The Bright Moon Entered My Dream chapter 1

I Hope That I Can Sleep With Xue Heng Tonight.

Names mentioned in this chapter: 

–傅榕(fù róng)- Fu Rong, the female lead.

-薛珩(xuē héng)- Xue Heng, the male lead.

Xue Heng was Fu Rong’s male god. He was the type of person where others would subconsciously look up and search for him. However, it was just a pity that the male god focuses on academics and has no time to date.

Of course, Fu Rong, as a qualified little fangirl, never had the evil idea of having the male god for herself.

After all, the male god was unattainable in her heart. He was like the cold and dazzling moon in the night sky. He was the existence that she couldn’t help but admire whenever she saw it.

Hence, ever since her enrollment, Fu Rong had always played the role of an obedient, understanding, gentle and naive little girl in front of Xue Heng.

Oh right, she forgot to mention that they were both law students.

But today’s Xue Heng was a little different.

Fu Rong could not describe precisely how he was different. It was just by her senses. You know that kind of feeling…

Male God, Xue Heng, is a bit seductive today.

The heavens and earth can witness it! This is definitely not Fu Rong’s blind imagination! Her good sisters from the same faculty also think so!

This morning, Xue Heng silently entered the classroom. He went around the row of seats and strode towards the corner of the last row, where Fu Rong was while she played with her phone with her head down.

The entire process was efficient, natural and unforced!

As expected of you, Xue Heng.

At that time, Fu Rong obviously did not think of this. Her entire mind was filled with the helplessness of being caught by her form teacher while reading novels in high school’s class.

Oh no! Her image is going to collapse!

She placed her phone down frantically and raised her head uncomfortably. She looked at the face of her male god while avoiding eye contact.

“Good morning, Senior.”

Unexpectedly, Xue Heng pursed his lips and revealed a faint and gentle smile towards her after hearing her greeting. In Fu Rong’s heart, she repeatedly sighed with emotion and said, “Ah Wei is dead.”[1] While there was an obedient smile on her face.

“Did Senior come to listen to Professor Yang’s class too?”

There should be applause here.

She can be considered an amazing person as she naturally showed a composed facial expression like an old dog while it was actually as if there were roaring sea and gale in her heart.

“No, I came to find you.”

Fu Rong: Hmm???? Confused Black Person.jpg[2] It isn’t important.

“Is there something that Senior is looking for me for?” Fu Rong has to admit… She must admit that she was a little nervous at that time.

Could it be that he knows that she had printed and pasted Male God’s photos on her bedside?

Immersed in fear of experiencing “social death,” sorrow appeared on Fu Rong’s face. Hence, she did not see the faint blush on Xue Heng’s earlobe after she said that.

“Someone… Someone from our dormitory is going to celebrate his birthday at a bar tonight. Can…  Can you go with me?”

Fu Rong slightly froze.

Could it be that the male god is aware of her love for visiting bars and clubbing?

No, the main point should be—— Xue Heng is asking… asking… asking… asking her out?! That’s impossible. Fu Rong, you are probably overthinking. How can your male god, who is an inviolable, unobtainable flower, ask a girl out like a male mortal?

It is also a terribly lousy reason… 

“Of course, I can.”

Xue Heng’s usually indifferent and cold eyes, as if he did not eat the food of ordinary mortals, slightly widened for a moment after being seemingly stunned by Fu Rong’s readiness. His thin lips pursed and curved downwards, and his eyes dismayed.

The male god must have his reasons since he invited me! Maybe the male god wants to discuss the newly promulgated civil code with me at the bar…  Yes, this must be the case!

As expected of you, Xue Heng. A rising star among the legal profession of the future!

“Then I’ll pick you up by then.”

“No need to trouble yourself, Senior. You can send me the address when the time comes. I’ll just go by myself.”

Xue Heng is so busy every day, how can she take up his precious time? This person is the popular male god of law school! Fu Rong couldn’t help but sigh at her excellent understanding of others.

Upon hearing these words, Xue Heng was silent for a moment. He forcibly concealed the disappointment in his heart, nodded and softly replied, “Alright then.”

“Bye, senior!”

