The Boss Wants to be Coaxed chapter 4

Coaxing the boyfriend

In the quiet pantry, Chen Zhiyi stared at the water dispenser in front of her for a long time without moving. She thought her thoughts were dangerous.

First because she thinks she likes Zhou Yushi a little.

Second because she thinks Zhou Yu also likes her a bit.

Chen Zhiyi was unable to sleep these past two days from this thought, but she also thought that Zhou Yu might only be taking care of his cousin’s friend, although Chen Zhiyi felt more like she was taking care of the little master than he was taking care of her.

The most important thing is that he held her hand!

There was a little person screaming in Chen Zhiyi’s mind.

She struggled with herself in her mind, as a hesitant male voice saying something came from behind her.

“Chen… Zhiyi?”

Chen Zhiyi shook her head, quickly adjusted her expression and turned her head, and saw Su Lang from the same department smiling good-naturedly at her.

Chen Zhiyi smiled a little absentmindedly, standing at the doorway to make room for him, and listened to him again.

“I heard that the recently released movie “Zongyue” is very beautiful. Have you seen it?”

Chen Zhiyi was startled, “Ah? Not yet.”

Su Lang wenyan seemed to relax, and the smile on his face was even brighter, “Then can I invite you to watch it with me?”

Chen Zhiyi didn’t expect him to ask so straightforwardly; she was agape, not knowing what to say.

Su Lang was not in a hurry, just looked at Chen Zhiyi with a smile, making Chen Zhiyi increasingly unsure of what to say

Just when the two of them were in a deadlock, a cold “Excuse me” came suddenly from behind Chen Zhiyi.

Chen Zhiyi was stunned, her profile meeting Zhou Yishi’s emotionless eyes, his mouth hooked up slightly as he looked at her, but his smile was full of murderous intent.

Su Lang didn’t expect Zhou Yushi to appear here suddenly, he cried out “Boss”.

Zhou Yushi didn’t look at him at all, but took some water and walked away minding his own business. Just when Zhou Yu brushed past Chen Zhiyi, Chen Zhiyi suddenly opened her mouth and said to Su Lang, “Sorry, I don’t really want to see it.”

By the end of Chen Zhiyi’s overtime, there were few people left in the company. She walked out of the company and there were still many pedestrians on the street. Chen Zhiyi accidentally saw a person at the corner of the street she walked to go home, “Hey, are you waiting for me?”

Chen Zhiyi deliberately went around the other side, suddenly stretched out her head and asked with a smile.

Zhou Yushi wasn’t scared by her, just looked at her indifferently, his elegant eyebrows neither happy nor angry.

Chen Zhiyi thought that his young master’s temper was coming up again, and was about to open her mouth to coax him, but Zhou Yushi suddenly suddenly stooped down slightly and at almost the same level he said.

“I’m sorry, Chen Zhiyi.” Zhou Yushi’s ink-colored eyes were earnest, and after apologizing for no rhyme or reason, he asked, “Do you want to watch a movie?”

Chen Zhiyi was confused by the sudden words, it was really unclear what Young Master Zhou’s words meant.

Zhou Yushi saw her puzzlement and sighed, seeming annoyed, “I heard that person today asked you to watch a movie and was really in a bad mood.”

Chen Zhiyi said, “Ah,” and felt that her palms were slightly sweaty.

“But after thinking about it, I felt that I didn’t seem to have any qualifications to be angry, and I couldn’t even criticize your decision.” Zhou Yushi’s handsome eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and a hint of grievance coloured his tone.

“But if you took my hand a few days ago, and you watch a movie with someone else today, it’d really be too much.”

There is a warm summer breeze gently blowing away the youth’s soft fringe, Chen Zhiyi feels that the heavenly night sky filled with stars seems to disappear before the dazzling eyes before her.

She ignored the restlessly beating heart in her chest, and as her cheeks became hotter, there was a voice in her heart that became louder and louder.

Feigning boldness, she patted Zhou Yushi’s shoulder and said, “Isn’t it easy if you want to get mad?”

She heard her slightly tremorous voice and the voice in her heart coincide.

“From today, you are my boyfriend!”

Chen Zhiyi felt the fact that she and Zhou Yushi were together, was both kind of unimaginable but it also seemed natural.

It was just that the two of them did not publicize the matter that evening. After all, the “Eyelash Diving Picture” was still vividly remembered, and it was also a superior-subordinate relationship so it was inevitable that some people would think that she harboured bad intentions.

The next night she was asked out by Zhou Yushi to walk the dog.

Chen Zhiyi finished off the ice cream that Zhou Yu gave her in a few bites, and saw Feng Xuyang wailing in the group chat to see his dog.

Feng Xuyang: Send me a video! A video! You’re walking the dog but you’re too distracted!

Chen Zhiyi swiped up, looked at the screen full of “Going to walk the dog” and “OK”, and laughed involuntarily, immediately turning on the camera and preparing to record a video for him.

As a result, Chen Zhiyi’s OCD struck as she recorded and always felt dissatisfied.

At her side, Zhou Yushi couldn’t stand anymore, took the rope and said, “As I walk it, you take it.”

After he finished speaking, he walked forward slowly. Chen Zhiyi started from Zhou Yu’s slender fingers holding the leash. She slipped to the front of the dog to give the dog a close-up, taking a long video.

After filming, she satisfactorily sent this video to the groupchat, and Feng Xuyang replied after a while.

Feng Xuyang: Hahahahahahaha!

Chen Zhiyi:?

Feng Xuyang ha’d for a long time, but didn’t make a single joke. Chen Zhiyi could only think of it as him being happy to see HuHu [T/N: his dog] after a long time.

In the evening, Zhou Yushi sent out a rare WeChat Moment, its content being “walking the dog” plus Chen Zhiyi’s video of the dog walk

Chen Zhiyi subconsciously opened the video, and suddenly from it emitted laughter from two aunts. One of them laughed and said, “The little couple walking the dog have been taking pictures this whole time!”

Her house was quiet at first, and Chen Zhiyi’s mobile phone volume was very loud. This laugh rang around her ears, making her face turn red.

Then she saw just a moment ago Feng Xuyang commented under the post.

Feng Xuyang: Ha ha ha ha people saying you’re a couple is killing me from laughter.

Feng Xuyang: Chen Zhiyi is like an idiot.

Zhou Yushi replied indifferently below: Respect your cousin-in-law more.

Feng Xuyang:? ? ? ? ?

Chen Zhiyi laughed aloud and returned to the chat, as expected, Feng Xuyang was getting worked up in the group chat.

Feng Xuyang: I am dizzy. When did you two get together? No, did I let you help me walk a dog together and also help you walk into love?

Zhou Yushi seemed quite dissatisfied with his words: Do you have a problem?

After a few more sentences, they did not continue to speak. Chen Zhiyi felt that the two of them probably should be chatting privately.

After a while, Feng Xuyang came to her, and the tone sounded as though he was full of dissatisfaction.

Feng Xuyang: I didn’t expect that I contributed to your good luck!

The Boss Wants to be Coaxed

The Boss Wants to be Coaxed

BWC, 老板要哄着
Score 9
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Running a marketing account posting short, sweet stories which has over 100,000 followers, Chen Zhiyi didn’t expect to one day dig a pit for herself because of this. After this, it was a chance to become the boss’s dog walking companion. For this insufferably conceited boss, she could only say: Coax! I’ll coax!One-line introduction: Little worker’s daily life of coaxing the big boss


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