The Boss Wants to be Coaxed chapter 1

The Bitter Beginning

Chen Zhiyi had been so busy these past two days her feet hadn’t touched the ground, but the team leader seemed to be satisfied with the amount of tasks assigned to her, so Chen Zhiyi, the new hire, could only work overtime to avoid her ability being questioned. These weeks could be described as hellish.

The only comforting thing was probably that her colleagues in the company were all easy to get along with. Chen Zhiyi lay on her bed, with a tired smile on her face. After closing the company WeChat group, she switched to Weibo to start editing.

Who’d expect, she still had a marketing account with more than a hundred thousand followers.

Actually, at the beginning, Chen Zhiyi hadn’t meant to have a marketing account. It was just that the love story she had written when she was free was reposted by some big marketing accounts, which led to her unintentional popularity.

After gaining more fans, she started to publish some short love stories on her account, and the popularity continued getting higher and higher. The story setting she was writing recently was the love story between a company’s big boss and a small staff member.

Given that she really had no time to update recently, she could only briefly send a few lines to feed with the fans who were crying out for food.

【Today’s boss is so handsome, I want to swim in his dimples, I want to slide on the bridge of his nose, I want to use his eyelashes to dive from. 】- [TN: wtf kind of complement is that???] C/N: lol these type of comments are referred to as ‘彩虹屁’, kinda like buttering up.

After reading it, she read it again twice, and after confirming that there were no mistakes, she posted it. After sending it, Chen Zhiyi slipped to the balcony and water the flowers for a while, but didn’t expect to be bombarded with news on her phone as soon as she returned.

Chen Zhiyi tapped on her incessantly vibrating phone and saw her colleague Han Youhao, who she had a good relationship with, raining her with messages.

Youyou: Chen Zhiyi, are you crazy?!

Youyou: Is it you?

YouYou: Chen Zhiyi, you really have the guts, hahaha. You impress me.

Chen Zhiyi was confused, until she opened the department head’s simple and clear “What’s going on on Weibo?” message, her whole person shook, and a vague hunch occurred to her.

She instantly opened Weibo and turned to the user interface. After seeing that the username was “Shiyu Group”, suddenly her face became gaunt.

She unexpectedly forgot that she was managing the company’s Weibo this week!

An employee of Chen Zhiyi ’s department every week was specially placed in charge of the official Weibo of Shiyu. Unexpectedly, she had barely taken over, then came this big problem, and not a few people reposted this, dying to stir up trouble, so this Weibo post was hot for a while.

Chen Zhiyi was anxious like a cat on a hot tin roof, sullen and dried up as she explained to the team leader. It wasn’t such a big deal. Shiyu Group’s PR department quickly held a meeting and they swiftly exploited the mistake as a marketing ploy, and the final result was pretty good.

The team leader didn’t make things too difficult for Chen Zhiyi , and with a few light questions got to the bottom of the matter.

After putting down the phone, Chen Zhiyi wailed and fell on her bed. She was fully buried in the quilt and refused to look up, but the phone beside her rang, and she slowly picked it up.

The Weibo post had not been deleted in the end and now there were more and more comments below. The hot comments chatted about how handsome the boss of the Shiyu group was. Some comments below were claiming to be people from the company saying that their family’s boss was truly handsome.

But Chen Zhiyi didn’t know this, because she had only just entered the company a little while ago and hadn’t come into contact with the company’s top management.

She sighed as she received another message from Han You on WeChat.

Youyou: Hahaha, look at the work group chat, this group of people is really talented.

Chen Zhiyi thought about how they were probably laughing at her in the group, and had a headache. She replied faintly: I can’t look anymore, maybe tomorrow I’ll be fired for harassing my boss.

Han You smiled and comforted her again, and the two chatted about other things, which made Chen Zhiyi feel a bit better.

The next day, Chen Zhiyi felt the pressure from everyone’s ridiculing eyes, wishing she could bury her whole head in her computer, and her work efficiency was surprisingly higher.

Following the day that seemed excruciating, when it was approaching the end of the day, a good high school friend, Feng Xuyang, suddenly sent a message that he had come to City B and wanted to ask Chen Zhiyi out to have a meal.

