The Boss Wants to be Coaxed chapter 3

Holding hands

Chen Zhiyi had recently been low-key. On the one hand, she felt that since Zhou Yushi was a leader that she had inadvertently “offended”, she should respectfully distance herself a bit but Zhou Yushi frequently asked her out to walk the dog as before. In addition Feng Xuyang sobbingly asked her to save his dog every few days, so that Chen Zhiyi and Zhou Yushi’s relationship became all the more familiar.

Just like now, Chen Zhiyi glanced at Zhou Yushi, who was crouching on the ground teasing the dog.

Wearing casual wear with his soft hair scattering across his forehead, Zhou Yushi seemed like a high school student.

Chen Zhiyi watched the two of them making trouble and couldn’t help but quietly take a photo on her phone.

As soon she finished, she saw Zhou Yushi raising his eyebrows and looking at her, his eyes somewhat mischievous: “Sneakily filming me.”

After spending time with him, Chen Zhiyi felt that Zhou Yushi was a pampered young master. Although his face looked cold and calm, he was far too childish.

After becoming familiar, Chen Zhiyi also became fearless, “You look so handsome yet you won’t let me film it.”

Zhou Yushi lazily glanced at her, yet said something unrelated, “Have you seen about the company team building this weekend?”

Chen Zhiyi choked, suddenly a little angry.

Whose company went to a haunted house for team building?!

Zhou Yushi saw this expression on her face, and said with a clear smile on his face, “Scared?”

Chen Zhiyi stubbornly said, “Not scared at all.”

Zhou Yushi stood up and walked to her side, seeming to think deeply, “Also that, it should be that the ghosts are more afraid.”

Chen Zhiyi turned her back to him and rolled her eyes.

She forgot to say, the young master’s mouth was also very bad.

Saying she was not afraid was deceiving, but Chen Zhiyi was actually the kind of person who enjoyed the excitement although she was afraid, so Chen Zhiyi was wound up with tension and eagerness to try this company team building day.

Because there were so many people, it was impossible to enter the haunted house all at once. Han You moved forward, actively pulling Chen Zhiyi behind her.

As soon as they stood still, Chen Zhiyi felt a person unhurriedly come up behind her, and Han You who was ahead looked back in surprise and shouted, “Boss!”

Chen Zhiyi stiffened and slowly turned her head, meeting Zhou Yushi’s eyes carrying a hint of a smile.

She hadn’t had time to speak yet, and suddenly felt something was stuffed into her hand. Chen Zhiyi glanced down. It was a small decorative, peach wood sword. [T/N: said to be used to exorcise demons]

While she was stunned, Zhou Yushi whispered in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

“I came to protect you, kid.”

Chen Zhiyi’s heart was moved, subconsciously raising her head and by chance met Zhou Yushi’s eyes. The other party’s sword-like eyebrows were high, in high spirits and Chen Zhiyi felt flustered, turning around quickly to go and forgetting to even say thanks, then heard a laughter coming from behind her.

The item in her hand still held some faint residual heat, but Chen Zhiyi felt like she was holding fire, and even her ears were red hot.

It was their turn soon. Chen Zhiyi held Han You’s hand tightly and walked in as naturally as possible.

The walkway of the haunted house was a little narrow, and from time to time, ghosts played by the staff rushed out to frighten people. Chen Zhiyi almost screamed out several times, but after she was too frightened to even dare to let them out.

Han You in front slowly opened a small door, and Chen Zhiyi was apprehensive as she looked at the house emitting a faint red light, her footsteps tentative.

When walking to the center of the house, a cold wind blew from regions unknown. Chen Zhiyi’s goosebumps rose, and she reached out her hand subconsciously, but didn’t expect to hold a person’s warm palm.

The other party seemed to be tugged at by her distractedly, and after a moment gently squeezed her hand back.

Just when her hand was held by the other party, Chen Zhiyi’s cloudy mind was instantly enlightened, and she was suddenly scared to throw off the other’s hand.


After coming out of the haunted house, the group stood under the tree to wait for the rest. Chen Zhiyi didn’t dare to look at Zhou Yushi’s face, and saying she would buy water, rushed to the side.

Rushing to the side, she breathed a sigh of relief and took out her phone like a thief to send a message to Zhou Yushi.

Chen Zhiyi: Ah … that then, I was careless just now, did I push you a bit?

Zhou Yushi (Young Master): Hehe, my hand was flung at the door by you.

Chen Zhiyi’s weak explanation: No, I just thought I was holding the ghost, you know …

The more she typed, the more guilty she became. She could imagine the jeering expression on Zhou Yushi’s face when he saw this explanation.

Just when she was pulling her hair, a person suddenly came to a stop by her side. Chen Zhiyi looked around and was startled, then embarrassedly smiled and said, “Boss? Why did you come too?”

Zhou Yushi nodded his chin indifferently towards the stall and said, “Buying water.”

“Oh.” Chen Zhiyi didn’t know what to say for a while, but when she saw Zhou Yushi suddenly reach out his hand to wave it in front of her face.

Chen Zhiyi looked up at Zhou Yushi with a questioning face, seeing the young master’s very natural expression, as he said: “If you hold it again, we’ll forget the matter just before.”

Chen Zhiyi was stunned in place by his roguish behavior and words that made her heart beat faster. Zhou Yushi seemingly somewhat impatiently tsk-ed and reached out directly to hold Chen Zhiyi’s free hand.

Chen Zhiyi felt that her cool fingertips be gently held and quickly released, making her brain more chaotic.

Looking at her foolish appearance, Zhou Yushi smiled unrestrainedly as he lifted the water bottle to his lips, and lowered her voice, saying in a seductive manner, “Chen Zhiyi, I’m so coaxing, I said to hold it, so just hold it.”

The Boss Wants to be Coaxed

The Boss Wants to be Coaxed

BWC, 老板要哄着
Score 9
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Running a marketing account posting short, sweet stories which has over 100,000 followers, Chen Zhiyi didn’t expect to one day dig a pit for herself because of this. After this, it was a chance to become the boss’s dog walking companion. For this insufferably conceited boss, she could only say: Coax! I’ll coax!One-line introduction: Little worker’s daily life of coaxing the big boss


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