fear, sentiments and affection. Six Desires refers to: lust, vanity, dignity, pleasant sounds, good life/death and sensual pleasures. Credit: Chaotic Sword God Fandom

The Bright Moon Entered My Dream

The Bright Moon Entered My Dream

Score 6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Fu Rong had a dream in which she forced herself on Xue Heng.Originally, she thought it was some kind of erot*c dream. But she didn’t expect to wake up and find that what happened in the dream had come true…“I obviously wouldn’t dare to pluck the moon.”“I want the moon to come running to me.”


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