Feng Xuyang was a rare male friend of Chen Zhiyi, and after graduation it had been a long time since they had met. Chen Zhiyi had almost completed the work on hand for today, and the two made a reservation at a famous restaurant.

When Chen Zhiyi arrived, Feng Xuyang had already arrived, but there was another man sitting beside him.

When Chen Zhiyi was walking by, Feng Xuyang called out to her. He pointed at the other person and warmly introduced, “This is my cousin Zhou Yushi, this is my friend Chen Zhiyi, who by chance is also working in B city. We may as well have a meal together. ” Finally, he said to Chen Zhiyi, “ You can find him later if you have any problems. ”

Feng Xuyang spoke matter-of-factly and Chen Zhiyi was not surprised at his simple, familiar behavior, but as she looked at Feng Xuyang’s cousin, she froze.

Zhou Yushi’s temperament was very different from Feng Xuyang. If Feng Xuyang’s enthusiasm was like fire , then Zhou Yushi was cold like jade, and his every movement held some faintly regal air.

But also … he was really good-looking, Chen Zhiyi couldn’t help but stare at him more, unexpectedly meeting the other ‘s eyes.

Chen Zhiyi was surprised for a moment, and the other person also seemed to be stunned for a moment.

Feng Xuyang didn’t notice it and only asked curiously: “Looking at your moments (on WeChat) these past few days, you’ve been working overtime, so how can you have time today?”

“Oh,” Chen Zhiyi quickly averted her eyes and blurted out, “I snuck out early.”

She didn’t know if it was an illusion but after she said this, Zhou Yushi seemed to stare at her a few times, and she felt a bust of guilt from who knows where, and she said with an embarrassed smile, “Just kidding, I don’t have to work overtime today.”

Feng Xuyang patted his chest, “Am I not important enough for you to ditch work to come eat with me?”

Chen Zhiyi laughed, and was inexplicably stressed because of Zhou Yushi’s meaningful glances passing over her.

For the meal Chen Zhiyi ate without tasting her food, after she returned home couldn’t help joking about.

Chen Zhiyi: I think a handsome guy took a fancy to me. He kept glancing at me at dinner today.

Youyou: Was it that you haven’t washed your hair recently?

Faced with that blunt question from her friend, Chen Zhiyi humphed twice, then suddenly received several new messages.

She glanced, it was unexpectedly Feng Xuyang who had made a group chat of three people.

Chen Zhiyi was baffled, then saw Feng Xuyang talking in the group.

Feng Xuyang: Haha, cousin, Chen Zhiyi.

It is clear who the other person is, but Chen Zhiyi was even more confused, and only after the fact did Feng Xuyang directly message Chen Zhiyi.

Feng Xuyang: Eldest Miss Chen, you must promise me.

Chen Zhiyi returned a question mark.

Feng Xuyang: Hehe, I’m a bit busy recently, so I entrusted my dog ​​to my cousin. It’s just that, given my cousin’s character, I’m really scared he’ll pull out my dog’s hair, so … can you please! Help me look after my dog! With my cousin!

Finally being sent a few thigh-hugging expressions, Chen Zhiyi’s head ached.

Chen Zhiyi: No, how could I look after your dog with him? We don’t live together.

Feng Xuyang: Hehe, just walk the dog together everyday and help me check if my dog is still okay.

Chen Zhiyu was speechless, but unexpectedly Feng Xuyang slipped a message into the group chat.

Feng Xuyang: Well, I’ll be troubling you both in the future!

Please! She doesn’t seem to have agreed yet!

Chen Zhiyi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but Zhou Yushi actually indifferently replied, “Oh.” Chen Zhiyi paused, staring at his reply and finally slowly typed, “Okay.”

After sending it, she fell headlong onto her pillow and her face had a faint blush.

She absolutely didn’t mean to mock Zhou Yushi’s beauty, it was just that she simply liked dogs, really!

The Boss Wants to be Coaxed

The Boss Wants to be Coaxed

BWC, 老板要哄着
Score 9
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Chinese
Running a marketing account posting short, sweet stories which has over 100,000 followers, Chen Zhiyi didn’t expect to one day dig a pit for herself because of this. After this, it was a chance to become the boss’s dog walking companion. For this insufferably conceited boss, she could only say: Coax! I’ll coax!One-line introduction: Little worker’s daily life of coaxing the big boss


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