With a smile on her face, Fu Rong waved goodbye.

Xue Heng, who was waiting for her to urge him to stay, “……”

“… Goodbye.”

An uneventful and pleasant day passed.

At 8 pm, after receiving the location from Xue Heng, Fu Rong arrived on time at the destination where the birthday party was held.

It was a bar that had an expensive atmosphere.

“Expensive” refers to the price of its drinks. “Atmosphere” (“Angry”)[3] refers to the mood of the consumer when paying the bill.

After sneaking around the door of the reserved private room for a while, Fu Rong surveyed the private room and didn’t spot Xue Heng’s figure. Just as she was wondering if she should go in, a familiar low voice suddenly sounded behind her, “Are you not going in?”

Fu Rong was taken aback. She turned back to see an entirely new Xue Heng.

As for why she described it as ‘an entirely new’?

Today, Xue Heng did not wear the usual white shirt, but a white polo shirt with a thin black jacket. A man of big stature of one meter eighty-five standing quietly behind her. His clear eyes looking at her.

What the frick.

What the frick. What the frick.

Fu Rong was instantly stunned.

She suspiciously stared at the polo shirt Xue Heng wore inside. No, to be accurate, she was staring at his polo shirt’s collar with two buttons unbuttoned and… His male god’s sexy collarbone.

What the frick.

Fu Rong, born from a literary background, could only say these words in her heart.

Even though they are simple words, they contain all the world’s flattering words. The jawline of Xue Heng, who was looking down and watching her, slightly tightened. His Adam apple protruding from the skin on his neck seemed to be silently tempting Fu Rong to come nearer to him…

God, what demon is here to seduce this poor monk!

“Go in, I will go in now!” Fu Rong shuddered and twisted her head. She stretched out a trembling hand and pushed open the door. In the corner of her eyes, she glanced over at the indifferent Xue Heng. She forced herself to remain calm.

Calm down! Fu Rong! You can’t be tempted by the male god!


Tempted? … Male God?

Wake up, Fu Rong! Why are you this drunk when you haven’t even started drinking yet? Please use your toes to think about it! It’s Xue Heng! Alluring you? Is that possible? Is it possible? Hm??

Fu Rong slapped her daydreaming self awake in her heart.

This birthday party ended calmly in peace. Everything was fine, and nothing happened.

It wasn’t exactly calm.

While drinking halfway, the waiter accidentally knocked over the wine glass on the table and happened to spill it on Xue Heng’s clothes when he came to serve the liquor.

At that time, Xue Heng frowned slightly. He shook his head at the waiter, who was apologising in fear, and said, “It’s okay”.

Then he took the tissue handed to him by the person beside him and wiped the liquor on his neck and collarbone while frowning.

Fu Rong’s gaze was like a wolf and a tiger.

Oh God, the male god’s Adam apple. The male god’s collarbone. The male god’s clothes are damp. Even his vein lines in his muscles are vaguely visible….  

Xue Heng used tissue paper to wipe and wipe.

Fu Rong’s heart started to itch and itch.

As they returned to the dormitory that night, Fu Rong made the lewdest, nasty and shameless move ever done in her life. She secretly kissed Xue Heng’s photo on her bedside and made a wish in her heart.

I hope that I can sleep with Xue Heng tonight.

Really, just once.

It’s okay, even if it is in a dream.

… Thou hearest, do men speak?

[1] 阿伟死了(ā wěi sǐ le)- Ah Wei is dead. It is an exaggeration of, “Ah, I’m cute to death (by someone or something).” This is generally used to express extreme excitement and love when one sees something they love very much. The short form for it is ‘awsl’.

[2]  It is a meme of black people who are puzzled and stupefied.

[3] 气(qì)- It has many meanings. Here, it would refer to energy/atmosphere. It could also refers to anger.


The Bright Moon Entered My Dream

The Bright Moon Entered My Dream

Score 6
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Fu Rong had a dream in which she forced herself on Xue Heng.Originally, she thought it was some kind of erot*c dream. But she didn’t expect to wake up and find that what happened in the dream had come true…“I obviously wouldn’t dare to pluck the moon.”“I want the moon to come running to me.”


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