The Boss Wants to be Coaxed chapter 5

Fated Beginnings (End)

Zhou Yushi first met Chen Zhiyi when she was in her second year of high school. When Zhou Yushi was still in college, he was begged by Feng Xuyang for several days before reluctantly agreeing to help the stinky boy to hold a parents meeting.

There was no one around his own age around him. Young Master Zhou tapped on the table, his handsome face listless.

Chen Zhiyi bustled back and forth distributing mineral water to the parents as the class monitor. The uncle sitting diagonally in front of Zhou Yu looked as if he had just rushed over from the construction site, his brow beading with sweat. Taking the water, he gulped it down visibly.

When Chen Zhiyi sent them out again from the front to the back, he seemed to inadvertently shoot a glance at her, and continued to drain down the water.

When Zhou Yushi turned the bottle of water in his hand, wanting to give the water to the uncle, but he was also afraid it was somewhat inappropriate.

While struggling, Chen Zhiyi returned energetically carrying in a box of water from outside, while still carrying a bulging schoolbag on her back.

Although the teacher on the podium was stunned by her behavior, she didn’t stop smiling.

Chen Zhiyi quickly sent another bottle of water to everyone, and took out many small tissue packets from her bag to distribute one by one.

Zhou Yushi sat in an inconspicuous corner, propping his head up with one hand and watched her run around. The clear ink pupils were smiling, not batting an eyelid as he put that tissue packet into his pocket

Posted on the back wall of the class room were pictures of Outstanding Students*.  He glanced up at the end (of the meeting), and he just saw the little girl with her mouth drawn into a guileless smile, the word in black and white beside it read: Chen Zhiyi.

[*T/N: 三好学生 Sān hào xuéshēng – My Chinese teacher explained this one in class before, i.e. an achievement/title given to the best students in the class who have “ideal moral character, good learning, and good health”]

It’s a good name.

Zhou Yu lowered his eyes, and the corner of his mouth hooked up without a trace. [T/N: Madam author what does it mean to smile without a trace???]

However, Chen Zhiyi had no memory of this matter. After Feng Xuyang finished embellishing his explanation, Chen Zhiyi was more concerned about another matter.

Chen Zhiyi: Ah! Zhou Yushi, won’t the company hire me just because of this?

To be honest, Chen Zhiyi didn’t believe that Zhou Yushi would be such a person, but she just wanted to hear his answer.

Zhou Yushi sent her a voice message directly.

Over the phone, he sneered: “Chen Zhiyi, you can question your own strength, but you can’t question the company’s vision.”

Chen Zhiyi was annoyed by his temper, but suddenly heard him chuckling lowly again, his lowered voice was particularly attractive.

He said: “But also… even without anyone [T/N: to give her an in], you would do well, no matter what job you’d do.”

Chen Zhiyi suppressed the throb in her heart and deliberately teased him: “Oh, so you liked me back then?”

Zhou Yushi chuckled with a smile: “You were underage at the time, okay, brat.”

Chen Zhiyi was just about to retort, and suddenly he came up with a sentence, unhurriedly: “Why is your little worker piece still not finished?”

“…” Chen Zhiyi angrily hung up the phone.

So that little sweet article was almost completed under the supervision of Zhou Yushi. Chen Zhiyi took the time every day to come up with words while also dealing with Zhou Yushi’s various weird questions, for example:

Zhou Yushi frowned as he enlarged one of the passages in front of Chen Zhiyi, saying, “This kind of behavior is considered workplace harassment.”

Chen Zhiyi tolerated the shame of facing the novel she wrote, brokenly saying, “This is called ambiguous, ambiguous, understand? The kind of an official falling in love with a concubine!”

“Oh.” Young Master Zhou regally nodded, suddenly stealing a kiss on Chen Zhiyi, then pretended to ask Chen Zhiyi seriously. “Well, if he does this kind of thing, it should be counted as harassment, right.

Chen Zhiyi smiled from his roguish act.

But precisely because of this matter, Chen Zhiyi had wanted to know Zhou Yushi’s Weibo all along while Zhou Yushi vaguely brushed it off every time.

However, no matter how he guarded, in the end Chen Zhiyi got a hold of his phone and searched for his Wiebo name.

Zhou Yushi’s Weibo account was only registered recently yet there were not a few posts. Chen Zhiyi nested on the sofa at Zhou Yushi’s apartment to read with relish.

– Chen Zhiyi always says that I’m a young master who needs to be coaxed, so I tried to let her know that I’m actually very gentle with her, deliberately acting with my assistant throwing the papers he gave me on the table, but I didn’t expect that she would change to putting the papers into my mailbox after seeing this [smile].

– I suddenly realised a problem. Is the male lead’s temperament in her article the one she likes more, but the boss she wrote really has no similarities with me, and the only similarities are probably invisible. But since she’s together with me, no matter how, I want her to like mine (his temperament).

– Impressed. At noon, I tried to say a few words to her in the tone of her male lead, and she went as far as to even use that peach wood sword to exorcise evil spirits.

[T/N: I got it wrong before, he actually gave her a peach wood sword before going into the haunted house because it’s apparently used to exorcist demons. My bad! I was too lazy to do the research…]

Chen Zhiyi smiled as she swayed and Zhou Yushi sat next to her, looking at her resentfully.

When Chen Zhiyi had laughed enough, she mysteriously hooked her finger at Zhou Yushi, looking as though she had a secret she wanted to share.

Zhou Yushi appeared unwilling and uncaring outwardly, but sat down obediently.

Chen Zhiyi cleared her throat and faintly yet firmly said: “Fortunately, I didn’t know you in my second year of high school.”

Hearing this, Zhou Yushi raised his eyebrows and wanted to question her, but Chen Zhiyi suddenly caught his neck and approached his ear with a smiling expression.

“Otherwise, I’m afraid I would have fallen in love too soon.”

The Boss Wants to be Coaxed

The Boss Wants to be Coaxed

BWC, 老板要哄着
Score 9
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Running a marketing account posting short, sweet stories which has over 100,000 followers, Chen Zhiyi didn’t expect to one day dig a pit for herself because of this. After this, it was a chance to become the boss’s dog walking companion. For this insufferably conceited boss, she could only say: Coax! I’ll coax!One-line introduction: Little worker’s daily life of coaxing the big boss


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